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January 29, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-01-29

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The Michigan Daily
No. 8 7
Atirtuat Preexam Test Held in Gym An Expression of Position in Mich= Michigan Senator Shows His Inter= Comedy a Success-After the Per=
yesterday--(iarrels Equals Rec= _ igan Politics and Fancy Dres s est in IDebating by a Letter to formance there was but a Sin-
ords for Two Laps. Party as- the Women See If. Professor Trueblood. gle Comment -"The Show
was tGreat."
'YFa iilte Saturday it lft re the
t alsIec edil ilth iv yet'e rday(ilt
'1001" Whle ,t rils ae far
Yet t11slv h ups fgv
lp )tv0 ' stztcik -sv -ort of
liv iiit itlttlgf
t11~ tm lipi e was111" h1lingCia
lh ily r af
l,) h o nly sesti oal feaJllttof
vitrcl i 1 eualngt i ravck record
lily iii fortwo laps, a till
111 vii tilr l illns recvvrd, ihiowevetvr,
er ll liconthe ol avs tra tck, so,
P. thatreaonit isvi etter vtilethatnu
fisll it ill ii ilv is Cit ite nt
I I ,... ...,.__
''/Pal ttu"l iit'tf ilo i 1111liii- 11<tS n tr A g r 1 i r 11k Ii-
i'iil .)ieit i stIt i y he lloti i11 1111te
iTth liy ito :loo afe dasao hlIe:an
po itial tonitionstt i ll theI i titerstltty. illorm i m oi thioucole ithtilt " ttt
afe h llt tion of i Ithe :'kiltic as - c to' - -ti
c1, ol, tsatth lIlp ist ben bitv meii iD art rof11111 ru.. . . . d
attrb td t e i tottstvteIthat liv ii ittr f2 11 s liii. ;raif
incion.li ilttlidoe''s iitiexpvessimyit'- to s t h vcos
11111 I h ve hat, istad ofCo l- 1 i lln q itiler s oth w rdn
tics, if titv d sire vrepresen ti t ti ll Iii ti t t i le 111-k-. . i hy 1111Wiil
iii titto' it he ii assoc'i ti ont1 ttend v' itsyi idl dit t111 1 t ie it h v thei i
1). Ti. ID. BLAIN. ni t ild tlivlivhr thy sankiitv lin11
The tiigt afterthe fatiltressvpa ty 1d n ivvidt\his t i once.'itii
anac i perd in the Ditailt of a'Sinceev yvot
jti' stag''l ban' qule ttlIt he account t oR.i. ttiv:R
illa he pcelies the tatment was ade Sentoiitr X''t'furnithe tei sxiel
seve tl tiles litout tefancyt dress itoth ak11 th11 .1 ii 'a11111a ' wih
three1111 iiilit totos itte. Ile ie t keh mae t-'it'nq et wer n t .lbatr
N I iian grevater' heiighti. ' tit t il oly rstillunversty m~enitltll'made______________
tv lii'1111 asiitoil theindoorittit r ac at 'iiiii xpns ieti eof the girls it the tarly. li'S ICU'-i .k I.Ci~tBiIC:I IM ~i N( 'I '.
">> v't''i ife 6 lsti Ittbo tsca tiot be iblaimedi for the
'-treu'' 1 'ii blt t haltllie wastt le th. tititude t i tke itwardithe exclusive lT'e kay tit' hGlte, iBanjo 11111 itotiuo-
it'll'l f ea wsitto feet, iinches, 'tiftf 'it' cgiven ii ttlitrtirr u'gymnasiumti. ]iniclubsit will gille icthe i n lt 1111 ltt
liiii i is ~ tly('e-fithi of ati eronda l grl ad the ihvt auteitit iir Xig t Th imica cub ua' L lv ' t ioh
i t haihtecr.Rlie a a t e exlsvifteiis. T e Y slniioe w e s efo r e the oi
]tle lii i11c v'rv y fair litte for fraterities. liui thy fraternities are potrltiml iity w sn t tck as itdethe
til l . C' 1 'v'trec ird f 2:14.v 11111tn 1inuch til 1 livforlllhesilr ofttiyude ttendaivc i ofvaIrhpre ventative'l sitent
11111 30 se( dsori etei folth '' iris Itir 11th i v Itijlys inshultiting, ruary, ho11e1 vtv thye vlbt proisie to
bilstr lwsliith }s otllof they ollsihomoelke tar- 1make1 wosthntthy atllndan1ce oif every
'Litrrels 8-2; iitt 83 tics 'it the gyimi doesnoat taike tile slit- Mtiltl studtent. IToe vces' oft'
I~cI)I l lit 11ari. <)3 3 r s-pitkeniform lit111t1 theivcritiism' of the itolidti1 llipeaks wevl l rthtill har-i
1111, tits doer vr t'l' ess'.'tthe slamst and'ai tei r of''l Itits yv s lt hulls'vconcerr.
hos1111ditt ixsltysecsvvius0oroesa
bet- ciiimtrf ir liilltI irivtls h ' i ustile , tots ltha111 ,o1 et'f tie llevi ti to b utettlv ii nvil
c, 8; . A. svad.;8-I; Vi t . n trlyteby engsu u ril hat1111' iithy 1111111 m1111a1 liii l i 111
Wicx 4 v i ob ii'o 111111ro sit frotittthe g'iluititsltlfeel 'toe si Ite tur''goin'' Is firet avs iMSlt
hi hhlih,60 illy sorev abot it i, 111111 imlaginie all IMvke i.' Fo s vrl ieas folloingit
c olo in s h lsto toerh "It of wondut e ire ting1111g11of 'ittill', tiri tryp totile M"ritt to ntgatld
r tte h l- ie Metir. 2t a :2 : inner11 eit on.i Iy1it t harleslt hapen-tte 11111were ot ot f tile els te
ii iili il l ttittrs 1.111111.i illia.si
lii 1 11'iinn lis t ii 1111'w- tui'n tu'ittside lare mfv etuyr is fito e 11' ba11s iyeatithevi tiv u theo 1111Miigthe
I 1 it tiitii i] o Isali.Tthe gir vul'har'eitnotugnerallytmice t'lmvorse. i i g iviacnt li' Ctit agoIti
Si P41i1 f111aufvtt Illr ,o il girls arsi.lu Mttist Oa duing11 teiil'v''h'olily siuaca ti. 'his
lii st t 111 ii lllI itv ulstithe iwu l fel itill enie ei efhtttoiyarasi 111111 kn1 wnt t heit lu bsti gotii
re itii' i 1111 1 h i t urn foi rise f pe asanuto t erttv'en igs ecutull ey l g1vei poit t ils ry er
littit thesetsameibo'tfriendIllave giventtheitscoedittiotihtg thuelt'tfriThe alumni
is lilsitttii;iins't ns it 'J 'vh If i it giluu t th ee t's huu t tilitopn a w o t k ths p oru iy f e el
't'Il ope1111 aout3 v0uill litle ior ts.e ir s entleei etir f s mg the 1memoryltflt irOnii ctlleil'il'
N1teIi Ir Ii t u ptu ia itv h Xsit _laythere _wuld _be _fewerslly_ fudge_ par- days royally i t er stainedittil e n a'tithe'itt
Ileult X illsa S- tteslviiihlthirul I I X I t I(NV C ii i nigsi on '1 'lul' ciltiel s 11111chth sit optped.'t
ill11ar hoIw l b
thvit 5v'itludid tltadatehes.11Weot canhull t u stl pr u fth i l-litnc
i Cs oit anafi tee ile oer is t hev e i tftrlstoult hiur tapie ouri collegev ctivtity li ti he' a'l y i st
'si r or ll ie su e ts w l u
tet i I uet lftitiial o er e Co ti lt t ~lth iigto opetntte ett's iti t Itllsin ofthe pin' iontt' t t he fstuenesibody
'I t ut discrimtinav'X i eitteely tt.cole R e, ultwer givt v t ei r'Xii artyisupprtui to the~
0111 t' I I . C v iare some l fthivu Igils al h e girls''ueil-ti th aPenottitha soltd 5c111ert ii llFeb ury.ii tt'i'i i i
W 1 M i l c 1 ( 1 f r m ndis t n c s . in t t -t s i
A, proucy helivomediy c lb,.
the pilayis 1onetil''fIthy trngst1that
ha: ec een1adopedlfrom hitenh.ttt
Theplt s im lenaurl, forit flly an111
'l d I'ldot not expshnt ows hll I utttile
tjlitit ofiitielt ay toilltill fll of thy'
wasli a te f otii'uu"'cugher.tu
Th 'sliv of ,cats itas gooduandutotli
11111gvi menti of11 llt1. Dutton.
illytilhe lnew materialii whiclht einabled
lthett'tmanagementt h ttorutd ut lla at
wthutich i ult be heav it il'egecuv'the-t-
ricl crcls. s sital iPaiulDiket-
traedthylpricipalharacter.., 1 iliiias
tery tye.Mis IatutulivO lll ole
showedvuhblihivr clvert impeursoationuutof
\4it<- XX lihilihithati it i 1isto tsibl full
ani tmit ius ac tr h ito ak'''odthe liy
lint ylvr. MelvilleivBrookstiagin liirov-1
I'l thati hit has ht ii thseted itie ll' e
which he has malullntilltil'Comedyi'utclb
fo w ys eterin nihtsuvuger touk
ill, p rt 1f1a1 i sh tll ervan 1ttt''i l ls
hsiianothet-Irlishitbrogue wI as
tliclt patut to ll it ht cirtt ith it wevl.
- XX tts iltiamt w ul d witat
h.tr uh t ththt'Mo 'ld akelalbtteIEngi'hi
detani 1lizabthiDodduiisI' 11111 1Tynchl,
Msihi hlltred sv I It er NelleShuuislr, Jouhn
Kauitfmani i i itt he ir i rutsi it uttvan e
scarrn'tg'talainihg urtlullt year.Thy
cas' wsl el> b lanced 11111the 'ight
'tilt wee co In'or till'rigt p ll-ces
The pilatiy ttu-ptens i in tiondon iin thy
- l t i l f l Itisvr West. titpr'om isigt
omgtil uistIlitsitif1- hG-rtue is
shitvshe is losig hertu't' itt sitt affecttt-
ios.Teiuter t XX'st's udesiest
hetian v-i'llutlt wtutit the assist-
iii of Sit'-,iti e ai d, 11'h it upon a
:,ta to gitae Ms. Wes's already
ical 111111ture tand strt taiqurrel.
\Ie hMtr. XiiXXstt limes homte from the
,-ui'liltusan puls11w10blndtue hatirs upon
1is111atutud drenches itussit per-
fume, tll unnttuiced y imiytt. Mtrs West,
,,, discov'rinitg tits, isttly fl- ies i ls
iuraet'id dclaet ht her husutatd
suntutolhle. XX't tris every ar-
ill-it tolv brig her tarotundiut 1 all in
i. IHis swife'isists otutualuininig a
'one tutu goust's huter father adh
moter t rtsuuuuui. Oser foloss
'he secondtt ichhpets atte lote of
alt eiherbuu's at Pottrsmutuuh. The old
folks hivesen111itformted by their soil
Totm wlihuo'has vyeut isiitg tie Wes's
)fithetoubleiv-f Oliivetr ad hilts'ife.
'hilt deterinto tuhttoutthe vthutg oll
tlt' tilltlls f iri loinucuut by 'a pre-
'cnd q5duarrtetlXWell XWettaid lilt
wiie.11rily hehitoiuise is itt a ttuuii
tadi they, ntth inttkig that the old
tillk I knoutof tuirtubutlue,' eterminote
:si ul tt o fectiont for each other
tillenititltheiir lresute.
:Asutntuerpuots whichtuvtrn through the
(Cintttuetd ott4th page.)
flee, Niandolin C n e tUNIVERSITY HALL
and Banjo Clubs Annual Hom e on e tSaturday, [eb.1I

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