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May 05, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-05

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Now is the lime
- TO -
Shave yourself BEFORE
you wait.
With a Gillette Safety
bought at
Money Loaned
On Watches, Diamtonds, Law Books,
or other personal property.
Watches and Jewelry repaired.
Bargains in Watches & Diamonds
Office at residence 331 E. Liherty St
Ann Arbor.
Hour :8 to 11:30a.m.. 1toe4:30 and 7to
9P. m.
Spring Hats
Post Cards
Darling & Malleaux
Ilu College
Ice 1Cream
All flavers including Chocolate
5 crentfs
'We -make the best Chocolate Snda
en the city.
East University Pharmacy
11.L.nirsit y Nao-A e.
V.of M-
Barber Shop and Bath Roomis
Evo-yth t,sg First-ai.sae
Largest Shoes in the City

IN~TERU.555 ttA50, S CHCPIt,1;.
The conmtletedl schscdtule for the series.
with the exception of the slate for thc
tonal champt~ionshipgamgsce, is pristedi he-
lowV. ITe(oirnlysansges in te originaol
schledttle tre MNatches 6 atnd 7.. The
game Ibetween the tgolland tpoq egi-
neers, originally, booked for Wednestlay,
twill lbe played today, owing to the swing-
ouit eomin~g tomorrosw. To preserse Ithe
sehedtule tetgto lasss will mseet te
tgog lao-s \Wedntesday. The sechedule
.iMosnday: Xtsttch 4-t1908Las cSs-.
Tusesday: :Match y--lottceops v'..
lDentss.' Match 6---t9o8 Engineers s-s.
t9Iyns Bigisseers.
W~ednsesday: \Maith7-t9gogLawssvsc.
tgio Laws. Mtitchs 8-t9to Mesies vs.
19t0 tLawss.
Fridlay, 'lay- 8::.-lsatchs ta-Wcinncer
Match s1s-s. swinneer Mtch 6. Match 2a
-innsier NMotels2 v5. sinsner Moltels3.
Mostdasy, May tIt : Motels 3a-Wintner
.\talcls 4 s-s. swinnser Motels 7. Matels
.ta-WVinsser Match 3 ss. sintner Match 8.
Ttsesday, May to: 'M-atch th-Wins-
nter -of Match ta vs. wsittter Matcht 2a.
'attsh 2b--Witnter Match 30as-s.,switnter
Motels 40.-
Fintal : -Motels t-Witnter Motehlsbt
vs. sw-nsner Matels-flh.
Oct accaiuns of thse conditions of thse
courets acsd the rainy wseather 'of thse-
loss few- days, Captains.1-Haag. annsosnes
te postponscemenst of the tensnis tourna-
tests to Wednesday, May 6. All etries
,,:iust tie in' hy 6 p. m, today, at which.
site thei-dratwings cittlibemode. -
Spciii essphaossiss istaispost te see-
iiitold cl ssiglis ltrniamsent, wiscsilsis
ope only 5totost-playes's whotss didi sot
cuter tihe first cloass lost Soil. TPhts is
ionseso preet osy platye of firstcloass
iility-essetrisigte seconsdiclass tottesso
suest sisid swinnsinsg 5 in satk. All mset.
\,i-o tire learsninsg thse gamse, orts-Iso
fci unssable tic comesstee isnte first clacss
,asngles, tire sirgeid ts cnter tisssecondi
,clos srstosrn sent. 'lus they gounthue
bs'eeit of comcptetitions tithste oter
p' aveirs.
Wiithste conmpletiocs ofteeasouess
cest if te footlllehler, eighteen
costrts trill lie reody ts he play-eduipocs,
atis the indiicotionts ore thatothslet'still
sll tieusei thIis seiasn.
VOOisiccs it. cs MciSsPR' iTIerse.'
"Tere' itill lit-scrimmascsge gamsses sext
steels if tesweaitier sloy-s cotol,"says
CiosichsYiist, uut te siens ihiogo its
is1 havliss- tso tte'preiparedi.
lIis t he isre asnlt-heilct-cry dasy
isrsit 3 :30 to 6, osndi1 wanttevery- smait
swhio exietst o layfosotlla5Michtigscn
tirepocrt fir practicecsmes'ttme eschi
'tisirty- sr fosrty miens sre sit wsc ans ly
tinitg ossdlsignasl prasctice-.
Sutie tatd sinsgle oist, trith at' witht-
sut isoairsd. cot8S. tUsiversity Ase.

mUusic ana Mrama
'Brassniiof Hasrva.rd, crisis liestry Tse College.
XX aniff intshei titots rolws enthlssi- - Stnndard
ostisalls resesid ty0aioame stisdience
at she XX iticertiseater lost nighst. Mtir.
N3'oosdruff wsrssgis-eni jsttiitts siotions,
ossd recsondedssitisrepesatedl curtasins cslls
at te endsiofte thsirdIsitSwsiths a icestly
isortied st icd can-l
'Pitt ressl dramasoof cllege life hs ntt can
secteseishediis i tc-i tsP 11.-st-c-sitrilr'' soilsr
'Types sirs' sverdirawns an thteitplsut is quali
set asgainstco sllege-ibscikgrounds rstiser Le
thaons srsiwssi fromstsi. T'eute mtnor of te direct
piece is lit-ely tntuit spsots te tessor h
of te plsay- is excelletbust' scas iholeTh

To load a. Conklin Fountasinlien, ju 5slip it in any
ink, press the Crescent-Filler sod ,see it hfill us oswn
tank like a camel tlaking its thirst. '.cha's, alt.Qrsc,
is-to iSt!*.No dropber-no mess--na hother. Ditss
hbe fitted instantly -sithontthl~cest incoovessience. You:
Id fillit wsith swhite kid gloves on scithit Sdansger of
M.Bsdsiscneineisthspeddvrtm. .lies of -the Conklin-the perfect feesd.
reading dealers thanitlethe Conklie. It cours ito-s sit,ore
t. Priees,.00tandaup. Senitat oneforhanioe t- tal~og .
Conklin Pen Co., 310 Manhattan Bldd., Toledo, Ohio

it tendss to sinmply omuise aonsg prestt-y
welh ct-rts lttes.-.AIr. cWsodruff is ant
title aictor.heisig at isisbst schess le hs
ass opptortunsity 5o empiloy hIis sdroll mcsan-
iser osf hoandlinsgte lighster pssassges.
His suppoisrtinsg compantytotas etenly sal-
sissesiandswscowell altos-ete aserage.
Thse-staging- of ste piece tess excellent
oasc te "cllefie"bheondilof cdotses wrn
ws-' qusite, withss in'tse"boussssofcs-stone.
\iN' cissittis sitesCtixSOtLtDAcTE.
Titfi Atnts'Arbsor N'ewsArgtssancd tse
Atti Arbocr Timtes sore cotnsolidaoted asid
htereafter trillice ktnow-s'orlie*Nesrs.
1). AV. Gralidson, for sixteess years'i)ra-.
,sielar osithue AdirianTs elegramc hs -
1 odght a portioss of stock in hash Papers.
Jarmes Schsermahorts, Mr. Grandon, and
R L. W~arren, oifthe Times, trill man-
age-the stew poisesr-'The popesra-ill sell
litr test cests a wseels. The sewCtornm
1-000 still soon5morintosarloger dusts -
NS3'lICiP. -
.XtteIttisis tiPclos. s,0'aitiiott osd
lesintreaisuresrsois sigain collesdto' their
liiit sir represetastiontit inte ipustS isici-
ti-teticianc.:lthese rsouilli e settlesd a5
ossce. Address ityo8 Xlicisigsssessiass,
Rdoot i , AnniArbsor Press Bisdg. Office
hours, I soa2 p. srs. dasily. J. W. Mc-
C'Ttcle-,c, Busisness M~anaoger. tf
FOt'ND-A snetr kutglare, act'Wassh-
tenawo aveuessi. Inqusirs- Dr. IHall, 721
N. Untiversity.
Now- is te timie tIavso-cyousr roos
pacperedl, decorsatesd or painsteid. We are
mtaltig sipecistiptrues. Youtr cresdit is
giintl. '. 11. Major & Co. Boilsphsones
2.37. Sf
PI,Aitl: t1NlVBRSI'lT' I Xi.I, IN-
t;l NEELRINE. 1 \V, AND) \ ElIE


lust a Touch ofSpring,
The new Spring Scarf as a special introduc-
tory of the spring, we are offering a special
purchase. of Beautiful new Spring French four=-
in-hand, in _new -correct shapes with open ends
and in all the handsome sp'ing coloring. -
T he new Spring Shirts riake theirs firs- bowr.
an d they are beauties., The new spring styles
)n, flats-Vand' Cap are :here f- your instpect i~h
Reule, Conlin' Fiegel
WtE AtRt-SELhLtNGAG.EF8,, irsthe lt:( -shi lsttitc'rcitstiiO.i-I
ithi s icoiiitcc y, aionw ic etic 'Coxson'i d '.. itt ntli~i n oft w Sri. ou } .11 1 .d en(o fahclo n tl f o ni ie1 g t i
your0 n tre iof hocttiv nsye it tsii uslcsiii5isitst--ii -


Prices $3.00 SAP

MAKe( co.

- 1

mat~am-eI Idk~aI~r t3ssWatces. ti msiciis 15ietri cissai al
OCCASION: S_\IT; OF IIqf F *I1C'W-i tio-h Class ChatteladC 1 trt O E O N D i:.Bsns ticiIsiy t-tie<i-atte-i
I(E"FIIE...U iOlce Hiorc s tI 530 1 toy, liito 815
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 FlX N XS ~ ourth Aeenue;5 opposite court hous'.
Two doors south of City Y: M. C. A. W. J. LOUVRIM
t.EA'l'llI? i, So. ('lI,'l'll.$s.po. ____________________________________

a few, are required before we can deliver your garments to you carefully '- --
tailored and fashionably made. WAGNEK. ft CO., have the rep-
utation far and wide of building good clothes at reasonable prices.
303-303 S. Stat; St., Annx Arbor
Re c FIELDĀ®ERS' The-Safetyt Watcho Disc EL ECtlT R IC ITY
WilOl I'ES iegoytfourjioetutaol wtsSAt E
Vstytplaer e n andrseehksgna Pre Gum Dice:ofY net acd arctes ev S' ieuo olee e a
SRudeitytopllyrrwte gaos.ad2aretote5easy appearanece to e wost 00 stem ittfppll oCleeMt .n
seoTeaaatnaHEsg nw.att, n SN FROE OAY toWoruvexn for All PusrposesN9s~
Te 0 Arict atstc-Ing them .ALSO TE 8~A'Y yBAND- . .,
ntts c t o ftcsnty CrteBokruemrnoc WASHTENAW LIGHT & POWER C.
eepeo t-tali555nd tt w 2. incsed is Seltshe ig intrrcollrgiate ames. PAJLMYRA, N. Y. - 200 EMet Wasblrston Street
ltuorsrttby al l.e_ ur andaotepd as-
ha By a copy od tkeSsACH OFFICIAL -(+-
icS ttld~~ oe sc r otdKEEP YOVR DATES c
BASF gaBcAt Ititosrcc$utr.ost ~ed SCOTT r'S DANCING ~sACADEMY - _
Am ocatidealeyrciPs or yts'odsuscrttns rcaSouth Stae Street By carrying a Copy of tffiMIOHBt N
Aititto nit aerforReaud Soctig Gosee BANDBOOK inoyour pcket. Space for mee-?
doe et have thenecw cil aspalyyoa direto e laasqeSaturday, 10 A. M.' wad oranda, caendar, 9specese ewe a 04, tt' P'e e , "cRo te "t ic ci
i~i a la5 a narR -eeerfa t,- 73 p N aendtr t intins page ook. GOv en away "" t' rsa ua I<
IV as al-aalgeIB- re frit aaeletiour skees oritloccu S it,- e Se it
A. J REAH CO 1T7 Tuor S.. ea~an~pop..to studet at teUcverety Y M C. A Me. pece of he diess godis owhe secus oder.
A.J EC O,12TL 4,PuA9F1.-Anemhy ocock. Milian 11a1l. - TH BMLTCRAF "W.. -BOSTON, MAS,


,> ,,
r - 3
. , ;

_ ... ~,

319 East Huron


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