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October 03, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-10-03

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.1f. of' $.T$iit.
Jubl ishedi tiily (unda s excped) Iduring
the Collee yeasr, by
Subcription price V:,50 per year invariably
in advane. Sigle ci~es 3 cent. On unit at
Olehan's and Pst tOfice newso stand every
0veiJ1g t i6 o'clock. Subsriptin may be
left at the ofiet of the DOIY. Opera Hunt
block, at liieha's at Stuffelos, or with any
if the editors.
('loiumiiatiOno should reach the office ty
1ll A. . it they are to appear the ause day.
Addressciall smatter nenedifoe pbliation 5o
the Maagieg idleer. All bieses om -
icatise shou llde osent to the lBuines Ma.'
Reiport. all neglect o the poettlitCaries ti
the ciy Circlator, 55,. i. ONeil
Ann Arbor, sicl.
A. H. COERT, '92. A.-Eanniun Bai....
M. B. HAMMNa. 'us-. Sa.. Mamum.
W. B. ONBILi, '91 . a. M,.
R. W. DOUHTY, 'a2. AT. a. wxe.
NI. 0 liiiAh, 'i°. iL. 8Siiyii'9, .
1,.. ii15IiiTlitiii'. i P:. L. MAOiN, 93..
e. L. 1;PA t, '4.
MITif 5t'lt'lIllE NWsi. '0110"DAIY"
1s O'NLY $2.511 rn Yi vxii iAYAiLE
Al' OIEEIIAN'S till)11 )'tbF Il'E
NlOVS 1.0(i31, OtIi''T ANY ME1ii it
III retipolste to maliv' inqiries
we will salty that the district wich
1our1 spetcialilcarrieirs cvifls i-
tludedifilte followxinio stfeets:
MIlain, Packard, Hill, Forfest,
WNasltelaw, N. Pn., Twelfth,
Ingatlls, Noth, Dletroit and Ann,
back to Alain. Outside the dis-
trict the papers are miailed, and
by the fifst Of net oweek they will
be taken to the post office in tne
for' the eveninig distribution.
'We wish to impress055 1110n1te
football player's of the University
the "(l'Ute sceooify of conng
outt for practice. Every etfot is
being iniude by Captaini Malley to
ieelop an lev1en11creditaible to an
inistitution of this size, ht a cap-
tan a n dillthnotinlg withlout the
miaterial. big lien, 0w111)could
mallke ieal players if they wotldl
but try, stalk about the casilti
suprilemlely indifferent to the fact
that thaeir college has an athletic
reputation to utain atd a record
of past defeats to retrieve. What
we need in this University is, not
so mtuch a gymnasiutm,not so muchi
material, as a little genuie enthu-
siasm and a spirit of self-sacrifice,
whicha will prompt men to forego
a little of their own pleasure for
the college good. ' There ouglht
to be a college sentimlenit strong
enough to compeh)l every big mial,
anid every ablebodied man even if
not heavy, who knows anythintg
about the gamse or thiniks lie can
learn, to come out and try for, or
practice against the team.
We shall Ilave more to say on
this subject later.y
Of thle large numiber of gradu-
ates of the mledicail class of '0
who have taken the state e0xams1
requiired hby several states, not 011e
lhss failed toibass. Four took the
NIintiesotas staite exam~, which is
the most difficult giveno by any
state, and all passed withi great
credit. This is a record which
the IT. of Ni.L canl point to withi
[Notices inserted in this olumin at the rate
of 10 cents per lust, single insertion. Speial
rates for longer lime and eaten lines furnioil
byi apsplyisig It this office or by ciiseiultinie 51.
W. Dioughty, AssistalsntBusiness Y itisr.]
Tzxi Boos, LAW AND MEDICAL Loops.
-NO'fE 11001S0All'TlE
Seconid-Biand boobs at lew prices. We are agenii ts fPasul E. Wirt, Scott sind
Roellanid fesintain penis. Bargainin illatioenery.
IS MITE The Niagara Full$ Route."
.AN0 '1111
C~HIIR BtEA tPUER , _____L____
S(i'cesteeis sclsoli oiardl withl ri ashied
ltoorii -25 peerweeli. Circularson101aphpii-
P. R. CLEARY, President.
5C !,s + ti0a
~C~ ' f f L-i00
ii, .. a ac~i. ha Lna. Best 111e of FOUNTIAIN PENS in 1te118
Try Toledo Steam Laiundry. city. Ice Creanm, Soda Water, B Q a.t:
Baths 1Cc at 1'. O. Barber Shop. Cemfettous,ColclLunches- 1:4 hO'- -
All1 thsemnew thlings iii mneckwear at Cigars anmd Tobacco.a
Wagnuer & Co.'s, 215. Mails. OYSTERtS, FtY, STEW 01ltiPLAIN. OdrI I I caldesa. .br'.Cliad e s t:
Dousble-breasted overcoats at Wbag-- 26 SQUIrE -1ST.AT'E ST
Mil Cileblie Tachr f uliar D. L. DOW D'S HEALTH EXERCISER.I 0'a
1f ('l Gilespi, Teaher f Guiar, om Bmain-WmrstSetdnaryPeople:
G..'tlh'oi, C1idies, 0'ouths;ihe~
Bamuyo and Manidolimn at Cleents. Aslilci or Inicalid. A oilt
P1111 l hck of suitimlga at Sttsifor Ch'hih'.i iiih. u1)i'h but o il. +Daliily. aSuniday eaptehl.
Boy1'clgat's, eamusly, stationemy, etc.. it: da cirohiinccihiccap.
ait rber's P . Ni ess's Room1. - lhoe hah,hhhO hihih'ii ihc:1 0. 'w . lItt'OLE5. 11it. '.AYES.
Allegmn ter .P .A Ciao gtAnAtle-.ioN1thle newest styles imn clothtig of lmvianghci i.StclhdI silldi cu'- 1alinstJ.TJcos____ -2-'l1I hI1-____D.-Toed nnAbo-adNot
'lu 21M is.t 1l).i'wl 5.'ciihiltlc Phys'ical candn Nort
ald09MinS.VM 'o.ltii.re, 9 ? ii01 t.,i ii.YNi . IMichigan Railway.
Btargains imn mew 'btuse'-buriier col ! Time Tabl on noe'eMnaNv 5
stiives at Eberbacb Ilardwvare Co.'s. '/E-2. . ( - . beghglt ltMnaRe
Buy your college text-books, new 'imd Q { I)C5Gasin; Earth. SIrONmSa. G0ingsouath.
second hianid, at the Students' Book \a ;ZR 9" ;h.__________________
Store, State St. 5tEti 1ECEA.055'so Iu~ .1 .5
" CO OKING. TO)tW'FTPHICES Fco ! iaIn. cte tad.Stadard Time. cite ad. San
Exahue Staltorihs stock of troser- lE;ST MATERIAL. Exp. hap. Mail Eap. Mail Eat.
ings andh fan(-cy scatiligs. TId 7 Fort St. Went, - Detroit, Muich I B L'e tnr._....--
F~or thee hargrest limit of inew anail tyl- ...1 32061till...TLEDo....... 210ll11 15 .
ili hiats hll eihhhs to be folundulliith CITY LIVERY AND SALE STABLE, 4 07 6 4(' Vonroe June'n 12 il2i 10.
1Ste c 1 Yost, I'ftoi'iiiiiroxi4 17art 47o,.......Dundeer..... u1i2 ..
cihy, go toi J. '1. Jacobs & Co., 27 andth s. 13 anod 15 Washiugltn St, - psilanti, iMuch ... 4 355 1 0h ..,....Mhiian ........ 12 Oh 958t
2I1' aui sNilut-elns s . nid Stylih Saddlei. Horses. .... 53 7 22s... Pltttield..... 11 4d.9 34 """o
w,;1 ;' t..tl l] 5th. . _ '....... Lc0aad'a3..ANN iRBOR 11 0 957. ..
S etihsh-hiamiihlbooks, bla~nk boohbs. aahd mulct.0 1 .... Lhttmort Lots11 02550
sh tiouery ehueaplat Shueehuanu& Co.'s I 47 515 1Whit.Omrg.Lake 1it07 5 0.
hlilihhd..t.ire. 53 10 I.....Habt rg..... i0 15
Posuntiaht1)1s(I .......W6 28s 45c.... Hae l ......110 725 0 .
T'he iiLr'of AM. Futi e"only h 7 15 9a35h......Caran.....9 5 706 ."'
$,21115litt Guberi'fS P. 0. Store. ..."... 011110o W ...... Cowasse......9 all, 47....'
il'id'sa a.wll. h11 p y lookinug it. 1 d5.......90714 ....Ithaca........ hi5t 3.ill .
A )1 2a . t oi... -5)i;-large hueeof Trnk, Satches anii d k ..d'.... s 3-12 t i so AOna.......132,,5135.
1I i, uh-1,hgs at rehsonuahble, price's 1 ah ^+ y < s : Lt . a. u 10 15 12 4'. ... tt. Pleasant.... 0 004 5 I c
J. . 1'. acobts, &kCo.'s, 27 t 29 Mainsi No. l'1vW. I AEIN ST. 530so4511024....clan...... 5 1:,040()() 50
street. -'7 U ... 3 101...Cddllac.......... -. 15tH O00
Shvhancl o. re ,,_(elt~sforWir, * --- 05 5.... 40dhi....Copecmish .. 9s0. 4d
ShithilsA- 'i. ae aells orI~it,10 4h1 ..,,.. 5 S521.... dCsortilna.. a hO 3 4
Ihollaid & tkScott founta.inpsI i./C ] 1i .... t..Saile. 15 2 st
I~a' tae uiar, llSiBSinroe-10 It....5 15... linonia... 8010 3in
hayStae uitrs al szes i roe-11 0..... 540 ... Fraakfort.,.. ........750 2 l
woodh, muaple aitoh mahogany. PFully h_________________________
warranted. Lolersi J'9eicias. Best guitar Saginaw 1D1viSiom.
ands violinl strinigs, I(T. Plaio'ire ' =" ,,j QGigNrt8TTOS GigSuh
frlcBajstig,8.Lws :'prices guaranteed. 25 South Fourthi ' . 8'
avenue. Alvin Wilsey. In Wednesday, Oct.'S. Pan Pan. Pass. '-
All the novelties in Neckwear, Kid I I TI R1I IC (E A"". na. .] fAr. A.M....P
(Gtoves, Canes, Umbrellas, etc., etc., at a 07:.1 738 Ann Anhar.. 11 30..96
J. T.Jacob & C.'s, 7 an 29 Min St IN as .....9 8b ...,Duanad,...95 76
J.~~~~~~~~ T.Jcb58o.s 7ad29Mi t........................... sBlushing.....t8s1s.
Rhode has the beat and cleanest coal. AM IsB535...:' 1o5 5 .E Sagintaw-.746 ....n
Yard, W. Huron street, near railroad. J IN G T C L
Boy your Drawing Instruments and PRICES--25. SO AND 75 CENTS. $' W. v ASHLEY, AG. PaI5LEYl
materials at Brown's Drug Store. Seats en Sale at P.OQ. Newa Ream, (GEO.Hx. HAZLEWOOD. Local Agent.

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