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October 19, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-10-19

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The Michigan Daily



N'o. 23.

Indianapolis Rooters, However,
look to See Michigan Win by
a Small Score.
(Secialt to 'T'te ietgaot il.)
Idiainat)olis, lIn., Oct. S-Tet~ r-
riveil at 2Otis aternoon. TIeimeic
writatken dilretis to tielieitstot hotel
ad from there to\WaslingtoniiPark
for a short prctice. Alt the ptayers
are feeig iwell after the hat trip.
Waomtmd till protalystart the
game at ttu(arter for SlIchigan.
A great ideat of interest is being
shownin iite game. W\atbaststdetts
adasluitt01 tiink tteir college tista
good ctaiice t otwin. Wahteh witt play
lite strong iieit whot we re not uein i
the P[rdetgtie i. Tw f tteir test
teatre Soutertand, t a Zoo-puiiid tekte
anidetptitf tast ettr's tetim. tind Cot-
lert, righttaf. 'Testwotstand teir
centier hatie pltyetotle tetinftr fottii
ear;.. Tfley' hetwoiit fresmnen. Star
ivintt ti ltrge delegttionstitsimittn
g.'I'ieci expet t tsttre titnd t hl
Mihtiganis n' sre d t.
Thle.\ieligllteiatmtinretire Iery tftr
listeningtstiaisr t tk Its (sittcIiost.
The ildi s it godcoitinad
weaoits fr in stig, lie tla ill Ihe fats
The pmopuls fat hcielfgi Idiaiatotistis
towntotise te gtmie.
The AMihigans alumisstio f ltttnplttsi
adstrressitntgcities isill hldttlinniits
meetigthis ' erinftg ithe oItto
te Miehiganitfttttblltttett .team, CachtYst.
. I( ieetr lBtirtd. Tefl mnlissttwIishs~
Inmao tse'tlti er nttvso
°NAlieligtsitfeetltt they reatingti
wtashiiigtsi larki ts a rttts afteroonst.
MaytorsteChatrles A. Boeokaler selivers
tsettadiresstof teetomie. Oher spetkes
tre IHoti. Jtilti W. Kernt. tenry I".
Ilortui . titd 'Chtrles Reistsprotienti
titisnni otIndsianapsitols.
STeettommiitee hatisnsg charg' of Ie
moss meeting is cemsilttet tf tarIR.
Conir, 'o. IHermn tu Ilettisg. 'sintti
tnd:is Elasa Siisliutex '05.
A miin wolttlsftbe a likely tcandtidte
for ahleie Ionss as app itoittereillithe
lutsn of 'hester Ioson, ai tufresh Itits
Hodtisotitista grautetotf Ptaiie eoll ege.
I regssti.IHei lhts tireeordl itt;o see-
totds Ilatitheiiilto4-ytirdt iltsi aidoe
itfaziminutets'fltt ii tIe litlf-mie. I It
alttssol s swnabiltityin iifootbatll, Ibas-.
ketball titid lttseball.Ile tas ad the
bteeitsf sttiie tof lt'ehest trinisingsi-
tanable i in t' iiniitrtclleges.Ittving
bseienstacedioit the gridiroii fusetwt
yeirs by tiereeetepeeit Ctrlisle
Indiaii etoieh.
Theacseniortenegieers eecteilooficeers
toe the yer yeserdauy tftertotn. tIi
tll 224 mess-trnet ot. The following
mcmi woii ioit iinte coitest: President,
II. F-. Frost; vie-resideiit, G. I. Knt-
sm; secretary, J. f. Brooks; F. I.
Johinsoitatdtitl 1. R. Loll tied oe treas-
iieer with io ctes each ; track man-
.ger, C. J. Shensk; baseall manager,
R. A. Htaskins; ftotall mismiger, B. A.
Parks; baskethtllumatnger, T. C. Will-
itns ; sergeati at rins, G. G. VWoren.

The stitdeiit staff ini internal msedicitie
hieltd a meineting last niglht at the hotti
ot Prof. George Dock.

Catchy songs ave aleady been onh-
mittted ior the cismi opera, "Mihigen-
cla," nitts'beitg lasnheilit'the Mihi-
gan Uion.The stngs re ettirely local
aiid it is std tat the loug desirei
Michigans song is anotg those sub-
mitted. The iiitrchtfitaea a ley of
Michigtan airs, iiivtlves the etire cst.
Atltoiughu the etomiimittee listsntearly
esotighi songs, others wilhbc gladly o-
cepiedt litRot' I. Welelt1, 0tio itroc
The boot:iss Imiiae tp of hight tdia-
loguess grinds ott pomiitettUntiversity
mient titicapustaffairs. The songs of
thei sopera will le pnblishedt separately
ini outkformend ittwcill le sold ott the
ight of the tpeformnce.
'We hispe soonto th ae the priileg
sit trowsing tpiet the dosors of the li
Itrs syt studtetts ott Sttday after-
sso ssadsoL ibrtriant Koch yeserday.
"~Ta tetns taltly lthe periodicals,
'red sttr' sbooks, aitd books fsretltree'
reatditigtwilllit' tcesible is the ek-
luttitstatttenatscwitt noteteexpetel ts
sere onst iSundaly."
%-,r.Kochl is it faor itt the proptsi
tion andttildelvedi'thu'ittsiastially it
dtaitishointg the large inuer of sate
titti endowsiedituiversities thaI areaty
slsre ' ts' Stuttitit openitg.
"Imntitsfaseoittfopsnin tg tp sopi
sti SundaytisasiidlPrtof. Rsebe, "ut if
tlt cultuire retdinisg is ecousrtaged, Ii
he'trtilt' inifitsort of i. Bite stdtetts
to ntslrettils'tnough. lTes'has-c de-
clitiesd geatily inthis lait init te past
lI. Mortrill sidilhe Ittat hoped for it
for several years pst. "t offers;' lie
conttiued, "addsitiontal culture adroi-
tiges atdtis iniikeepitg witi the ad-
vancedl spirit itt the clo."
A fttvorable ote front the clergy was
poundites'cbtsrRi'. C. S. Patot, wtho sai:
"Asa imiiitser, I wolntttosljet timte
esliture reatditig. Whleter or nott the
privilege swoul Its'eastchi used, wuttlc
I ithik ters'ties'tiay stdiett,
stidti htame s E. Oge, '07, "whlo cattot
afforsd the goodil etrrentitlieratitre attt
their onliy toporttnity foe reaing it is
(si Susntiay afternioontiihtit the library
is untfortunteitshtclosetd. I thitk the
privilege swuould be trgey ptronizeud
tisditol i pro've sie sof the tttplr
moes of the U'tiiversity."
The fttlotin tg cismatiieation listsbtiets
ecesivesd frotit \icligttu's "srors tndi
statesmanst, RtailroatidJack':
"'To the FElitor sif'TE DIY:
Stetange ats it tayt seetm, I haveies-
cisded to showis my appreciationi of the
isdsice givett sie by tmy' intelletal su-
teriors numtbteredlaotg the smenbers
sit the faeslty by refutsitng to visit the
severtl departmtents of the University
dutrisig 'setihsolhours,' foe t ralie that
say presetnee would tend to mar the
rhtythms of cltss work, and if I ca't
[)oost I. shll certainly retite to 'knock.
I it osrry that Itm s contited that
I cast not be present tatd remansuan t-
called foersisring a taeeting weter
it be it prayer serice or a mass enter-
Irise. Retiembering that gretitn eare
highly valued during life andth iat the
vatte placed sunt sy getle mae-ip is
sttisfaetory to sie, .I remain,
"' RRiOAn JC,'
Crbstone Orator.'
Earle P. Gregory, a nmember of the
sensir mesdica class, has been called

toonsat ccoutnt of illness of a relative,
He is it member of the. gynecological
staff suit sitthe Studlent -Cotincil.

Foreign Pianist's Playing Ex-
hibits Real Temperament in
First American Appearance.
The stcetssstof Siutes.'".ptlayintg is
-i hackeiedtwotrd , tttttsgt1stint'esswhich
ouglst to1us edstt etiis Cituatd twith this
greatest cars'. 'It it' tuu sis'iiuvecsgsts'ee
tiltis pousseesion a't tuct. whellutsuchltltu
artist its Slctes, tlauty ssasdthetless
tt'aintsd heatns'r hpertceiv''eestsettiit'1111-
isssul for u' suilsu esits i t I . osse or i
fle chsa'rmtuwhlichu ltttin Sicttts,'e its_
terprtutatiosit sutsst'iste pat, fr'ttmI is
faulutless techussss tis mcaia
estsihsussu't ws a etttttl(s's tt ts)th
isarmsth csf fus'hissthitItit s te a'tttrac-
usv elet'elt't'tIit)thi i'. t . ~e Sotshv'ting

Effective sok ini the raising of scho-
tushitifunshabus just een accomplished
hut teams Jorsan, whitretuintucdyesterday
fromu the econvenhionu of tie State Feser-
ttiosnscut Womte's Cubhs at Flint. At
he convtentionutMrs. Jordant tmade a re-
hunt c'ontcerning lte Lucidal Stone
schlrshtip,whibh tas gietn to te
ivitens.iy'tintsyears ago y the cwumens
cluibs of fle state. She stoke of the
gnttea tale osithtet'funtdus atdurugedl the
Ilbsts alts'mittthe Alice Freecianut
httlusur schoularship. ft is hosped that
ttles futistmuty soonus bs raised to at least
$f,oto Slits fundustamtountted tou $i,6
besforethe tast udontation.
'The.fc fulty womno im the Womans
lTetaguue sdvisory ottestwilt receive swith
Presidlent Anigell attdl Deans Jordantu, after
tse pre'sidcnt's taddresstoIth~e colege
'hessaddruless sill lbe gien titthe pens
mee'tisguof te leaguetotdtay at 4:15
si. its Suartah Casel Angell IHall.
Th1 um'tt'tng' citt he opteedlby'Sis
stilt's'ucsl, this'leagusleu'reusiet,swho
wtill stetuktsf I'tuepshuwouk oust the
"tou f the organiztihon. Presidlent
Itituthl's taslk till folosw, giving te
irstietnly topporistuity duringthe
etur itof .ninug hmstspteak etiectyfor
cmi Ieneit .Aoter fetuure of the
atfterntots i cll his'seetal sonugs hby te
Gi ls' Us etcubs. 'Ireeptionmsini the
parlorus siitt followc.
GI hIS' ft=lttECUBf
'Tle Cirls' (Gee club ill citsitng this
ye.r on tsly upoutunsequest t te aros
mueeting'svrectptits asmitheretaitmsets
Iive ythe uswomse's uorgaiziations of
t' tUier sty . Sis Bletha Shuey,
Ire sitdenstsf this'chit, annunusces that it
mterey assisttance its eading college
,ssg is sdesiresd, the request should e
mtuute ta week its tauvatnce. When a pro-
gratusswaneu, notic elshule gvess
u ts' tsr rto ueeks its adance to
tho osfficers f tie elubh, ii order that
us' sumerht's matyprticeewmn'sois.
AIt tints Ibelongitug o te club are
tto epottatt SoetlsCCacwell Agell Hall
s- atitusonSaturduay ftenoo at
3 us'cluc.
'ltufefnshmantuuengieers meut yesterday
atternsus ttsurgatie authelect elase
sfit'vr . On acceut sit the small at-
tendancute, hosswee, the eetiont cas
posestonsd unsilnsest Friday. R. D.
'Torrneyiris'.elece t emp~soy chairman,
andsiGI\'. IL. Pushilemaw temporary oot-I
ballumatger. Dhnte telasge ansi
Dtuis swere appointed a nominating
comruittce. All nominations should be
tohadedint o tiessnmitee eore et
it .u~osssso nts 'T itt stostu;suzn.
Ain eftutrt will e tmade this afternooti
is reorganize the Ilinois club. This
ogtantitin ade o good start last
yeaur, utsent t pieces after the first
semsester. The maccing twill be held its
Rtsosom C, Uirersity Hall, at i o'clock.
All Illinosis sudteits, especialy fresh-
tussut.arc asked to attend.

Regents Are Told of the Summer
Session's Results-E~ffinger Is
Made Dean.
The tUniversity B ottestof Iegets
heardiftomt Deaninto.st 0Redl 5 re-
port suithe past sumntmer sessions at its
motluy'mseeting yesterdauy.
"Although 11h iscrease ini attendautnce
of ]go; woes sight," sil Dean Reed,
"thme enroletesinig twecntty-nise more
than lust year, thec success of the ses-
sidont was ce iienmoretprtondtuced thans
Ittfatny lreviouse yeir The work its
all departents wus characeied hby an
earnsteses, ccuracy and thorosughness
wchichs were especially gratifying. I feet
sui hesitancy its saying that the work of
the suimmner session shus reacesucsnh
ismpotanice 05as nt aranttthe mutst care-
tnt consideruation of its pousiiiii sad
ieeds fr the fuure No deprtmest
sit Usniersity work reaches set many
peotle of infuenee ittsocial aud ed-
cationsal lutes andh stu brantehsf Univer-
sity activity eeshwsgrea.ter tr nmore sati-
fascsoryrethurnssfuste ht'tmsounst epend
'The followinitg udegees'wuere gautaed
bty' the Regents:t Bacheor of hw- Carl
Fuoltont, HIarry MeCury,IWuale Malt-
icy, JohstsPenimatut.netons Randlht,
Ruinsate Whlithead;uubahlsor sit science
in ivi e n gineensg-JohnuiMCutrthy,
(leoegcStroiebul; hbachtlorfs itenee' its
chucmsical seigineu's'ring. Chaes' Ware;
hachelor of scietnce itseectrial eigis-
eerinsg, Charles Bartlett, Ralph Deries;
bacheor itt arts, Ry Armutr, Arthur
Bhellis, Wolfredl fenson, Sfay Brownt.
Clare Christie, Leotn Combahucke, Albert
Frapwell, Irmsa Gleaons, Grace Gild,
W~illiuamt fathuaway, Loy' Hosyt, Charles
MNagarity, Aice SMalonse, Winired Nih-
sls, Warenu Rogers, Carl Schreier,
Bertronm Smith, RicharoeshtlsZeenw;
nmastersit arts, Muttde Gilhrist, Lost-
rencec Ifadley, Clara Gohes, Kate Hlealy,
Rtufuse Shellenbharger; dsoctor lit philosu-
phuy, .IdwiniuHalyden, Charles It, fum-
STe report of Prof. Strauss shoced a
nt profi of $43431 to the detartment
of Englishsfrosm the lBen Gret plays
givesslust Junse.
Te resignations of P'rof. Juhn 0
Reed, deasn of the lierry depaurtmuent,
as dean Ofte isiutmer schoosl wos ac-
ceptedl. tProf. Johns R. Effitngeras p-
poiniteul Iis susccessor. Prof. .I.
Krans cwill succeetd Prof. Effinger as
secretary' of the snmmer sebso.
'hets aory' it Prof. Roth, hed of thin
forestry' tetartsmest,eas icresedh to
$3,00. (G. B. Dento, instutdor it s l-
tory, wute graistedh an incsueOef $50o
L'eave itt absetce of a year anth ushatt
was granted o tDr. C. B Vibbler of
the udeparmntt of philosophuy.lHe cllt
eave next Fehruary toe Europe where
hte cwill ptursuse his studuis Dr. L. .
Ensersons silt fll the vacasty at a eutlary
oft $t,oio.
She folowing appointments were
smade: Levi IL. Shively, asistant in
mathematics, at a salary of $oo; Clara
B. Buins, essay cek its the dettartmesnt
of rhetoric, $30; Elizabeth . Shaw,
instructor in rhetoric, $0; Evelyn
H~ardinig, clerk to Deati Reed, $oo.
ft was announced by Prof. M. L.
D'Ooge that Mrs. Helen H. Newbherry'
had generously coitlinuedl lhe feltow-
ship in the classics.
N. B. Chamberlin was appoiteed as-
sistast is pharmacology and holder of

the fellowshitp renewed by Frederick'W.
Stearits & Co., of Detroit.
Asn additional inastructore in English,
at a salary of $40o, was reuested by
Prof. 1. N. Demamon. Dean Reeh asked
that an additional assistant in botany
h e appointed
(Continued on Page Three.)

mtoretshan asuttsillisInttshow sittlquired
1o roiuse all a'tiItnteIs tto u setills
after sui oitn umbr )fstsam
Bsshnessssuof tn eortthit It ist' 55.5
ci tis's'. i I tt i ch t's ltt It ud not
so musthintuit full s toser et.ittstpon-
talleosusti s intuit7i, tis t t s e fttilsi c
Tits Is tutut . issultelt
II.s'icsth op/etetiItti.,Its islt is wills
atl orsgan us gue (f' ech ,,ta s
Beessstivn somtutatau inf(l'sttts hesaIsdu
lIt thttssthissits Itr. Sics pt id-t
su n d mus lor.st IliIts i s t' ss ee
ta~sti con v itt t ie ust it plyesti
STe Ispsnugra t a me nte o
gritelst 6s Ihiitt sueretitsoshegaites
te insst uentusislt'ic ess'e 'frottis
taudisencs. 5At this cltteofitthel gro.tipt
hue rehuitt spod iltth aChottpssin tolonise.
The Straus s-Schutz-tIs En"titus Bait
ubue" uaraibesueissswee-atresv'tuttsioneof
wchat cutntbItdone:lwiut'slh au ttu' intshte
hautnd sofut gureat utrtisltntrahs s es:
lie hadutwreittsnutIhse't uit's. Its'Iutmust
hose knownsumthtetmtaseSickuesz phltyml
thetis thnight. usithi usweualtht stfsast
utg sndtilhei i utist l icesetitsnrubaito
plnayinag. 'fTeeffect tits stplcendid.
After hal isgratinMSr. Sickuesz tltyesd
Polsiai's "Maurcht Sligutitute." IHIs tilt
pears isa leut teltsteele. afte'nwarnd
conatinuuitnglhi strintthus'ste. Ifes' t
pleuastedhwiths serecepsitiin Ant ntrbon
atad with whanut lic_ sass of tie city.
smuIcunuese so. cut its o ucrt:oss CONxs';s'e

A~t thue metng sit this Chiese aintuf Society e7etuts lit the year were dis-
Checkers clubs tat c-Atihuusu I tilty'es- casses at the stoth it class meeting yes-
terduty afteremisoni, i helter warteatd fromu terdauy. A sticial comnaittee was up-
she cluibuat Chicaugo untivsitty accepting poinuted composed of the following;
themr challetuge.' It us stolveely a ut es- Schailtz, 'Wetzmans, Adkinas, and Misses
tiost sit costning ts termit. At ste sical H-turley anth Conklin. The class with hold'
tounnumenut which tuss le aue tfter the outinfodrmoal danuce Friday evening, Oct.
nmehting thues' sewere six entries ferteh~e 25, hI Granger's. Tickets trill be sold
chess suntdehheces inutelues. his everybsoedybhtlfreshmen.

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