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January 22, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-22

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0or fI. -KN 17. UNI", EiITY OF MICIGAN,
'I SDAY, JANUARY 22, I S91. Ip, Tii jCENrs.
AVictory for the Laws.
'Phe maitdeelate between Laws
and Lis hich was hseld last sighit
II h s etre room was a pro-
flle dsuces.Thse room wa
sufledwithassenthstisastic asiiensee
apnltie befiore tiseisossr set for tise
ngsf 1s)~f delbate.'Vise j osiges were
hrescuttlton cagi n
hiPtl a'it Sis' clock Priof. True-
blio ascride1 thl )atform asis
tie a prefatory rensarks ;statedi
:u--- n:Resol vest, 'lisat Con-
i8ss shoiiid s ave anssIexercise ex-
clutsjo control siver tise electioss of
41m)rs of tihe Hisuse of Repsresess-
Il tnt announceet Mr. Baldwin,
ale na, as leader on the affirnma-
tfr'Blwis quoted thse ronstitu-
on giving authsority to coungress to
trot elect'o of representatives,
emt0phasized the fart that this is
aovernment by thse people. I-e
s°clieth the will of the
beplwslefeated in nunmerous ins-
stne y local interferenres. 1-ir
quo +eTey forribly ansd was fre-
MstlY interrupited bsy aplplause.
oh e was followed by 11r. Osburn,
5iiy5who, on the part of thse neg-
d wh~~ o attemipted to prove that
ato te government lies in
cehtralization of power andtIhlat
teeore a federal election law is
un Ae.
e hafm ative was again liresent-
NTrgd htaall, of Indiana. He
rethtalaw whsichs would se-
the Purity of elertions must have
n uth5rt oafthse federal, govern-
one Hiseffrtwas an eloquseint
alip Plus wsfollowedl by extendedi
firsbtl er, of Ohio, next appear-
I' hf tenegative.lie anssvered
Ytt555 d'tlat unsder the present
Syte d'stricts are gerrynmanderedsi
s1lY aing that a federal law woutd
maeP heevy atonlsn
S~ staete ei alosl
e ffimtv was againdIresent-
tYtIttIr.at les, of Michigan. He ci qeto a o
Otnt,5but quenwatsof
holC~rn statesmen against the in-
lhQgent of the Lodge bill. He
too5 ederal authority necessary
gaet~m oral opposition and
4 t " h BXprience of England in
Mr. Melly, of Ohlio, adsvanced tio For exanstle; at isighst whsen nos one
close the argumssent for thse negative is near tos get husrt, lie turnis thse
andi the ausdiesnce issstanstly qusietedl library uipside ' soswn and shins it oss
uniter she issilusence of Isis msagiset- thse tot) of thse main halt towver, ands
ismi. IHe very eloueitly essfor~edth iess standss by 1o see the boousks fall
the argussmeist against censtralizatiosn (sit assethtie whiole builing stiffer-
of psower. cistiate itself into flissg ibricks.
Mlr. Blaldwuinsnov clioseit the sic- Thie visualizer wo'irks tbest ini the
sate witsois mue very forcile reisarks. (suirniigwseies fresh, sir whiens usnder
Th'ec decisioni of the jisdges gis-es
the L asss,25pinists sout if aItps-
sibile s Soo nditthe lits I,140}..
Confession or a Visualizer.
'The Phsilosiophlical Societsy sad a
very susccessfssl mseetinsg last evessisn
as wsas esiest sy lbothsthse large andi
appreciative audience ansd also thse
deeply interesting and highsyy us-
structive paper wicshl sas lpresentedl
by Br. Scott.
'The speaker first explainedl what
a visualizer is. He is onse whose
power of imagery and mensory is
gained from adefinite mental picture.
For example betis one whlo in renmem-
berinsg a breakfast coons could count
the numnbler of chairs, tell thse color
of the wall paper, etc., all froms
lookinsg at Isis msental picture.
Prof. Galton hsas made maisy ini-
teresting discoveries is thsis field.
Mtany scientific msen are sot good
vissializers. Tlhey get the nunmher
sif chairs in the breakfast roonm frons
remsemberinsg hosv many thsere were
rallier than froni the actual sight of
thens in the mental picture.
Amoisgediffereist young pseole ini
society visualizers are comsmon. 'Tie
"msind's eye" is after all truly an
analogue of the real orgain of sight.
Visualizers generally have good
memory for faces. A certaisn artist
could, is his imuagination, see liii
subject us a cisair and tisus palint
him as if lie were actually piresent.
Poor visualizers see as if lby a siort
of psanoramsa or by a misty outline.
'T'he coisfessioiss of ''the visualizer''
wvere extremsely entertaissing. In
childhood lie sad msental pictures of
angels and denious; lhe coisls see
pictures iii the fire. lHe oince lost
Isis unmbrelia and pictured it as stand-
ing in room 21, but whieis le went
to get it, it was gone. The edisap-
pearance was due to the system of
ethics taught in room 21.
The visualizer can see all around
the outside and inside of a rubber
ball. The visual object is subser-
vient to the will of the visualizer.
excitemienst. Ini such cases lie cass
retails tile isenstaslpictusre, hut wsens
tie is fatigiseduthte iiges sire hsardtto
msanasge; toe insstasice, if lie tries tio
liiok at a swatchs face, the swatectiises
itself or turns over.
'Ihe phsysiolougical aspsect of the
quiestions presensts ass isteresting
stisdy. Tue closed eye dloes not see
blackness, but rather a greyishi haze;
in this gray field a secondary insage
is psresensted by one's closing his
eyes after looking, at souse object.
The physical sight is forming swhat
is called a piositive insage.
Mteyer wvas the discoverer of the
secondary or obijective image. 'l'ie
"visualizer'' confessed that these
seconsdary insages conic bietter by
practice. I-I once sasviin a visual
pictusre of a pin-enshions, a large
shawl pin which lie did slot remsemi-
her as having seen in the real obiject.
After lookinsg again at thse esshsions
lie found that Isis insage was correct,
but Isis niemoery had failed bins.
'T'he cquestions whirls arises is,
wvhethser thsese insages are central
(frons the brains), or periphieral (is
thse relina). 'T'he isatter is unsettledi
as yet.
IBibliographsy: Janmes's Psycho-
logy-, csapter on Imiagisations; Prins-
ceton Review: Vol .1, I1884;Fc'chsssr's
and Aubert's articles in Poggendlorf's
Annalen, Vol. 32, 41, 45, 50 and
115; Wundt's and Ladid's Physio-
logical Psychlsogoies; iielnhsoltz's
Physiological Optics; Derlabarre's
article iii Ais. Journal of Psychso-
logy, Vol. 11.
Memorial Service.
Memrnorial services will be held
next Sunday eveninsg at 7: 30 o'clock
for M~r. Mtacy. 'Ther services will be
conducted by the Y'oung People's
Society, of which Mr. Mary was
president at the time of his death.
Short addresses will be made by rep-
resentatives of the different organiza-
tions of which Mr. Macy was ,a
member. The Senior Medical
Class and the Young People's Soci-
ety will attend in a body.
bAW'ING the experiencee of Gullege
M en whlo knoss-sand sipphreiate
thse csarefuil scrutiny of Coilege Stsi-
dents.,lisving ss large corpus of skilleud
Designers saisdlJesselers specially
traised for badsge saisd other jeswelled
swuck. Importinig, is we dos, directly
froissParis, Lonsdons sniil\Aisterdlsm
our Disamsonssasidlothuer preeious
Stonies. We sire ini ai losiionuitso pro-
sluice thse ilsest 151ansilsnd jesselled
Society IBadges of sult kinssuwiscel sre
mianuftrdinI sthis countir.
Wright, Kay & Co.
.Detroit, Miohigan.
Chap. speller & .
GAPS, Lastest.
CHIEFS, GOLLARIS, ahllrands.
prnices. ATHILETIG
Of every descriptioni.
Sole Agent iii Ansn Arbor,
Genuine English Mackintosh,
Agent for Aim Arbor Steam Laundry,
quick delivery and best work.
qA3A$. $PLER1 & q0.
PLEASE CtALL and examoine.

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