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November 13, 1904 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-11-13

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The !ichigan Daily
No. '4
Of Choral Union Series Friday Night
''ates Fixed for May Festival-
Thomas Orchestra to Assist
in the Fistival Concerts.
sTith musialsasn ifor Ann Aror
burgs on Priilihnighithni ii litt-
burg 1rchestra i ad ll nt c i tiii
lO 1 nt i 1,;. iirh ips teii rals
lit( h eui ni oi Thomas, Orvl~tii'i i i
I sooe. F lloingi is in eiiliso
Feb 14 \i ri F iotei onrato
griat iiit-o ii liii Iiich i his or-
th i n co etuiii w iill h li ire
i'ulirsi taken m iii w lw i oiictr
xlig artisticLwradfns 1
theit hhrl li.s si
uc-hlvi cnustn is iiiveiiiiii-i
s up rin -s, bliii ais y5 uheiiinai'ur-i
hitp Q'rgardiig is nwc
hr i11'we giethellow iiicin 3111
ciry of his crer
Lanisi Pauris rn tCzro
i'tit A ais ia hu ci(isii
lb ustri.H in sgraihiaisiromii
iihtrVienna5C(nsrviaoriy oi-Muicii
tor Irucim,'Hletservediisteevral
Y as hvIilinist. in tImnptial ol-ii
e r
a lug5in lii lithen mat Vitna iea-
3gthai raiain oacp l
555 ciican m in Bri, al-oiduct-or.
a thug in ,lai ndPat, uliian a-
tmb iitUlt imaiinitn it a huh'
$lotit lt" a Atl shrntilat
it, f tInitinil Itit,-hr it1hilli
nil liiI, twas calledti o n)Ilit (:,ou rt
heater'i - ihlnshti, whrnh li ti
a5 lii is chamionshnipilof uWant
tor /it.Par wan ise firit niiii-
bt xactiiiiwosi'it f nT ntaibnn'-
Paur beenlt Anrtiur Nitiinnsu-
li iias cntorin nal t ipig uwhsni
he ilf ha ittill' ein omeitiiiiih' l l
lro h BosnsiuSymiihiony Oirlii-nna,
nia stiang)s iiiiiigli bi'scaime iiihiltU-
pssr ofNiksi nIlsrdet
1111h'condctrsnldenii liinrarli
ihhtaliisiinh I h9. Atertsrnig Ii
hil it s Ic1fr1 ive.ylan',utaenterm
h eth minIDrnanisnecamilitn-
hoier5115511 ducted l lt11thl I 'i lag-
uet5 O era gililsilih i te Gau I ill
buf orhs vlit aSiiss. eitig
ibu t 51on in. ftthn i' cceplii ed
"llniiimii clOihet ii an
I T ln but g or i 'i'll of liltwi
Th toloing nu bers will I ll/I
(nFriday aniht: i Ilt li u I
Ju lit li. ' r.itss'lit' in ci
i ly In o fo st d Iu t tu e ts i
E . It .clal t ii i ltoen
IV (~ t i e r om uiteh i ,111 A1 rt-s
led inissi-inart nliiby !i
thitmy. U he lprssor sil isi
l h e ar st h presntinustin lt
I~ts ou5i~ sef cungrens iimore grail-
ay from 1thin U. uo' I . thanifroni
1 h tthew ta'sclltges or ii'r-
tecuty comind
Topi Row',ilftito righti-llmsrit, lRusn til, Larnon, IlaytssiBadenochlPairyHugensun, Strauss, O'Brien,
't 4 , ~Assistant trainer.
Seon ' Ruoi tw, left Itoirigli-Coach Sic g'g. IHopkinn, Terry,. lhrnall,Blezde Ik, Hitchcocnk, Delray, Babin, Yates,
Tobin" Calliii.-
'ird Row' iteft toi iirgii-\'usrimn, I lulimn. SMages-. Macuntil, Webb, Gale Tons O'hrieni, Assistant trainer.
iii II nRo', left toi'ight-'-Bhoiiine, Cac sii, \Watsnii, Callain Spetik, Spseide I, Kenneudy, Varnell, Scherer
liii ,tons Row, left ltoriglii--Assista sit 'isath Shseldon, Null, Hill.
Thyeltig4,ais of te (isivstyh John T. McCutcheon in the S. L. A.
wilt ill shsinl Fridiay aflte'rnoon
andi Saliturdaymorninig. It wan adull Lectur'e Course Wednesday-Will
liiitiiig wri ith tetxcei-oni ofu' Re- Illustrate His Talk with
geill.XW'iie, whoin sn isahle In hi Sketches.
'lii'Boaiidif'orm'lls' endsilmedl ihe Jolhns T.ilnCisilenwill lecture at
uno iftheliphaIssosit htMeorasiial I 'iinritly allltomolr rost evening.
Iiiiiiiiig Coniiiiin 'si i lt nd tlcommit- Thinswilu be- lise uof Ihrmstnyenter-
teil iiiihiaii ssInilln.l Teushe'- tuiniing numbsiers of the S. L. A.
hitanidiing waithat lit-huh nnscommit-
tee wold nit thireffrtsproid- 11r lnCistrleos has lbecume famn-
ine11wBoad wuldconentto henus an a newispaperttctrreispondent
esihhtali 'set oulielich ianuionanciinartoohsni. He biegan his tareer
quarersandAssmbl Hal, tc. inan an artist while ht ws y~et in ncol-
thim _1 ,iiiisi1l Buildhing. ainithinslitte lt e Sisnethentishe lus rapidly ad-
Boanrd exupre'sstsdiitsillfanswillisng tuoi'incrl, nso that tuday he is nie uf
d tlediniig nesuti'paper artists of the
It. uias v'ote'iitoi seciretthilrte ew co iuntry.litfirst camue ilto pruomi-
Wien' Ili lt' \-iechncalI-Enginetrring no n c hes . il G eorgt Ade, heidi
sho".speial wosrkthfortihe ChsinhagoHerald.
Au approprlit ionhi ofhI$900 wtansX t nresnthe in tonnected with ihe
gr'anited toiDl.tC'ieivldisewn lecturertiChlliagoTribuneih. His Bird Center
onithidi'se uof hut tar, nousecnd cillhtshn.snwhich have Seen hossnidin
th roat for lthe' purchast f urgis d ical 1boklfrmthase hencoue fanuous
vntriiilI i1111ouighouht ithe-etmire nountry.
Atin arvassi lt wl.sansiumade sith u sXa letusrerlie in first of all a
Koc Bos, hecotrctrsfo1 te unmnet. Ht has msiuc torug
thihigil nglBuilhdsiglithatKoth S tudu if imoderntilife; andl lausItuat
Brtos. shutilt rshut1111csits of1ayIlasing facility offg'ving everything
I mnt n uliintill stiltntrusattos a hlumouliinsuitu. H'islecturesa
andmat tia hun n btfre inusal settle- cmaie ihcroo ok n
1 n itt f ccunti s muahe. it in salid that every linebings forth
it iwas iorillered ltapprpruirate a laughufhoststteaudienict.
$2,WWfor Ihut fisaliiiayuels ossthe Tfluri- art a number of good re-
,n maser, hl i i sni.ntviii seats li-It for any who wish to
iilet, f conecionsbeteen ihe tendthue remsaisuder of the course.
isiereii iwere tsnueoistsl n. Therear-1hittsnutsime.
Thnl'imim uusuimuis isallnii-Alftr Mi'. I Cut lunon's leture
i'iithluofhr iineferwic hIit hubordicosissSousna'slBanhd ossDen. 2.
adjoiurnedi' to ee l7.Atr tse ______________
lieiigtelt' otigh s 'sttendetulthe MICHIGAN FOOTBALL CALENDAR
Chuicango-'Michignifoothb'all gamse iii a_____
body, t.Fur several vents ichigan has had
acfotball Calendlar. This year the
Captain Heston Announces Names of
Thirteen Who Receive Honor-
New Captain Elected Today.
Captain William M. Heston.
Charles B. Carter.
Henry F. Schulte.
Joseph S. Curtis.
Fred S. Norcross.
Thomas S. Hammond.
Frank C. Longman.
William D. Clark.
Harry S. Hammond.
Adolph Schultz.
Walter Graham.
Harold Weeks.
Thoeodore M. Stuart.
Capit. Hiestons last night gave out
the ahove list of (lie men who will
receive "M" sweaters and football
caps. The list includes all the men
shat played in the Wisconsin game
excepit Magoffin, who got in for the
last few nilnutes.
The official photograph of the "
men will he taknen at Rentschler's to-
day anid at this time She captain for
next year will he elected. It is rum-
oreud that there will he three candi-
dlates-Fumllback Longman, Quarter.
hanck Norcross anid Halfbacke Tom
Hammndsi. All three will be seniors
next year amid each is well qualified
Iatickc and Manager Baird are plan.
that there will he no hitterness who-
ever is elected. The heut of feeling
psrevails among the men and there
for the pouition. It is safe to say
have raiseid havoc with many a good
football teanm,-notahly Wisconsin.
The team hrokse iraining Saturday-
night anidthme foothball season of 1954
is over. Coach Yost, Trainer Fitz-<
are no cliqnes or factiions such as
ing a little recreation after their a-
duouis lablors and will attend the:
Yale-Harvard game next Saturday.
W Xith She msemory of the Chicago-
Mhichigan basttle fresh in (heir mindx,
they- will have a fine opiportumnity to
compare eastern with western foot-
The nimber of paid admissions at
Saturiday's ganme is officially given
oit au 13.125. In spite of the fact
that the capacity of Ferry Field was
taxed So its iutmost, the crowd was.
adlmirably handled.
Br. Carrow has decided to make la
chlange in the placing of She 'cop for
She Cross Country race. Be intends
to give several smaller cups, some
of which will he awarded 'to 'the win-
ners of the indoor track rates. De-
fails will he given later.
Iitreistiniih cls'l footbihlall chanml-
piontshiplisin.i'apidlyt spretading; overit
ilhse aiuiiputn. liTm'i'ow aftnoouni
hit seioruslit cmiii juiolawsuhlan1h
on _Nuu ii erryv'Fietld. 'Ihis insitie
firsti thu .a lit team ha usn been'iinitSli
enire hi'itenriar'v iltni htti ins tihig
urge to i iun nut tsnnasse In the
11111e. lThe laws'hnitlays t uh-lnout to
rootifor atiamiuepri'sntni n;; g'that tde-
patmeni ts-he s inir lits iwill hold
pan Oiak miaidcareliioping fur a big
lit, turn'lloult lvi. itom irr '.
Ascuo'iingto iiaIl uediitial in She
T he inu.illsheoffic-ial da~ily iof Illinoils
n~ivriu1' thliru-foulotall li-cll whichi
playitd O. S. I'. rteteii'edu ivery on-
cum viv ac' ,alh af.x .a -. a .wo" w s designed biy C. B. Hill, Jr.,
if DetroIitl anhdlpulishesd hy James
Ponstr nilthis' S imui'rsmlv Art Stoire.
The art.ii'orktin s iniyellow and Sluie
anti piturieso01CoaicS YositiManager
BacirdSet. MitiXanager Msontgomilery,
'Iranesuitashtiirim-is Presidnt Angell
andeti eianit farmlsa cons icisoispart.
Atte-tinius tills-i to the fact of
Mic'higanu's fiouriyvtsof continuous
nutcs in llouotbtall.PTiey are:
190i 1lts--iaim ii)i0lto lonents 0.
1902-M'uichsian 644 to(iopoenits 12
19041-M'ichuin 565 olpponents 6.
19011--Michig'ani565 to opphonents 22
(wranuitonul of Michimgan 2324 to op.
Senioi singing uleeting tinder Tap-
pan Galk tonit aS 7 o'clock. Re-
htarsal uf yells for the law game
tomorrow atermoon. Turn out!
nlioI'tsmnilsliln -treatmesnt
Ohio router- and players.
from the

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