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April 04, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-04

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G. H. Wgild Comfpany
Our Spring 1908 line of fine
Imported and Domestic
Is now ready. It includes all
the latest Novelties, Shades
and8 Up-to-Date Patterns in
Moose Brown,
Caribou 'fan,
Leather Shade,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Your patronage respectfully
G. H. Wild Comfpally
311 South State Street
Sdtonor V Neeck
Is just te garment to wear
these days. Ours fit well,
look good and wear well atd
the price is tmoderae. Glad
1o show them to ou anytime.
Sheehan &Cos.,
Student Bookstores
A. G
-p1ij SPALDI1NG ii~
)& BROS. ::
The Largest Manufacturers in the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Gof, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Bal, Hockey
Official Impeets o Track ad Field Sport,
Uijeforos for alt Spot. Spodiog' Hasdomey
tllstratrd Cataoeue of alt sportsotais n-
meosogeetios. Sed o, it-Its fro.
New York, C)hicago. St. Louis, Sactractsco,
Mlinneapolis, 1)ocer, Bofflo, Syracse, Pits-
har, Philadelpha, Bosoo,ficnnoti, Bal.
more, Washing to, asas City, Cleveland,
New Orleans, Detrot, Montrea, Oaada.

Managing Edior-ARccnc F. RTCtcn.
Bsiness Manager-C. E. WISTA.
News.. ........ ... .Hirain S. Cody
Athletics .............:..Lee A White.
Exchange.......H.John 'Vatoold'
Monsie and Drama..-Roy D. Welchl
Women's Editor.... Loise Van Voorhis
J. W. MhcCandless Elmer C. Adams
George tH. Hoart Leonard C. Reid
Chauncey Bocher B. G. R. Williams
Raymond Vissher
. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott
A. L. Mainine Roert Montsier
Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. Towers Louis raft
Lewis T. Kiskern Roert Moreland
Pol Greer Samuel H. Morris
Otto ~Enget Fred E. Gooding
Theron P. Cooper
John F. Wurz Carl H. Adam
Harold P. Gold
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: - p. i., -8 p. m.
dily, except Sunday. Both phos
SATUiRDAY, APRIt .4,1(0.
'he .11100ailOeting (fTie Daiy staff
switl be11e1d1today ill olllC. tUniversiis
cand1 idtesl'for11tie postilo I of managig
editor, and11tile transacion of slc other
business1as1111110cimeefretil met10-
ill,'.A. F. Rrmmi.
A \F,(51(011 0lll FR cl.l(00 s' CIIY.
I1,lthe noltahle sries(f 50e1mon11iusl
tocuel l l inh tIllcan(Ifhe0(nio
siderteionilwhsishete tlealverge M'iciganI
und1iegradual(te- (as sarcly eI xlored;~
1110 itis(o1111 1f te till 111 e1 tabll e(t
facts 111(11reigious (as wl s all (ttseula
ice 'thou~ghtl has 110vr as yet (attained a
1lait ill 1111-lcurriculumllllwhicl is ill anyl
wiy c((Is iscoso s wit iits'ea cl vlue.lci
tile IlltimatellOsuccess (f a Iliersity iby
the (0 be ssmofoc ell s'ch oledttengiees
11ur11.outIi;1111t(lily 11y the visio, tie
ideal11 of ile, whtichli(illds p 11e10r0its
1110(1.'tile lctlrr11as5d(altt s'h the
0es01100 (freligionI(as tie111(1t1simpe
p ulse (10 ((her. Fi 111as 111ut i ffrot
theology, -tie church, tible11, ((lil alt
the looms ill shichit'Mifeillsts itself.
Heo thas sid,. '''le liithinkig 1(y setich
seobtlhainll tigi is erey the process
of comling ill s1110'practical 1decision1

about111Ilt, tie dicttes 'rI'OsclOe.i'
aindllthe clim~s(f ieronia' eief' to
((ally 1f II. te iew0 lliilt swhicli shos
itself ille0e000 ill of(If rl tois a famiiia
abjec: 1(1ut1to ((niy tie sntimiets 1100
(1010.and(t IlLitter varianicesitl the stal-
io6w' nmlocy. and sel-sa~isfied.Phr-
saislO ill shich. most ef otr .so-called
reigiouls experiences hasc een mired."
Aoy sho hale eardhthe sermons can-
1(1(1 1(111 foci he sigiicace of teir
menn;cnotlllbu11(1seill1110 attitude
expressed, a potent 111fore 5whicih will
our11on to11 ill(~lis'cll(Otsill11010files
(1111 (('ici al f1(111 til ll(111ill soel'adl
sipltdorIour ,iaccompllistts ill tie
10110dstioIlleconomlllic grwlth orsf 'poli
wiseat - nau lllght tiosecritics wh110for
soIon (hav11150clollcllllell 11s as5a11"111-
reigoulpople," and111 aitltrnsr tie
emphas1isi5from till-a1s11w55111its ipreceit
((((Itpraie, 111(1fromllt110 distn~t future
wihu(1(0ra(ill proph~ecies (f what it sill
brinlg foth (anillwilt l cer ll efortonll
til esenlt (luly whiichlis 110r0 11111 110(0
1(0 realiedi
ill til e lief 111(t1tie tiie11(1stlrned~.
He propihelsieshat we01'relon 01tie .00 1'
aI greatireiiou~(s rjuveation 1of te
hilieilst (andi 1hrodest dien~sinls; a0 r0-
great1 chan(ge. wiilll mphasize tie simlpe
religliouls spirit "whichol fashions all is
make(otic l e (t co leiI.,
tile'ins-piration'111'f1hi takearc mttes,
(lullthelcommonll wal o0ll(f (oIlrcampuls.
1.X. PBareowe 11111WilatilIStcy
we're' awardedO f irsi(11111fourth paes
respiv 'lylill 1111Pos-Grad iate 11sp1-
tl i llNess YorkoCity, (oIllofI 150 00o1-
petitors. 1Both111e10(1r(00at lreseli' mcmil-
110rs ofItile' snilo ((medic clss. 'T'h1re0
5500re11only' four(vcancies 111 e 1f11011
1b' co'mpletitive'e xmlliationl, 1wo(1o011these
'heloe sOt-Grauae ottlsitlt (f Nell
'((ohkranks amonI~lg tie foremos1(t illthils
counilltry 'andt 1positionsl.ill i a(r1'greatly
c (ol '11(0The 1111i1(ill(115areforfletw1(
years. The fist honorl(11mal; 11a0005.
15111probalyatssume1110ils dultis illNess
Yorki11111ii lily (1111r0geadua~tionl, 0ill
Stucky il XI~go onlabool' 1111mo1t1 s
1100 F'. 15111111. Ilie too1k irst plod
ill Illn'exam(ition((for a 1lsIitihin (0tie
De1111ndsIlo1110 lichigan mete cllne
11(111 all parsoIsf tile country. . .
Sciltiot 11a( (11s0 landedl aIgodlihospital
pos1ition,1. being pol1~itedlitere of the
ClevselandCarity 'hospitals 'for .I i5X
tollnIllothls ' serice. Schliinko was fa-
voIredt because th1110ilsiiont &l dsiret a
MXichigan internle oil its corps of ihysi-
cians. 'ile oter eleven-e n11101n11te
sta1ff 1100 gradualltes (f tie Western Re-
serse nmedica school ad gaiied their
positiolls throiigh 'compietitive examlia-
(fonls. The City anid State hospital at
New' Castle. Pa..los selected I-. S.
Edniunels. of Michigan, as house physi-

Siail. flu5s1post Ills 110011elsehitheo1
tsy craehi ices-.of easern1 schoolsh cGem w
X. lto~hitmtr will he I isist-iMai l
Orc. C.: X v sit . of Oshoh1is 1ir
a hospial of 1>0 IbdsBomnr, W.New
1)1011has ,s cotrlat mth a a mlacufetm .
fog' 1 r f.m allas :Teas to treatitS
4n1)!aphlyYsThese exceed fiselitndred
Amosng (them '(imhigaime1)10(v011tossa10
receis-ell-hospitaliooxtols arc tee 11(1
lwni 1g:. CharkesiH. hBailmyProoildeie
G~enerllhostal ;Chares X. Miler,
Alleghmeiny hospital ;George >11 Ia (101(10,
111111Clyde Kifsinef': Northemn.acPific:
losials'at Bra6imard, Mull.
'Thre lecires ly n nehms ofite
Gimolus facmmity withl begivemn aftm vaaI
tiiam tinder00t(lieauspicesi of the Doystoter
Vereill. ntpise liisg owthvo io 1)'s
'liimmo '01(11 isolm" whiichis 'o .sbis
presomel is '' he' 'Veren at 'the' Ne
'(Viitieysomm Fmia eintn15011g Aprsl l4 -
IBetdsTieinSslg trl (11(110 10to '111(1(
sons 11ri1141111these lcsireswllso's1poi
plementl Itie,10worklofesm 'lrg imolesof
classes ahichmols iso siiylg till faioos
eoiedlf of 1Lessng, I e eoliisom os isio
(100 free to 'allosilIso gvsens is helohoc
1t(00 (10(11of'Tappa-ill-liall 'st 4 oclok
os tse afteroosaof fTesdy"Weshmo-
say 'ands Thusirdos, Apsrl2122a amm23
Prsf.'T1bslsmsDieskhoff: sil givc-'the
fSsi Ictes sof the series-0(11 "'Ile lis-'
tlllicall 11,1 oa sicC I musMinn s'somi'ar-ii
helm... Isn' Xlmnms i loss [am'setmmf'
Lessimg ro'soitotl aIitmssmmg IpicureO f-
th use riodl Isucceding'hli" e Svenis Sar'
war. ortsrymng "te-so sldlly irisms
sle soo madl hd -rosItoshichif h 'ad
irotducesdiisel ecalithIsvicthories ssf
Frederick 11. _Lssisg's silfein relass
lasd affisoslothilotire'best oiirfinmify
tos colect the infor1mtion 1roqniiresfor
''Missna svomstain isielm:
"TimeDramaicoTechn1quof'. Minssa
v(11 ltarslms soil iso"te siict of
lUr. Carl P1',1 ggrt ins XWodnesday April
22. Asoa fiishslet idrimtm ic rodlsstul,
Miisn111v1o1(11 i 0llhlOmoanslfsilst aionlg
Germsamn comes: he'IwIo slsle'dama
is distingtishledl ill 05ety pa11r0ifi111 fr
tse ihoouoghnisss of is concep tinl 111(
ths.cael andI1(11rti (silo0execution(((of its
Pool. Mxin X mker.,hstof th Ge-
((aill toepartmoent, ssil dl15'00te 1(st
lectsurcsf limoseris oo .ThoosO-Is' 'iscuf
2.-is sll~t helnimg ;"Te Noisosm JI lms
1(1(t1 f 'Slimraomoasa0(1 lilmidl(1 oIlis
coedlsy l.05i1g b reselliclI chltomlml(rhl
01)00 hif0 amslliberat'esd leem sonam n o
fross tie sasish'iuiifaioo of theso Ps o10h;
Th'oss" Minmma vsoso farmhelsn" ms .1a1ra-
tionl d tram~a, its caracters iissgtyme-si
florna (ls (11(0 1111'of thecms-111(0to itmo
the seati sale for this 1110y -segsat
Xair's' bsohk store omn Stog stret-Taes
(1(y ati 4d 1..:,iands ill escontinumoel. d sil
thereafter, except duinhg vcatoll foim
4 10 6 p. iTh'le priesare '15isfollows:
Parquse. $.0, 75 cnts:%'bltonsy $i 00
,50 colns; galery, 3) eeds' ox setm,
lese and0 1111by a set of Lynons 2.
for 25 cemnts eolored posld crds ( thi
new views). t-v

10- Cents
Directory *
'That Will aVe on dollars
wvortim of time in the next three
Unaiversity Bookstore
Law and Medical Bookseller
iighy's 111i11505 of t~e tiwof s
tioal ro..."ey - - - '- $3.00
Oammleiscin's Eli1 ot
'151 am's LtirusI 15 erO' - $3.00
Nit'ining".Oll((lins' lslia
Propelrty; - - - - $1.00
lilsloiss lhireclihshand m >cs.
Ch>nn~ilaActidmss.'- - $.00
Bisiesos's rinsimss ' nl hiord -
-roll. - , $12.00
l1lylols Theo;;oryatl ideco. $2 00
.tep h<<m'I I , i-- f lt irentems $4.00
)icrco7' 1- cc e~,x - - $3.50
Naroahil~o~m~ii(ch -$.00
La",t'l lcalml i,, _ $2.50
Iirdx-yl 't tAisDot 'i 'i . - $600
'lsm'Is.(soth. - 0 -$1800
t~p-h lollol 'hyausoshs,$4.00
I lclial' i p". i (os (rs- ory. - $6.00
Elslss'a'hllmrgms Osms'o..$6.50
Pathlis'y. . 'a.-- - $5.00
solmoe.i l lrri i l 1.;tk-n omss
'c-s13ssh. :s An olol1 ls.$18.00
Celsoe' lio5001 t h (nl'l.. $6.00
h-'S~r and uiOssce ith. studen$6.10
'latm'olthat t ills-ldall eye-
Te 20 S1. u 36S SlteS

Mel's Filruishillgs
Th is The Lowest I n Price
Co-Op Store

Fi1ve Conernts
May 13-14-13-=16
Frederick A. Stook, Conduetor
CHORAL UNION (300 vetas)
Athert A. Stanley, Conductor
PrnIno.l .1Choral Work
"Creatian" - Haydn
"lunsi" - GOoanod
Mrs. Corinne Mlder-Kelnsey
Thursdop and Saturday >Uvenlngn
Mmne. Erhentine Sohuman-Heink,
-Contralto 'Wed. and Frit Eve info4
Mi-n Janet Spencer, Contralto
Fri. Agtenoonand Sat ventig
Mr. Edward Jaomnon. Tenor
Thor, Fri. sod Sat. Evenings
Mr. Claude Cunningham, Baritone
Saturday Ev'ening
Mr. Earle G. Kileen, Baritone
Saturday Evening
Mr. Hierbert Witherspoon Mass
Thursday and Saturday Ev'entngs
Mr. L. De Mare, French Horn
Friday Afternoon
Mr..L. L. Renwich, OranityEvng
Season Tichets (unrenerved) $3,
Seanon Ticketn (reserv-ed) $4, $5, $6
For Sale 'at
Soho.1 of Must*'

The Students' Lecture Association
Brander Matthews, April 6
Sinigle 'Admissin 50 Sc
Gov.-John A. Johnson, April 30,
*ifrgi. Adm~swion. a- -soc
The Students' Lecture Association,


121 Washilugton t. The Randall Studi

~~i~1A~ Pr~p~prnn,& - Phone 598

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