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April 05, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-05

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The Michigan Daily

First-Year Athletes Score 53 1-2
Points to 27 -1-2 by Detroiteis
-Cross Country Runs Begin.
lTe frestman class attached another
scalpt to its lbelt last iglt by defeating
the Detroit Utiversity slool ithie
last of tlte idroor meets. At no ttte was
the score in faor of the slool boys
atn tteir ttost vatttted atiletes provel
of little tvail agaitst sle first-year men.
Dawskins faiedl to swith ie igs jtttp,
goitgott at 5 feet s itches. ' 1-,1 P.
Stmith, for te frestmen, not only cleared
thte tbtr at tis mak bstttweetttan ittch
etter, etsalling the recortl-of this sa-
Michigato got her sttrt toward victory
tent, as anticipated, Horser attt Be-
rook waslted off witt the sotttt score.
H orner eat Bettbrook's est pttt by 1w0
inches, his highs"nark beitg 7 feet 7
inhes. Spiegel Colt tot ctme within
eight feet of tis mark.
Then the frshtman score was futtrher
ethantcetdwett Horter took te dast
from the Detroiers, with eck rat-
ing thirt.. Horter also wn first itt
the hight hstrdles attt secorttlithle low.
With a yart more ttt rutt ftcwsttd ae
wott ttelatter. As it sas fte gaitet
nearly a yardl after tesent ster the
last stick tttd was alnost areast Spiegel
ait tetale. Thes lowehtsrtles swere rutt
itt5 -5 secottts atd the higtin 54-5.
Prostaly the iggest strprise of tse
erveittgswas te rctory of eckoneet
'sils inthttcqunartr-msie. Uttil te tsro
tttntsrachth le stretht Mills ad tte
est of the argutmenst, bt thtere ftc egar
to rttttutfthill atttlKeck tdrewe away
wintning ttceeentstbIy aoutt two yarts
'Te crowdl hat ot expected eck t
switt fromtheo olt Cicago sttr, atd wert
othleir feet stotttitg t te Close
Sittots for fle freshtttesn antI Spiege
for D. f. S. tiet for third place. Tet
time was 54 3-5 scottds.
Hatnevanttisflayed rttter poor jdg
tment itt his rtttotitg. He walked awa
withlthtlenile, butttutnsatisfied with wits
titg. he orexerted in order tnt gait s
htalf fats on H-all anCapin. Cotse
fluetly whets tcesnteret the hloff-sil
ftc was its poor shape, fiishitg thir'
when he nmight ave arget first wi[
Blallatcet. The mile was rn in 44
3-5 atd the half its 2:7 1-5.
Thle pole vatlt sas easy for the first
year tten. Hawkits had ot vanle
before tis seasos, ad ad to hae t
-bar lowered to eigt feet in order ti
score for third place. Fitzpatrick l
Page and Saer vault aip to to feet an
thets declared a ti.
The relay race was gotd, ht t:
freslstten were not itsay dager of lo
ing. H-orter led off for the first-yet
met, opposed to Spiegel. He hal n
troublle dispsing of Iis opponet, gi
ing Goet a lead of abot five yard
Goet took tabott two msor frotn Shra
tnd was scceeded by Wright, oppose
to Hawkits. The freshmaan was near:
a tfarter of a lap to the good wht
thte last men took the tonc. Keck set
opposedl to Mills ad held his ow. TI
timeo was 54 2-oeon c h relay d
ot cont for poitts.
The fial scre was 53 1-2 to 27 t-
its faoe of tle fresmet. The sttr
mastris follow:
35-yard das-Horner (M), Spieg
()), Keck (M). Time-:4 2-5.
4-yard late burdles-Spiegel (D
Horner (M), Tilley (D). Time-:
40-yard igh hrdles-Horner (M
Spiegel (D), Scrans(I). Tie-:

44o-yard ran-Keck (M), Mills (U
Spiegel (D) and Simons (M) tie. Tin
9-yard run-Ilalbatchet (M), H:
(1m),. Hanneean (D). Time-a2:07 -


,Mile rtn-Hannevatt (D), Halt (M,),
Chaphn (M). Tine-4:4t 3-5.
t2-lb. sotpt-Horner (M,), 47 feet
7 inchfes; Bebrook (M), 47 feet5
incies; Spiegel (D), 39 feet 3 -2 itches.
Pole vault-Sater (M5) atd Page (M)1
ti, Hawkits (ID). Heigt-to feet.
H-ighs'Ljutmp-Smsith (M), Hakis
(ID), Orser (M,). Height-' 'feet 9
Relay race-Freshmnswsot. Times-
:54 2-5.
Fittal score-Frcsfstten, 53 -2;ID. U.
S., 27 -2.
Aspirants for hosors in cross contry
runtning sil ae teir first opportunity
to go outtwsithste varsity pac-msakers
ott Mosnay. The sqad wilt leave te
gyms at 4:15 esery day from ow.otsntt
ft swill ftc divided itto two sectiosns, ote
for the secdy ad onse for tfelisrly
The frost is stfficiently ot of, the1
grontd so that trainitg is safe an a large
nutmbsfer will respods to the call. Aot
thirry mno are rtnnitg ott of the ffy0
nos, ht they arc goitg in sqads of
tseo and tree and sitot coaches.
The promoise of at tensnis nmatc itfo
Cornell and several other colleges, adt
the cmspetition wift will probably exist
for the places othfe -arsity tsatm, is
restlting in early practice for varsity
catndidates. Enottghstaco see ot yes-
terday ott priate curts to larttsha
gootd dohles match.ls.,, it if Cataits
SIto g intettiono tot-develop strong don-
blsrspayers, -if possibtle, it is proablse
tht, ttcontrary tos the lst seasotsfprac-
ttrrs addedsftitte' till ftc devotet thtfis
sart ofthle sswork.
rTevarsity corts sill e itt coni-
tton for pay te ndty thtt scolsssb egins
aftr the sping acatiot.
The vtrsiy squand gt ack at the
scrtubfs yestertday, defeatitg temtoittatn
e rtghtttnting gtttme y tt score of 6 to 2.
"Sully" instilledl Iis mnctwsihs terc
nIjtuiretl"gitger-fiz" adoth te resltsas
assnettsy victtry.
A slippery baltl antI smtetitg of a
cool breeze prevetnted te twirlers from
tldoing their est work. Barr and Listhi-
I- cue, with Risersoastn tcath, swited
aover to the scrtth sqad, atd Dotahe
atd Aheltoan pitched for the Ht"omt,
w sitht Enenroth receing.
The infield looks great; bttt so, it
N fact, does fle whlole squad. As te
Itgenial captains retmarked, it's atbtnc
that wold be hard to beat.
t-Otly otenore week remains before
.d the teamo tost leave for the south, and
lthey have not beets able to work on
:o Ferry field yet. The weather next wek
t will have mcft to do with the team's
,dcotditiotn for te sothern trip.
ro C. A. Hottser sas toastmaster at the
v- pharmic batqet giets last night in the
s.Michigan Union clbouse. The toasts
n were as follows: "Otr Aspirations," J.
d D. Busy; "The Parmacetica Cens-
fy ist," J. J. Riley; "The Visible Reslts
en of the Presett Agitafiotn of Pre Foods
to and Drugs," Dr. J. . Schlotterbeck;
e "The Pharmacy Department its Michi-
id enda," K. W. Tracy; "The Otlook,"
F. F. Ingran; "Or Gradaes," Dr. A.
-2 B. Stevetns; "Te Pharmic," Mt B.
- Smttith.
The Alpha Na society at last night's
to meettng chose H. L. Rotel, W. L. Lane
1)and J. J.Devos as its cp ean, and F
G. Stevenson as alternate. The debatt
'0 was holy contested and iteresting, and

the decisions of, the jadges was very close.
')9 The qaestions debatend involves 1he dis-
:ne positiots of private property on the seas
in time of war. The Alpha Nu tease
all will debate the Webster team in the firs:
-5. prelimsinaries..


No. a4t.

C l

DR5. 5555555,5555 sMATsTEWS


Ns ison,,SisgmoatAlpha tEpsilst onfoert
FRESH BANQUET Itl s tt PiDltas ht;jia
Th1< om sony, Gystfstttt et - onl


16 Al' 1AM)
Annual Festivities Will Take
Place Tomorrow Night-The
A stonsthslote, dise oossosal frnsthmanst
bassntuet will sector tomorowessssightt 1
8:3o. This sannossssscemsesnt iltltoemd
to Sftdentt CounscilmanosoHarsold Humph
rey at thoe.'Alphast Deltss1 111siosess ths
smoortisng sat oaclotks by the freshmansos
commtoittee htsvingtgh~e banuett its chargte.
Thoe Sttudetnt Csoutncil repeenctative will
tnotify thse fratenoity ssohomosre s tthis
Fstor ateitof those freshossensott
ftully acqusainttedt siththle seeransgemesoot
tmade for thteir tbatnqfust, floeDllsiy wishoes
to antnountcethsat thefolowsinsg tarocramo
of toasts hassbects aresangedr:
Toasttmasster-Hutgh-1.. Btstl onets.Phil
Kappa Psi.
"Michtigano," Raymsondo K. Dykematt~, Psi
"Otur Gtrls,"Phlipt Ksisksern, Betsa
Theta Pt.
"PrestdntAngeioll," Johfno 11. Bresnnan,
"Indefpendrents,"tWilliamttFf. (Cetiaro-
snr, ClotPot.
"ThoeBoys,"Hlen Draper, Aslphta Fhi.
"Clano of I9t t,f ois R. Clatrke, Zeta
" The Faculty," Stepheno -A. Goodmotan,
Deftas Kapp-tEpilfon.
"Frstertittn" Herboet A. Goesz.
"Athlettcs, Johst N. Adfamos, Phi Delta
'The followinsg commttitteeosnavecharsge
of the batnutet:
Gesoeral ecsairmoansal ~ter G. 'Whfipple,
Alpha Delta Phi.
Arranigemntts-Lsane Summsoers, Delta
Tots Delta, choairmaont; IHarroldifPoundto,
Delta 'Upsilots;IE. R. Finolnsotsnenf, Psi
Upsilono; Chatrles C. ltunnsscfnoo. Ksappa
Decorationo-yooo Buney, SigmannChti,
s airmoano; Raty- B. Wiggiss.Phoi Gstmmna
Delta; Williatmo L. Sauner, Chi tPsi ; Ralpth
Norringtono, Zetat tsi ; Julfia it. Willisamos,
Kappa Alphta Thefts.
1 Reception-Frantk W. Itrookois, 1Dltat
Kappa Epsiloss, chatirmns; Wilbue S.
Appleyard, Alpha TsausOnmegsa ; Dncsan
sJ: McNabb, ,SigssassPFi;,Russell iBono-
stecon, Beta Theta Pi.
t Inovitationo-Richared W. Ri~fcktmstn,
Theta Delta .Cli, chairmnoss; Valo F.

s1ns:'larseem ->, feraternoity reporeseta-V
tit, o m lesos heo tos'lasses mtassStu-t
loot Counscil r-commtteestndllst attemttts
wa aeto rlimtinatte the prnolongedt 0
sctivities previous 0t5no thens ualto frleshn-
otosoot~~~ ~ ett. .coeitg agreemtenits
tere fitnlly madner wherebly thte htosilities'
wsuld ootsbut irty-six houorsn. Teff
f rest noonno, tonsidtetsagreeng t tooify thnel
sohmrs ofl she timte -and I place nsf
the batonuet a sdsy astool aosl foreorn,1
taeotter toverturset . 'ihey pledlgetd
Iottmselvessnt to feate AnntoArbor be-
Store 8 o'cloock tslo ornoeinsg ; tonewill
th0ey stteostto ::roos toen itnstotineloots
quoet Instllfbefoore ,3 'clockis olafteronoon.
too agreeinto : ~tee plans the sophio-
torsortomisedi not tnt caturlneaty fresh-
onsets before-this honings anoonsce-
ontt. Thoey also releatsedi three freshs-
sten womn they hasoot lntoparoole. Their
porovisto wasthtlthelongyoswttoldsnot toe
usdor he oebansqtuet. Tn thtis sloe first-
yeatrinen readly tagreedt, sisnce President
Antgell toni refused sloe use of atiy of
sloe campufoss busitligs.
Sintt h le contsilliationaltlfpreparations
for tine oostilities hare eInes nsspennded
lay botht classes anthsere hbtt aets no
booltingogsf classes by eithoer. Mosnday
swill foe thne onolyslay offeredi. President
Anogel lthas expressed hIintself as pleasend
weithtshe smicable arratngemoent betseen
sloe tao clasoes.
"Thoe Stunt Conscil otsesapted to
boringtabaoutts obagreemet," said Presi-
odesot oargno."becautse it reatlizend that
frelsmanto lnontots coutldsoot be told if
sloe acetivities contisntedl to he as strena-
toots to they save in the past. The oh-
jectionable featue swhich wee were try-
ing Inn elimtisoate wats thoe indiscrisainate
booltinsg of classes lfor as week before the
batnuet. Ment were obligedt to leave
school lstsyearseiceauose of ritexersoed
ablsenoces. The Couticitlfeft thatt tfhosta-
Inset usnoetof stelewn resooaisoisog troth-
tiossnsof the Usiversity atnd that it shossld
toe mitined.sfif ponssile."
Sisnce sloe, recenst riot camopus senttimset
Lostsassintedf toweartd asnore orsderly ist-
qut thIis yeasr thsant sofreviotus years.
'Two of rte speatkers asnd six other fresho-
moen were cautghotlst tyear by she seary
tssophomtorses. 'The toastmassster effectedt
tin etrace Ins she gymtsthroughs atheast-
Dr. J. W. Cochsraso, of Philadelphia,
sdeliveroslohe fTappan lectitre at thec Pres-
bsyterianitchustch this eeilig at 7:30.


atthews Will Speak on -The
University and the Drama"
Tomorrow Night.
IDI. Btrandoer Matthtiewsoills tthesntxt
the latssegagementttfosete Stsdets's
_cts ne assocatitono ttotsn tomorw ngst,
te e IcoesseeerfSrontNew N ote k tylo
itreonthIon' Univeersity andtool
rattts.' Kal~sier i lte cvsts it ws
iderstoaodslthat.thelontss Irsucaltrsornwould
ewak on "SimpolifiedSp -elln"oSwhlihi
i ths leadlts ig advote. Butlion ce~t
i ftUiversiotonha lien sparretdI on ins
srosdnsratmonatiseforltslbv Jamst
'Dnnooel fennitt, ramts at50 ics crit. iottoe
hicstgosRentsd-Helt it soought
tt te letes its sste sinmnoonsuoldlIt
ore interestisngtoantt t on spe~llig.
IDr. Matthenws is iirtitnntl fitteod to
onstko tsstsjsct.s1nno insowpo
-stosofsdSaaticts terIn uro ini tnmitoas
nivesity, Newv 'sool, iso le loss-
nlsisesl cariosolumeosiiontosstlsdramaio
nsf is ai sccessfuol playwsrigs, havsing
llabortastedlwish BronsonsH owardsnd to
elices. iDr. 1hlstttlseo stories stfevery-
sy Ne Yorknlife seecnoiely rests
Insmucshsnelaso James55'D~otell iBennestt
iii JohstsCorblisn, thesoSrtersa Ciasgs
sssssosie ctil icadtheOlattero asNess
orkn critic, listse epretseriloposit
esw s touilsersiy odrsasostis, IDI.
Mastthtews'iiopinito onuthesloe ssiubjet
il be oSfeeial sinteest. ?Mosesoer,
stmelrs of Sle fsaculy elexet tat sslI
selosin, wllt latse as vsst iflusenott
it dramatttics as thehatee tenstarltedni.
IDI. Msttes is rgrdedois inuh
silly saso~n he nglisIh5 eststos, niot otil i
Aminerica, sot aslot insEnglandoi swhere Ihe
ihs delivered several leuelsbIeore slot
Roysal Intiitte ot GreatIsitinio. Last
esrts- slegi'ino o nor waittsticstsered
upon him bth le I"rench Isgovernissmet.
Ur Masttewts is ta gadutifoe of te tl-
ersitye ~rrse e srnow hols sa 10 Sssos-
shp Ifs gaduted n1rostsn ssColumbiswith
te clats s oS '71aftereinving sa ssco-
oonschseoolsoeduistsiosnoin Prow York.
Atltoughsloshe snedlawIsie prctiedt
sooy Str afe yar Ie soosturnedoo
rot liteitreoondsiohao srmintodlins tast
pruofessistonvrs ince. Ilit sasorbns lo
Nesw Orleassin 1852, ad'sit osbee coo-
oecedithoinoC ootlmbia 05100ersiy sisee
The elections foe the memboslersip of
she 1Micbigstnttsiasislboardf mroed1to le
sle mst hotly contestend fight wihthasi
beesi carried ni toStr tesec posiiossin t
years. fInthe fit snt lw ndeartieti'st'
there was antsuasitsl sdegree o iterer
manssifesed. More tfan tre-ourths of
sf5 thse juioors voted.
1. C. Miller stnt ArminsitRicelIwovoto
the fratersity electioss over If. N. Da
rock asn Sayre Broadheatdlby astargeg
nmajority. 'There were three tikets ito
the field inthle lose deparsenist. R. C.
Mfsrchie atn G. G. feyfroso defeated
F. A. Olds asn Arthur Clrk, atisdlSwant
LinskoldfsnttB. A. Mnyrsa t h fre-
cornered fight. Inthes literstry ndeart-
mient B1. B. Vesder atnds A. E. hetee
wons front J. T. Ketity ath C. J. Agiew
T. D. Gordon, te sccesslofiteica
cassnidatewonont soAnre Ssnss ntl
R. B. Karkeet. 'Ibe cootest of the
dents resuilted nt the eictory of Hi. ,.
Lockososd oser . 1..Roesomssn.
Archer F. RitcheiantushaCsuscey S.
Boucher were soointatedt ysterday by
the esitorial saff of 'T'he tDaiy, as catndi-
ndaes for te position ofsmanaisgig editor.
Accordnisg to tesew rulnsgs, tle bosrd
of control sill select ouresalthese cani-

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