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September 29, 1904 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-09-29

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The Michigan Daily
No. 3
'Varsity and Reserves Struggle for
Fifty Minutes-Graham's Work
Pleases Spectators-Another
Scrimmage Today.
It, 1is0v1'ylevidentIthal(Coach Yos
has no in lenI 1101f snding an 1unt1ried
leven oup gainol ('ase in Salturday's
gatme. as lhe put he men11 hrough a
scrimnmage yesterd'(ay whlich latedi
nearly 'fityminulles,. wihly (one01
shortbhrathing 01111ell ring lhis dltle.
The usual lpreliminary 01111110 (f signl -
pract ice, fbullkinlg 111(1charginlg na-
ciille, 1and1tcklig 11he ldummly are
gonle throughlfl, and thion followed'lta
scrinmmlage' pracice ihat. wao fierce
enoullgh to salis1y 1111'10o01.exu~cilg
fall althe fhld.
'The coachl comoplicated till'p'lolem
as o Inwhlowill fill he vacanlfbiark
positiionl by putting 11111he Pee 1an1d
Suart onth111e01o1d1111even11uandl0s111-
in~g in Harry Hammntdillfof lal yearsTANRF
Al-Fresth teatmoa100Citain lteton 11111R 0I
ctlltng mtel. Haiondl stl01ill 11r1ther
comtpllicatedi he silllalioul by putinglflCAP NIGIHT"
iii a star gamne. Hle omadeloe lo ntO-----
r'un1 arounld the left endi. esides sev Rouing Bonfire Meeting at Ferry
cr111goio gains 0n0line bucks, antin1( Field Saturday Night for the
addition lnoihis oher acconmplishmntns Benefit of the Freshmen.
te (call bothie ailsioe. Thle'con-)-
test hetweentoHnmnond, iDe Prelan~d 1Freosmonowsill receve thir fist i-
Stuartlpronmise's 11obe a nmerryone.(ll'sgltiol1Vn 1tiersiyliffe'next fSalur-
So close is t111rcr te1oenlthse duylnightl, 5w11en1the lupple'clusnnmen
thee flot Cotacho Yost osaid last ngtl 1111endl10 give a rolsing recepton to1II
that heitadi tot yet Idecidedowhchl 1h11f111t1 yar nn. Allwhooorenocen-
1O1ewouldl occupy the place in Satur- her (lollsccesflin lgig nee'ig
da's game. of last0sprig swll lbe glad to knoowo
HalWees',oone of last year'sosub-1hat the111'cotlnilI eheaded 1by Don il.
stitute lolfhacks, repored for pracice No(risso-hico had cargenof thse
for t111frt ime andi was pliaced ol etns'n', lhaoconseted 10 lake
the second eleve'ln. As son as ill'bl,- charge of till freshmnan rcetin.
coimes a liltec Imore' seasonedhll s nendedlthaot tis nmeeig is
promises to make a srong illd1111r1111'tso111'110e'first(of01 sies forthell'pulr-
team. 1)ose o1 arosig andl maitaiig
''Ocpus" Glrhan,fle rerlit from M'hig11allsorl, a010.1ii los bI
Chicago Nortloh.iisioon highl school thougti,11wise ib give up te first moee-
mooade('0111'cided lit sihl1111set-lin lg to a geeral welcomle t o e new'0I
tors. 11 is safe to say thut 111 5 tiis mn
lot a more ernest player inl 1111 Pre sient Angell, whleno inerieweti
siquadt huanthe hnge feshmnawo0o111po1n10the Sbjet exressdl linsel
ihros'lis 2211 poundlts 11111o l'every-as binelg s rngly 'ill faor of slci u
play woih laudale zeal. G1rahano nt'toig Fo' some time it has ben
(tice went. throughl Ihe 'Vrsts 11111'eletl Ihaou 1110freshmnndid not for
for a yarud or two. and lis were aosultstim ne getIsld if Michigan tra-
1h o ny'gainsthe Reserves wtre ale dloions
1toOahe. ie alsot node a brillan Mliih ime will be spntolill singing
tackle of Capi n Hetono wheno thus andtin learning new sngs, ad lil
facetinosgenleman seemedl on lte rhelaing lte 'Varsi y yells. A 111111
pointt of departing forthoesReserses eroftplrloientuppelr clssbmen hlase
goal line wih the pigiskin Ituckdlilt-11sgnifiedtheineton0( '11110of beg lres-
de 'rhis arm. scll,.111d1wsll sleail,
'he Re.servskichked offt10thot'Beltc'ust' othlo'danlger of ire, antI
'Varsity toop011n10the scrinomage ad oseur ores1bt0I011, bushaseeItde-
ongluns ill'I lesto, furlis and c011111to 110111the nmeetings lis yeat'
I-arc Hhanmnond took tleball to te 1111Ferry Field, wheor' a rousigfr
goal lints f It' secondtlteanmowherteecanl Itt'uill antI sohere(lhe lbleahers
I-arch' went Ioer onoa bulckl ju1t1 011-001111111foutd nooe conforlable han
sideethe right tackle, stnding.
Thoe 'Varsit y ten ickedoiff tlith1e10 Stfar s possile it is rged thaI
Reoerves, anti for fifteen or tooety 1111 illt year lmen woearioe call of
minultsihe later srougglehd aainstltellclass antideprimletsAleay
be heavy 'Varsity line, and at th enth lis louat event bs beeto dubed
of 9th i me the secondlteanowas "call night," ''andlliis ropose Itha
perarer thleir owon goal line than whloen aer Salurdy evnlig 1111 edictl(f
ley ibegaln, seeral lims being '"Fresh" cpls fot heInewconers e
thlrion ack fr large loses ptito110effec.
"".ohnny" (larres once tackled1thote_____________
canner for a loss of over five yards COLE WORKING WITH ALL-FRESH
Sturt finlly punnted, antI agin the SQUAD.
firt teano narched'l tdtwn t(lesfild,___
Curtis, Heston, atoolHrry IHammndot As1istnt (och ''Bill'' ('11' oa
geting away for lontg runs, shleomls Tttobilalytlhe Iusiest malln il Atol
Hammotndiand on itgmtanl made stoo'At11r1 yes erayatertoont yngt
fierce line ibcks 'rhe loitoot of he solItt 1a (letto frmt lis All-resh
touichdown fell to Crts, atodl practce uc 11atl itnmo lueft
wsoer for the oday The cacl x- buSadywhAlpu gae, intissha eot
woressedhimstntelf as fairly wash saisfiedl Ilatr"11111"lionsamel''lietl skid'-
wtoo oteaflrtoot'opractice, An- fore lhimt, as t111footall eperietce
other scrimmoage is on te menot forottnsofoocuoddesbsl''O
lis afternttoon.The'o line-up follows: rather limtlido, adtothle coaco is
First 'foam. SecontTeamobollighi to ins rct'thIem n th11'futda-
Tom Hanmond..l- . r. e. - DePree-Leswis ttttllrtliols(fIIegtottd'
Sm ll .., t. ...i,,,,Purickthesecondtottiflos it sill lot, difficultto
Scholtz........I,. g ..........Clark dvleoeb touch teanm worklog Salturay.
Teod -amomond.. -. c .. H.eechler 'Te mtajoriy of the tcatdials are
Crtisl .......I. tg........G ryceham otrigo, lbt, Ineverhelelss, Cole
CurlC ,,,,,,, I.I .....G aha ihopes to toako ea ioodtlsowing gaits
arrels .....,... 1 e .......Rtmney los Mtodoist
Norcrots......it, b .. H..eckr_________
Harry Hamomond r. h. .. . ..... Stuoart THE ACADEMY ORCHESTRA.
Heston......1.lh. b. WVeeksDe Prees The acodemy orcesra is comosed
Lngnan,,,,,,, f. bh.....Rheinoclild of eighteent horoughomosicias. A
comination of frono to too Iigtfeen
RECEPTION TO DR. BROOKS. can be bookedl fy addressig the
The young ladies of thse S. C. A. mtanager. In ipresetntinth(lis orchtes-
will tenider a pleasant itformal recepi- tru I ano contfidletthoat it is the fittest
(ion to Dr. Broohs, the newc iirector irchtestra in ite slate, All of the very'
of hBarbouor gymnnasihum, at Newberry latest noltesll in contce'rt anod dance
Hl-ali this afternoott from 4 to$ o'clock. iniusic will be01used, antI satisfa ctiion
This will give the Utniversity girls a gtuarantteedi. Ro's Granger, Grcanger's
fine opotutnity to meet Dr. Brooks, Academy, Ann Arbor, Micho.
Commerce and Industry Subjects Re-
arranged - Marine Engineering
Course Strengthened By
Testing Tank.
This year the Universily of Michi-
gaoo toos 1-two bonevcorss10ooer,
so-hichloue attrac'ledola large num~-
ie f suldents to AtotoAror this
(all. Th'ey aro the corse of narite
enineering010 adtolh(e inpot~atotcorls
oil commtlerce iandlidusltsr.These sotb-
jts have b' Iennouco ito demasnd for
the lst fewso -ears iandt.altogo
someoo of the sbjects Iae belen ott
tecurriculumlnumbtotolet of 'ears
Ihe be re0 ow 1000ioso51lated ito a mo0111
Tesudnts 00110cooe here to
stlldy 11(0no will hell o 10swe'lllt' a-
'0-ti our of tho tuiiorsiy pastb1
4slll oark.
Vuihobe compotletibobn of (le new en-
ginoeering buldoitg, manoty aditionl
advautages a rs offeredolin that d-
partmenlt. Chief atonto hem (osnis Ioe
tanok toole usoilit he wrkottnava
arceliclure. 'Thlis itootsatintlgiso
anple-roti o forc exueritetal wor,
andthl lis sbjct sill now receie as
muchottentihonll 01s15any bratch of en-
gineertg at Michigant.
Thecourolse itt- ulle l nder t'he 1105
h~eadingof Itclomer'ce (a1(11iutlllry
inluelslsubpects of -ilatitereo-st o:
(lhe'futu re tmect'oosor buosioess mtn.o
hioolesale otnotreaitradsoe are stodie
toeher w iho t' inpoorabto lemstto'o
oIf the1 hay sucehoas proulcion atbol is
trilbutiuo.Atn A. It.,lodegreeosis give:
after ory11'aors ot sorkc.
Never lbeore ithIishisory of th
ttniversiy hbusthIeoo prosecs otta
psptsroubs sehoolo1yslr loen so
brighot. In topen tig 50'(isste ail
puboliseld aitOdile concring tioe
large noumobIl'eorIof tetts consantl
poritg int\oonnArboor, (n11 protohest-
in a aner yar (b te scooo. Sitco
thlalimeoth(1' enro llmsenttof suetos
with tohos s-cirtarshlsintcroase ootat
extreme((oly grifyib-ng degre. 'flossen
r ollmt of ilItesmenonis espseciall
lamoegtenohoodtoolbri- n totg a tod-o
I'rate estimte-l' itot lst eein
the ng'insering' hdepartnent sas i
hoe l11d 00woh oato oonrollmetofttbe
tsoeeno s'itood seetohondred firs
yea oa et los teliterry anodlla
dep bartmetsoilloowotg closely
(boo'd thergsratio othle eto
tire oeogeeroog telarmnetotreadh
stoevonohundrdlas is etpecelhy
thlose n chage oftholattdeplatmnot,
(tsepriobabliti es arc that te antici
patedtloal eorolmnt ofo four thoil
sandolsOutetsswill be groaly ovet
re'acheod, atoll01icigano will te able t
boast of (lhe largest atedoance eve
Antohsr graifying coort come
front Watrmntgymntasium, and is to
obe effect ottoer sovtohonre
gymnasitunt locers have been solo
sitncss Monday, atd that hey ar stil
going rapidly.
This aouldl indicate that considet
able itollrestuill le taken this yea
along (lhe line of general athletics
attd that Iisideprtment of coleg
lfe will receive the paronag de ilb
Examination This Week-May Festi-
vat Program-Bach's C Minor
Mass To Be Given Two
Years Hence
I't'otlloig a-ocksowiltlos' givott
at b too-set pla bF'eslivl bIto-(be
ChiooraliUiono: W'aiger'rs Flying
Du1111hmnt, andool asso'tb s St. lPaul.
'ibis auilncemnt habsnel. wiho Ills
highoest apprt'oval fro-tno Illtmusic'
loers, anoolis reeivedls uto itoica-
Lion11ofthe(oo winnoitg o of ewolaurels loy
he- chosros.
Prot Sanleyt- bas deocidelon(Ilanlil
inntovation in tboo'traitning of 1l1t'
chorutos, whlichl oill interetll 011My
Fest ival goers. Iis plull is tosgil
torkl aton(lce on te IB 'Minoor M'bass ott
Bach, which aill be sunoololshyears
hence, in the Festival ot 190.Tho.''is
Mss is cntsideredlth(boo's01.1cl-l
bratedl piece of sacreod nousic coer
written; itwo years' taititg uoniti
oill make iso renditiontoneottf the
nost momnentouls evenths in the history
of the Choral tUnion.
Never efore has tle Choral Union
bath a brigher otlook. or a greater
Iporunity. The itst nmeeingof thoe
(Choros is eagerly awoaiteod by-tmoaty
whotopeluto oibecomeonoo'nonbrs, T'he
examntionot of apploicatos for oidmois-
-siono to thDe Chortts sill li e lds by
Prof. Statoley tle latter art of te
-woeek It is annoooucedlottnoo tnid-
- ainter cotcert will e givet; so thoat
earnest worko on fle May Festival
numtobers sill hogin at otce.
The School of Mosic is tpromoised a
noost prosperouls hear if a grsaly in-
-ceased enrollment tmay be thuls coo-
strued. Many Univ'ersity studtetos
are sottotlemetting their college coorse
- bty worb in obe Schbool of Misic; Iis
is lllbeoing a gener'tal bpractic attootg
U niversity students, atd is nade pbos-
-sile bythte chose relations maintainedi
b etwe ietihe tuiersity andoltho e hool
of Mosic
ight new- showerosrhshaos bue ien
0addoeod to this west bulb room ithetou
1hasesntt ofutWaterman gynnasium ntot
' accommoateihe 111icreasedonubnler
otf persotstsitg the gynnasitott.
11' 11h It''i"t .g .+Ind1
Subscriltions to
'Will he received at the Daily
e Table in University Hal, from 4
s 8 a. n. to 5 p . tosy. Sub-
or scriptions by telethone and by
t mail nay be sent to the HBsi-
y ness Mbaager 33t PackardSo.,,
t- 'Phone 46.
* $2.50 Ier year
r-( A' the Unversty Daily, Th
r portant Faclty and Ctndergrad-
nate notices, the accounts of
a games, intotrcolegiate telegraphb-
d all interesting facts regarding
d Michigani and other universities.
11 It will also trove to e a vaoa-
O- rated hy occasional halftotte
sI cults, To Michigan students the
Daily is indispensable.

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