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April 09, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-09

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The M ichigan Daily


AZW.4 $a MM-A J=.V.'04 44 9



No. 144.

Fourteen Men Will Tour in South
During Vacation-Men Are in
(food Condition.
The baseball earn wil leave on t1e
Amn Arhor at 11:30 tomorrow for the
Cohtern trip. Thirteen or forteen
ben, probably the later. ill board the
train. The first gaie will e played
next Saturday at Georgtown Ky. All
of the men are in fairly- good shape.
and though the trip is in a measure pe-
paatory for the bigger games at le
botoni of the shedle, they expect to
return with a conparaiel clean rccord
The exact linep has not yet been
determined hut all of the "1" men who
are out for practice will proaly go
south. lBarr, lDonahue andLilicm
are' cerain tnole the reglar pitchig
staff for thw tril, andl Snow, wo~ scents
the- likeliest of theietilityl caniidates,
nay accompany the squad aic do a lille
twirliiig. Ruzenroh and Emnerian are
expected to do the caciiig ad inc ase
of necessity Taft can lbe used behini
the bat. -Dnitie and Taft n firvt, with
Snoni as sb, Kelley at secoid,, aicd
Paterson aid Gidiigs a short ad
thirld respectively are cat for the i-
field. The outfieli will le 1\lelloii.-Sl
liviaiiind VWeeler.
Saturday the team plays Gergtowi,
and Mtoitay aid Tuesday, Teiiiessee a
Kinoxville. Oii Wedneday they play
Castle IHeights a, Lebnon oi burs-
day, Friday aid Saturday, Vaderilt
al Nashuille. aiidloii Monday, Wabash.
Th'is fills uitieve ry- dayif lte vacation
aiid tie teatmt will eurii homce the fo-
liowiiig Tuesday.
Manager Kennuedy- has bieen layig 3ni
te'nicessary siply o f slippery el,
cew-iniig gniiiandI bandages, aid is ready-:
for a fast seasoin.
Nit gaiieswas llay-ed yeserday, biit
the teaiciisill le ot tis afteriooif
the sweather iwill lermit.
Die e nicshoiexpect lto coiitil lI
the Pennsyls-ania iiivitationi meet oi
April 25 will le kept ott the go froii
nose until the date of the trials, Aril il.
All the distance mcii are looseiing ill
iith the eginnimg of the iiiidoor woirk
and should e ini rare shape 1o cope with
tie easterners.
Ahot seventy rien troted from the
gym yesterday -afternoon on the daily
cross country ruii. Teele, wo wilave
charge of the bnch fromc now on, set
a slow pace for about two -miles and
all the meii stuck close by in. Today
tie suta wsill bc split p iitic two parts,
one comiposeid of the fast me, the other
of the slower tnes. Teele will have
charge of the former while Miller will
direct the later huch. They swill star
a :1.
Waler S. Lauderback'I, aid win-
ir of the Micigenda poser coitest,
nas last night awarded first prie of $o
ill golt for theposter he submitted in
the Cotity -Fair contest. His sbjet
nas leverly ecoseic and representi a
typical arker iic front of a booth. The
ane artistic skill displayed in his earlier
swork sas in evidence on this poster.
J. Pal Slusser, '9, was awarded se-
oiid prize. His drawiig was excellent
and had it been a little mcore appro-
rate, would -ave given that of the
winner a hard crun.IHe depicted a senior
in cap and gown with rainent fringet
iith bells.
Tile winning poster is printed in three

colors and will be displayed tomorrow
afternoon in Wahr'o window, after which
they wvill be on, sale at ten cents each.

-Seveil iiore booth privileges for the
Coumity Fair sere giveti last ight by
the exective connmittee. Among tem
swas space giveii to the Filipino cli
swhich is to have a $,00 exhibit of
Filipiiio curios. These crios are being
seciired fromi the governent for tis
occasion. Another feature of this booth
will le the display of the several types
of civilizatioii fiiuni in the Philippine
The Rocky Mountain cub'sas also
aloued space ffr their celebrated west-
ceii saoon. This Rocky Mountain saloit
miade the big hit at the fair three years
ago and also cleared the Imost money
of aiiy booh. Secial preparations are
also beinmiade for the street parade,
ini iwhich wserii life sll1 eportrayed
to its fullest extremte.
Work oii the Claronc is progressing
c-ry vrpidly aiit it is the wish of the
matagers of ite pater that all those
who are writing -stories, for this putibli-
cctioii get thenc in as -sioii as possible.
Veit aiitlink sketches poirtrayiig stiideti
life- tic ainyciimicidrawsiigs ct all will
ie very aceltalsl. -
The exeuive comiiiiee has decided
that lie silvercijvilawhich is to 1cc aware-
el Icc lie'oig iiiiaioniiiaing tle most
inciciey shl ll le gise totle bicoti cai--
iiig the gieitest iet rcilts.
The faii comniitee-swill ave offiet
hours from 'j,-toi6fi pn. in the Atii
Arbotr Piess buiildig 'Illrgaiizatioias
tlcha s iNcno aplied foie hooth space
should io xcithis sseel, as the gyiciia-
sniiiswill le diitetl -toilspacesc awrded
iniiiiidtlilcly fteri lie sring'acaion.
The~ lasiof lihe series of lecres shich
Prcf. .AuamytI'hAS icii -giving to Prof.
-Smalley s clss in. transportation prob-
emrs vsctdieliveredl ysterday afternoot.
He. sipok ltefy of te tenttive forms
of blcte seitcarreagetl by the iter-
Sstate cticeree cotcmissioncwichc it is
proposed to subitit for cnsideraiotn,
adaiiscta. the effects of its atoptioti
s:woildi ie.
T'he balance seet, said Prof. Atams,
"ough triily- iccrepresent teitacial
standtincg (of the cororation. The evil
ies il the fatt tat lte blahne sheet
is tot aintlyed. The sigificait featre
of the- Ialanc shreet is lte acutulation
of surplus. It mcust ie utnalyzed it order
to miate the sheet. intelligent. If tis
were tdicte it wotld preent the reor-
ganiztiaiotis which are so commuoim acd
ie chief bject of which is tothin thile
secre reserve itio negotiable paper.
The secret reserve sotld be itcbuded
in the talance sheet in sch taoanner
thiat the legitiate stockholder will be
benieiedto iithei exclusiol of those who
only get control ii order to reorganize.
A strict tdefinitionit'of operationI expenses
is ieeded. The balance sheet is now
uually- tot a true satetment of the finat-
ial 'cotdition of the road.
"The proposed canges will tend to
establish the stability of railroad seur-
ties. There is no 'feasoi.why they
shold not be as safe as government
botcts as they rest ott the general secur-
ity f Ite people. Bt the credit of the
railroads is at present: damaged because
people do' iot believe the statement
whchiithley make. But if the examiners
siotld do their ditty.this tifficulty would
Ie eradicateid. There is o reason in
the 'world that railroad 'bonds should
not be lte basis of national bond issues.
"The laborers, too, do not believe in
the statement of the railroads. If tey
did it would be possible to establish a
wage contract according to a sliding
scale. This could be accomplished if
the accotints of the railroads had the

stamcp of approval of thce federal govern-
mlent. Inl this matnner strikes would be

Junior Girls Gfive Unique Pro-
gram-Song Parodies, Dances
and Farces Are Features.
Thcc cishicpi Miciigtse. scsecdec
miuuonleui-sic cid--icc hstnicgt atBar
horgynsicu, prese-nte-o h lie- seiccr
girls ca icery giiimispse O cStue-tilife- i
the future.Onci1bccrd cithecsipi. acic
ad trave-ledhlie- tackssi-oceancicuteut
lie siriig ofir2.,ccwas Prof . Scargzer's
vuiiorc cicss cccskyocl-gytaing cc- clsccca-c
tioncs fromiui inccithemilce er
ccsi abovec lie U oI. campues. Sonic e c
of t1cc sucdcie clnt s -c e-dacinge- cc-heu
bathrciceonu e lcow c er die ic e Iocwc
sco hariditathce achcseinucecy brikean
ducriig thIlaccsy chichei cccueetcchiefoe
the necetsstr rcpirinicg miateial cr-icc-c
iy ccreesicteleigraphiy lie- passeges
aimitsed themiisevecs lit sinigcsntg- and
nmatintgilobseaion,, whlii ich, hm ccec -r
is-c-vt-iii s c orr s ectc.
tOnicfairtse t iior tuiht shc sweca
cell tdressedilacw studentcmi-alcoctI iccc ccc
ththeucfocudiaccnapcouseincith ccie-cc-
guiceritig de-partet t hiwiiere mits
takeni.kAtirdi disovced can ct iuce
lookimug obcject ccion cctt I ifof Ie pcl-i
oscipicydepaittvtt wh ilic sie- tiotcccli
ci last yars bir's ccest, ii bu tion cclose-v
oliev sationit udottoiil be mc utchii ingic
tmtece tcicthnoe cat lirif. \ctihi-rclst
year'slijoes waittng firdnit iyear.
Grae efriscite-i-tle- cflScccchccc
ltce etcgie-i-ihi-ti-citthetmusciclpoga
withithe dratututic eleciion, Jsti lie-
causc e oIcudn'ct Slg tiove Ae stitc
the 'i'm i is "inetic, -t ch brough
teais o eceryiycccHlcencGable.etc ac
digifiedhsenioricsan' I WouldciftIi
Couil ut IfICan't fiatrl[' ina Scniori
Notw," i whcih sie iitod somethmb of
theiciffiulieiis of lie clleg cuire-cd
her mast lovescandi acloi ihc-ribh eriiii-
sensatons cxheniisiefe-l dciiniitestp
of Tppan tll
(Oie cof hic ccsxieatcecis cciliiiemee
taincment wascI'mcc liii v Plea'ccsedh io
he Populcac," eimieredcI iy -Mhis He-ti
Braecy catnd Mis 'iMargaret Mhch~cucch-
ai. :is Bralueiiy appeaecdiisi a1th-
gay collcge-wi-owiu-ammclsung abuhiie-i
nummaeouscnquhtess. fromuctJ iimmy\'Wct
kis to ll. Johnlambodicct. Iercouyis,
quotedcIbelow, wstchugely caplauded:-
"lint axifully- ulecse ito ie ipopulart
Steve says tic likes my wayl
Faith Miwer lioksa ct ie lhinhgy.
Macsic thunsmbstuucicfully-gay:
Ike Fsce wachties- mie 'ccitt-itanc
Heichiych hittuhuccan my ciy.
iii Algys mtinycinlmg
yes, Agys cyt lite,
Becaucse hes so ppulaicr.
Thlacsesationi of the evenimg wcas Mix,
McLaumchlan, wsolenlmmmaicucaredcs hcmii
:rah-rath" girl froum psi antdulscuug cbotm
her populacrity- at mte Tuesdaey night
parties ct Grcangr's sum-te 1cricer sact-
mg rundmmlempihacticlly dclaecredchatlsm
she sas "there withmtie affectionim fer
all macuiline cadimirers whio demacnded i.
A hpretty lox-csittng. "If I Shoulmmd Fl
ic Lovse ccila Yuin 1whichc liii-colored
spotlight effecs swereuteeth withm great
success cia the hmiceus, wcas gistenm by Miss
RhcodasmSar. Dumring these songs mmuchm
iterest sas aoumsetd by a subtle fliric-
ion crriedtoh tic eenemRutc Greathocse,
as Prof. Sargazer, uad Louiise Vanm
Veorhis, as tie cptain's wife. The gal
antcauptain,swhose part wsctakilen by
Edithc Leoinard, won tie hearts nout only
of the seniore girls outhlie "Miehiguse,
html those inth ~e udmiece. Presenmtly
lthe ship was repaireed au-telsileth of,
afiere a fcrewxel chaorus to thea udienice.
Tw~o attractive Swedishic ames, per-
formoedtbyhaylss Ruhia reathouse amd

Miss Aele Rabinoswitz, were lice nties
nnuer. "Coedendha," a short farce,
greatly resenmbling its name, wtas the
next act. It. contained a mixture of

sttis,eiicluigws ing 1 bymMIc'iliachEdithi
le-etchlimeick eited byiii i'ss .Mte
Iciclk Wise" timmd "Whit-itNi--ht Fals,
iliac." Just IbiccleWis ee gave so-
tips regardcig thlaiity.tc
Im Artc Cuoss iir Hailo
Sio l cc iie acyoucii tctiii nc h, mmii
''i ciiricbject cmuldii ie mcciiaticintil
For teyrtiskft oldc cclii or
holco m e soimei-day oielm hoi-to -i-tic,
;Amsp m t e h e ir i siho ld f a ll ,
'fiiilctiheylhacciiyou i-itrceditcslip--
After wi ciis-theisonggoes, youiijus
Sok iseiiidcletetheya run-ilong,- t
uitsiHal wee.thybeon
iacln s"osa"ciinu isihe her
weea meu ifuiad otic c aclle.ebci
crep vi-icninlte iniluciofuuiiieisiig ic
alriii mie ilit itar yd i l ii- iiriihes cc tat
-lice- iccbcca IuclesofSthe lcei ccii
ti.cichce-cusofuhleu "bys".\ianSi
Io thecliorccc aycociii tin tiof-ino
'hc. twIcfamcssu"Mcit'lci liitse ita
Ic- -i ,-er- wrttnmc is, c-
em cci \hsIwithtaisit tch oisslorecel
Bakfr.cm cithii i ce c licandetLouise ccicc
genira ill greisl ndbtdfo te u
ofl this muiisic l hi iti.
Auminfmii l dant Iiiceetllowedii the illa.
ci-tt i cy scniiig hict c llarge ],,i t
ciIccl of mik crnaions.ii
IPcccl.IHennmsC. Aasiciwi.ocittacc, leec-
lecturcing mee inconcc c - tinwitli Prhit
Smalley ci ecidu i it)tasttsion
1 -hiis. ci lit--lly of hecc cucandccpiroc
ccl, l te icia imon,1 Iuccu stlied
[\am, Ime wai siteiarvlide-ali-icc-t-i hemi
plasure oinsetingit citcciiirvrdio
adchplenidciily eqiiuicie. Is ie ocite he li
limitessos temretcld tmit ismtheslce ice
wher cie i iclmic themmno mdrticmeis ccci
eno agdgree ccl soci-al life. I
is ai k-e-cithIium foriHarvard. Iiw1iii
miceoe elieriymiici ciiimcstel cmnlie
Uinhcis-e- iikbetphs ciiigroin-mg i
lihe - maccnnemawhichmit hais doime, cd i
cms cccli m mccgedi scd ccciitedci, i sill
undoubedlyici one rfx hi ccuci liithis twardti
aiic te-sccical lilt- ee.'
Atitie-reguaricvmueiug ofl lieF-hcv
estry cbhil ldscit:ight ii West HIl
ID. I. Reynoldits caddressedl tieme mmebes
ccl the lmib di lehoduics cci Fighting
tFire- initie Naticonacl FretxstSM. ey
nolscld ofh iitiemalxvcntages oehingc i
toee-scccllipatrolleduI cwherever-itluy mcy
Ie. Hei esxplainedlthe mehos Of bcak
firincg, trenmcing.,cndchIe uimliziing cci
trcilis, roacds, mmciiaurmmalcibsacles icc
prevent tie sireadu of fe. ttire hunes
sre cmiutcroud cs-ry setion ofii foret.
L~ightiniug creessumss o hunters cnch
sucrks flviiiciccmtaoties iet-clie chif
- cuses ccl forest fires.
A srge nmumablerccl tie cli memes

atteeth ie mmetinug. 'lhemcelubiahas cm
membelldrsiihipof sixty-six cnd umees ti-e
ac moacimu im 1 com 4, sWest hail.

Plan Involves International Ex-
change of Instructors at Gov-
ernment Expense.
Thrughtheeffris ccl.hit-.Kail Rein-
Iadt ofi. thlii dci cmcemmlofinstuciton
of Perulin,. a plancc uwhichc reolutcioie
thecii mehdcfiprepar ing teaceres lirliii
instru clcii ctin ifmden Icuguuags lua
lice condccc a tciec. lhis laniumnvoles
accmc leuucdaicuuc lecange aol isructrs
echo w iill lie- suppotedict cigcvernmuent
throughithmPrusianiedctionl nh
'ide hl rdiso a ii- cllege cof
reoizdstadngi etecr f hes
ccc iced u- ci n r eii le fr ccii
iul ii (d iiiiiuicialilcc iin thin, hin-
parletr insltinttions iiabroad, Icer 11cc-p
dill cnductcaeteacin,iy cciii
crcactdal cull ccl ci natciectnmgue.
Dr. lienryiiisth it nche-i, cresidentd
ofth iareie I tudtuioiiu, togethe
1 tlse(r n'm0 profe lssors, ii-
clndm Cah in'1 ; terheced of
the iG lip dlIiit iMiichiganu,
cuil eprecsi I lr angoecnmet.
The1plip c ciftesi ,edt it.chisj
ahead in oeratin b (tcciducermn}'y,
ofin i sdci nfreg aguagsandcmi
thecoretonl csit-s eucaiohnaml-
gcis ofbothcco ccntriest"
ln te ci e cccl occesi islwhrthlie
res ide an i ll rce i dcc ll cli advanu-mcg
cc,_ h-i Ic- Sulhcel c holtu i ps. '.Ci
plan \\ asi (icd -g -ene t-s parng
i h -:tetuit.tduct-c'lii
cci vieddraionf t thprfrlmiee ccii
he g v n tt ec i i e uu tcily c-Inctin
ing dlicti ididhliceesei ofa cthis cedccy,
furnishes many oppr~tuc fors iiindi-
vidiucl talceie inn echaracter cutcle iy liii
cat, acc ic oycuuitt of -auingsitna501c-
ii i te uuilcuec. iuiy rehecaras
are- dicdw progracing twccuarsu finacl fie-
iuucfo lie prouctuionmocumilimitcv-ning
Of 'mpint2-1, ecccin isie ccl lie lue
seededs ccichl i cntes cu tteciiidiueay
thue- cure cclliiihe.recrsccls. "Mincna
oni ilcucuc luri ffe' s caeumtugimeCtomial
ace-ncs candi i iigtidil w 1,et-ti o iIs l iit5
anii ncicnccs i -it du -r chi-cwholie-
Ticetsaorte dyutt n sdiii
ai S~'m hoks toee ciday froii
dtic hi()clock.l lie-prc-de chsml
that all ma b ai c-cl.iaed
t lice- homieofutheinlinehudes parnts
Sir. Joephe tutu iuc iliumsiy stitchMiss
l'aicuclerile nlt nc cciwinemunuiedh i
icieriage lIctedenuc in n i occl.I-ie.
Ohlioi, uffied. Mr.I'Msly is a mce-
leu ofcl e lce s- ofc'9de, a ciii is et lpes-
i-icca ccinstumicrint timee.mehanical en
ginering lass. Siisa Knouwlon was
gridt cuedlwishii ilie ccsscci o, and
s ac"Mmmbciiic fcthmie Collegiae Sorosi.
't d:30 i. andul shrs. Bilumeeyleft for
inlie south. Thte wiiireurmn afeucethe

spring cvacationucancumakmse their Ihome
ati lice Cuttimng apam enh ts until Jumne.
lTme summcaer cull ice vspentlsabroad.i

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