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September 25, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-09-25

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The MichianDaily

Vol{. XVIII.

NO. 2.

Ne tn and Sullivan Finally Put
ne A perac-ofly Scrim-
nmage Today.
Wish tite appearance it football re-
galia of"Fredl Newton, tend and tackle
on the itnft eleven, tle list iof veterans
uitott whomn Coach Yost wiii largly de-
pentdtt regan the prestige tat was nter
Mich igan's,, was practically completed
yesterday. Newton's arrival anIstbss-
elent statenment thatise wasout fsscrte
teats terre ast'welcoesnsaste sere isi-
Shorly sfter the close of the footall
seasoin last fall Newton was attacedl ly
a serosx,,siles, whlose ottcoximesas foc
ss time douibtful. Upons iis comttlete rec
civecy, lhowsever, i wsas reosrtd that
oing-,t strenissiosbjectionsieniterel
byIhis parents h1w sollxe ttnaleitx
paticipale isstler it atleics. Uttil
yesterday it was ot kiowns by Coac
Yost hat Newtnwisesou l e xavailabe.
Ne-0to s in isgoodesuinditiui, weighig
abfie array' of veteran hine miaterial sill
give Newtonm a hardltfgt fsr psitios,
the veteran's-sowxxig ii theCcPxiigains
last fall cases hitmitx lonss tp a a
Another inportantx adiitons to the
squad was Sllivan, captain-elect of the
basseall team ands consideret a promsin-
nt factor ii the figt for the quarter-
back psition. Sllivan nws imtmiediately
given the tasks of dirctiing the sigal
wsof x the srubl eleven.
.s wass the case Moniay, Coachl Yost
dividedi te varsity sqsisad, so-called, into
ts u eletenst ansd sent aethroulsesegtfast
forman s puxsIracice sehici exendecdlover
tieiiihoturs xxnidsaxilsige part of Sothl
etry Field. A large numibeixr 5f ex-
ihiokrs winessel the pieactie, tikig
liat they iwoli xc treatx'(tloxthe first
scrittiusage of the sasn. They tere
destinexd txi is'diaplpitedl as Coascx
Yost let the merisffsistillstheir usiual
The canidisaes asirapsily rouninssg
into coditiossni it is posible that
srimniage woxrk sill begin -tseday. t
hsxbecii originally iteiidedx to defer a
clash wthil the scrubs intil Saturday's
gay e, hlut the fact that the Case game
is little smsore tisan a eeksdistaituaes
conitmnencement sf gruelling wosrk de-
All indxicationss frost the regissrations
in Secretary Wadsxl' office poit to ani
sttendanssce whlichs sill te essn large
tan lsst yer's. 'l'he ttalxssnumber ofi
sudents enrolldl its uVnf-7, which wax
4,744, broelete reord xxf ll tpreviotit
It sas lesrieil from te office of he
secreary xxf te esgineering deparmnet
that it will ave a larger enrollment
thans the cigiseerisg departet hat
F ever hailbefrxe, as sas promiisel by tss
registrations of yesterday.
"We ae hlaing a lively registratio
in the law ,deparment," said Secretary
Gddarid yesterday afternoon. "Thee
will be a larger esterisg class this yeas
thatn last, lxii it is not yet knowifI
last -year's falling off isa the law depart
west swill xe made p:'
A consideraly larger sumbser of reg
intratin is expectet this year in bonth
the lierary ad destal departments.

1The arrival in Attn Arbxor of "Joe" NEW' BLEACHERS
oretemssestoaprptakathlete of cecesit yeatrs, is the cause of____
limiitles rejosicinsg in 1'sieligats athletic Baseball Stand Being Erected-
cricic's. T'fluns conscealedl satisfaction 5 TnisC utsadOtesm
duse' noit only tos the fact that sisnder Tn i ors.n te m
IKeenec Fitzixxsricl's coaching IHorne provements Added.
trill sdoutless dlevelotpisnto ai star at
issitits inintsierecollegiate circles as lie York on Ferry FieldI liss beetspsished
hs tress initse intierschlsaixstic wosrldl, lxiiiwiths vigoxr edurisig thesuimnmer. Unider
aiso to lietfactithtiitiis secsirisng of the suspervisionss of Director Baird somne
the athllete, Coach Staxgg andItsl is fol- twentty or twensty--five mrsn besides a
lowters losse a sitir. inmber of ieasms hate sects engaged its
'AbouttwoixexisExs ages Chicaxgo cost- the workx of consstrusctions andsimnprtive-
itempoiraricsese e iths the ijsyotis tidl-nit.
usgs thati Hurnter haspii xurnuetd Michigans A gansg of carpenters is snoweatsworks,
aint accetedxlthur tertssofferedl by the erectinug'thur sew iasebal gransltanid
Uivereity of Chsicago. As a result of all jest south oxf the lig footbsall bleachers.
this, Midwas y' enthussiassts chuclietd in The bsuildinig trill lie coveredl ansi will lie
sighs glee sitd c'rxowedsouer 1 iciigau- equipetistt thsopera chairs. Its rapacity
whomxteshey ixusolemly chaxracteriedx as a xwiii be abut 1,800ln seats. 'Thse lower part
''hass-bteen" inthie sw'orld of short. I Ixruxer will liecited foir storage exuuutis auth dress-
upseict liii c opeland xhandedl thirstseir- it u iarters. It is built of timbier
rifec joiii hosuit cxciby' arriv'insg iniAnsns ihrostghsosu tudwill rest tutu aifousnsdationu
Arbo xaiixiimasti culatiughers.. xxi solid conucrete.
I- unx5er us thissidiviual sitar of the 'Thie footbuall hbleachers whlich stootd out
'tihia"'usInteirschoxlaistic last sprisig, andtheuroldl gridironsshavie bsetsplacedl st thie
it was bhisvsxrIsisoifhis sensaxtionalxxhwork wst e nduscof itse sexyvarsity gridlirons.
luat ftgrasidRapisiwh'oiii le reprsenut- 't'hese, nith other teats lxi he erected,
edl, capturedxiisecondulasie'illthurmestac.trill surrundst thretew fieldon slicer
Hisse ixc onxx usuixxside, teny pouintsin-ussidheestundniake thur total seatinsg capa-
sldix"lg i '.1 iin thus'lexivasuilt sandxshot city 'fxhele fxootbaltl bleachers absoust17,-
lxxxi scondsuin bothxushirxles, saxndhthirdin iiBioo.Nixoiliher gridhirons itsthe' counstry
thisxdiscisusuxnd xh ssmmer thsrowss, ltssus ss greaut a siumber of teats as this.
ecliusingts" wkofthunu'ii se tphensomnalss Great quantsiities if cinsders save sects
cuk ea rev iss. 1 trner has bhen hasuledh ilto thsestew fielsd antiused sothe
soughti after hby seraul promssinsent cusi-costsructions ofiroads anud thur fotunda-
versixiescxxait'and xlstelanidlIis final she- tionuss(f buildisigs. All of the hbleachers
! cxsiouxoccasiondsomeusi'urpirise. sire surrosudedwsthlscinsders.
'T'orrey',this' 1. U. S. hurdeleahs'salsou Th'flue cxiovered ibasebaxll grandstand
eniteredthue Uiviersity'. The gratifica- xilsnot hue msovedh std will be used by
'tiusu felt seer te rnsvat of h huruser astp sxetaeors sue the class gamies. This
Tiorrey' is slightly soffset hby the udisap- siansdlIas tessn uewly'phianted. 'The
r sxisssstm eucused-by hy'en etss tsuhatut-twoodhensenstransces aexthle south resdi 'f
tsr, ts'eupromsuisigudisianie'rxusner wtvu 'hueIisldhavue betrloris tush std the coni-
ssxssus thmile ilast srisglhadi eecidhedlt tractorr issiowxenrugaged its puttinag its
rushter Ilinoiuis. 1see'irossgales to correspondl withte
__________ :entransce su e nseuorths end of the fishd.
I NI,A1NI)ER DiSCO lNh TINC;C Althsusgh thur heaviest part of thur
t Y ,IhI hF I hChhh ,ICA'h'IDNS sevorkxof udevelopinig Ferry Field hstbtess
__as__h_ comspileted, it will isse ansothser yeaxr to
puti xonithur finishsing tosuchses. Wisest
'ihuehisxhIxlsxer ists. ceusedi lxi he. 'i comepssileed, Ferry Field xwiii be the linest
studensul' literary tmasgazint elhichs x'satihetic grosundls isinte coutery.
four sev'eral yeaursenxipulishsedlttwiee I hitse old ieIrishthe qisarter-msile track
ax monthii lusshbeenu dsiconutinsuedh. Soanid straighxtaway save buen rensoved anth
t greatixxxis its buxrdienx of debit tisat thurlois soil suit its place of thur cinaders. 'T'he
huBoardl xxi(Cosntrolh xxiStuduent Fuslliess- grading xiiiFe'rry FieldI is almsost eons- bn a eie ossedpbiain ltd
It is faur fromsx ele insientionsi xf thur boardl, Dusrinug thurstummser eleven siew tensnis
hiowsever, hpermainsently' tox dispentse twithacoxurt's savebsencteostructed. Upont
lteraury masxgazinse. exainaxtions it tess funud that at the
"ThurIlandssuer is sutspendced,'"saidh eorthendcxx of Ferry Field, several fret
'ccxi. Whitnsey y'esterdaxy safternoons, "lxiiutunder thse surface of else grotiud, there
xi' no55tmeains supipiressedl. ''We hpe that sty ax hed of fuse clay xvellaedapted for
ill ax compa~sraivelsy shoxr t timse its pubi- thur costsrucion of tesisis courts. A
cationssisy' he resumnedh.I is, howuever, great queantity of this clasy has sects
us dettolxtele exitest.xsf abut sse$r,7uo. tauensuet asse spread over else surface
'Thus' boasrdltherefosre udeemuedtit sadvisable'four tesmsakinig of thse sewe courts.
'-ithat iitsreudiscosntinuiedutil es theiset it Mateerial front axdistanuce hastessnisauled
Iusiul hby the profits eof 'lute DAsL, anudiitoiixielesesaulirsew sur
hr teile.ind's' caxn be list ons a ptractically sre noxw ready for use.

'Te hestal derpartsment of the Univer-
shy, as teeth as the deta professiosn at
lage, stiffeed a sad blont in thur death
xi IDr. Willosughby Daytons Mile, theF
sew thrustof thur destalidepartmsaent, xxx
lie 27th of hest July. IDr. Miller tirst
xi Neweark, Ohio, after an operations
fon appendiciis.
Dr. sMilrrtestsasppoisted den of ie
entaldevrtensst of ele University a
'can ago lautu Juse andu giee a year's
leaxve'ofxabsenrsc, which he sprite its
cluisg utu Iis teork its thurUivesity
if Blerlin. Hecwas sao sasstmxe tecrki
sere withsthurophesisg of college this(
sult xxxiiihashrentedlthur Ruselihose ou t
lie csunser ofxilhili steet andc Oxod;
I~r. M~iler eatstuons itsAlexanduria,,
Oioc, abut.xuefilty-six yers ago. He
tooksh is A.BI. udegeefins ist higant its
875 sixthis 1D.D.S. ai trennsy'vania its
878. Iliexxxixour of thur smostemsinest
usc-u it s lpxtrofessionssandxtitxas titi
great reluctance tissuethurGermaunst xi-
versity' permxitedulhimtoidueat, tshought
Iis ouwnsamast maxter'cledimtt. He was
ax mantioxx strng phiysiqjue, an entusias-
tie glf plasyrndus semsed its exellen
hsealthx rtehue etss its AnnsArborunaout
te finst xoi July. lie left a wife and
tess chiren. 'hue funueal was hlrd
frosts Iis old hone its Alexandria, Ohio.
Vl'adinirr Belouhordoff, of St. Peters-
sung, Rtussi, is one of thure eomter
hex ,\ iliigsus's cosmsxopoitanstransks. Al-
though otly 20 years old, he is of great
statiure, stud is cosuideredc by those trim
luste seen lust as likely football nmateia.
Speaking xii consditioss its the u ssian
usivesities, he sail yesterday:
"Fuse thur last three years there has
beens so mucehistouhble that theunuveres-
ties Issued beetn closed salf thud tisie. I
rememere it tas seven years ago that
thur studuent troublsrbhegan. We had
'manxifestationss' out iMay ii he governs-
menrst took thousands of the students
frmitele universities and drafted them
into the army I mxxsi serve nine months
when I go ark. I will work lure in
ship yards a few years uesre returning."
Wisen sttkedh whether he would work
inthue gov'rnmenirst yards in Russia, bie
replied, "'You cxxiii tell what the govern-
strut will he thenu. iBesides, they' ave
xxx use for Amnernis studnts slier.
"Amts Arbhs ut' adusue aix excellenst
impstressions 55ne. hIntRusia te st-
sinus sre friendxly itsmuchsithue same
tray xs they'arsu erae."
lie studied lasth yearnat Glasgow ui-
versity, Isue dishnstelihe econdxitioss thre,
so decidhed to conic to America. He read
severalhooks otn Amueican univeities,
andsset txx haxt Msichigasn was best suitedi
fuse lilt wosrk, umarie egiseeing.
'rie anuasutl opening aderess o the
faculty andc studuents of ele medical de-
partmnt tas deliveretd yesterday morn-
ing by Dr. Moses Gosnheg, professor
of organic chemsistry. Hils subject wa,
"The Life. and Works of Liebig" He
spoke of Justice Liebig's earliest works
and experisments exist of his fist great
reform, whlich was te esalishmnut of a
chemistry laboratory for thie istuction
oi beginisers. He alto spoke of Liebig's
many accompltisments, among which
terre his tdiscovery of clora, chloo-
forsm anti aldehydse, asnd his application
of chenical principles hto agricultusre,
physiology ad pathology

Premature Disturbance Occurred
on State Street Last Night-
Prominent Freshmen Captured
'Two cntertainmssents were iplannedilast
night ion thur class of qi. 'Thoiugs of
a differesnt chaacer, bohs sere sik-
ugly successful.
With hospitablie intnt, thur Y.Mx.C.A.
invxitedt thu rfershmsensstlx xaiphonosgaphst
conscert its McMillasn tall.'fle siit-
ion teas accepted assethCe very peasxant
asse hamlsess entetnainmenrst "wons rn-
mumxss from alt irsenut." As the suns
of tendere years eft the uhsiinhsg they'
were set by a receptionucommssitte of
attetl'sive sophomussoes. 'The fist-year
inu were treatedl withlsthur "southexrns"
htospitaity whirls is aways accorded
stransger' sad recrut arrixvals. Willing
hanslasssistrele uwxiling'freshmsuen
intosearb a treees. 'Wheni their geests
provssed bhashfiul lbs sophomorxues dish ot
hesitate lxi enter MMillans Hal o sassis
harm isuetof the ueilding, thur result beig
' usnuerous scuffles osn thur association
flitonr. Fleet nmessensgerstere dispacedu
stud toots retsurned wits a libieral stpple
of smilk and eggs. It twas thur saue oldt
stony, excetpt fuorse innsovsatieon. Fter-
sile sminds concived the idea of pelig
else treed freshmsuesnwits eggs. From
saue sitndpinsst, the ipan was a wnsder-
ful success, fer it was alt thu rfeshentxxu
could do to hang on and left them pow-
cries's to dodge thurflyisng msissies.
Souse xxi tbose extetained:
Rallph Norrinughton, of Bay City Made
lxx cimsb a tree anti give his high scshool
yell. Givens a silk shampoo ad sent
sin Iis nay rejoicing.
D~ana'horrey, forumer D.U..S. huerler
Givesn smilexercise its thur formuoxx Ins's
c limubisng.
. h. iDill, 614 Monro, lprovei a gut-
Iasn tot-r.IHist propls oft xxmausrixg,
arensty maduxe lxxMiss Bessi xMille,xoi
AnnutArbor, greatly peasedshIis ust.
Floydt Cerf, twho hails from Louisville,
iKy., ansi resides at 707 Church sreet,
was equaislly successifsl as a sock suitor
suet brought tears of laughte iso thur
eyes ofihissentertainers
Although A. Alono Stagg oi1~ ,I
else University of Chicago ahhcrt ujfh
stated that he ad secured acru oise 'xi
thur prep athlsetes of the county di
iganss esmuto e anuexing ter slitter .4
thur yousng ours.
Alrady Benbnook, a big guardi frost
Morgan Park Academy, and Shissr, frost
Lakue Forest, holder of thur Amseran.
interscholastic rerd of :15 3-5 for the
igh hurdles, have evaded Sag's at-
leged trap adae sworn allegiance to
Michigan. Besides this pain takens fromu
under thur very nose of tie "ather of
purity in athletics," Dususon, a halfback
from Pillsbauy Academy (Mitsu.), and
Cusmmings, a promising lookisg quarter-
hack front Beston harbor, have msaricu-
lates. It is claimed, too, that hDatt J.
Relley, thurcoast "pienoa" sprinter, is
preparnsgts enter Michigans this week.
Thu r Coss Cousntry clxxi wilt start fall
training Thursday at 4:15. All asiine-
port at gymnasiunm. There will he spe-
cial attentions paid to beginners. Floyd
Rowe, Captain.


tar accomaplishedsinxxless Ithansstwo on
three years. 'Thur immneiate causes of
the failuee are uerbhaps poor hbussiness
mausnaxgenmenteandthnifferfence usiathur hart
of time stcudtents."
Thur anuasl isnformal receptioss for
Michuiganm mrnentrill tabe hlditsMcMillan
Hiatt Thurexsay nighst, Sept. a6. * Pei-
thrust Anugell, thuredeasns of else various
derpanrmes, andu other mnembies of the
faculty n-ill hue presenst to steeltimhe stn-
thruts. 'Thre will5 ibe a shore program
iof umuxsic asndl addresses, follouwedhby
light refersiesens.

HLTONu WNTS' JB ASSANv o o t Tt' CO eACts.
"Willie" Htestoni, Michigasn's fornmer
sear baaifback, is itsAttn Arbsor ansd hex
seems segotiatisng for ltme jots of assistantl
to CoauchsfYost. On accousnt of the re-
ducutions of ltme Athletic Association
funds, it is saitd that Mn. Bairtd is un-
weilling ho provide time necessary salary
amid Hestona with returen In Detroit.
tOEN' ex's OR sreOrLuAIL Smx'o THL'ARTST.
'T'hroughs en error, the signature of
-Lossise Van Voorhis, women's editor of
Tst DusILr, was omitted frost an adver-
tisinug poster which has beets attracting
attentiosn lately. The potter is of a
Dutch maidesn carrying a cup of tea, and
is ist Drift blue -and while.




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