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April 07, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-07

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The Michigan Daily

No. I42.


Coe Coaches Squad-Records flay
Be Broken in Girls' Track feet
Yesterday afternoon the cross country
men tonic their first jaunt of the year.
Led by the reoubtatle "Spicer" Co,
and fanned by a warm spring breeze
tat made the blood jump in their veins,
h af a hundred anbitioss ones cantered
in the sunshine. The tace sas soi, te
object eig to instrct te men ny to
the game andI to synch tp a little per-
spiration. Coctias everywhere. Now
lizetas tp aiead siosig te snovices
hwtoisstride. Againlie tasieitd
instrtctitg itfre-sh asan sitw-to sighiss
uais; atd ait the timie leeit te
ssuasd ii godi spirits withs lively talk.
After about two smurssari beets csveresi
the bunchel struck te trait bck o the
"TtueIciible is" retouced Coe, "that
they are liutble ts overdo it the firs time
out unsles there is smeone alo nsg to
watch thesi. Tets they feet stiff and
slie, lecotme ditscorage,. utnsiquit. Of
csourse they wil all feel rtter stiff us
firs. ut they sooi geltitver that. A
tintshuitlslld -tutm slsie, lie sol
slartsout wis-ll te saandtu hus get
te advatntage of te caucig fro the
slde dse, stiho tiill hose htsfo nusd
kuep htm frum trinintsg himissel. Aniy
ian thlistliytsan i ltiltyit ll sussl
'tart listswit us teveery afteroonis, le-
cause te msens whotighseastnstal fl
lnutst le ickest froststhis liutcl.'
It isprlballe ta t anyorttlstwiil
joistit the sualiesisssthose stlis stens
out5yestecrdiay. Et-sry-freshmasuns shti
crss truts isill bis-c uciseifrmuisIi
gyilsses is si-si. Tintssqussiwsill
le formsedi, a fast -sit a sowsieot. Tos
ti-ioidoitsnot felinisclises ts gtusfast
pases cant rit alssigwst-ilste lttesbunch.
tOne spurosse f te crsouniittry 1rust1
stingis t inhut wishst matstialicih~l-
igutthasto1s'seistcstis--t fsll. Slit
litas epust s tiionlsuphol,iaisg tkien
hoosrs is inte sdistanscs'es-ents sirig~
iasnt tears, If 'Micigian is -ictoriouss is
te esterns cross5 cutsr- see, "i'
still prbaltyle awursest tetemsi
Thie seel is ts beihelinitsNoemsbe
oser te Priniceonscourse, whlics mes-
sres tise miles Thestin taksig firs
pluceswililb ienlit-cit i t, secoss
two, and so sit. Te teamsaivig th
lowst scsre takies tesee.
Cross countsry- tor: will cotisue ench
aftersnos frostsnoseott at 4:5; asssa
o u. it ursay.
550.55CC .sttl.tttFS siress ECRS.
Forty girls sre esseresi in the girls
track seel o le held tis esenisga
larbsossr gymnssasiumss. Accorcig to th
oteiasdesisst st least two gys ec
trdstiill le bettered, with a strosg pot
sibiity- of tying a sworsd's recor.
Miss lEsily Stark lint dose 4 feet 2 I-.
iches repeaedly ithie igh jump, wic
is oniyttywso and one-half inches belo
Fthe est mrk ever msusde by a wotan
its the sopst Miss Margaret Tunict
msade 28 feet, twhichs is a treteing psi
for the local gym record.
Amosg the oter eests are the vaul
(ny style), swing jump, stationar
risgs, igh jump clinbing ropes, travel
ingrigs, santel38-yard dash.
Inthie prelisinary meet a week ag
the eniors defeated the fresen in th
relay race, asd the sophonores wot
from the juniors. Tonight the two win
ters, as well as the lien losers, tll
meet in the 'relays.-
Despite a soggy field the snine win
through s lively a game yesterday a

could be asked for at this time of yeas
Playing to a tie at the end of the omit
ininmg, it was necessasry to go on to tis

eleventh to break it. The svarsity squas
aga i on iy a score of 9 t 7.
Abeisisus std Ditonshe pitchedi for the
varrity. Fozetirotis tas ntslt, so Coch
McAlister hansdedt the big glove. For
te srussBtaer asd ,isticssn did ti-e
twirlisng andilEmermnuicaught. Doa-
sie had mucshisbetter cotrol tituss he hat
last Saturday, picinig a cossistest game.
lie liss eerythisisg irs the sway of curves,
andu a soic bailthtast gets msot of te
btters. Barr stnd tistiicum are show-
isg clever formt, asd most of the staff
will bec able to pst up ass arguensst siths
the best tere is about ttis nec-o'-the-
Essersssus is bteter swiths he stick this
yearthanshte wsalst uand twil e so
stussh the msore vasabe o the temt
wisest in a ole. Ssllivans was the heavy
iter its yesterdays gasme.
Snow aendssiOlsons are putisg cupa iig
fight for the utility poitions for the
sosutherts trip, asd there ist'tissch ctoice
beweens thesi. Both are good fielders,
strosig atters, ands old at te game. tt
is srely iossiblae taut oils oesswill c-
comitpany the teami. Ilist eet there
sil seer te a sosrtage of miess for ay~
of the positioass.
IfuHavig cmspetedi all te ig ste-
sisses andstsette bausealutemusssposs its
feel for a strenuousss sesotsn, M'anatger
Batn ilt s retrnedits Knsasito itteds
Its personalsusisinssess. He wilt remainss
tthere tilt shortly after the srighoio-
dauys, but itill le ack for te firs gsmses
il to e plyedtat homtte.
All tie sdrawsigs for te Cttunty Fi
t potercompt ietilitttton t st t'e iibeftr
6 Isll i. totdaty. 'T'his is abuttiely eess
til, s they gn itote judtges i t7ni
.iawly. Asgretsinisserest listsbieenshowsnt-i
1inte sis'sontestsuind sme st r-ng drtwsis
e shaveisbestniresesstesd. 's'essssty after-
t issonsthsit-srasisgs itill bes'plcet It
exhibititin it somelttStte street twidowtt
--All cottsszitors tre urges tos see tiatus
thteir wourksis inth~e handuts tf iH.- J1Watts
shid, t4 Eist Utiviersity avieuse.
Fosters anunsstscig tody's set salt
rfor "Muina s-stsnhBar diem, swhica is is
b he presented at te Nesw Wititney by~
t te ileusesiVsrisnutnApril 24, serer
d sistriutedi esterditayThe sale of ticket
e beginstlistsastesnto st 4 i'cock, is
W's book smttssort, and wstill cntuius
hdaiy-IsOtis4 inof6 o'sock, eceusrinsh
t vacationstilt hesseningsof Ari 24.
A d uearurse front the usual widso
poatesrs las ben made its this kidof
adrtissing by thus Vss i. The pser.
are it thises colorstrd whie,anud sack
tthe natonalu colors of Germansy. A bnt
e of red reading"Mina -ossBartuteto,'
extenuds frsomasoppousiscorners acrosso
w ihitsiackgrond, with the body of ts
aanouncemsent in bind.
r The -Junior H-op this year nettei ove
it eighty dollars, with sealy alt espese
tain. 'Tle fete remaining ills in hesie
Itwill nt materially redsuce this amtuntn
yFor some time the contmitee in carg
I- fearetd that not enought would be md
to clear expenses. The financial sces
oof the affair is nows assured, howeve
eNothig definite has been decided itt cc
us gard o the dispositions of the muoey, hu
Iit sill either e presesnted to the Micht
liganUn iton or given to a fusd toward
tweetinug the expenses of se-t year's so
cat eent.
Is Prof. . H. Vats Tyne is the appies

r. isacnsn the faculty. It is all becausie
hs Van Tyne, Jr., arrivedl in Ann Anso:
eyesterdauy morning.

Toastmaster Escapes and Is Firstt
to Enter Armory-Militiamenl
Force Aid on Freshmen.
The freshmanussstoasstmsaste sas te
first of Iis class to eter the ligtt us-
fantry a rmioy where te bnusuttet was
hed last ight. By 3 o'cock yesterday
sutercsnonabonut sixty otes, icuisg
eight whoss ieret eisatetoass, hatt
succesfuly rnthe gautet.
'Thie meanssethc emplotsydiswee aies.
During Susiuy ight ua usnsumber seren
aile this sjp's sthroughsthe swidows. Out
thiotitiu suie scceededin u geting its by
sttinug beideteivesiitr of a delisey
waugosnsand sp1rtndhigts be iis assist-
anut. Whtente doosris-sitoenhe afet-
esd histart un loadeuig the swagonusamd
then rustsit. Severalh hathemssevs
shipptedinhisits boxesstund baskpts. This
wsntn aliways sccessful. Twos were
captuhredin it sboss sehichites tulilarge
enoisugh tohltistnie cmtufotablthy. Aout
6s o'clk nutusomuoile soe iut the
frostsiliur.-Fisticenssjumpout mstof le
toneus andh atuemi t ied tosilhisorceether
tesy it, lists izt-e ens- suittaken.
1 te uncdatsty safternoonssuthz ls-
mosusucwhio swee guardnmg te armorusy
smithcrtainsumiiiamenssu umggedluius it if
l usts hshhgfigh hz gurdismenshatt
stems it-criringth-iisthis-proc-eiigs lt
sisy i-og. tudhfhnallyity uw iemt sfuss
as ts rescelstusfreshmanmuuwholushlutstbeets
catuirs-ith itdtslets'ofIMosunst sres-.
Tier usnwtia ssor t ights itswichsaeurum-
sber onii bthtssilts'swters-cuher badlyi
rtist's. u'( sphotmos te lzsneiret
is tsdsiscot'suisaislhitiy f givingiu
-thus'coint est asmithinisg'te fresh mes mu
unmoltsisehd. itsliese. they deietoii
scot im sui site ouu'sf thein-tertfs-tes'e of
-this-townspeople.i Whi. (liii'they'setru' gnt,
u-howverhessophomottre'gurdl mufruits
of thiss'rm'oryus s est ruy' smaltl, smithu
t sunumseusnositfrzsts-isntuedse'est itsrushi
-ing sctss H uni sresei frmthits St
Jamss hosl, asuieter-ui'ng te useiliniig.
T'hes-freshmenssuIdisikedi the itefenssce
it-slithe is-sliias s muas sthe sphoss-
sussorss,tush lter svoluitartiy flutes utu this
thOl us ndayshtsmornsing a umberutot'sfirlst-
yar n sctrzeahedi ts-' tpof the armortuy
laby sueuss of laddes. They sere thus
esafe smith is a potsiinto utget itsthis
b aitlc-iems 3 s'chtck, ue tisse set titstie
rstruls, cts. Set-crushastemspts were
e usmade his get thissit, uithe sp~hhomtiiaes
g seecbeatensoffseasht uestimeute.f stthese
fell intctmte misdle ofitie soin~sg roof
Istothe groundii. tewsitout ijuret.
, esMembers of te mliias company feared
stuat te frsssmnulttshijre teir
c roof, smithforcedultlure ofiemito ineu
dustswusmash cuter thiss-aurmory. Thseid
"sit again'st tiheir witll, sd tfter two
a esouncsilmsens utstdoue doswi anaruraged
e mattiers lucy wtettactuointe roo.
Sstun aternoosnstwo-ufieshmnmswere
us A. . Slassi's rss. A numbstier of
sophomoitttres wels hiter to ecapture thems
Sif psssihte. After takiginn a time, oe
of the sophs sairto hiseh freshmn:
T"Well, feloss, let's le ginig."
s A fressmanasassertd, 'O, it's cult-
huig too ars. My feet ae see."
t."Well, h guess st-sit have ts take yu,"
;e was te aswser.
ieHere Schulz chimesinhi, "Yostclts try
5s i if youi wanst i-they're iy guests."
r. The freshmens tere not taken.
Frosts 6 o'clock on, the freshmen madse
in organized atempt o ener the build-
r-ing, alt of the activiies heing cofied in
is smalli groups. The sniosooes tatroled
>tie neighbtorhood unstit9o'clsck amd
captured suny freshnen, several of
whlonm atenmpted to effct an entrance
sby imasqerding s girls. Most of these
it attemsps resultedi disastrously. At 8:30

a sveeral freshmnszswho bash been confined
ris a farm house outside the city were
brought in and nudes tho time captives

alrneaduy taken.The enie nussuber iwere
this-s sins sted tu itsfantasic costumses,
sasi after ibeing phtougahtedt by Lym-
dloms miarcedtitte uarmioy. Isusll,
frls- seienfs chmsens serecapeturises. Of
this nmbuisrc, thsie havuingtoass uscplsh-
humuo us ncosmmie'st-rc: P. W. Rut-
kern, J. H. Brennans, I. Get, J- W.
tAdaimts, L. Sumomses, C. C. Iismsdseimu,
I. lintsicosu, u-h. H. Aplardsus,ID. J
MctNabbh, ID. L. Kinney, R. M. Mornig-
stafund tuidR. E. Kustuere.
Ini spuiteof the unsitbhiliy ofithiss
armortiy,useth eecaiossswec welt car-n
tieil out. Abuiut e hundruledh adsitwenu-
ty-lise cuplses wee present. Tiemsusie
uas furnishedt hy Fisehunsusorcheshnra. I
The Unitesity FChrisians association
has authoisrizdHalduhP . Gsuisd, rus
appittiedi mange sof tie Micigni
iHands-book pusnlised uby the associationu
ts offer a scholarusshipsithie tUnivesiy
o the staistwinning thin'comp~etition sisosn
tohi st aiest lir te assistati umaager
shi. 'hitschtoarshtipsisill he equalsto I
te tuitions ml tie deartmnt ihumici
thus' witter is enteed, adh silhe icgisiit
fornox mciyear. Tie conte till he ope
tosostphomitores usndlfreshmuen, onhis men
ushumsuwittlhe itsthis'Uniersiy his-ruyesm
'Fle witchOfui shinsug tie IHandbooksss
luss assumedmzmsuch proprtiousns tatsithis
helpi stiammmiassistant is neessary, tand
the mnamgementitake'liits methoi of
securinug tiepouer mitsu lir tie tplace,
at 'he samue tisse givig eeahcometmsior
a u abletmm tra'nsuigtwhich muty- he of
sstice-o hummsslarin'scisis tinelisusthsi
smten caumus puliciionhsms.
Itnniannouttctingflthis coptitinithis
assscition andiith ,'st anbokm anasmssge
menmt hissve in mintisihits'osidsiera'bls
numberhsssofuI iemswiltsavhunts'putist usit
cutmrenin smthissu lst-tunis.ork sme ml
suoms, ,atilhus't, mighti mak- ussmof suhi
ex'erencmewtihe uil itetUnivesiy.
'Thecumanuager' cithe stIhis sdes us
A'utcstiitut n ital Insistsgtim Is o'lock Todatity
summt Wednmesayi, ts seetany shussmust
itssie furthr inforhmlant tintsimuregari ts
te cotitiion, whichsatess itutlicteis
atsil rsaing svacetionm. "lie muy humrech-s
edi by teletphone st 5137-, usc mt tie
tilt-s.houscast 82.
'hue mytsteres saltheacjunsirn play tiill
be reeaed out Wednesdauy unigt. 'iss
prograrn with beginm sum7 :30 o'clock. The
mauins flsanof SunsuitCawel Angeltintl
swil ibe reservecutfor misc senior snt junsisr
girls,iwhile the sphonoes ad fresh-
muest will he allowedsiisathe gallery.
'Thec affair is givens annually in oson
of thae senisoi girls. Alit senior girt whi,
ly mistake, tas not recivd a wites
invitationm is tiged o come anyway. All
she junsiors amd undeclass girls ae ass
cordially invied. After the play there
wiili he sdancing isatie gymnaussium par-
'Tle comsmaitee its charge of te play
refuses hum discose its sature, ut all
stussle matialy tit it wil be etiey
different from anmsy fguen heretofore.
'1hz play this year is arousing an usa
msual amounmt of isteres on the part of
the sem, especially certainm performers
hut 'Miciigenda." Dean Jordan ws i-
terviewed by one tian of the junior class,
u-ho, s spokesman for a numusber, cc-
quesed tat the play shomul be repetei
for te benefit of the meac. Den Jodan
put the request before the cast of tie
play, bit tie chances are that Mr. Fis-
cher, withatwo or three of his helpers,
with be the only miers ho ee the pronu-

Thse Educationsal chub aid its mseetintg
5551s evening in Rooms 6, Tappurs Hll.
lThse general subject was physics. Dean
Reed was mhi principal speaker of thse

Dr. Matthews Speaks of Play-
wrights' Limitations-Classics
Too Difficult for Undergrads.
"College mundergauateuis tre mut giltsd
sills suficnsat t na blume thus-cutosisy
th lassisell." 'Th isse of lie
sttesumentssofi ti. iBrandser Mathies hum
is eciturnt-musTheUFish'srsity ash the
Dhrama"ss" tshevenuing. 't'ndeirgradtutte
swrierstre btener sase to fin pars inn
tem. Shakspeatre- musvsrn ntuitthus pias-
ticr1o1 kins-ug tie udersgradmiuts."
'his wsatll ta t. Alatihiutst'swsuldis
ventsiure si thie subjet of stllsge dr-
matichls at hiMichigans.
D~r. Mthewiiss pke umiin asw, altmosst
ceom'rsaionasi lts-e tu tuiihossut gestur,
yet s's-ry uswsrds I shseasrd asith appre-
ciatd. lit t liii' Iis tex thsim ettt
tatemnttha'u t uh"'vserygrsattdsrmtuist isa
historyhis iswritt Ihis misy' sithsthut
intent sms tuiono aig it atedcin ustlthete
beoreanmumdmienmsmus'- Brokensm up istoits 'u
patms Iis sttehmmmentis sh im-the ptay -
mi-ight'slimtahtionuts. lieis limittd y'
thus actorms, this'theastehrntuhe is'audtiienmc".
Tainug' susfitstthies'ctorhss, him - iS
tu-c's sitoiwsdtihowshelirwrkusselseitu
son simmnd necessariily de i lt iithism,
laintsmg omusthistrhmlpuh tatins
"Thisgeat diramutist- s hts'fospar
ticuar ctos hak s 'te rot- fist
hisi owni coi~many, haingtim hi ss onalstu
imttithttis iofhis ator s ishmusdInit
'Thus-Scluhliior Smithdal severy sut wias
wrenu ht sit icular ac tr-stiltssmwrs'
ts tilets'hisspmits.
humn speak'hinofthehi ate~r h'. Mitu-
thisits' tausdthehis husst sof til t g
Siom t'moldhi I iuit amphitterstolthill
presttplaithoumss w'sithisihiriar'tisic
decorasttis. Is regard i t i usisen '
he shosiuedst htitwt'ssituthums iditsern t
agesandith ifhilrsu'-st cunumtris's wosul mtt
hlttusu-thie'tauhinc of 'suitthli's siusu is'
sum anomtshersntionus.
''FTse dramtmuist mitsas tthily oft hit
actor, s ietheter, sandtiusofitthis''itndi-
tes-emofIis otishms' 'smihfhitsthes'wtholes
pbi.Is islimt sshicheigisestlidme
it' sren'gth. t: seiksthis--gratest, om
mo enmists Iof hissushule tssong,
hius mamttigu it thissmust initersting andmi
demctmsrtissof tll rs"
Fill tiPERFiOhRM.IiN F ,,
Timheuthatlt iimgummtits prbabltiy
momreiforignustsuents lan tumy oilen
Asmericanmu miii rsity' till liz esitblishste
inte hismidus iif tltwsete pliertaformu-
sncez igtvemsby tie language lits. Thie
ercfssrsumc eil mundobtstiy dimeini
mc cry prtiof nec c-shsosoytar,its tie
luli ofi tiestllsge theautricalt worldi be
lire hun actiiies of lie differnt o-
'limee-cus unsutlonmgr us possiiliity,
sut a certinmtys te setciaforeig tlan-
guge cluis hatve uientfor its pesnt-
muent. Thus irenchiatutuCostmoiplitnt
litis, lt- ~tsmicr YWreins adute
Junmsir Detsmesr Versiccresspeiecse
suitng thli lutlt this Sandsiavitn,
SpanutistntuitUltra M'reltushswill make
their initilublins atmt tistia. tFor
ignesund mshsudments stihs htve studuied
absroadmi eil s appetr hutshortskestches ii
theuir resetive. ltangugs sumit drssdi
ini this-cotstiisineofthue coiunry thy rere-
sent. 'JThurograum swilicosisst ml sort
sketchsi aacs ud smevile urs, olue its
foreigns languagssunt sme in tEngish.
'1hz MichiganrsUnion swil reenethe
proceedus, whie the litist with gain pub-
licity anti gratitiude.
At a naeeting yeserday, at swhich a
majority of the litistseerepresented,
F. R. Johnson of tie Sancdinuavianu clib

was elected temporary ecama. lie
iwilt call anosthaernieetinag osatll thineclitis
ssonu after upriing vahaioms, ho choose a
conmmittee andmaunamger,

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