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January 21, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-21

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M of . ( at . T"gy,"are concerned, the lo~atioti( Q T Tnl l 'P
is imaterial, and theY are declar- GREAT F1I JAf i~11CI\I $ALF
ig that the offer shoulsd be accepted WE WILL FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS
blshed tinily (Sundays excepted) duringM at once. The authorities caslflbe Offer five tons of paper of all kinds to lie sold by the pounid at regular
the cotilee et-, byt (slepenhledttlponi, towever, to dlo what \1Lill rates. Try ouir CrownsImtperiatlLinesn at 2.5 rents per
E U. OF M. INDEPENDENT AhSOCIATION, is hest ins the utatter. l potund. -Bonds Paper, Thesis, and ltypeweriter Ptaper at
--++--- -Great Blargaints. Etivelopes to msatcht all papuers
The Pilgrims' Home in Holland. at greatly redtired rates.
Susitton jetpricer V,501per 3year, invariably
advanctte. single etles 3 cests. on sale at .Anvthtinug cou)cerlintg tltelPilgrittm-
eefa' edPost (fficer te~sssstd story btesi laso sscet sic-~ TwTST
n..:sts .,.t tt is . ._.Sl ....t,., F th rsisatts f nerst stic- slitS tiY B© = S T-j _5 C
seftsit the idiiee of it theDILY e ra seHouse
idoek, sit Shechan'ts, it stoidiet's, or Wotith sny
Oft the esditotrs.
Cosuicaetios sho i iuldi relhthestiriser by
lit A. ti. it they sire tssapperte sa tatt y0.
Address tall mtter instetnded tsor pahlicatison is
tir Manatgitng Editore. All bussinsess n]n-
tetitiosouttltli e sent i tr ttBsintess Muic
Rtepostasll nelierstsste paritfCrriers ts
she City Circuo r . . ii tNeiil.
Ann Arbor, Mitch.
W. E. GIFINe , '91 ,Maninigii Ediitore.
H. Mi. Itusoss,., 'li, Assist. Mantaginig Editore.
A. W, Tiissis~si.'5i, Assist. MIaniagingEditor.
E. o. HOLLA,i',BinesitiisManasger.
Wi. 11. tixisiss., 'Att, Assist. hitsissessNMange.
t. .i'DOUGHY, '0 , 5 iiiisttsneisi la't.
.1. C.Ti4Nsets, 1t5.i 5nesIT MA. '3. l
E.11,. MASNti, hi. C5. i iissKEsTti4.
The stotiditittnal toffer if fittunun
Isy the Anti Arlitir real estate steal-
eys tto the "gvym"ifutndl tas createdl
a stir amonilg thte ststdenuts. It is
looskesd upston as a real estate slices-
latioti, (If course, butt all tither thtings
binig ettualthtat shiottldoltndseter
thte seniate commutiittee frtotm accept-
tug, the tiffer. Althoutsght$20,non is
a very large sunth if monetiy, atnd
ovouldl le most acceptabile, it is a
quoestitonwetther thte locatioin of the
igyn" is suit of moisre imtportasice.
If the authorities are of the opisniton
that the gymnsasiumo osill lie of as
muh hetf t to thei ostdents if
ally :t 1 litse if li it s 1o oe tif ~ ~ S
Puritani atnitestotrs. The Unital~riain
chusrcht osas woeliltilled Situday eveni- s x
lug to tear Rev'. - . IT. Sundoerland's
lectutre tnt-TileIHlttme softhe IPil-
grinm Fatthers in I-Isollanid."
Wie give a fete Ioinits mntioned AND THlE
in the teeturer. Holland is a uniquec .D INS C R
cotuntry. Lyuig at it sdnes, belosw the ji~ii IIN~S JJL
level of the sell, it has lien nearly
all swrested front the oceani, by a per- YUI IT , C7.
sev-eringaFisndtartly people. Fashiotn, is-
fectedl HIollandi less thtaniatiy other
colutry if Europe. L~eyden, the
homite uif the Ptilgrimns for eleven
sears, is tie seat osf a great uiniver-
sity, siche at stie timhe conttaitned
twot thouttsands studoents. 'his usi-
versityc tas alwys beets the mtisst asd-
saltsed osf isisyiiEsirope its freedomut
itt reliogiios thoughylt . .lsoi Leydlen
wsas thte scenue tf a lutst hieroircode-
fetise agaist thle Spantiardls ini the
slayssif Williamt of Orcange. Such a
city, muasde liltsf such Ipeopile, wvas a
fit schoostl fotr the tease Itando that
owas slestineteoible the foiundoers if a
great coutry beysondi the sea. Anid
it is tot le tnoteid that the Ptilgritts woo
canto'fromti IIollandolnicer stooped to
the religiious lpersecultioni of whticht
the later lutritasswere somseties
loceatedl ini ticadjotininug the athletic Washburnetndr u theritistGuitarss.betti-
fieldl at thu fottof State street is it nt SI tswsit, Bltyd+tute Banjoiss. Criine
' Wtthiiirstt'.IlayState atndl tther Musts
wvould il iithe camiputs, thueni te$2,Sn,- dinhes. Nitsisshdyo sits sieil"
nun sffer still lie closedls-ituitne- gititis. iileeo siftenil-hs gososis.
o issitutoits sssisiiuhut-lrer s gsUsritee
diately.- '[le gentlemiein Imakuing tis suctsli, This very ststslisigs, satns
liberal siffer, ore sliupose, itendiuhtIn10 ets. Vi I tss ,Mu'sscS titi,
secrethe~" ~co fomAlvisn Wissey, Solhe lProph.
seclro tus annn I siloturces 3Sot th 1uAvoe-.Ans Arbotr
wichietcastte lotokedl tos by the hFtr KIti-i. 1 hosirahile suite if frot
stuudeints for conitribultionus.Ilust is, trooms, $2.i) petri-ek. Nit. 2I Eatt
Vilhiait iSt.
tileyowillhot sraw fromtutthose wovhs hoard-si Iiteto 0 bsoaihtiurders. 21
in any evenut, ituente tittibute to last Williams Strest.
the 11gym "fundus. Ifthe -ymnss P('ille ottStaffloirdlwhlessyou waist
Isincee Albert ttr Dress Suit.
iumn i to bte iuder the conitrol of a Stafftortd is shtooinisg ltundredls of dif-
puhyscal sdirectsir, anut classes in feresit styles inTsJroserinigs frost $5.00
pthyical culture lie organuizedl for upwardneis.
tile c-ens a one1 as tle mal Ii's isis s ti lois huj, viz.: A big
the"c-ed" s wllas hema ecleasrinlgostsatle of gusitas, hbanjos,
stutdentts, there is mnctoebe Issaith itn mandlinshi, flutes, utitileveryting in
tile line of nmusiecal merehanssdise. See
favor of a cantpus locatioss. On the goods; get Iprices, at Wilseys, 25 Southt
other hlandl, the Regents ntay thtink Fourth street, Attn Arbior Miehs.
thle spacte ott the cantpus too valll- Coal andwooid at Jusdson's, State St.
absle to bse utilizeid for a puirpose Gotl .B alfrca.aths ti0e at It, 0. Barber Shtop.
wnhich, actirdinig to the Michigan Mell Gillespie, Teaciter of Guitar,
idlea, is not connsectedl witht a meal Banijo and Mantdolin at Clement's,
ulniversity educationt. As far as thte Tvo suites of roomssulsely furnishes,
prices reasonable; hoard if desired.
athuletes sue habitulal users of the 37 Eatst Cathterinte Street.
Se-venteeni teachers. Botard with Furnishedi
toomn2.2 pitler twrch, Circuars span appi-
P. R. CLEARY, President.
James W. Brine,
10usandl1itHarsvardsRow.than, brsiditege, Muss.
Hardul.Prineehtniadiiveursal tCol-
leeosutftteirecan be fuaats
w it ulllt inefSiti oirtingaindiAtttt'teOti lts Is,
Basebarltul ad T'enits oods itspeilto
it thke aio-dersfrIesam-et
Dii not place yiitrt sitdee tor goounsssstil yost
have exainedis- thus lists,
N. listleigh &tolysae-thisonlituthrz
ed aguests its AiltsArborsfr s-Jissmes 1'it.hnise,
For Brain-Workers & Sedentary People-
Outlttlent, Lusslus, sYo itsth
AthleteorcInsvalid. A comiiiite
W oussnasijaus. 'fhkesupsu n
V00sqsae fotoosts, sientfc
Indoesedlbsoo 3ysss i~aass liii
suet, Clegyen, edo rs.ut thr
no sing it. Sendhfrneldjiru
Tt;sli . la rg aois rg's; nit ctuarge. Po.D
I.. DowdsSil cientific 'histit uand
VocatOurhte, o Halt4thi st., Nt-\v fost,
71 Fort St., West, - Detroit ih
Grand . Opera House,
Wednesday Eve., Jan. 21, 1891,
The litsaaa Falls Route.
a r c.I = a el,
I~x W I nti
I 5 ~ 01
Si'a; oc~~c w i! cr
ya Icl-- +C " O jIc ti"+
Is c .0 s. 05G
tttaily. *Ssndaiy exceted
0. W U 15GLES, H.W. A V]4-'or
G. P. &T.tA. Chicago. Ag't Anna. t
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
Time Table going linoeffect, Manday. Nov'
Going North. eTATIONS. GBang Snh
6.t o3 i
Man. Cll'te .Cud. Shinedned Tsie. C re t $%p
Eats. lEaxu. Mauttxp
.TO ZLEDO. j ti 110l1 1.
4 0 t6u1tMonre s Jsct'e 12 5105' .
4 oJ 647 ...Dndee. tilt 16 10 .
4 5li708 . Milan.. 11157 10
4 557 7....,Pittsfield .11 37 slt-..
5 0 7 1,..ANARBiOR 11- 9-1-
tot :5. Lelaed's... it1' 9va-
....5 SAistoWhuimoetake 11 00 855~
7 5 0i.Duand...5 0721
7i56 b 0ts.Cone.... 563
8s1,s1 20.Ithawoab.....955 6
li21 0 . .taa.... 4'51t 2 15 .St. iLnuie.... 185 0
A.M 9 5 t1ll453...... Alma...ls3
7 eOi1t1ts1 5 t.,,Mt. Peasant.... 645 4 1t 8t11
7 I5OI...,, ....Faewell..... t.32360
it2l335...Cdllac....... 8S0 01
11 ...520..Copors .. '4
1140 47 0....Mesantema.... .. I
ta t 30... 6 5 eza.1et
Saginaw IDI'viSioll.
Going North SAnTINSn. Going PA
Pas Pan. Pace' .!"
Prn'-sn.. , . Ly.l [rlAe. - . -9n
ben7... 7 ti ..AnnAsrbore.. 1il25 1' Q8
713,5........ 9 4,,.--Duand-...905-"'6 4
S 71 ....... 10 07 .....i'Plminag.. 843 -"'' 6
e 45j ii q5'.REst Sgianw.8.10
H. W. ASHLEY. '- A. J, PAIS9'EX Si;
Suerintendent. GBee. Pass g
BED. It. BAILEWOOD. Loaa Arent-

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