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April 05, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-04-05

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The MihgnDaily
Bad Weather Does Not Prevent Light Birthday of H'ahnemann, Founder of
Outdoor Work-Curtis and Ack- { omeopathic System, to be
, eran out forHammer.----- Celebrated Next Week.
)"Stpite thy li atiapi ofac ~ _A\i Ito tti ht~lc dpart-
Mrrayafter non, uit a mrnt iv''ofthy Ilnt ' lithaviv 'city will clebrattf
track amer ntade the trip to Fe'rr filvd he ow'iii tact d nfifitit arivrarv
didtil n tei nt w n u to -ttgagt'tiof heittn p i t tnt ti
raystm lcket o ftlck ers 1kary 'Ple ii vite ill1 hli larhoetr
take", bwtt atfyi -rm i n tcs il ;ima m tS ocok itst i e etitg
tIrvktilty.be gaitttit Iip ttil a. :cur ital'-it i vi v ietv livhe fauty
awrk ai'ttritait' tivi iantiiliiiii -t il, , nC ao. .\ -ttitb ict at 'rt ad
dakth t m nat an ttlivcvept ha t s ia ra - e i] c delvervedi dltrig thy
war by ittaartitt*andiilpract icigti I p:r of tic prigrm.inittvrpra tl
Sttrid lThe iiitiitiic n tat ivnit tiara . ]intan hajo ptliH. Cowerll
ikrlyr fitl aiatancebu th ice in e c l i ti, n"ict (f vtheivmedical laoaral
rlare trwias i . T ile rsticnr t he mi l " trto . , S gwm ill tre
i,51 an fo dtht aepnyfsi,, h folnii tcprogra, tillby
rtnoughk witli tic't ogtin t wndt a ridr~
wat blowtiing dhait e h mli t liiaiiia at \I, Ic rhiti
Frechi it ui i itie "oa tjmp r fromcitt 11a ahcuan vlce i- ie Medical
t ats e ast alfir lthe irsttiar ta CC Ito- o ld -r ti R S. Coteavnd
ay antIweatcio vwatak pactaiciahvla~ ~ i~to o ile Dvlmnptc
takeoff. Ackermtttaai i.rti t t rat at iainteaut of aopathy-
foett hulait hard toatl tadto p lc ucu ii' th t Cit Daey
hat l ifittityit ott ttt lae f hutrat ita tatthe hiha-
iiiomwilleveygo. Mf M it it-ProcatN.CA.lDewey
rco itr tati 'tffc ndalwh Iiy~inal 'niron-P roflD
iatity t r t t tit e ttrcass meta nxtti F.t ' 'tuittia
Satura i htatiiarc akedl tasign ad ea tioyrsi of tieiMli dial Prfcsioani
itt apdn l g ii to iv a te the aa1iaria t f tir}at nd vit I ubii Ilf N .1 isal.
Blas af~r ics espcti' Nates so Nhl"c g ang raOrcheitra.
ta Clmayl g aatattlai A tr tahithtie111---- 111 C
outdoo pac ticae atilli avattititat
art ittnd alt tt at to ry ati tin-a T hlir tubtlic i mottti orialily i td
tg tindo rs tw i t t iseves v to I er) ta to cidthe t itt ititi i cvtatotabeivgiveit
fil at tii, it o l f eithistaafterinoni
I t , 'lvic. Ih l lowatiaing ipro
I raltta tiIand F ge, C ittao. .. h
all sqaittal atfccvalfromatacitifeet )a-t a C it i ait.a I rahiwas
triday lbtoaght tai y the Marcht arat -hrItt airi tattcBeckr
r. Otnly abot tliftartci clattiva ee atr tBrthaC
tt atttlconsequetlyati thy ita6ic g at' it t iad ii a ifaitti"D r Eri-
vl, altlantagla it ai animprobableaiv tarP F rvas C.spaia
toacit IM cAllisterc wauldt al ttv iabe tn Impriitt vig (tp air No. 3.. ckob ci
willin1g lito akve te rik f laintg ia tit e v ia ... ... Olni
iunchtovi sovi ar msra monititg the fewitWatna t I itlict'CV a it I ldrtti
stil l ii eft itta cvii if thre lad naI Iavrta alt iia 13 , j autt
a arger 'ttvtitacv f cattiidiate. Jim 'taut CiMCliatityc IItgt 'CDa vacaf
ercis tititg a tit.u t t atlhe has n t N " frovait th li ...:Pcit
ettirity rcve'vrd fr uit lia rcent al iiiredI l Isli-i
onti... ..,.Meacciavec
Thec attak ysracn aitvti of lighttiolity Neawimana
iivtig iad lib ttigptctcand a stta n~ c d tti mI o (i i oi n ati at
toly ltt aou t av uc. f tlaywtathe in ... ..,, . it utvitts
wtfl tve ttit atnd tanough tati titur nout I i ec t at reyit
to alnow it thy regul't a t tn i ll at'' ,' Ida a ciiiee
Playvildta'. A trwatapittranlytfo Gar irlnrati
catait IBird's cathing sbtnvs siowet!A cc DICIlv at otf LIvnay .... tvituhm
tap Yeterdlaty inttersvntttofiAnutlcvv iii CCWorts Desre ..hyatt~
aliv etrtt edcilthy dnlr dep iiaritmet ttisFredI c aleyv
viiiser Iliv aeyttsttia a t w ieii I :,r it rwia
'itdt frtotttt' hviasa he mia'htutu' fGerctrueL ydti
faa it is possiib lie awilbi c ' itaae ro 'atttrt" a' C v lv tatttg ... Jar lv
adtiohn tatthe teta. i 'artin, auits I t'Uvt
healiig iicli ali1nd i ti i i ttathought h itiv a 'a 'vatS'1j1lIRio
6e akle t ptah b h eli ttt i tim ttithetemrac-a C' taraa
Starts v1t th pit n ~tttg trip.
,DNESDAV. APRIL. -5, t905
No. 1t34
riany old Men Back-Prospects Oood Is Being Organized in Engineering
for Winner -Hunt toosAct Department-Sanctioned by Fac-
as Coach. ulty-Others Departments
{- to Fall In line.
1 i appcts arce fieginning to
gliltiitta ccbicghttly tattae the courts west
oaf thte aittt'iaititt liaetlried out. There
is ti l tat nitacitgootid riew' material,
titnt aevcat tatfiilat ya'sivaaraity' slug-
gersartat.' tt agaiii. iCatintiSt. Johi,
«itl ilt itt tfatua aeft-htandlsoop, is
gtigrriiiataup al'it; t iIr'elis waving
bila racqueitt in a icv iiprvlinianry' flour-
fishea, widl- Iltithat bern knocking the
covrofftevery tennia ball in sight. The
lanik wsatvriner still not be eligible for
therati this yerar, htaving played his
legitimtettifovutr aseasn I.lHewill act at
cinch, trtiitir aitd general utility man
foir the rest of the buncb. Owen, Sal-
motian td Lariat arc at work on tome
wilcketd aerviing atrokes arid are raking
tlaitigs httettr thtanaevr on the courts.
Sheptheurd, ttelHawvkeye freshmani sho
wnthy vatrsity'seccittd-cltass tourna-
tttent last fall, is layinig for somebody
whnltc h in tacitcomoes. Stuart who
tlayedtfootatill last fall held the itter-
colegiate chtamtpionsihlip oaf Co~lorado
ltat year tittisin gtoinolothitngs wben
hev getsaitacartin
lTerv'artll hr notvery strentuoiua cx-
crtltaia untuil th rioenbegin rrgular
prcactice fair ther weatern tournament,
twhicht till blihldilat ltar same tine as
the confierenace track naeet. Arrange-
meitst hairy brett compleied for a meet
with Obarrlitt livhlvd in the near fu-
tlure, hiat thte exact date baa not been
tixed. Olivet has written asking for a
gatta,btotintg definite can be an-
nind.There is also some prob-
ality of a dual contest with Kalamna-
zoot, atid perhaps Chicago.
Owintg to the scarcity of courts cer-
tauit oither mtorehronmisinig candidates
fair thur varsity tamwill lie given pre-
fereince over less hbrilliant aspirants.
The rail of hontor as announced by Cap-
ithitt St. Joahn yesterday includes the
folloniag:'.MlNiel, Hunt, Lucius,
Bariaes, Oweni, Shepherd, Stuart and
thye coturt is reserved for ladies be-
asen thie tours of tenaind twelve, bit
duarintheia past week several of the
boiys tate beena moitopolizing it all the
areanoat. Catitain St. Johni wishecs it
uaadeirstond that no ourebait ladies swill
t eallwdisd h ec ntemrg after ten o'clock. Bth courts were
oirigialaha'reterved for the girls and it
insitaly hat stacialperiiissioi thiat the
a it teameisitiperittedltat practice
thetautil the artwqatarters at Ferry
fil re conapleted.
taTheatprachcoaii spritag is heralded
tticMla y a chiange itt the weather
and Htlie gerial apptaaranice of the
vat4iatiana hiat also by the appearanceol
atspic antis tin 'lar affices of the, Stiudents
I vctrassoaatciation for text yerar. Fol-
loswitg tine rile inauigairatedl last year,
Steps are beitg taketa for the forma
tion of a representative unideirgraduaate
body in the engineering ndepaatmann t a
take charge of all affairs directly related
to the student body Their dtirastwill
include the decision of all quetinsaictan-
crcning the stitdent honorind atite rcv
gatlation of iazitg liafrmaataiotniat
such a bndy'at the eaie ymathaly' f
the faculty, ahtaughitiatnbdy does nt
itend to push the pan, feeling that it
will be more effective if plannad antI
brought to a working basis by thyit-
The upper classes atntie egieearing
depatments are now workitgoni a lan
of organization. One is that a senaor
council be forimed siilar itoiahe ve-
ecutive student committees in the eat
ecu universities ailad advocatedl by the
Daily for two years The other i-
cudes representatives fromt all clases,
as follows: Three juniors, two sopho
itores atnd ote freshman, elected ii te
spring to serve the folowitg year'liar
Vulcans, the senior engineeitg society,
has taken tip the project witha enthust-
While the movement has receied its
start in the engineeriiig depatmeti it
is expected that the oiler deartmn'ata
will fall in line In that cae onec tr
twco delegates fromt each wnauld cn-
sttute a general coicil tamiiniistr
aflairasivolviigthe entireuniviesiy.
It anitert view, lProf fcaorgv CC".
aPattersoi, auditor of the biard of gint
trol of ron-athtetic organizatinsa, sal
last Iight:
"I am sure that no obstacle swill le
tit ini the way' of the student coitrl iof
siudenti affairs On the cnttrary, thur
facuty woulnid be relievead of a gra
teal of worry wind rspornsibiity I
would feel perfectly safe ii pacig
control of "graft," regulation of haing
arid like affairs in the hands of a re-
spornsible representative student body,
elected by the students ard having thic
studeit cornfdeiice The faculty wouala
tiippourt their decisions if niecessary, bat
sill attempt noin~ te rfervence'tntessnex-
tremeiiitakes ayeimad.Thh 'lis I r-
gardl as unlikely. Th'u deaantsaaaought
to lbe sirfficienty iteresed tasynchout
their own methods as studeants will ae
faith in their own organization, where
as they might be a little afraid of the
faculty, if te start came front that
"We are not urging the adoption of
this plan because of any new and flag-
rant cases of grafting among the s-
dents, for there has been Iutl little of
this work going on during the past
year Our idea is sinply to give the
regulation of it over to the students so
that when it does arise they will settle
it for themselves itt a more satisfactory
mariner than it could be settled by us.
For a beginning I have urged the
two upper classes in the enginering
departmnrt to appoint sftdkue g 0 1-
nitlees for te purpose ira the hope that
they will act upoen the suggestion ard
that lie movement will spread to the
oilier departments of te campus.
I think that each department could
handle its own affairs better if left to
itself because of the inter-department
feeling In the case of the S LA or
some organization of that kind common
to all departments, matters of this sort
right more appropriately come before
an executive council composed of men
delegated from the several departmen
tal committees to deal with the trouble.
'We have taken the stand that whenr
a cas appoints a committee to get up
a banquet, the committee ought to do
their work gratuitously, the same as
they will do when they get out of col-
lege hr would be preposterous for the
secretary of the golf club or for a e-
(Cotxnnd on pep four.)
ti Ai;-f nftir.. ,n t1in 4iAr f -01 natwr_
S POu hO~ri LIT I ITiQLdh C i auT.'NfIE hNUT ateait haulyanacrtty, ii the hit and law'
Ti leyiaaittt nyinersill hohla clats dpacriets. hr. Conlety, this year's
preationsun hatsv almosut t t a vIii 1 vavaiaat at lyt utu )kIlii ari thats eatnnatg, presaintinthuag a law,ithe nye president
:l t n rto maky hue sophomoret cv lii tiIt bn ,ian liat ' r'aagnirnt4v e ]atty I ll. i ll lay ahotsen ifrontthe ur aiaior lit class.
lIt ut 'Ihura i itglut at thatoo tarsal esflltie s i s runiortha iiat a niumbiier of juniors
_ stvOaie iof the mtut a a tltyivtt cls1.rh C, I gitt ah as el h sn t astih1ai'ttr haiti a I ii v tltaiiliiie liitheuir hona
""ltonioftiateavar.c hefliiitat \viii ar he taittllivhecalltataisniats, tso tar taut three candidates
I bl eprsenvlhs'Itt -ttedbatf tr\Vl-cag ni' talofIhIR.-iikii'intA. areirantthe ihl. teat are Ford H.
c~lt Ci uir viii'C ct i airho 11 a f Fle fuhlatsiu g Mvi iguc ,nGeorge AC Barnes arid K.
hisnaarcv inigrceniaataemad onocca-rt'',mi'aitacll ivy rcyalreI.yraval In uu
iaofi thisakind.l hut atiton ta t alvc I hac lopa ' ugaatera Pres. A, .icl
hkery wvilby ighttoatsitgiven la)' pacuna I hntiii ' VIA NS LiAGh'IhiPLAY.
denti membears of thy cass-fnour fcat- ItuuL inesofio0c- R:.O. maoing.
b tY tadfu neednt.Tl l nierof h ~t ~~tr uItecaid ofithur ordinary "At iHome"
uaaquuvttrill bengini at seveun o clark I ha t?\IClEC Cvoviva.(riuveeacha wi-r by his le Womans league
aay Tickets vatahouhdhe prncured 'at I a snt -I hi. C. lilvy a phlisstill hue listen tautFriday of this
tyye in ordevcthtut he commnuittee i am iay I -ipe D~ramat-Ihi. .Olson tsreCkhay the group of which Miss Lois
vana'phte arranagemets.v 'ickets tayTaiheoandtaauhPractice--Prof. G. S.Wil- Smithiasaacharge. Allcollege girls and
Ieran bafrorn thevsaciaal cnmmuitte, lo- ha taut iaultsyaswumenarc cordially incited to
SCnswley, Clncey, Sinclair ath I akivahts' atud I ccatgitv-S. Clsn le hptresacnt. Ci\tycthe play, refreshments
I cheut, and halsn iron ITill, Ritcluehie, rtlincI -atvca-J. S. Fuiltout will lie served and fi addition there
lmhistedt and Friedman AntericaIEnginevera-Prof. J.'B: Dacit.winl be dancing.

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