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October 15, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-10-15

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The Michigan Daily_


Varsity Preparing Defence to Op-
pose Hoosier Style of Attack-
Heavy Program Outlined.
lihen Saim avison-deltaiedl to
wtch te lPrdueii-Wabash gcaie at
,afaetto Satiiiayturnein is re
port to AatrBidYsthe ALI. .
imnmed iatey pocceitit oretinasat11
soon11aterwar~dcase tile m plemes of
teivarsii to se tinigs of asila
nattre. Antinncen t lbystadte' asks.
"WNhtat didiitheise.'NVisiots of te Wa-
tasth tatk cring o lithgtios ril
logrims and itoictlown'..ofrhapsi
i7iag aothelisijlayisfori'the remlai
iag fiiiir liiof repait onlfor lthe
Ilioo rrowd: and hieitl so saw isios i
of te Cayoutiulht attlits atmtn
-noe he if lfernc-tousethesam
ply.'Iiiiiiramtsiiwereil, inth le M
ll.' min's ee, roke up y ld' me
near-caioniii.lii H. IHamimiioiiiianiiilJ.
Miller wee suat~tiingfgrtsqulyiIfan-1
WNabashigiiir'al hat tlanled to aie
'i hec-lie"' fiiyrd 'iIpasses alight.
aiiilruditly bi'iising lthetiiitioil a.111
expiectanit HooiisierO froii the patihlof
dity, hes t oiuariais f telich-ie
iaol is. reiiitii grabibid the leatlei,
an rnigi ff011lisli gle , saeire.
11li ii cowntefedo l"eeyfr
lfaiisii 's report iucioiiediifori'the'
gratr iar ihtlih iiiiiiriis vln
tary opinionu s oferoi leii lsh
Mn jitinlirentas. lIoliii ii r, le rt-
ea 'a V' lurecijsadlte ick
lara'li ito make a 'ii' stecalilisolllwig
re ii o i'1111 en Iiwiti le rest iof
ichiigan s i 'toils1 ireterlire fpal.
Crtaini as heiiyesithat te l ooiers ail
Iee prepring aniililt li'sivisi'ad varieud
liac frte fMichiganu game'., st liai
soamuewh at 5surp rid isthiitle esatilit.
her f trilayI s ussitilfriiiex
to existiiind i n h eut ac aI er
shtiitihue'toi comeilo iairelizat18uisn f
utilizeis ha or n audance'est
S illrdali, i theii i illgtaa
Accoril , he -,uh wrigivself
sfuit Ieci' t l i hoe u t' Wnll's
inhas h ii t ii iiiiii.-stiluti rel
fliithei'hlst metods atfhreenting ftei
successflexsciitonitof the fake plays.
Afteori ngs n hour yesterafy oill
the Wiashi formtioniisf'Coac NN'oouell
scrtubs, ciiifideit iii the p11111r gieni
them by their niiwiiyf' 'iiiiileOl kiuwl'eg,
wre the mai iisinathg iictimus. aildif
restults male tkeii fr aiything, their
self-counfidenice ias liiotilistuaceul lii iiy
appitreciablle etent. The svarsity kicked
ff lii 111011tlesssioi, andtscrbts
retiuriteil the ball to thei' a-iarii line.
Anth righltri the dvarity wias treated
to a delicioas little surprise willledlt~i
hemt 101cmpt~letely lii rest that Ilir
awsakeiniug'was ideferreduntil the scritls
haiil plantid the hll oi thei varity's to'
yaril line. Forward pass plays, mtixed
wihfake kicks andu oter tricks ii be
wildering succession, ail the varsity at
sca, andi by junmps iif frontffrc.lto twenty
yards tbe scriils crried te ball eigbty
yarids. H ere, while dirctly in front of

lie varsity's goial, it liecante necessary
to resort tii straigbt fiot-tlgl and tbei
forward progress ssas bronghit t an

unceremnouutsicuiling Hldllfor the
ist ltwa udowns, te scrius ieideulto
lick, a1111 Edionds, lplaingf left edi,
dlrotpperilback to le i8-ardl line and.
aidedl livslodywlyiork iithelinue, boate
atprfect dropl kick over the cross lar.
ArN e byisii the li'iptludene shotn by
te scriibs ini scringftwice i ite saiei
seasoti,tei'181rsit- caime ack strog
aid, assuingiiif the aggffressi e, plwaei
thirouughtithe qua8'rttf fginlts comtpisigf
the scriubshlue.'for freuient inlls, hull
uiliizinti iNosts "impracticable forwafri
pass8plas firisor vrfailiig rewards, tie
TIheicisi',iiuthe sius, 81111 thespet-
tors ini te granditandu, notitoimntionl
th mnembitei'i f theivarasi, wee all of
onte oin~fiiion:si' wa ssell Ilac the sci'ibs'
mi t liii b asti iere cutting lose iose
playionthle vrsity fii'teeflrst te
Rffows f electric lights 'relbeing
srungp acrosi oliern'ylFiel,. and frmn
iniiii'nitil afteru'tle lPenifgamtti'there
lie alllwed toi discoitinuiewoi'iithilthle
failing oaf the light fuii'iisei the i'stil.
Nbihi foai' ippgame0s-alliiui'ertaiini as
toi lie 1m utcomll--in iifrt f temuu,
Nust ald le menire dii'uetrinediuruto
leave sitoe liii I uuu'ueu, landiif icii
ff8111owiiin iidefiat ito leittiyioniiNo.
ifo, noiio81100cianIs5811i 11115Iecase f
'arati11111for flie p1111.
the iniil pprrace of te lacklng
dumy.lit hedumyin 1111akin hisi
itt N-na Ily, limirtii I iliriff tle
li uIussian c 55-solir iihiirecenltly
eisy stisid ithi the i'ickliigill
lii' v1111it lal ls i the name'iiith the I
ma olbi' Nlgt ing uei i oi'i heii ail-
lut '11111dieintoithlie i'gicluii''list
N ii irutii"Is'theiiRussianiteasiveni iitll
If the irst onie inithe 111111iiissim.
sil ininItiCleto keeii isfet iuater
'lhiiweekl's programfori' tei' menttthas
beenoutlinow, anditil taks bliiine
glainc'iat it to diisi'ioriier 'fact thiat
hie'r'ial fooitbll sasol, wi thu its strilui-
oste, is lii tsidcle lvailriedl wor
out ivenilfroniiu3toii6Ieachi afternoion;
rih'euhuizceac ni ghiilt. 'oimiourrwsthe
ili uifitheimi wekchtiss lbetwien
lie varisityi 11111reserve5s wille plle
oft, andIliein IITh1111da) iighththe teim
eavisforIdiaunlltpoils. 1110suadill11
arrive ithe HIoie burg olnrc181Friday in
f lenityl it timeto iv le tem i i uaopu-
utiiy itioil't a li wrutin ilte
S Diiector Bairilannunai ces that oly
IAtleltic associat ioin-lmembtersptilicets
wsill admit to te Ik e utomoiaturrowsi. this
ts the gaienichs'iiw as Itoae leet
playid sveral wee'kslagol.buau sshicb
Sws osiitponedi. IHossevr, owing 10ote
facct that maityilde titlrs of sesol tickets
hiaseudesr oyedl their Iboouk, liiisesnl
h ooks swill le IhonoliredIandthe1wmoniker-
ship tickets mutsitetprsnted at811the
1 YIii s cciittIaE :N. i. a.,Asmps.
Tale univis'rsiy 1n015has le lrges
Y. Ml. C. A. mtembitershiip of any Ameri-
ran college.''hetre lre Blo nrembers. at
1Non' IRaven.
t i1,lCOLLEG liDIL liSS splib,
ITe Mn'knesota D~aiy, the daily pape
if the Univiersity of (Miinesota, is fr-
1Fnisingits riaiers echb day wtan ini-

stallmeont if a stoiry calledl 'inral andS
rVernice.' 'Thelpapaer tuses thle"Noose-
iveltian" sperlling,

Rousing Send-Off to be Given'
Football Team, Which Leaves
for Indianapolis Thursday.
lTiie First niass meeting of tie year
will le heli in Univrersitul 1811Nehn
day evening. TIke dteo whichi wais fr
iuwrhy announiitcedh as Friday night is
be'eniiihaigrud owinig toithelfct lat 111t'
teaimiusiillls fr futIndiaaplis eluryt
Thursday ir ing o.
'Tle ecommtuitte iii charg ar nakingp
everry reffort ito secre goouchseakrs.
A proient I--)truit spekr wiill tpro-
aibly addirssteleinig. A. ieaiedl
pirogffram will bei'aniounicrd iomnrrow
Themta ss imeetigs iwhici ae beeii
htelid itnder the auspics of thur :ic-
iganUti L'uiuifour sveral yers ast hills
provesi,5vers pop ular with tbr stuidenti
hotly. 'Thliir lrimary purposar ie hi
arouse ic higai spirit amoing theunttier-
grauaultes anid ta practie thur sotgs adi
yells toi is' usedl at thur guttus Thi
mieting Neneiiisdaly nught uwill haver as
ani addliitiontallobjeit.the ecuragemuent
f theiiimuembers f the elimusbwic il
llsvethae listay lir Idilaapolis
Thur dooirs oifCUisersity hall iwil he
openitothe ullic at 7 p ITie'lu lurt-
iitg swill lbegiti at 7:15 shalrp 'ITie
groundttfoour awill he resrecdexclilyrh
for nun.ii Thur iommtitt urge as manyi
s poss'ible to lhliipeusertt.
GhIRGf't (LARK PFSh )IN't'
Ni. aiu huring iOf the urtlsicaclub hhs
yesterdaly, FGorgr Clark, thu lest
membell r f ther rgantiationil, as iInilli-t
iuuuslo electoed president. Thurvacacly
was 118auisrd by the resignatonitfiii T.
Gleasonuiwhii hasibeeschioulisen uleer f
MIrfGleason isloelrof this'delsirailihty
if engaging Ii 1urfcsionaiah lc h. A
genralldibscussion ufolowedn, uhno defi-
it0 concu'sionuiwas rachied.
Manyishmembeulrs f theurnolin cilubut
have rerturne,ut hle gee cli his
Thur sonduiroiuds of thei first 11111
secondii class trnis tOUriiaiiauus iwer
played off yesterday, as folowas:
IlFirst class:Owens-Bere h-, fi2a
Sltafroth-fDontorvan, 6-4, 6-o Liuy-
h'Broasdhturs. 7-9,6i0, 6-3; 'Ayrrs-Gls
(1 646-4; PiceDiuckisonu 6-1 t-ill
u iFrench-.lor (if3,63.
f Scond la lss: Baxteriw1othfroiuRahil-
u livby iCefaultl N itit b tilt 6-fi2
iNallaceeILaston, 0-,i -1; riles-
I lumttsuui, 6o. 6t1I:iirtnch-Flowsers,
IThe semit-fnas wi'llhe lplaei ofthis
starts WeNb e ltsiday Alhentris tutsbhe
upostsedi iatiorts hy a ocock tdiay.
The first tryout for the Univsersity
osrchestra will le lel tonigt at 7
c'click intithu School of .Music. Mr
Locrkwvoodn,te conuctohr, urges evryf-
onei who plays att orcestra istrmntit
h uet tthint lt that tine. 'The tryouit:
srwill be private. Plans for the year will
libe talked oser. Wheth e orcestra is
organized rebearsuls will he helotce
every iweek.
The prospiects for Ie coming seasoti
rare very promising. I itiion to thur
stritng instrutmerts uof previous years, Ie
orchesra will romtprise windulistrt-

I merits. It is initended to give several
-concerts for University students dturinag
(be cotirse of the year.

Thetu'er guoig atndlcard plyigiwri
deufenuiedh by IRes.C. Paattonuuof the Cont-
gregaltiona hitourchu, in atit talki orbn us-
menrt;,s Sudaypeen ingi'
Ihghi-class theater's, saiuhid D. Pttni,
elulte au's Iiuuu iulty antdl ieveryoidy
shuuihlditedteteellI lr now' uivandilthent.
Calrdlpla~lyt iiing i oderationti hllduwithoiutt
stake ris 111111amsemntilwh lichi aniynr
mily indulgin I ituuhouuut iiinu'nyItocit-.
''.niiisu ti'us,' ionudedi' the111'clrgy-[
mn is wuslesomeanud111 shoulduhappalji
to th ftineru''slii uhi it'se f ilvey lmans nature'.
Prof. J. CtdKnowlItonuSundua iveningf
udeliver'e'd aiilulliddrss onI "C'hriist luefori
he Sanhedroutn," at aImeeing lo f the'
Baptliist N'ounguuPeplu'ie's LUnioni.
Son yueari is 'agoi whil' eniggedlin
looking ultheJiswish hishrf Kiowl
1ton 1became' lli intrstedin iitsIbe'arigolii
Chrit's trialithi the re'sult 111at1li'
madit eIcmpiiileestudy fthe subhjct.
'This studiy hui' emblodidinu iihis lectre
the trial ofCFlust. Nter giain''lg a briuf
russe ioftheihappenuu~igs iof sivl days
beifore Churis's trlial thesekr tli
pint oluf iiw.
.ucorn iu i,hJssis laIwiias setfofrthi
ii theTaluduuulthuef ii ii Sanuleurniuof
Jnrusalm, wilchi wa corruin it s
pracies athugIiilhi theC ICepositiry oh
I'llishilegishlaii anduadiniiisttivie
'iiin lullro seclihalurgeo befio hal
unsbouhtbfores' th udgeis wos
dc ii luls illeth i hu iiithe u iredri
Nosi Suuuuu flug t :3, Pri.
diii 11111sil speak in heBpts
chiurc'hit li rstbefrePotius Pi
lt, l s h ii oihtin i i o (,a
],fhR SL OF1:5 ) PB1A Nl'iS
A lii's 51ful'Iuluus liii s 'iiitheAiNphi
Xii uand AdlphIiuwuill probabillyhe a 'Iifea-
mtie f teliItor'ui socistwiourk fr thus
cmii lip' n'utr Alhoiugh Iou einurlitu'
liii i fil 1 sill yet been mCd, thus
uuuscuuburs sof bohidie uu PreIident ill-u
]or nilf thucdelhii uiiadrsedIthis'Alpuhau
Nut meei ng0tillthe ubjecl tiiuuu usiiie
iue'n'ed f somea sillh fiendl uhy s'ontests.
Peru'uhs the umoisintereiIstingiumbieiiir
oni therogah ulorii te evenuing ws a
brisk parlullseiltary hirill iisItci bout
Iemer ad isihtor aticiated. Con-i
ducitedhhy fGeornae'1,' s it proelIa
liv'el(' and11entertaininig tel iute etI'i .
Ihrrforn 6is11wil he ,i regular feature
lt thueSaturd'aly even'iniug meuetigs
The iniutiationtiOf nuosw uumemb etsschicli
ws to havbtas keIurls hllpulsce, wasspostpnedh
unitil est Saturdayu.
irN i'1'uucs'n iii 11;K1 sirCOtR'is.
NI 'tlullsihg f lse faculty f thes
flitntll'sota kiss clihsgr Saturdally, it wsls
uecislrultoiirecomimendutoi Iithu rdiuusomf
Rdepentu 11hati 115t h ili' ct~ si lbe'letgh-
ento fiiis'elers. It islprpousedrht
rellqure'candiaes fr admuiissionto iithir
liar to itakC' Iliiiyars' sswork ii lhercl-
legte of science, litrature, ull arts.
Thle facultytfdecidedl noltt lulw' thus
rgistna ts a f siallIstden~its.
Thur Colrgerf lar City f New York
has itrosducrd thur slctivr systematthis
fall with grrat siccss.
Dtirinag the ummiiter vactiniexensetsr
irmproveentts have baen madehu at Prince-

completionu of McCash I tall at a toutal
cost of $40o,000.

University Infirmary, NowLs-
gest in State, Crowded Wih
Ani excess of patients adilalck of
rooumt--this is than siuaiot which con-
fronrts Istse in charge of Utnirrsiy his-
pital. Thin return of theinciical r'
fessors fromti IEurope aiduheili'sthitale
resorts 1mm take cblrgs' mf thie' wourkhs'u
occasiotedrteliarrivlalt AnniuArbour lag
grat nttum ersuo atliients fr'cntial11psut'
if iki' country.
hut spite of all effrs to provide beh ,h
fmo' ihoise' who ishouldh rmain und tue'
contalntlcreir of Ithis'variouis hospita
1,'uis, manity tihst hbeu'content, it',rivi
thiri'trealtmtit.t a ugout-tiutiu', ristn
osesvhcre. 'lhis rush. riacliu' its cli
malux duiritig thi s thwenk, ad altwouugl .
luotl 300fcipiatientus hily hum' hmusl it
thie walrds, it is es'simttiuh'-t hat iaiu
amre' (hattthis numbr r is a rea uninp
abuttheliityi. 'T'e inrollnent of i-
laticuls ualoutnfor 1007 will far epeedl
AMainy f this'cases wihichli retarrvtg
conustitte thur so-callted "energt'ury
womrk," hall oftenidemuadimmedutusiae
opeuration-ithin result tuing that tbeus ir-
tessurs aniilsniour' teulicll sudents
shirts hut littli, Frorfiffotr Igi teil;miuhr
opleraitins tay 'oct i - attiv'u yfoirr
hoisurs in thin several surgical roomins. in
seneral iustaceb iiagtie clitics Ihave
bee iaae inittossibijn iv thin arge, nuri-
list f casesreequirihg attenutioniht oncie;
air is there a a:prolbiity ot i susatious
if this rush" for many ;weeks.:,
T1he University hoyspial is 1tiliglut's
lrgist infirmarluy. IHarpesr :idlsirt tui f
IDetumit hld hu lis mdistirnctionuntuuuil last
yeair, wihien thur lcal instiluuhiuruOenetd
thue Isiyehtopathic ward. Nr'itli Itobuw-
tug iapeniOf tPalner ward t h ehtldrer,
ludtist add imitionitiof a netia tuirtity
buuilihng, AnnrtArbors Itsttantow le-
comies mune f thin rmcs cpleih~te of its
hindmliniIke coutntry.
Them'caust' f toe.gratgrowth.lItlflyb
insatittiais apparerit-thue teacrg
hita a rvdasces f heusre eople come o Ants "Arbour as
a last resort, simt raseitg liy tuV lot-
sandus of nmiles (mr the adice andu trea-
menitschichi they' knowuill ue free
and11 fIhei'bhustthatuhitie metdical scince
canl offe r.Asuairesult sBorerosithIe rr-
est f udiseases conic toii iithe sim0tui
if thi s' piutahl crpihs
NIichiigan's chrps hat surgcons, eadtd
iy D~r. e Nantcrede, Amnericts greatest
diaignomistic surgeon, has gainedi cotsiu-
iruible proin~tiience of ate yars, nhulolumuy
ini the chief medsical periodcahls f Itue
coutry, hut ini thur meitropoulituantpress.i
It is a flit that Drs. Petersoin. Dalrlig,
Caunil, Loree aid Parker, havitg as
Itey do the most tdifficult oerationsrto i
performth ae sobtaineud wontdrful re-
stilts. Tlue nesspapers gave muc stae
toi ant accounuut of thinrmarkable' oera
tion performednc last stttummr y hr. Chn-
fielid, sthoirernovetd a "fedduy bear
fromta cild's thriat swen fheioe lirators
uf thec counttrys chief ifrmauries hatd
falied. A plate of false trth adula
largn emi f sausage lre amonug theĀ°
other iburiosiies dislodged bly iDr. Ca-
heldi frcmnthethratbuis of unforhtaaes
Marty trw operatiots are bent devisedl
y thse men had reoruds.stablisud
mmi mlder (ns.
DEPNY PiNSilIIAVF riPENrtXrjliSi''pu.
Rduinors to the effect (at work oth thin
new Whitney teater as benr stotped
biecaurse of lack of furnds is nmpatically
detiedlby Kocb Bros., Ie contracors
anh Bd W. Thomas, rmanager of tn

Whlitntey opera htouse at Ypsilanti. 'Ikhe
latbing is "nosw btcing pit on andl tbe
theater, tke contfractors say; swill. open
abut the first of January.

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