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January 20, 1905 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-01-20

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''' } }ri^a +;fi cr , sr4xsc^>cfix_ <" <e - " " cc^ c tx o-r $
""'j' + '+'++++** I++++ + d++If+I++*+ 14+ + W 147 -41
~ t 1,,:sS c .c5ARgw+rs x rtS ce r.,<F;t.rc >t x::>ar. >
Iimbchfiel d's Fine Tail o-ring
Trade Guarantees... z
You the mnost skillful and artistic service to be had anywhere.
WVe always carry a large and complete line of seasonable svool-
ens. We have the agency for Beach &. Newel'a Custom Shirts X
$od ean show you a large, beautiful and exclusive line of shirt-
ings--perfees fitting.
Burchtjeld's fine Tailoring Trade, 106 EI. Huron
pre nts coimsjliments of the. staso i to tie.studesit hod1 hDoping yost
have all had a pleasant v acatsin Our Hlidul bsin11 ess was}
very satisfactory, hot wstitll hasve plenty- of goodsI
left and snore coming in every day.
IfIthings that uppedl to the student. Dr op
1001 in and see its. Our prices are right.
20.23So. MadnV Amnnex 106 E. Washirxton x
a o
Lj o o
o 0
1 i
Fall Fashions are Ripe
luits = Top Coats = Rain Coats
From the wholesale tailoring baso of
Rochester, IN. Y.t
Ill ustrating the latest improved
designs. are now ready. We
hate exclusive sale of L. A. B3.
&ft.,'o. clothing in this locality.
Men who are more than ordin-
arily particular shout the style
sod fit of their clothes are es
fu~illy invited to inspect these
products of Rochsester's moot up- 0
to-date clothing manufactory. +
Wadhlams, Ryan & Reule
Laney Loaned
londo atches.1)Dismondf
Or ther Pe'sosnal IP'ropesrty
w atsches ands .1evelryiReird
B Iargaisss in \'f' ;Sates -ist
St55Arbssr. iiourss.s'tos1s::50 a.Il.I
) au d l tos 9 p.is. Afl busisss
Joseph C. Watts
not Ltuxch
As Tutti,,'s. 338 S. State
v Brunswick Tables
t~ igars and Tobaccos.
155 sY il eidi. Propt.. 312iS. State Stret
1 ,.
Ouir Clhing contribuites to a iiaii's self resipec tihile osur prtices
mit lsite to lila wealth.- Doi't imiss our Clearaisce Sale.
All $10.00 Suits and Overcoats = $7.90
All $15.00 Suits and Overcoats = $1 1.90AL E 'TH C T I Ko
Ins pislilshiss..te 'sticle b-rfe Reading notices, except to Univer-
st r' tVells'e iis1 isin hecuret suimbers ofsity organizations, one cent a word
the' "Jimsie ] I'cd 5 t.edto per sse, payable strictly in advance
1 r, to the Business Manager only.. Uni-
apnistefo r olinksiltntote. IfsyIlls versity organizations allowed one no-
r. sitses of the in t orfti ofi5te " icth-tice free. tf.
i ;tuS b1i elsisW ae ifbedto pub-
IsI tt';Journtil ofi Iesfs-otiu s itil- Csl f l,hi\\ 1)148.
lIsn s c 5th' issl s a ppearance__inth
1)r tb' A11n ns r flsr 11c - I s c y tin ilsl ' cu t s s '" sit tif
lc t "" 'repit iif 5illifret ioi ts f t Is yrl ilsi Iprie ,ld int 5, formS for all
'155115 ts ii. T i C v f h o ca its. Wdrite for trite'.. fei is u eor fte M sly c m i-& M mllIllM nresre r&lt
litll is easily sitth mst reliablle nassst Welt.hsflss s tt, GrandIssf asiids.Michs.
tesms timethefi stltills sisisisshp70 3
ytpbihdill ttiscounlstry, andifos
aritgla to br Sil;to tse s ttenmfsit iofLOST.
thes readerrls iof te ''Jiournals of Icesfs
s11YV Iils t he fortemoiist tilt u ~ i l l 551 iiir i frelases. leasre.. trn11 to
Save the Walk
F. J. SC HLEUD E, 340 S. State S tan' ffcaitrceaet
loed ho All Leading Colleges
Foot Bali Fants -Larefront,
hitpsan eets usd1ddwt
inecuitrled Isair. aind tigho
wsithssctie strips.
, 5.0G. SPALDING & BROS, Inc.
Nies York Chicago Denser
Opaldlog's Oficial Football Guide
For 1904
Esditeid by Wialter Catmp. Price i0c.
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Capitl sockur,.05,000. Surilsts 015,000.
Ite.siorces, 02,000,000.
A Gencraol Banking Business Transacted.
tOro rtjss Chass. iE. iiscoek. Poet.; WI. 1D.
Harii aVitePvt s.;.t' J. r i tts, Casier
JI F. SCHIUH, Sanitary Plumbing,
Electric constriiction and oupplies
Gas and Electric Portables, Gas and
Electric fixtures, steam and hot
water heating.
207 If. Wash ington St
"'INGjER'S SCHOOL pf S - o Sf lil >SstI tay it.Lme
of DANCING eat shst> a the l 1ts l i-
tio o5 cteass ruems It. ifiittllsi 11N\d\ ' A'sid s'l).
t r4e Academy, Phone, 246
Tis I *ivcl ist iiiof Texas', acn
4AILFEy & EDMUNDS tii s lists vvirlvasIinithedi ld1 o iifts-
ciai iii ict iii St, isvsits. adsice', and
Ieleters it'uic i S'Sa s icne of te sh iirip ex-
FishigTackle .-Ammunition aii i' f stassi tilsivtrsty condufscteuf
li Fish Note for Decorting. \* 'hut rit fit s fbeenItafpfledstfoi
"4et Liberty St. Ann Arboi h.1 Ifi apes fonit lete rce'ived'i by
'hS5lstreeedC tesrgeesstud fint cyadstudenits it f te liTa ii
T r 1 line of s5555 t i i Sccase vr teC reel:'.'f
Ciaetsand. Pipes lctm Sis fl tsteis f 1oillsis are li
PjpZ verhbrought toste city.ifstst.msitistleit
L CHSIN CONNECC'ION reedt15 aritrat and cre it.t
everysthing Nest stid cleait le lvclctes fr eiec o b
''S-iSateSt. R. C.Joit.L. lit ifmiistationllie ast d i'fi,ia tst e
. Xt1IIGAN U T ENTIR is till is i sitilcitaffa.'irs,, excet.'ft t fr
J iitSis.tibr5ncsessaryin amt mgrmvaif
"The Niagara Falls Route." Casei, isetto e pisft lsorred, and tis
THE SHORT LIRE 15 iinf mis i sill bfiretrilto tOth nxiou
AN~ an tof CHICAGO______
With NEW' YORK fCshd fraidi sipgiet sttsfoish if
st tdirect connections at Chicago for issssisi;rantiI_ . dlK1., Wdsdayts noionit,
tbke "Ioi0, Kasao City, St. Paul aond irsicri i f Ilsol rmicl fsilslissp ndS ivi is-
thr~ West- For information and p° tiktcaloorwietW.trstitFndrlacrtrntI7
Bit, Agent, Ann Arhor. 8 Sii.ivisnstreet minifreceiie c tntd
1 L L 1t et Illl'llit\1'. 1\(.' :.ii(1. (9-o
\1stetch dfc ili lss tl
shoul sf4
Go to Cushing's for Idetahoys & I PH O T OCG R, PAP-T
Cailler's Milk Chocolate, tf ~ '±~1~= k£...h
Ticket for tour shanipoos, oite dol-
lar. Soft waler. Misa Vaughtan, N.
University, near Quarry's, t-th-s tf.
Steam and French dry cleaning and
repairing at Fuller & O'Connor's, 619
E. William SL
4Tmpsifccsi test ass~ortmencst of gen-
uisle Navajo Itianut rugs stnd blanklets.
'Priceos withsinsreacht of all. Hasrrinton,
3519 Cathferinec.
L. If. lBat.'s, d1miss er, fS . S ith
P~honeicBell off) J. homise e289 Red.
76l-e- o d
Thte folkss at home wtould appreciate
a Msichiganennian. $1.00 each at
Waer's, to
Suits pressed, 25c; trousern, t0o.
Fuller & O'Connor, 619 E Williatm St.
Calf a
316 Sout Stale St.
Rowe's Laundry
Thomas Rowe, Proprietor.
326 N. Fifth Ave.
INew Phmone 457
Bllt Phone d457-L
TIME TABLE-Taking effect nec. 4, 1904.
Lv. No. Vi- 8:06ilaSm. Lv. No.Ito- 9:t5.&am
.2St11:5 amw. Lv. " 3t- 4:50 p.m
4t- 8:5 .. Ar." t5- 8Ou7taens
ItDaly excetSunday betwees Owosso asd
'Toledoi. S tirougta ramos deily esept Sun-
stay. lre'elthair ecrs on Nos. I snd 4.
J.. L IsiIIOYF, G. P. A., Ass Arbor, Aich,
Tledib, Otto.
On the square
The peer of all sales, Onr entire stock of snits and over-
coats nowy on sale at One-fourth off
$25 suits or overcoats at $18.75 $o5 susilts or overcoats at $11.25
$2o suits or overcoals at 15.00 $12 suits or overcoats at 9.00
$18 suits or overcoats at 13.50 $io stilts or overcoats at 7.50
liv'er susilt aiid overcoat newOVasid tis seasoin's make, all
op-to-date styles aind at seventy-five cents on the dollar.
U. of M. Calendars given away free with
every $1.00 purchase or over.
tst door snurtht of State .Smtiitgs Baunk. t21-3 S. Main Street
- - -- - - N us F .- ns W a d a m -C o

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