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January 23, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-23

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'Ui. of 'M(. Taiu
Published Daily (Sunidays ext pied) luring
the College year, by
Susripetion pice$250 ipe yea, invaiablitly
iiadvance. Singleocopies,; eets. onualeuat
Sheansad lost ()lii enews stand every
eveninog it 6o'clo-k. Subsciptiotiry be
To the underclass
been here but a s
say, that if they wi
their suloscriptioni
using the gymnnas
a large sun0111011
give a soiall1er suot
til tilecool of thec
omenl who have
liort, torn , wataol G1RE AT TATIOI2C1RY$A
ill at once senin WE WILL FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS jar
7s the~y cnb feofv oso ppro l knst esodb h ound at reg11
11110 a year froomt Mill rates. 'Try our Crowtn Imnperial Linoeto at 25 cets per
poundit. IlonodtPaper, Ttoesis, atol'Typewriter Pailer at
hldb~ give all toe Great Blargainos. Envelopes too natoct all papoers
If toe cano lot give at greatly reduoced rates.
roiatel}, te vcoto c& 0
n eaochlothotunll- 7_T1TI-"T E SITY B:)D S ,__
olllege near. (We
block, at Slieelinti ot toottet'horic iototh l revoognoizethoe lact othat soomoe studeonts
oor the- eoitors.
Commieunoiit ttionssouoldlrechheloftictie bycaoo give tooore thantooothers, letIS M-P
100 A. M. it they ure to, apearcthyeuoe 0oiy overy studoenot,-hoowever, give some-
Addreoesaliltmattee initendied ot t uiletiaotoioni too
the Mianagitng Edoitoir. All toinitoccoialii- thoino,lie thle suooo ever so sooail. i A i . _
icatonsot uldooii lie setnt to thet BuosiesscSMail- ie 00noderstaoodlthoat a studtenot
ot De oietoo~triio frooooJacksuoo settlohoelast sweekADTH
the City Circuloitor, . it. ilNiti. aooi raiseot $1 ualtg teaotoo
THE U. of M. DAILY, of lis townso. Factostuodetot shoulotd oiii1 BJSIE iY11t
An Aebor, bXlch. dtoolikewvise; if lie caon lot go homoie, .
teltohiotisrite tooome tooes-cry alooto-
EDITORS. toos, itoltis tooono. A uonitedt effort tI5
W. E.Olel. G lot IIMaigl tooc. olthoe tart of thoe stuitents caoi cause -w T' E B ES-1'
i1.M. BUlT-u '01.Assist. Monain~tg otitoor.
A.WI, Titsti.t. Asoost. Moningptoitote. thoe ; tinasioto to toe butilt vet thois
5. 0. tooi~ast. 0, ltisiies Stiltiige. - Seventeen techoeet. Board with Purnishicd
y.B 'Fnt,',Asit uiesMng.vear. Ibit.P.25r)tier week. Circulars upott alotli-
It, DHY,'Icationti.t':'-.:0. dotist liuoineto looioe.
E.M ioltlrr1% 02001. I LoTIlnI'iot. I. fochtrowvooItoiversity base-ball P. R. CLEARY, President.
RAPi-iT ON'r'. 0. I.. ltcutltie . team.h-a s busleeootoot ootooer a bant
..iC.lTsVIo,00i t _ If: 1. 1t ol-i-ott1i),o'93 James W. Brine,
E.1. I SO os I . t'.. 5. l tioio -4. o, ullrse of tai i g.10ioli iieieilst otioi 0 t
'Toe IHarvaord Criosonooenters a IiadI avr o.Ctbi e as
Sigoro 005 protest agaiiost Othelovollo)-t
W ,isi -autoo reooiood thoesittooloto) stillforthoer shoorteoo thoc C LLEO -E U U07 ItTii 1
publ01ic tatthle ric of thec couirse at IHarsvarsd. It is uotnoerstood v.ixo-
"I)A.Y habuslee-o reidoocod to $1.50 thout thle tmajoity of theo alouoonio tre
for thec remooaionoer of theoc(ollege opploosedl to) thocloaooe - BURLC1I5 & JOLLY S
cuar. Floe policy of tboe "''I I O-' AooEnoglish toiler itosooves its paot- 26 Souvoo StAre: Sr.
tous alwayossbeeno to kee t edesrn .o'is cidetots at foot-ball. JANUARY 26 AND 27, '91,
poostedon 01 all college evets. tlooos A penony bouys thoe tatter atoodisoores
it otiscootme thtat thIl)ooor.v is altoost thle pulrchauser iltohle 50001 of tioo ToTlAKE ORDtiERtS ON
ao lecessity too all stouoetits of thoeito case tofideatho. S CQRTILTG A T
I tisersity. We still intoheofotoore A toewo stett lauoovl, too follow -thoe ATHLETIC _: GOODS.
keep oop ooor last poolicy, ansI oe Yale boattitg ocreawitn courbitogatni
loupe thoat every studleontos-to hoas tnot at races, lois jlost beeto oontractedl Fir Brini-workert s eetary Petole
yet soubscribedt for thle "DAtLos"osill foir hy thoeVale Navy. It soill be AthleoInvld. A, 0oltbobo
ito so at onoe. aboout 52 feet ill lentogho, atodh oill be squreglooioioom, esenolotific,
- -otf ove-r eightoto10115oisplacetientt. It FInosd )ioooo-odoooo 00 0000 01
'tootigot owe print I 000 ttt s ooexto o aeFtootetyersc, tler-tioio eor s othersoolo
topies of thec1l)stII.s foy fro.e istri-ktotsao ooorfor6 thoors oodlltlo la00rgo gents ohor;o. Pr-'oot. )
buotiontoOu0oboljec t ioolodoiong thoisis . 0 ocal Coultureo, Qiruto1o0lot., Nework.
to itofoortoothoe poublio.of I lr. Catcth-o BUStINESS LOCALS.
ett's letouooe.too-moorrowoo tovol log 1000r.-A \oololotst I istotoy, otl. I,
I lr. F ottoell oisha os-ad itspecil11o1ilo oool osheen~. leatset' urtnbtitoo It.
stuofttetehdso Mn-W. I Iotghtlv.SS. I; lii iorsity ase.{ '"
.~ oof loc lbetllools of oiitit- e Mtrtitl, Bay Statet. BlIimlOl
reaooers,"00atoo to-oroiiwoo ev enoig Wasotoot-oo- atoolothert Goitaots. Gentu -L
soill moake publ0ic ItIe re.sults otftois I,,(, Staritthivtate thanjos. Geint tte
1V ausortio. 1100 0111titooandothier Matl- 71Fort St.,West, - Detroit, M Ih.
re.sarchecs. ''les oWholetproteeds oholitt'oo. Not shodooIoh to terteoil -
I vlol tlis oo o~voooo oisot o-il b Doll,. Beowateof "stotli-il oo' gooods.
from thi entrt~inlent illbe 100 ' v tolaot ttittottoottets litorltitoc
aoodoedhtoo toe (vIm. Ihots, aoooit 0e- 0011 stuc-h. PT'everyhoist strintgs. s atol
hoooves every stodetoottot tttenth le 10 oets. NV I-cooI"*ohioto S~cSlotto
Alvino 'Wilsey, Sole hProp.
lecturve. 25 Sotth 4th Ave,. Annt Arhotr )A GH E
-- -- "+- - -For ibent.-IDesiraihlt'suite itf frott
tjo) to thte titoo of oury goinog tttioomls, $2.50 ler oteek; alsto siitgle NO. 12 W. HIURON ST1.
rototm. No. 24 bast Williami St. ______________________
tress, $7,000 havetbeeto stibscribedh Bordt-Limilteto O2(0 hoardlers. 24 O era v
lou thoe .Gytot."0 futoi. It scents toat East William Street. Grandu p r H u e
tte'yt0 sagt fIt tthnshrittce Albtert or D~ress Stlt. ONE NIGHT~ ONLY,
oill sutbscribie liberally. Eo-cry stu- Stafforod is shiowing hititdreods of dif-
thent in college shoould give alt thoat ferettytleshi Troiuserings froml $500 Thursday Eve., Feb. 5th, 1891,
toe cato possibly epare t this ftund. Coal andtood000 at JudsIOos, State St._7A
All te uperclassmnt have tte Go to E. IB. Hall for coal,.
interest of lte Uniiversity at heart, B~aths h0e at P. 0. Barher Shlop.
andshlottlod, as a parting tribute to Two suites of rooms nicely furnisheid, AND TItEIIr
prices reasonlable; board~ if desired.
thteir alma nter, give a liberal sou. 217 Eaist Cathteritoe Street. Great Comedy Company.
"Th MaaraFalls Route.
I S-
a ,- o " I cc1 "e
t4 a;; co c Xto-C
s _ ci~c t-c -2-c~ s I 1
Irg. 5 0 IIn0
:-0", 0do s-:
; 000 % 00° l " t fx of .
cy~r~ c _ =Os
OI l oi. t eeoor essI~
o.. Vto.ttpoI.tUGGES oH.W.IfAV ~te,
Gt. '. & T. A. tChicagio. Agi Att
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway. 11
TiThabul eagingita effet, onaa',
Goiag North. SAcoTIN.GonSu
01nC r ovoid.'tondard Tiee. Clue Ca l gSt
Eop. Sxp. tltail Exp.01
0...3 uB00-t t-tOLEO . ti..lt1030
4O0 640 Monroe Iliotbe 12 25do 20
.... 41006047 I......Dudee .. -1 2N.:
4 5727....Pittield 11 37 9tO0-6
... t07 it 1.ANN ARBtORb110 e to 10
5 5 ;.... lados.... Il 5 .
..0... 000 8(6W hitiaore tLke 1t
0000..5 -U8 ti ....amboirg.....1 558 "",.
0,2 855 -...Howell 10 it1 -
... d 5 9540...Duraed.... 9 4
761050003-Coeenaa. 56,g ,.
8 0.10 20-. Owosso... " 5.5.
9 201t30 -.tac...oo .- 0+4.r ot
9'7 1tO 0s ..So.t.eaoit..... 7 24 0 5Y t
tA. .1 31204.o - Almoa - 0,...72' 1588
1 00010 1 5 ..Stt.Pleaat.... bO45 g4 1
T 3810 5 157 ....Clae.. , 0106 1 3 $0
s9 t... to 35 .Cadilac.o.....- S 554i0
11 Wt... 5 0 oopoih .. - ,412t1
-140. 1 2---- tO-tontu. - 7tt 01
iS) - 700 ....Mnitee ... 7 f $$
Sagfinaw Divistiot'
oiagNorth STTONit.i Go0010
PRO Past. PoS 00
ta'- oA.t. Le.] tAr. ZA..-
eel-1.. 740 Ann Arboar..11 21 $
705 -... 594.y...Durand..t... tt
g47. 10107-Flstklg.... S5418
1345 1 05 ..Rastt1ttgtaaw.. 8 0
H. W. ASHLEY A. J. PAt SL0j'stC
Stteieetetdeet. Den.Pas'Ag
GO.O H. HIAZLEWOOD. Loctal Ageal'

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