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May 14, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-14

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The MIichigan Da ily
ANN ARBOR, NilICi \IIILN' RSI)kY .\YM\ 14, 1908.


No. T65.

Michigan Wins Opening Contest,I
Playing Without Errors-O. S.
U. Track Meet Saturday.
ittitits T 4Of
\\~tassh brougtitis aunciessitisy
weasther h oodoo withit iy estedaluiit
the teams s ietditin cometiii-ig ts-
seesrynme ofinn sisgs iefor
I Bidige ail to cll te game Bsid
thl oodi o oute Hoosiers 1 oght lihe
hestsquaduciof foeigns hsbasebali ssess shi
have gracesthesnew iamn. lsst the'
oisly IfoussdsiBarriifos ineisae it ass
they couldn'isscor on tat, whi siseic uili-
gsss gt ivisiiissptblesiwasts ssnst
Bars wisoi exellent fothiand itsl sO
perfect ieiissg backi of i miis. Ire es-
Insfsct osssl its s iWaba sissssssaises
tohtilt heii iivesi siss's go igssssi it
Thinigs liskes loadIiiiii thse 6Sitosiiti
th fr-ist i-siig 'iii u adlinsg as(
Meiilon all got ii ii -so slu is i e s. Sslii-
si gots -swsisc Iwlwocssisisses andil is
isis 5555 heeefane. Ai andissi i tsihiess Pat
Kelygo icesishit ito icenter, briging.i
h) ecndsteslsisvei achr es gg ~ussing
h i ti ter eai ng slitui dead o
himi ,,is-cond the sl of aii. tisi igi -l
isviivisslo alsii liii siissi itiesgrooveii
haddup teiired isl ow onei ani
Errz ladedsqu isiyfortwousibags. hiss
Ilan-is We' i i n i gisitos ti rd
and tnzenoth ied.The atchrire
peatd iss ha, it is sssecndsisi
hsslimei toi i ii this fis urthsi his tm
brnigis Duanes iyhiiiisadi pieviousslv
singed.rlt agiseidsionstie spots
isis ihit ilabeleid issss. iiDroisis sisisgot itwo
of MSicigsi ie is
In te irisst ofi iie sfouitisMeiilonisasnd
Kley xecut istheiosyidiue sisy of
lthegimse. i Didiiie, 5wh io beaisisthe- batttisg
lithadi aled; idinismerts sciti
ti. 5,of ianother scisis '-5 isis fcis lseds
Diddsietossrdssisidisii sasilsoinsg hisisti
is-f. iMiliisnscovssisidseeai ils f
ground anidispicked tsseiflyiout ofistsi
ai, gtilgliti toisesnsi beseDidleii
co d ibs is isto Kelley s tertorssy uasn s
Wshsii etiireds.isi aba s nisvet isos
nearsrst sorinssg
Hd iIrwin iseien isackediibyy siless
esig sst ielders, theii taleviwoiuidisve
beensi s sitfrctissisnsssi istuciut
tihee sisissto is rr s itw issassdswalihe i sit
sto iiarr's o(isis uisixTi rrosiss sill si-
sraisuesite iiwoirk o(f musst isiscists asiv
esIti ii ssisi wrkcoldnt hi sisiss si-
Micihiign' iiiis s ipaigws eually ex
cees-hl islli quarts, isstlforitse Caw-
fod iteiiienchsiiBoswethie cther,
swas -esilst s-star igt eivertyinsg
cosinsig hisismia5, sasiiiispeginss-t555set-
ssssi si 5wa safetre fihe gsmse
'idaIsisibiijiss i ll piiitisforsthle
i.1 sissiri be. Ile is fr smas os is
hai made iood bothi isisotbll ssd
baseiall. iIn ivrcentguisre wii sLaogs
ie pitilhiediia 6 t i ctorslisy- liss opp-
nnsi-wsi sei-prsi i~oft-siol issulhe
llwe-disihisms only liheehis.
It i ssss is le ta iis lstlicssss sill le
sat iiiiy MeAlisit stiday.

Dididile, SS.......-5 0 0 I 1 2

Lasssbert, 21) -....
Sitsthuck, ef......2
Shseller, is -.....2
Bridge, ef- - -.....2
Asdas.s If....... .2
Bfowers. c -......
Fusce, 31) -.....I
less-lu, 1 . .. .. .. ..-


0 3

3 0

13 0 1 54 10o ti

Sisllivasn. cf-.....2 0
Gitidisngs, 31. ..... 2 5
Stlellisis If.. .. . .. . 3 0
WhVieeler, ef-.....3 0
Kelley, 21)- --......2 0
Dfs u t-, is- - -....3 1
Patterson ss ...i - .2 0
1 ssuesseoll . ... .. .. 2 0
Bsatt, p.. .. . .. ..- 2 0

0 2
1 3
2 6



W s h. ...........- is 0 0 0 0-0
isisg ot completed.
Twoi-base hists-sscesssotist2 Saciice
-t~ssLaert, Giddisgs. Solesn hase-Slis
ssas. Stuck out-s--By trwissi3;y B-itt,
2. ases 00 als-Off Itoinsoz2 oft
Brtti.[)Doubleslayisss-Mellosn o Klle.
Lifs oss bases--MicsgnS.81Tie o
game --Isshoutr. Uirett-EBdsdge
u-Sc.5ii TRACK - iii 55511 sRAWt CROsti,
The O-I SiiU.-sicignsduasl itel
imse-elicsshs5-is seduled fosnsi-ilSsts
dyis s-s cte totl atillactia consider-c
sabli- ctowd.i Manys visitorss, itownsitfoss
sie itir-lassstusls ands -sishliifesissal, sill
The e stabilishmssent of telini-insssg tabil
listsvarsiy athlleessitltheUninsscl-
hose isill le isf cossieleidiitoi
Buti fors le Ibsadwethi e traiinighisi
proigressed1rapidlsiy, isis1ai large snsussbe
tihan her-tiifore epectledlsiillle etee-d
tocopet- fisthlistizescansdisBlue
sy 22 and 2s, N. A. Woodssi sill le-
ts-e isierit-she, aspsiiee ls t o if i thdcu.
Th[lIrsitlIecstresill b li te eiisthsslo
of Sushytng Birs in ith- Fieli" usand
thei- scondl ison lThe Kis ofird
'le istt o5f tl irclitusb,SM1r. VWooi
ias, i i-ciiss i th sesonsss-ihoatee
itsresles1aniisgti io she lifethei
migti1onsesand-theihalistsIsfth irds.
'lts iiiare i two isehoss OfI studysin
bird Is," said o."Oe isthies
smssthssdof sudyig thlemsiniit- fiel;
lth (sillseIis thati f stdying iemsin
sitlutst isis isils sillaut isissiflihe
justsnoiiihis l is spayig psriclarili
atentlionsitoltesmigatiossosf iteibirs.
A ecortdlis lkepitutuc sida- fiteibirs
aialftomssthy south ;\:about tenty
sifer-tsindisis cae iniilast iweek
Offies fisthlistcomisisg yeat uee
elecedi lass ightIy ltheComseytlush
s its regularmtnlsg. Tlistswsisete
as follosws: triident, Kmp Lyssis
vice-pritdentit, SMiss H-eles Gabliltsete
aty andsitreasrer, IHsgh I silsss i
ptropety sat,[Haroll Brwsis
Charles Weeks, hvng strved durnig
lihest SIyettastiplropery iian, iwas gven
lthesffice f msnage, testsrdisg o lst
?tustomsiof liie tlu.
1Cornell doppedl Swarhmore from its
tfootall schedule foe this season ecase
of "uncileanliness" iii heir ahlei meth-
'od. The Corsell Sun says: "As a
petsonal opinion, we might ald thai
whether list Jeanes'. bequest to that
instiutions, 0n coditiosn that they drop
football, be valued at $,e~o or $4,
oo00, or nohig, Swarhmore would have
profitetd grealy by accepting"

Michigamua Holds Pow-Wow-- 1
Rope Day Marred by Inclement
iain, th li i it tut bIravets f1 tis
loduges t i ,toii 555 pi"i n" teni iisnewsly
electedi palfaci's lThe sold tittitiltit
isr irs nstedsandsitutres-uinthelstfull g'rbll
ofi Indl in warriiors, iiiti l ii tts isSwar
itsrsindishinug ltirtomthtksit andstudasi--
sigt iiti sussssns heauisv t ftei f o to-I
onlsit tiemeltsdts1y bia tlt cif isteu-
n eGrhmussands 5 Ditesis stu iss Camsp-
usll theiissisis sacecet ttuough theiia-i-
sites 'gateed-iaboustTIpaoak. tsisu
lThi brae' squattleudsdown-isandssag
thi itacescIsnu. iIsisthensesied the
canites, and siter list ntg thes itshll
thiongsito te huge riii- dragges-thiem~
of th ei i wttu uslsike uifals u uio te siii-
'5mu loit e tes his-us eith i itiato n
Scitslgasuts 'e " sot is cue of
kkits iganis stsvensutsrabliiei stiurissanti
-lral t lati e crowd-s-uusivetyfyeat.Ac
surint Ph ussual c usytics tentmen
wiltrePish ssen. TeIiounghcs iitit iedi
Dela Ci :frak T sRoellPisisDeultt
5555 nn; \lanitiitI", r P a5555555 lt ea
Dltaii: St'idney R-iS 'stuli Psi [psi-
lists and Isis K A5 kis'Jo slits1i
55'i us' luso suit 1L. iii shll Jsphli1;.
P fe it t h i niito t ag a
prgamo lsstoa lstus- a1sllws
P uulichgma sceSee ~e
[tsits s- i tstittg ifruisd I Cieft
husl sltstle
"'T'he is ure t hatir, MedicietIlan.is
"New Tibe," 'oungiMuck uci herstt'li.
is?. iB. iMc iay siill trepresentithlei sait t
oit Mies i i tuign sit te fiiiigsist solleges
itite isec tush ratoil c onsutsitsofi lt'e
Na'sna Peace5 aI iv ssociaiiition t ituh sill
hei hediday usigts-t iGreenscstle,
Ind., te sse ut f itD I'iut- uitversiy
Fieslate s lini uus' sinlt iats fOhi,
Ienvist ns its san itu iisp ts swili sedu
siatr s u toissieauP itu ste iphasof ua-
1 suio ii tl usce ici ut--strs presesntatiivle
will tlkoll sItelistsionailsssPeaite."
This itaticlconesst itse Nationial
Peace a'ussoiati ssswa s'rganied lsi
yeais. luithatiiyeSarvit.iiws smerely
ani i itercolliagteissontes.IThis yar,
owi555 i ltheicreasdiisise5f le ss-
s 5ciaioni~itiuwas dec ide ohvs stat
eoandidatses comptes le. esominsg etoniest
proiseslto ihe5 exetionlitsally stong, s
ol lthe candidte t sts oul ha ecosidsslesue
experiee inis linise sit work.slOne
of tihi sosts wisleiverisi-sthessae ort-
ticn ith t uit llMinnesut i slse its

lites'Norternee ratoriscal tlheaguse lsts
t As no otilthercollege-s i icsShliiganiei-
Pleres hestconutest, 1".hi. Stit~ay was
-utpreactilly chioseni liy defat.it Conse-
equseissly hetsill repsrtsentbhhelist sate
and thi-ecolleges.

sWiisi listsprinig cotssbulit otday
uf, tefreshsmess ansulsophomsoeises-
trday selected prlsit the isess w-Io will
partieipatie inthl tug-of-war All the
ftesnoon freshmnei were eisgweeighed.
ThIe hists-est man foundso ifuse is a lit
witgingi55235 iouns.ls Owing tste
ira ume f freshmnes to he wseighed
he weighing will cotsissue ths afte-
suin.Tsheussixty heaitteshtitus will ais
rgetabout 8o pouns.il
IA isvt 0)sosmore wieghing theen-
thislisis wisequally great '[lehev-
test mlitSfounusd inth~e sophi lass weighed
67 isosus Tue serage sof the sity
lieaiest5 mentwissaboutiss 90puns.iSoSi
anxius as onisse msas hio btesuse of thel
ucky sxty that lie cusoesiwitIhis hoits
full of leas.He[Insteppedul Ohelscsale
osnd wseighiedh190. He wssreisesedl o
remosvueiis lohs, asd iswhess agais
is-ighed tippedllthesetles at 152"Thle
right spirit, ut too light" sas slit
weigher's onmmen.
Tonight at 7 oloek there will e a
seetisng of the freismens1s is tphysis
lettare roos. Ass organizaion of some
sort will le perfeetedl for thurecomsig
tosnlests. Speechies will alsos henmade
by Coancimen and other upperlassmen,
explaining the ontests and theit putt
'[hrrostest commitee of the Suduess
Council desires that all offeialisiee at
the cuhusse tonight: at 8 o'clock Plans
and ruslings wsilhe guvess ous t hessIt
is impsheratisethast es--sy official le pres-
hilts-' DBPAR5'sTEN'[S POtSTS
Foslosinisg is thur examsinastions scedule
fuss lthissawdepartment's
Agesurt Friduy, St-ay 29, 3 P. lm.
1sgis---Mosnday, June 1t , 2 pim.
Torts--Wltednesuay, June 3, 9 a.sin
Pistilsasts-Fiday, Junsir5, qa.inss
PsiinalsuIPtroedtur-Saituy, Juet
6 2 psit
IDomeicuseRluioss-'luurssay, Jusss'9,
hi-s ithPropurthy- -Wsednsesdauy, Juto
Juno Claiu Puss---
PCode Pleaidisng-Mtosnday, Junte 1,o
RealPropt-y''uesdasy, Junses 2, 2
Corpruaions-Thlsursdauy, Jusne 4, 9
Eviec-Fridauy, Junse 5, 2 p in
-EFustiy Pleadinig-Miondalty, Jutne 8, 9
Quasi Contuttscts---I'uesdluy, Junse 9, 2
Damausuges-''hurisdauy, Jssseris.iotausin.
Sesior Clss-
Romusant Law ansd Sciec of Jurisptu-
tence-Mtossuay, June -t, 2 p. M
'T'axation-i-Tusesday, Juse 2, 9 a sns
Steical Jurisptusdence -Werneseday,
Junse 3, 2 is us
Corp~oatioss-Thustday, Jusse 4, 2
Rqitiy Jurisptudsece-Sauray, Juse
6, 9 asit
insusrtance--Monsdtay, Jusse 8, 2 p is
Wils-Wednesday, Jusse 1, 9 a us
Specfc Pefotssance-T'hursday, Jue
t1, 2 p i.
'hue faculy at WashinsgtonsuanduLte
usivetsity have granted the students the
ight o assemble monthly at nass meet-
igs o disusisi topics of interest to the
sudeitoty Permission must be o-
tained to discuss the different subjects
tat the students may wish to bring ip
Next year'o annual contet - o the

Northersn Oratorical league will be held
as Illinois. The national convention of
Delta Sigma Rho, the honorary debating
society, will also take plate there at
the same time.

Schumann-Hieink Greeted With
Enthusiasm-Other Numbers
All That Could Be Desired.
Of lt- yearts i hats grsui-nu diffiults us
say tanyvtig boutthi isv'Say Festivls,
beyondtua mesrestastlousing,51eof its iur-
teits'hts-stansrst i si-iun iifomlyix
high ta prasi 'sse soutntdus upltiiuinous
sihrs uthlediu usiuto iusbrtsestut-
ithmir sitWlut its-sintflaw s lte vsr-
straiusii i tsd siscn d et usai-suitsptuteley
susmsergditheii lut'ger'sperfetiossit
the wholesasdsit e usua55 lls qusiebeneathi
mtion.s.sThis rgeramss are iarranged
siit mstsetlycari, hitsosloiss aes
amsong thi s' inusthus'worldhs, thus orchess-
hias isosithut highstsiesitnd tsih ie
chrususis sitrefultaineitduits ithaslssl, lut
shtot erSctis s thouhfullyisunifiedlas
it is satrid. iveryinis tstse sisy hut
toushedst iisusoe sint.s Wsiissuch lre-
siises lthe tconclusionisut fusortgne--te
MlitsFt-lte isstil nt, bustuhe iasuccess i
theu fulles-se-se t's hitiison , 'uatqoped
so briliantly lalst igt, hin s-sg only lik
thosetsatsalvose atslisptutueid i.
Maudame Sciuti us suit issuhisas gerst-
edthl asli greatstion-uspis hits'p
tiearasc, and thitthus'ndtusherists
numsble isas recalledsiaginu said sagaiss.
She litsseer ssug betult itsr I ndhits
sisgngsssiwa uiu s maedby tat dtesti
qualdity- ihichsalwasi- characutteriecslus
si-trk. After les' scod tilbsleu, whilsh
ws ~ sthus''iss-F ise"ais frlotm 1 -Ix iuro i-
eth,' sitga ne ncors"it- 1ev
Llewellyn 1i..hRenick playemisi organi55~i
conscerto si thu ortchesstal a cmpaniment.ussu
'Tsih vismit niton sis uu i usu ndony a
fews'sushcomvisissu' utstsitu sveben nsi-
t-us 'hitsrgasits t enfs'ussinsideed ass
orchestrasundersthe cntrol os f a sige
petformer.srThitu s s i us iiuiuii suit exact
thouuughu party trus.ThIesvditeence its
quatility iss 0sig-slttush ye1so dstc,
that thie'tstombitshuts seem; lhilseIaSwar-
rig'tof thi samiteite-i tstra5tuherthanus
auiy-uof sissul us ut-s lt.uRenswis
uplaying is mati-ssely adtuhs iPisti. ino-
eusive tush skilfuli us ssupssuhstiosuilsmarki
his wots. lisdemotrastionii ofsitMrt
Reniwicks suii-tushd sit hiss1siilitis
f tShtrantiveu~s ris to gnineiitreget
thasit .Rnkde. notsofeefss-us
tir publhisc w its his st
Th'iithsilrisnumbssusossitlst. rgramt
swete tltiyedl by thisThoms orce s tra~t,
tandshincuded twIors isfcomtposes oilh
classical atnd modsuernusThiss ''vsit Suite"
by Grieg is trutp i talo hut lyric Grieg
gretypleshedsuthe issuec.
A grosuspositthrst seetisonus fomuster-
isss "Damnstistoss f V stlutoses hesu
pro~gam. hhiis isisuiseof ass otder
wiwih masnsy se unifamsilita,owsisg
o the itmpotssbiity sfintrpireting it
thrtoughianysoiler meiuthlat tir fsl
string itrvhesra, it temsositwhtich slie
comsposer haistutslsy thougt.is It gives
aus effetof sitrsantgeness adh novety,
whiceavs sitweeaus oddtfavot
suith huspatis list Meitet of the
Wil-o'the-Wsp" ws pa riulatly i-
trestinig wig his theusic~uusly
lIayuts srstossros"hissCreationu," will
lie producedits on igit 'SMs Coline
Ride-elsey; IEdwarut Johnsosn, ad
Hlerbert Witherspon wihe. the slo-
iss Thus Phoratl Uonwiltsmakt its'
ftrstiappharnse thistsyeis t thistcosnet
StatjorIHasisuitS'ouls, fis twen-tty-
ive yeas trasurersitftireUuiversity,
is rapidly recoeingfrtots a svee ill-
ness st hus homse ,7o8 SuthtsUivesity
oavenue lit was stletohisle aout thc

1houtse yesterdtay tush expets ho bhuta
t Maudue Adams will play at Yale under
the asuspices.- of ltst Yale Dramatic club.

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