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April 09, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-04-09

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The Michigan Daily
No. z13
The University Organization will be Freshmen Win Interclass Meet with
AWTU ILL'WUU OW beard in an Interesting Program I 17 Poinis -Senior Lits Second-
V UIL IL SiOTomorrow Night- Three As- 1907 Elngineers Win Re-
skiing Artists. lay Championship.
4eieitger, Champion Amateur Bag Puncher of the thle clee ofi 01 Uli iri uis i in
Middle West, to Appear at County Fair's Show ro wnIigl~itiat 8 ocllck, he ssitin
Committee Decides upon Rates-- i5' liv I ,tXii llcrijic, ciqic c issXlIc
iwt li ol
X11 \]71 lc1= ~ civ i
th in hee ill all bie disptlayed fur the hetie- lioasals,has acquii ired aifiis~h that ciii
it B r-',t f hoe hoaten ii lie big vesuc - oniliev ttin hedby a iciidiiucor of gin-
onl e ii I slho >. ii-H ide ailiciyi Mr.FrVii fiirthiermoreI
1eodigy there willi be nothing ht Chair-
ii> lc -rn -ib anicc l btiariflrcicpiccirts--a iiftiliiiof ofos ieirl
iii. co yfi- illw alatiti i partic vcirks. Ic- lprgcai i icclh fiollowsc is
c-r i h tilbe iiiilo a lss o v u eville i iiul V 'lt ( mao } L i icc t e} ii 1
(o drake slm fm l ol dc i(- big pai Adaio;. iii an ane ieiia-
ii ap- ii ho icsiisiic bilel c o; !allegro.
''~e Jd ing 5frVomi thei plan suc intied saindlv. liii viivce . CiVe.
ii008 ierigiiieeI '. 17;i 1h05 its, 4 ii90ii
jliic. ii0; ti907 law , t:i 90il w .o
By irtueiii of hav ing tso. iii11~
lier itthe lireshiginersi woniithde iiiirV
cas Iet las~t nig'lht itili ventiiien
1it.Sixiveienof thesecviireVvmhue by
Shacv and Piltlin ithe two iiiile Vaces-
iiiile itX- liler'sthuid in lie hole iviili
acunts f.or liiietull.
'lhe 1907 veigiiiiers .wviiithevclasc V-
lay vlaiiiniiishiliaud Gavi-els.Baletti
\Xiivk tootanoilKevlevr are the proud
posscccs~orsofthe silc vritclccup oatedl li
Dr. Cirrow.
as ilii c cileiiiviwhichcouclicl ute
indoor season wasione of theimioct int-
iestiig coiitsicof lie Svasoti, al-
ihouh iinsti in thefluresiilt wanied.after
the i fecliheiieersc gaiinedi cueichiafor-
Ii if iiilead ihe lwo ihiflle races.
siof I ii l~uit i madie aiireatsiini
ciiri. cisubotwhle sUcnig -i
Widtark li-ve (li-en vioundcftfer roiiu
if applausce fiir their cievc-c glim
iwith the lIndianielubic.
lTce final rave for thde relay- echam-
picitsipwolicrcatlher easy forthe c-
Miss Lelia Farlilc.
Olvertucre, "Nicae (11 Fiar.fluc:7int
Cocv riduels I Pianco) i........ . hbr
Aflbert I .icvhiidi
Clet "Alcc Aril leaiii ... ifi. t ier Vi arrecluauon thefi rslit relay fcc
Cl~nr~t-h egl cccll a iood m rgini aud after tliii thei vi
(b I 'l(i XX crfl cc is ull if Aptril. t l i me oc3dliii ccl -c Iich tie
fy(c) iiu liii. I ace1 A cril. ithe record.f
11yif e ar c.cancgcc'ri Jr. Tivle sho putcitnessevdcii tile: v ifcp i
Xl isc PI'a lil ccc c i IfDm ll cand ivle ic e llisci cccii-
I verture, 1La Dameicti I ll e".... un id is co isteniciv woikccii i tfcc inig
1 lieiu l ive icc.C 44sfetii Intci.i Arie"Itugg
t ile liv f v X111 l I.Davis. on teliv hi rathei easyisyle.fTh
VARSITY WINS AGAIN. I cvi cciandgivlcickivillicci clic it(,l
Yannigans Go Down to Second De- t itiii
feat -McAllister's Proteges Play 3 I 'if cci liiW011ii he u arfilch l i t 1tIMic I t'cci ll
Eirrorless Ball. 11 cc fie. whfilec - vuicicl andcc c leyv
w------ ------- ------- -c----- -uplfi litlhe ovher
i(r. XI cciiir liii le cmilei \\,I'ill cy r1s
clst yseda e e f l ce vc cciii ce alli theiiiwii li
,Iiis 11r the sco-vndI time-. ib.y . aclscilotei o
toc 2. icIcIcic icc ci-iif wric v cciccic cii
ifer were twelveiiicliiscfeviiin the ali
cccl1 cJ11i11ef l) fii:,(iiciilI([V mainy blifiehoseru ing11111va i Ia lii ah c featu ir c
this ii . ef c is-ins.Ire cc cc evnt0111hateveyioeloith
'ccii cici ccl ifii- 'ccvi ifvilei 1111 ti v l l t j umped icucifietccIill11 c tatofirc
;'ta d C ah NC 1 i f iid c iiredi licci.1ci liict--ll Ili c
I~elihe. ithere ceillfcheliiiooccasion
friiiv- iaiccicicic cthe1pafrt o f "Miclui
cccir "ali- eraift-i o i ite h
ccIii er fcc-v cci cccii i ir. cc hiiiflch e re-
) t tol fiil viclcv e vCitntflie-
i )1cc- l 1111ci cc i))suc s he i e ili iiiifioii of
:ill -rafli.
dl (lcicciccc-U
bev tlhec work,
Il ie.cilwho
r1 1 ccll j 1Ir tIi- cl d,'iV l iii ell ic~a d w o lIt ie tr a11,iclciccic I . e iv fixed
s t}'c t rd"iisii cu I c lectlicg. There ccill be
111 le~ ar ccv tli sic- cdl llV of te .lic e nc I c tissiotc of t t i ve re n rlts
iii I ccltide centsc hasi been tfii- price cr1
V iitcv. ifhaschad lciderale ii- vs ad issitolihecfiffirent sioccs.
t- ill i i ricc-arisv 11- ccil fihas Tfev acudlc ev ileoic an e ie seen for
inc -cudI - i) ok o svralififteeic cents. Ific c acidi le til-if be
- I ~ ccll"I is cciicc. cartc 11 c ontclicccccinu u erifcr c e.11c shdouiit t e
alit Is pl~ ilc the icsi-c f ti l of iwd c I f n i tci ughl i th he ill
cccle l cat( cc cc p ich i") fa ts Tleti.i iliiwil ice epli-cc d echr
ccclii1>1 at.t iler. T 1he aecomic t. sel tivckets frmc cii entraif tiecet off-
10tt' u ccc si 111k. ciii ic puttyhel n cevT e am icklet miiffaditctIccaniy
s1 f1c rt ;le . 111 c c ilustrates lihe a- anIllsow , icscillfsve ttme aiti
ldi .1 ci. s lii ] i vic c fh e p ritctle hlinllcg of ill nmoney fromc
ile thle vc ha cl reiehefoucr ba-oncint. Thelivfair 1ncw loohcsomore
r1c has l-' c lrfitii .mnccother thanci everIce fore like lie biuggest thitug
'1 Way', of c cciii u e fbag adcccii a assenfor mnoc- ayet.
ue,;d (cicre e liii 1111111andclaNle-
bac tkin trnsatthle-receic-inig eici
ccl the battery. c NI nolin, the fact focot-
half cal fbackifrtcolmMarietta, cc-ac tririd
cciii fcrthelivrfst time in th~e outfiefldandi
maea xelentimpiihressiinroingu
C.a c (l;f ticochitsfbesides sgettitig one
hiti out44theei mI ;tat. 'Tfccfri-
fll-lit chiaicecs III ftheIline--upc recvnly
maeit hard ito ice-u 'iii at tfie ler-
sonnel c ivthe tea huic ililtmakeh,'the
cpringlip, i i but Coch llMfcslliitvr cwill
Iccive fiic hiaiidfcfull ini umahkig tlie -
lections foricach frfand theitontfield
The X'iiiiigas ctooch thy ead ill Ite
liaii inicg. sc-vinig icc-icriunscnciiniigles
by BirdlcndifT urivwr cail a lbcie ott ballc
to Belhinap.- Frecutt tim h oewfvcer.
they vdire bFicvlet- ico ere, gefting only
ithreeiscavttire-il hitsclititfhe retaining
inig n nyoc etn a othird.
In theirst Itcrc'e inniingc ocify ninv'
mivi faced'f:ecile whovfcc ficicatedl ointhe
slabl for Ice Na iiuigicii. III Ifie fovurtfh,
howi eeer, fhe trscibie' ccomned cc-len
W\endel l out eftc- hie cifi e for twcco
(Continued on page four.)
for irst ccIc plce cc<ii Vc ippearedin i
Ihug hri c o freccl if deyelopditocIte
fo istpcce tiin Iceieiccioedvatic atvzo
fc ctcr. i ii uf Ic cl cc ceie t
ficrice rela tic 9em in a eatl i tl e
diecrit'wh0 ic menti f cioe Ilhideept
iferst in tleics adl ]fi dsret
It( had offereid these Ifcpsics pizescfor
tlie members I cof thde vcmiiholdship relay
Fortcy-ycrdldacsi-ling-,'cc lit, irst
If cciciiivv07 etig.,scvcciccf 'ifofhinc oh
ht,. third I tilde- 0ff4-5
Focrty-ycrdilow Iii Ii les-cliic o08
j iig. ciirs I ; cccl, of$ ecg scvoind- 11sf
liert 'o liiithird. I tile e i5 3-5
Fot-ycard higth hurdles--Post, 'oS
enig., inst; Shacwc,'o8 chug., scecnid; l- f
ber1,'07 lacy. third. 'liiive- -:05 3-5.
Fouiur hiiundred anid fortv-y-crd rn---
XI cgccfiii.'68 fit, first; Ieiniucler, 105
(Continued on page three.)
, tntonia Minstrels April 12 and 13

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