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January 14, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-01-14

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The Michigan Daily
No. 7 4
richia 'r
ga' ireat Hialf has Signed to AT
Italch lDrake -Will Meet Mich- HE!A
fgan Next Year. B
11n111 clc~ htCp.4
1 11 x1 fti, %:, n td la t 1 -11s
tl il
11111 r i ile li'.it{ l ' l l l l 1 1 07 ' a U S f N U - a
list ii 1111
1 4 It f11; wI1 tesralii LIBRARY -IMPR(
h liiil i tha li 1, 11<1ra li f1b 11 De oraed wittllcne
I )llc iln li ia l strn tues rew Caalg
dill rcidi iild ~ Isiis li , l11 ld1111Ld iiii
iii ' 11 ii il l lit of tlc d i tli 111,1 i
1111lllsrlAadw< ~c11,1
t{iC iir iJdd h e cedivesii iiforiidiiidii
1. cty i f,(t~l Iii i iliii ii iindh llralcli
id I d. ill ld11t.i ii dwilive h :11eR fren e C seriGe e a
l11 ic h ed i illirmts ,)f t e iii dill ldii ' ill ld lldijiiii i ii i
iii ii lepat w) eaid )\lI iilllrUiin i I i i v r iy B
lidf.liiiiil lull iiiddiiilddiayer earl dii 1liiid l ldi
1101 I:titeam i1ypll I i i il Ii lr icd1' aainIa ald 1sirt~' ilh ed01FryIfedt 1tc iihll dl di d aebi e
lif t scar iii tiii\IIbe le ryd l dll t al 151 11 1 thdill idea dngill 1Drld il illdid hel 1'11i
ii 11111i 11111 iiihiiesdltodioll
I I'o la l' be il I \101 ii Iiii siiii hei libradll1r 11y i
li():10'11 f le d a 1x111 1)aI hddci ntg f dilti abd ence i fl tel tu endlld11
111;:111 t 111 1 de ill il, d iieil utdd tii 1 11,111 fordiddid d ti r flidote d
ic~lig iiI ibel~l~dfowad o \ 1 1t1111 ~t
P ill -dore. dAl isd md nyiiindsl extnddlidi I liii Ie ib ar Ifalon 1.l
ilIl t0lldd' u:X -ddid as s l ve b n f ill d w ih sti ctii l dirfer- :n1,
iii dli ld; ldlrdo('}' li-dd 11 iili r .dn; fo cou sesi ll di lii did d it ail
II iddildiddiiild ii dlid dli lid ul i.dii1 I1l1e -dpartmentdill i ng11 Spec-111 11 Xii
M4dlle dIall liidI.ididpart I if il)dgd\"t;- i d ida i ili lilso ibe Iaccordd space dI It
iliiid i dliiil ii lid in dto c. i ll,' th -a d ii i gi e a o ks a il e o
1111 i 1111 di11 4 e cr iite c)_ teod rt n dek w t1 b ,111cases. 111,)1
104) ,.^t11 1 < lii didlid idl t)sc b)l a ee n irl dno'd n he l-fll
Reading Room=Walls
t Professors' Pic-
uue Labels for
dil fo llm il: the liited Brr. Hensu-
iloeio f irpedggi 888-190.
1w left if Irresd.llTappan a lreProf.
rd(Iehaof lthellmlatiremat-
lip;I dii Ii (188) pintlded iy
an n rf erry F. Cocker,
ocuidille chir of mlentlal and
1 h loshydromdi186o toii1883
,capdisdcceedeidlid thdelidleProf. Geo.
111111, ddhoseldiportrait shlold cer-
Kann amondd~dg diddle of notable
dIr f te fc ly.
el 51 dt llcill of tile wral lpce
,.en111) do 111embiers of tile modern
dr 1111departmentd; aditile center
lid portrait if IisFasquellli, pro-
r o m hul riilanigualges (1846-62)
diii d diorradit of twio later iheadts
I, 11%1111111deparitmenti, tEdwalrd L.
dl,,fteklill 11a11 George
'1, of ( 11a1 dlpartmledl. 11011
dil)11 1e m1 I li ii deths, tiwe
full i li~h orit oi f iDr. JAlbiert
11111 ii ii d dilo of tide chemlical
atoy.,proessr f orgnicfc CiICm-
dclea oi f 1the ichiool of phar-
'hlontecrrespondldinlg wait
111111 1 dowerisrdltide seatedfuill
hliiigIu iiofiGdorge Paimer Wiil-
111111 orof mathliemlaicsfrom
1+1 1,86i, and of ldhysicsi to1875.
111111tt pro 11 fessdodr liotide timteof
11111; Ole demdienI facesiwihicih ap-
Chre ( i il eginleer; du-
Filio, Abiii lraham1111Lfncoln, tDan-
dliter Rufusiidi Choatlde, Ciiais. Dick-
Oaiiiii Hulle, Thos- Jefferion, Beni-
I iddidllildii'Jas. iladison, John
XXs, ii li lli iiarriion, Pres-
rlull MXlanidii f Blrdiwn Ui-
iii8(2-16,)adProif Henry
ii ld lt 11111 itinds in il t here
,dle of11 carbon dii idhodtos, Idnetof
,11 1( w. o olmbia,formeriy
C mielm 'le Three.)
Training for the Indoor Fleets Opens
t this Afternoon-New Men Es
pecially Urged to be Present.
fddlfdd, pief, ldiacci ad Laeid1 r
are itrfcly ipriblited"i. i lii s dhe
order whidchdIwil goit fii c dabuy
1111e1 iller eighity Xifciganddtrldk ahi-
iles williigo fiiin raininig f1r lidh iilidi
ieaiuii4 idiridillI ldlddlidid ddid itil
mdlastliThudirsidr rveiinii,'.whleldhe
fr Ihe dopdninfdg tlk b i- lrector Keeie
Fiziarick adiitiifslaftdrnoon dlworkil
dilii iegininiiernet
Tile large cr11wd1wh11ch1 turnedidlii
Thulrsidy gives ipromislfid enftdlhuiati
1c1111iionfllfir lesodndiih1e11eand I
is strongyredieo-lthatdevery maind 1111
expdects Ill enter track atiletfcs tifs ear.
lie ipreentiditidhe gyiiiiasfuiiithiafter-
noonlilsomtetimelibeteen ieee aiiilsix
olodck, to recefve fludiamtental iiitric-
ion aoiigtheeciidlfldinhe ie iopeii to
folow. The 011d mcnin i charge of the
darfis specfal edints wil allle tre-
eu nd aiw ill1 take thiier squladitroug
ight doieinfg work Te hifgii jumperi
and pleicvalter will prblydlhoiliod
the floord earyin th ie afternootn, giig
lace 'to the sprinters later in the iay.
ihe diistance men will probably take aii
easiy journey over their corse it pre-
ptarationi for harder wdork later. After
today, work in aii departetsoif itdor
atilticfs will heeield reglary and t
i ihoped that the tmeitwilltrnl 1111
prompitly every afternoon.
Thc gymnasintm waii a buy place
yeiterdiay afternoon. Tiic len seeneut
toi are caught the spirit from Thursday
ight's meeting and athotghitil reg-
tlar work waii icedled te iig floor
wasi crowded witi entisiastic atiietes.
The high junipers, poe vaters, and
isrfinters al took a tan at tieir respect-
ive stntis and seerai of te weight
nirit triedionie preifninary mioeenetts
with the shot.
After the fiir o'clock gytncaii, Di-
rector Fitzpatrick caled te Fredhmen
around im and gare tiem n extenp-
oraneouitilecture. He mnitioned tti
Carraw cups awaderiditolinfiiers of iie
fnter-caiii reiay raeeiandiaiised titu
fit-year nmen lidgel 10 wirk at once.
A few wise Iddf'irisrere thrw tiit
aiiouttkeepng ockeri ani gnmlufts
clean, and tie clasdwasi dismuifsied wti
tite orlier foe all ahleic asdirfatis 1o
appear today.
The Facutlty Cunmittte on Non-Ath-
le organizationsi requested the man-
agemtent of te tew Good Govern-
mient ciiib 1o change te ame f
tihat organizationlihe objection~
of tite comnm~ittee to the new
ciiub are baled dili the tie of the name
Wheni interv-iewed last eveiing, Pro-
fesior Aien S. XWhtey said:l "We
hare made thisii request merely because
we think that a btter namte could e
seiected. Last year the odtGod Go-
ermiment clb closedtp teir ooks be-
cause they thought tiat Ihe organization
couildi not exist after the Senate had
prohiibited thtetit frodni hoding a lecture
cotirs, the reasoni for which are welt
konssn They aiiverised fodr candidates
for offces hut nod appicatons were re-
ceivedi so they decfded to adjourn ine
die and trn over al booksnmoneys
and papers to the Faculty committee.
Uponl recotumendafon of the conmittee
hie Sente voted to abolish the organ-
ization. For this reason we think that
a new name is to be preferred"
Te management of the new organ-
izaionde whetn seen said : In our or-
ganization we considered the name an
unimportant part, and we were sur-
prised that tlhe faculty should object
to a niere technicality, The intents and
purposes of ottr new club are entirely
different from the general conceptions
' (Continued on page four.)
d l -Ii dii dilstr ut i i dn is ei u ii
ill Xcii i st udentsli wi1lldavail
t diddi,11 11 diid ild I-eui il
Xsfur as is nidd tis i heirsdet
I fi I rlade ,I ouirec l ilal t oihigani
e pfsterin the1U1iesi ydd1idlidl or
dln~ii litored, as t1111advrtisinig i,
ii sddiiii footiu ll is to he. i nt~iro-
1 }ed tli uhforii inth de lndarfudiure.
IC legmei especdiallyd fuiiireduy li e
11111 Coaches111111declare- 1h1a11itisd
letuhided fil eelopiig iireatinig
t11r ,111uii endiiuranldc
it is hiopeih id a o raiicg to imeI w i
to su sttue lein oi I ill1'o
hid-rt lhangsd the.i prrah c ite tI l I. 1 i
11111i 1111prdsiii idde t dtl i! I iii g).W

Che Michigan Daily
Delivseed to y outradcdress for baloice of
college year 290l4- for
If paid im advancee.
AddessCilaode A. Thlompison, Mi 1, 31 Paukard St. Phone 4611.

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