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December 12, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-12-12

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Xl. f W T ibp Miss Coghan as Peg. H4OLIPAY J300IS.
t ______ Such is the faint sketch of thefa- 1vit 7 l l
Publishedl Daily (Sndays ecepted) tduring tressa pase of whosekindly atia- v Slh~ioehan.Ds Annul Chis1Qtmas S1
n rMist wtpr-the College year, by sent to-morrow night. She has madet
THE U. aF M. INDEPENDENT ASOGIAPlON. I'eg a study, and it is admitted ashe ia Of Elegant Gift Books in Choice Binding for Young and 01
thte best Wotltgon on tle Ameican All the New and Beautiful Novelties now on exhibition.
_____stage. So great was her success in the
rle ill New stork that one o the rit- SH E A & O P N ,
inadtvanoe. Sitgle epies3 c ets. Os saleast a name Ittas clung to lher. Person-E HA & CO Z A Y
Sheeanl's ad Pot Olie ntws stad every ally endoxved with tmaty of the clar- STAST SI EN - - SLT A2 3 M
eegat 6 o'clock. Sscttiounway loe atertit'o and tmltchlof the rollickittg
let at lse ofice of the ODAILY,111005 lHotue humtor atti contagiouls spirits titht THE 7 'T
bleek, at Sheehee's, at stlet's, o t lbay lmtadteher protottypeLthe mtost winning _____AG jEiL A
oc the edtotre. of womenc~ to all sorts of met, she molds"The 4ii aa Fals Roue."
Ccetata uttionos shold reach the onhc by etself ill the peron5tlatiots to an almost=sT ~
o0 As. it the'y arce t usear the s l. absoltte likeness of the saucy original. -
Addressallmt ter ltestedor publicatin to M0s Cogilatnis fit0Ilcetly Irsh to CENTRAL STANDARD TIM
the Managitg Edtr. Albldntsittcowman- yltl reatily to a fascitating piece of CH
isatttos old tsn t. 's to thetBusiness Ma- Comedy, anti to color to the life the " "- c 5185^I
age. btigt andt sparklisg episode the dra- " O« ones 5' i '
tatiss elec ted to ilittstrate a womanl AND THE isr- Ia
Report l negletI oe the tat o1f rrsccto 0whot helptedlto mte the xnglish stage Id 0.5~5
the City tCiculaltr, W. tB. !teil. wtamt s Sa wlsentiegodtesfl a y~n e
THE U. f M. DAILY, of hetartotight to he accetted as largely CHAR 1 j j I " I4 ro 0 12
Ann Arbr, ist. eooigth ie etrrtts vof her life. V } i 0
Hr. . Sutesalt. n't. Mstetgig Editor. Dr. Ironine, S. oftf s sell esjos
W. F. Gaterts, '1, Asit.StManagng Edtr. .-"IS5'- S a _
H. M. nuTst, 'St.Ait. Meagrg Edior. knownl rlllner~, viitedtheI hos10pital oA a 1.1a
S. t. HurAst, '2,BIteiaesMastuet. recent.ly. (QST H E B ES T .T Z" E c s- 0' s 5.D
5.ItttNstrt, 'l, Assist. Ilttisot Mss'gr. W a'0 5v ''eo- 4m ~a5i
R14W.,OoDot t c, '2. Attit.ttestteas t fir. --'" a- _.._evestentechers. IleecttwitsFurnthed E "'0H 33 S sto. 6130 k
HennsoNSur Ostttt'951 1. ttTtastot-, '1. BUSINESS LOCALS. Room w:.25 peweec. Cirulaseupon pts st1oo-° w5.5p5"5 l c e
H. . Jests.. 01 0.9tu.11 sAMMost. 'S. __ -,~, a 5'5pe
. W. 'ttttO~tle, 91 1 .ItI svta. 't2.Cain o^ 51a501 1.a
C. P. Mlvotvsos'ce,'lvi I..SoMsY, '2. lBlack Silk Mufflers. Wagnr& o. P. R. CLEARY. President I - - z o R6
RLPH n.~y wn'ttUtd'1 I'.. ldooSt,'0. '0oSand see Sltecllln's Sholiday open-5o
C. . RKtlvcrs,.'.0. itlg. Beautiful goods, prices reasotn- 'TI' T LTf l.H T JOLLY 8°1 11
abl. £BtUR~L5J5.IGHL L _____ t
Cs as ~ss~ a. LOST.-A lady's gold watch with DEALERSIN a
_-motogram, E. M. W,on back. Finder 5wI
'THEtRE is 1511crankl 51)oltnoyinlg to please return to S0 E. Washitgton 9t. STT"' IO>NlERY, ' Q ' u
anWhlen you go home for the hotlidays LAN K BOOKS. Ek
nintlgsasvis'cttscoetake withs you Annl Arbr Souvenliesir E UADA AND S~TENT' FUPPLIES I '!s
swho laughss assd talks duinrog anl Sptont. all be Isbtailed otly at Vn. AEEi
entertainsmscot. Arnld t's Jewelry Store. Ba iteo ~FUTINPN-i-tle Ia -. _._
Thlere arc several classes of this p ricoagsn&ob.tlsanIbto city. Ice CreatetSda Wate, C
price Wegter & o. Slort, Confections,Coldt Lunches, A.
specics of ransk. Thetre 1s til oe 11 rEATMIIOICAI. CMOSFt4Shor, igars stnd Tobacco. 04
seho 11a0slvch a deep anlldlcidtun-rtspreadable iographieis, complete OYSTERS, FRY, STEW 01k PLAIN I '5 j f2
IIIo111votlle,50Cl. All. P.&O0.to. msa I
derstandtinsg of thle sub1jt pretsetedltt Try Toledo Steatl Launtdry. Cll and see us at x fa I
that bie delivers a ferisd andt elto- Messrs. Sheehan & Cto. inite te 26 SOTIE -3STA''"SI- +Dily *Sudy exceped
readters Iffte )Aiiv ts visit teic D. L. DOWDS HEALTH EXERCISER.-
lultsiclsis jtf 110 1stosire dvitg tie tlitlay seasotn. Ar- Ge netaies, oatas te G.o Pv &T.oot. Cios. AH. Ann
of voice audihle evenltoIth~e tolp rowt~sistic atd attractive articles ill books .Alnth t sestAclet o &T A.vChid.ge. Ag'tea5
and bric-a-brac.gnaesime'lakes up beto'n
of te gallery. Thlete there is tsh 111biarcsae eg as rees, ae, sietic,
Stitings, Overcotitgs and Trouser- urlel, cospehtsioechep Tledo, Ann Arbor and Nr
one tllat has sectsthis or tlat cleh1- ittgs at reduced prices at Stafford's. ndsetd byeeo~eso thysciass leeMchg alwy
rity, and has certain other facts Hello, Boys We soid $9 wortht of o aas-git SedIsil' cr
Gutitars last Friday and Saturday. Our 1 asIs as e' soeg.ta.H.TeThegogttseetMndyps-
which he deems of inestimable value godLn.rie oi. e tc o st s Ii od. scietific hvsiel assd ____________
to those seated around him, and he' Guitars, Batjos, Mandolins; etc., etc. G e ~t~Et ak og Erth. OTTS.Goigso.
accrdng rvelsthm o isCut prices. AWilsey. 25 So. 4tit Ave., M .Z'-,______T__7
acrigy rvaste ohsAttttAnter. + 6~. Ct4~. , od st
neighbors. But thc worst cranks of Nobylb Catcmdetoorerati'rei Stan- -d Tipe s slj
all arc thosse foolisho giddy people Stafford's. Q ; r6 .-- -
Whohae eiterentlh litll By coal and wood of Judson, State- FRNH IC CtEAM. FINEST FRENCH PM.5.N55Le ItAce
wh aenihe nlgstst rsreOKINO. LOWEST PRICES FR ..1. 1500 0-TLEDO.r ,1 l11tlIi
g 1'@t ET MATEIL. 42640Mnre Jaseto 1215II a
intelligence to listen ts the program Go to E. B. Hal for coal. Ti Fort St., West, erit ~o. 4 itn o647......tnee ...... 11610teV -
themselves, nor eithter thse goodtemat- Stp attt see the display at MsartintCT LVR ADSLESAL ..I it5at7 7 411.PNtsilS. 1I7
Htaller's Win~do~ws.CI.YtLIVEYcANS',PoALSTABL.s 7t740 -NN 15 RIssd..11 A it
ttr r ~1Hll enet prtt Grubers chocolates land bon-bons Net. 1S St1 Wsbata t. I al i, 50h.... 39s e (6Whitoe LakeraIt0 S15
tose to listen who are very anxiosus are tefitest that cats be itade, nr rHre~t. saeOlgsa02Stlih a56tac. .. ...Howell .,...it0 25 8
flavors, tno adulteratiot. Try tdtam. -- ....7 50 5 4t .... Duad..... 5 407
to hear thse performance. P. o. News Room. 5 ao095.....tlruna ..... 9s's
.. 81114)2u ......Ossoat....... 9 5 aSn-80
Ann Arbor has very manyt5 cranks, A splendid line of Iloliday Goods at ....9s12 iI3Ia,.ttaea....... 7 40 5 1S
awastovsbtse - Martitt ialler's. ::.... .. 92711 0i.St .1Laus..... 2 5u
as was shatesnart thetjentattWinsey's. s. sa3512 45 ........Ala.o,. 71S64tr
Wednsda ~ me tewat Bnjosat ilse's.7 POS sto 15 1 ...t. Pleaaat... 6 4 4 15a
Wdsdy evening, Smepersons lBathsl t P. O. Barber Sleo IF MI 7 38 t 451 67......Care..... 605 tS2
were laughing and talking sit loutd 1a5 MaI Gillespie, Teacher of Guitar, ]riiu'I99'l.,._Ks s5l...ad~cila .......:' 4
to sriously disturbthetlcaudience Banjo and Mandolin at Clement's. NO. 12 W. IURON ST "IO """e"m 20:::"oeisasta...""..s: y
arudteBtlrtgts e- Say State aitdsother Guitars. Bajos 12 25 ... 7 5',...Masttee....710
arudte uigteentire pr-and Maudolitta at Wilsy's. e 1 00 5 1. ...F s7kts z
formance. Sluch conduct is selfish Best Strings at Wilsey's. ________________
in the extretme, and we hope that it Novelties in Desks, Chairs Rockers,Sgaawiilo.
wilntb e ece.Divans, Sofas, etc., at Martin haler's. _______________
wlnoherittd.WANTED-Ffteen ougMe adoig Nrth SAwTIOS. Gong
YugMnadLadies to caitvass. Good pay. Apply8 65
The Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus, D. D., at P. . News Boom at once. P... p 'as. pe..
rf Chicago, whso comes here after TWENTY LECTURES IN P0.41 ..A Tos _A eat-
4u .7 4Ita0 ... lg...na r 4 -.«
delivered a series of four lectures Bry.8TudayfrT OF yweeACHING. m 4515 staaow.51
beforethe Yae Divnity Shool astosth2 aFtth Sret. beining Nov..
eeoeteYl iiiySho at Fr Teachers, ss re. ,and sadvned stu (S. ILW. ASHEY. A. ,PA9
we.dtuesttn,05s0. Patc tORIN CADY. Itr(0ly.50c 3,110 E.5.HAEWOOD. TailAS t.

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