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April 07, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-07

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If your hair is a
bother, or you have
any trouble with it,
buy a good
Hlair Drush
and get relief.
Money Loaned
On W~atches, Diamnds, Law Books,
or othiei personal proprity.
Watches 'sod Jewelry repaired.
Bargains in Watches & Diamonds
Office atsresideece 331 E. Liberty St
Ann Arbor.
Beours8te 11:30 a. .i1to 4:30 ad 7 is

Oxer twenity-five seniors will take the
annoal vacationi triis to use factories and
plaiits of Toledo,. Piitsiaurg, Waohing-
eon, Philadelphia, New York, and Niag-
ora Pa11s. The entire spring vocation,
froimsApril is to 20, will lbe coissumedl.
The trip teds originally itittuted over
fifteen years ago for menmbers of the
juniior mecaicail class, bitt tt the pres-
enit timantyonitterestd is allotwedlto
jithe pseartey. This yetar italf the snsti-
tee are seniors, sanl the sn iter froim
lie imechatnical tdeptetiis almost
ettutaledi lyvtut frotmtthe electrical.
Those inteitsditgtsitke the trit shsottis
reposrt to 41 r. Knight heftir esitin\Wetd-
nesdatyitsorderstat he stay ctottplete
te arratngeimesnts for hsotel accoiosda-
The party leaves Anin Aritor at 7:20
as. is. Sattrday, Apreil Is, for Ttsledo.
'ters they still visit the Fisrdelatsse
Glasscomipassylte PotpeMotor Car
ctmpansty,tatndte Toledlo Railwasvands
Ligist companstsy..
'T'esrtrillso fPittsbusrg wsillibe tisse
Sunsdsiay. 'Mssssday the etngitieers wiil go
thtrousglt the Crescenst Sledlwosrks. The
Wseti'sghsouse islansts billli'e sinsectesi
'u'sdssav. 'lucystill sendi Wsesne'sdaty
<: tse lisossesteadSel el swssks 'andsithe
plint if thss'Natissnali Toos]ic'mpanssty,
'.'ssissg t 5):40 uP si., fssr Washsintgstn,
wh ee te still ise sishwn ttsrossghsthe
'avy yarsi. Piladtselpiais i tir text city
siit lt'esoute. 'The Bldis n Locomost'ssssive
sits is iwill he sthipointioi itteretitiee'.
sh rttp tiltlit'esmadse' tso(7sitstett,
. J .. whiere lte'Ness Yorkipuitldsinsitg
companssy isisit tid.
Nest fotrk sill ise te sext stsp. i see
Cl5 'i''sill sisii t'e Watt''rsieesttin ioi
C esteamtshtips Kesnisiisss WPilhtels.
'T'he journeyto Nisagsarsaals seill lit
uit' isis Sundaisy. Diin .\foissisy they
s'. ill e'xamsinse te power houses on bohs
siftsif the riser sidtuhue plaint of the
hi 'erisstiossssiPsaper compsiansy. throis
I sffislis they uill retuto DItsierosit,sr-
e'sisig'there eairly' ''uesday tmosrninsg,
Apsril 2I.

Astsa iseetinig of the fIssdiatna state cluh
hseldsiiiivsiersity a'ill yt'ster'datv after-
soon tse foiiowving officers wtere clected :
Precaitient, W. L. Benedict, 'rim0: rice- The Colter
presidient, 'u. A. Ilerisebe, 'to: treasurer, Stad
E. T. Thietiss, 'to; secretary, R. II.
ltreyiserger, 'so; historiatn. V. R. Jose,
Jr., 's o.
'hlit' iostcsitssmiteet ssiindeilin
their foinl reports for tse yeaur. 'The
quiestioniof hinisiogastsaiice wsibirostgist
sit autd dsctsseed. it ss'ss iittltv sic-
cieditut t'eclib 1tise ttii te Hois-
sit's rush11suitdgive ast ey' stlt'e Coutriy

To load a Conklin Fountain Pen, just dlip it io assy
ink, press the Crescent-Filler and see it fitl its own
eg. tank like a camel slaking its thirst, That's alt there
la'd is to it!1 No dropper-no mess-no bother. Do it
anywhere-any time,
can he filled instantly without the leaist inconveniencee. Yoo
could fill it with while bitt gloves ott without dnsger of
soiling. Besides its c ovenience, is the splendidh writing
qualities of the Cokin-the perfect feed.
Leadiec dealers kandi- ikhe Cosklin. If veers does ntie, order
direct. Prioes, $3.00 andaup. ;"end at osc or tohkandsomuesew catalog.
The Conklin Pen Co., 310 Manhattan Bldg., Toledo, Ohio

Tue 'lsiresirti faculty sit a slpeil ets
tag thtlastedi till msidnsighit pis eithie lu s
salnt ing ugtlssai momssentou t ssls ane J s Touch of Spring
in Istesr tir s isstercollegiatse 'atiltis :
"The 1I'i''lar issefac ity,ub i'sl i lei tsatithe
frteey salintercosllegeiate g lits is it-
juitustoe schlalyl itirests o5ichtil
it lisschartge, ursge'tly s'eco etss t o i
st-e 'otitenit' he lstregultionlifsitshsil-
'ici spots thalist s ha stll seeks by tmeast
sfl sssrt:e'sellen is thtoil)etittscoettges The new Spring Scarf as a special introduc-
trtherwvisetoIt resister ctissieralyin tory of the spring, we are offering a special
ritlleitsinistests", purchase of beautiful new Spring French four=~
-- in-hand, in new correct shapes with open ends
l.IS'-Sits'tru Iiss itg it 1t and in all the handsom'e spring coloring.
'i'rs R.R.fC., its \\'ssertssitt gymnstiumtt
F7ridays. Rewa.'tlz. i . I a.pCitert6s 1 The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
Cl erser sisisri, phsose 8394J 41-2 and they are beauties. The new spring styles
LOtST-Oitros lPiisissill titliast in Hats and Cap are here for your inspection.
.1 1.ty'n.'st' i aci llls it:stilets betweent
too-I.. 41-2
LO1ST -lit Newbierry iHail, aitltite-
thyst eite. Fissier please'cisetsn its lis
Smtithi's sffice''atiNe'wtittrry v ali, tutu re-
Goo to Reels & Nichtols to buy caps ____________________________________________
and5t gownsti. Bratidisesecaits atid gows1
isi ts lit yost for little store thsatn BUY YUR CP S C' ANDB rGOW NSr
t titl tricers ofs condi-handttionrs. BJ ' X U 1F 1~J~ U V~
Piers $3.50 tsp. Dotit renstsustisl you'vt.
setheir satmpiles. 36-41 WHERE THE CAP AND (GOWN BUSINESS
_____________I1 BEING DONE
FR: A'i'ERNI'lY I hOUSE FOR RENT -Wc AlEc SELLItNG AGl NtS sifte~ iir 'a''ttrr fca~ nl((
-Lare'hossuse sisuie fur furatesiiteor isll thit susuntry, aioututuewiehsart'co('us ad . n' fNeYokalth
cltb, oii Niorth i v lsisionssstreet; lusper' tW. C. ieren Cu., ofCiCtsa-o. Any styles' s it i ierl- f itrasgaet
lists invsitesd. ir. Ai. J.,1Hsll, Lawrente You ittiC 555' iltti'iishiort nticet.
Is ihlig. cornser Fourth savessuetastd Pcicees $3.00 uP
Auits street. Be11phonite 758. 37-44 MACK ft CO.
Soiuvesnir tstoers ohMichtigridalfur
tainisi isunsett Friiayit Rouot's.
Ninse sontgs lute$2.00. 41-2 N OLF its Wateches, iliamuondus, .iewehsy. acidiall
MONEY LOAN_ LII~IV *,*ED ItuuClsss Oattet and Clt'stiesalt e as
lYIUI~Ll LU/Businesssty Basisurtsstric'tiy econfidet ii.i
Ile tie usre abusy siset of Lyndsuons 20 (351cr Houors:5:30 tt 113Et 7, o 8:1,~5 4fr2 et olrdisatad al orhAeu;opoiecuthue
fu1rsseutrdhoti ehs(l Two doors sooth of City Y. 35. C. A. W. J. LOURVIIM
it-e viruss). 5s _________________________________________________

'hucampu~insg otitSpasrtysehichttes toi
W c re .1C C Ic ihelditsNeswberry Hasuitlastessuisug
___________________________________ st-hi psspedltuntilsuhisutel Fastre, situsu-
Thtisawrdwic ewantsyu C'Mitt ofi te cotlsness iof thueeatherct.
oursore.It os( W1, ~aetiht-ier
yo '0m o ny otal tips. sde.-s, sNts 'suit. \IuutCs MPsI.Asi.
dias,1,vuspc e iito o ouse it eus iilrstis inu dueul issthur list ofi use-
tc iii,> sis . 55t55 i 5 tu t o iiytt ou isutS fessossitite tile univltersity csatalosgue,.
itt ssss's-es'. it hiuths''e tigageilt eat sctiing 5or' tuitii -
East University Pharmacy srauhiuuuuwihav lserlutsrerceivedh asiegree
55I) 15 . ii esity Ass-ust. i lige thans Baschelorhisse'hashd is'thee
ft. M. BOYS, Pharmacist Igere osal 41stsreif :Arts cnferedl tt
__________________________sus Wa'~ltereCanau,.Yale's sathletic aud-
V. of M. vtu ist s 5ree-vhdSite 'Masster's desgre
and issisdas <ssflsl preofessose.
Barber Shop and Bath RoomisIs -_ ______
Dntforget thur popular vasusdevilre
EverythaongFirst-cipss sie ussusussuueuenssetihi
ULV.-est Shona tinthe City hts.Cniuu efrac ihl
J R. TROJANOWSKI. Prep., tush Sautrdeasy smatuinee, as thur Ilijoit. if

Slu Srowe's Lan adaundyaesLTKvryCgTY
GROSS Foms a Ho:sMAS ROWE, Prop.
sruit 11 frm ul tnl softe Clas . 326 N. Fifth Ae.. upidt -leeMi n
1e-.IfN s ne ' itsit 5yambtions, Nw Phn 457 Belt Phone 457-L Womlen for All PzrpMes5.'S~
a s ~t ishTheiu boy ,SCOTT'S DANCING ACADEMY
ahdeot.r ot SaeSre WASHTENAW LIGHT & POWER CO.
fp I ineofqsiat -i Class.s Saturday 10 A. M. ind Sre
b p c o euasueutouey 7:30 P. M. 200 Eekst Wa.shiriiton Sre
MITT-ais antut Mat Assembly S ocok._____________________________________
Riyon"n thIi:,Io,o by RAIetI FIOlOOLRS' LOy .. With1keitiure ye-u______________________________
po .t ei it ;t~hindsitht te big Leage payesueo. 25 censo$.o0-. WAI KING LOO KEEP YOVR DATES
n -l ise.,pa te~lt-SSg01 1 e z ao t ~' teofcalhl f Chinese ChopSuey Restaurant B arigacp fteOSHBNDaily Subscriptions Now Due
'riaeR..ACPI OFFICIAL EASE BALL GUIDE tr 155 Ciner Fay Dishes, Americas Lunhes of HANDBOOKf in your poete. Spac for mm-___
witrilotet a''n ass ts tee rir-sncheduletiri e ~agusr-scuores or ameo. rio. Also alt kinds. EFerrything firs-lass tr orada, aiedar, special events, University
coa tu iiois-teo 1',>tto toftrisWord's Scriei. ioueust deeas', or by mail. lde n etee.Sbcitostknb al hcdato
si t t'ua t -5}:5 -tx..'u-nils-tuitptly otrguods- dii cclt u rept ofric. lde n ete e.Calendar in this laO ppsee book. Given away Susrpin taen sym l.heit-ft0
Ask loorou 90oBsetaiSat aiaogte-FR$. _ Chinese and Japanese Bi-a-brac. to stuent at the Unvesity Y M. C. A. Mc money order.
A. J. REACH C., t727 Tulip Street, Philadelphia lpStais, one door S.lHusoBos, 314. State St. Mlan F1a11.


39' iEast Huron Street

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