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April 03, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-03

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TH IE MICIGAN DAILY. innitmedialte personal connection. With it?
_ _ _ If indeed such a group he indulging their
1TP1~favtorite paime of political mniputatioii
G.H. LTu ofipll ; 1lata rn g eitolr-AnCita.R I cHI .in amy departmnit, eeery fair-minded
_____________________________ Business Manager-C. E. WINtSTEAD. 1111 in old reco~gniizeit todiehrits idtty
.. ' .:,...i-t expose th e iriees and1 to over-
Our Spring 1908 ble of fine- DTORS a heimthileii at the tolls. This is -err-.
Neins. ........Hiram S. Cody tai1nls not consonan11 t witha the* lofty no-
Imported and Domestic Atltc. . LeeA White tnl.o niia i~yi cihta
_____________________________ xcliange. Ii..... . John WVanmhold liii versity was stutratedl a short linac
N-usic and Drama ....Roy 1). Welch sine. it is certainty lnt consistent with
Wmn'ttEdt5 eitor. ... Louise Van Voorhistheii stattd a College 111n11huldit take 011
W O E SEDITORIAL STAFF siiehiquestions. We "hope to see thr
J.W.Mcanles lmr . daseleetions of Satuirdaysnot ol 0l
Aaslarge votic, intticatintg a liar camoputs inttt
NGTEDITORS terest in lhe organizations involved, btt
Is now ready. It includes all (Gcoige IH. Hohart Leonard C. Reid a voteI that stall ittdicate 1)y its results
the latest Novelties, Shades Chauncey Boucher B. G. R. Williams thte exsisteite It 'liehig ar of a large
and Up-to-IDate Patterns in Raymond Visseher 1 itty of indueptendtents tvoovote as thtey
thtittk and no tathe heck of the first
Moose Brown, REPORTERS poesoa oiiir h sste
Caribou Tan, M. B. McHugh J. H. Prescott le es 111 lfte~l i i sste
I 0 mA._ -Tin1t... nhsri Mr11. ~ rfur their sttfrage.

Leathner Shaue,
Grays and
Fancy Blues.
Youir patronage respectfnlly
G,.fH. Wild Comfpally
311 Souths State Street
Biuttouiov V Neck
Is just lie garmient to wear
these days. Ours fit well,
look good and wear well and
the price is moderate. Glad
to show theiat to yott anytimec.
S heehan & Cos.,
Student Bookstores
A. G. e V
The Largest Manusfacturers in Elhe World
of Official Atleteic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball,. golf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Official Implemesir for Traick and Field Sports
Uniforms for all Sparts. Spalding's Handsomely
Illustrated Cataloguerof all sports contffaisnu
morons suggestions. Seed for il.-It's free.
New Yorkt,tChicago, St. Lousts, San Francisco,
ttinnenpntlis, Denve, Buffalto, Syrase, Pitts-
harg, Philadetlftia, Buston, Cincinnti,Balti-
sure, twashisn ton, Kansas City, Cleveland,
New Orleans, Detroit, Motntreal, Canada.

Lowell J. Carr Donald L. Kinney
Walter K. Towers Louis Kraft
Letnis T. Kiskertn Rohert Moreland
Patti Greer Sanmtel H. Morris
Otto Engel Fretd E. Gooding
Thterona P. Cooper
John F. Worn Carl H. Adam
Harol P. Could
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: I-2 p. in., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
F.RII)AY, iIllI, 3. poll.
poltilI'ilt alciam lt 1he'fontan
it is iltle inowl, it ever', itoapplys seitle
mosi t imitpotantl liiversity electionis.
'They ' i iidetermttitnetterexecutive s if
tile hiieltigiit'isialthe liStidenits' Le
tire assoiatin, aitditile fOraitorical iasso-
ciationi for tile iiimi-i ear'. Ruoir
lls'h tleiof poitical illeansi and
1nthgi t s uittlysuntoorasy tosetttge
aieks lit atitnd thecotgitnhati tatd
sien ttiler tiofi a ttreu ttscielltttiatt
m dIntheiitiex ciermenttao ctih. cm
awe deitrecate a systemtiof electiontiwhticht
leitds thle slicgttest oatdtt this tatitral
teiuetncy itft attimpaigni. The Nitichigatn-
ensiain electotral botardl, for istancee, is
itadt andil we ace glaid to hieatrof a nina-
iiit t recontstruct it frottm within. It
lls itself to-lay, tnecesitates-tradiing
atid cominatiitions lietweett detpartmentsa,
antdi the jonintg together of candlidates
not 1oii tle ibasis of ahility but of tpnliti-
cal str- rigtli. Thtlndtttier such aI systenm
saiffs of capalbility hiave in the tiast teen
selectedl sats a happiy accident.
buti what shall ave sat' of tint whol
make it their pirofesseilbuhiniesi to ied-
tile ini ciery toietiical camnpaignt atni stir
every tatlitical pot, regardless of their

A Ihloe tanner. siretiched acrosas State
street, anttiotunces tihe Cotutnty Fair futr
flayt Ia'ndi2. tProgress is rapidly beinig
madite in tile prellrlationsiifor lie event.
lTe teecutive comitttee for the fair
las engatgedl Roomti 6of the tPress hbuiil-
ing, on\l tyilril street, fuir its office.-
Herec tile officelhtaurasiwililihefromtoI
ft 11. m. daily, btegininig today. The
cottillite urges all orgatnizations tot re-
tier stils Ihavting ideas for vithier thletair
:)r tile' 111111ty Clarui ionae reqiuesteil to
Tht woii lving p hc il tgv~ sP es for- the test layinig at-
trcinathe lienotsu 1no"Vel Ipatrdetis-
tilta' have ik'eeniordeceit aith siltlibe ex-
hbtdsottntintate street.
'Tie privilegeittfttiniig '{phntograptht
int tie gy'mniasitum it Iihg tie fair iit
tie iatardedto itie tightest hbidder'.
Ati a iteetinig ottthe imiens'seetionliof
Ihe.lv)tttseiier \5reiii hieldf hltsteveiiti
thiechieft toicte ti us sioniwas Ltes-
sinug''s '":Miint o:ar11 lutrelii'' "whichtis
toi its presentedi at thle Neiw \'litmey
tile' eveinilg OftAprhl24. Iteetitie tot
th v' iadvalsantages, bthuliterary aid
draatice.the DIitseltr er c tiiselectedl
'''ii vtt oil Ili1 liii its its .innual a
thay for *this sear. Hieretoaftore liean
Wahlplays lhase always Iteen ive i
Sarah Caswell Atngell hull.
Nest 'liiesthar Itte tickets gnoion sale
at Walir's booktl store ott State- shreet.
The priees are $in.00 7,5.o50andI 3,cents.
Thle Scanintavian clib, lately fortietd
ini thue Un'iviesity, transtactedh its reglarc
butsitiess last= tight ini the Altpha Nit
rooman. 'Twenty-onie mein are novw ett-
rialletd is its mtemtbhershaip. Prof. Swear-
itigtit, whIo is 'atteindiig the Schoolasu-
ters clb heeling, wais "uniable itill athd
Sisteeni setninr its respotided lo thte
call for t class mteetinig yesterdhay utter-
itig lviote lack of a,ailutit rii.-

k Cotined fres P"rOn.)
o set' whot to clloni.''thesttdentishund
lie kniotinii iia poton rther tantu"a
pice of carboitar.''Sieakig f the
mtethotdI of teaching, Prif, Bird said
"I teachingtheapronnciaion I first
give-tit those Fretch words that are
most iftteni ited itaEtgisi literattre.
ThenI tIake ip those from :whihtrBig-
ilshwordli ire derived. This gives the
pupil ati idea at the latguae lefore the
utakntoiwtsiords are strted po.'
The conferetnce of physics adadiemtn-
itry heltd its secodi sesioia yesteray
afterinot at 2 o'clock in tie Physical
labortolry. Tet additresses were giveit
tatil sie tdissidnihe. fOi the sti-
ject tat the tachitg of igt shnl hy-
sici to girls, Prof. 11. N. Cute.itt the
Arm taAnrtarhigh school. said "'le
girls in Aitn Arboratu re is itterested in
phy sics. s the oys. Mrever they are
tinre ind tustrious adthavte ighrt class
'nlite Slie stubjec Prof. Crhart
saidl ''rneit as tswhoele ro-dficiett
in miehatnical etotscets. It ties ie
is a migty godithliigt each these
conicepts toi girls. Teaciting physics i
thue est sway'toi(1hothis."
trof. E. A. Strng toSietkigtofta
Rutitat trd's itvale of Joule's equiaen
it teliat. sti,: "Ruiiftrd h'is utittr-
,alliy hatedtmantat ntilthisudisie still
'liings to his mtemoary. Bit it seestato
tie lat ie slthoul int lethis iflueice
its. 'lTurstonuis sad to ate foutndI
tutu' papers leth by' Rntnforel swhich
"show'11tha t'swore ut 11jules diivi-
tentnearly is accurately s Jute him-'i
self fitly years befre joile's iork. if
this is trite, it seems t to tat ue
slieuiiuhsieakt it 'Ruttifurl's eduiiialet
vttthtev thatn tat'Joule's eu'ilet.' 'Wie
hu nhle ifiu'uened ib ' tie fact
lthtuittoirulhas ibeti discreite.''
AC . Cobbl, ittfLatsig. exlin~iie
somiue iterestitg uses Ofthie stp-attchi
itt te laotrators.He sadullipartt
"Thue stop-wsatch Iis teutl iiderininttg
thei hisr se-potwer nf eachsutett. Itaw '
kniowu'tlii' heip'hti ottthe ightsho n
the setiglt ot the studuetit.wee etutieasis'
aworkS tu(u Iis sutpowteri'biy fiditg te'
itte iswhicht le at ii ustius.Ths
wigive thtm atclearev cnceptinii if
the mdel anig itt hore-owuler."
Afitier the adresses a sotrt buiiess
-cutuxct. tiRpFssORtuSEtAKS.
"I istnry andelGegraphy" ws the su-
ectOnutwhici Prof. George Licoti
B urtat Crtell uiiversity spoke ieore
liii Shoolmiasters' tmeetig il.the ight
ichonol auditoriuitailast tigh. ''hat
iistorvy hts a relini to cerainu kids
of getography is si,hatI the geographical
fact that Americta lies west of Euroe
is itt lioareation toInhisory. Hisry
is'a sciettce that deals iithi the contrete
aite itdiidials." The seaker thetolInd
nt the kitiss of geography that siere f
U. ittAI. SENIORS are requested tt
ease their measire for cals atd ons
this week itshoit fail ii order tat they
get thetitin time teor te sitntg-it.
Macik & Cet. 38-0

10 Ce~t~
That will 'sae stia doll
tworth of tonhe in the inex thee
University Bookstori
Just Received
30 Brand new (never pub.
lisded before) Views in el.
ored Postal Cards. Amon1
them are-
May Festival Concert
New Squirrel Card
A Beautiful Night Wintet
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Tug of War
Swing Out--and 24 others
See the new set of 20 New
Colored Cards that I am
selling for 25c per set.
liv Hi ASS [S
El hasses au v ult s "i a
nees'usaay ntisance witit sidntuii a
ltett tat ituty wiltiehcesiatuu ye
glass thtat ines comfruut atdieie'.
ARNOLD'S uadotillwfitknull ont
irtahhy ad guarantu'e'results. Quie
tepat;:s...Loses (runatd.
Optical Speeialist uittu
WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler
t2n Suthit!Main Steers


IVIOI's Furllishillgs
The Highest In Quality.
The Lowest In Price
COp Store

IRy. Coraagrt'
PIsy 13-4-I3it6
Frederick A. Stuohk, Cuntduetor
CHORAL UNION (300 Voices)
Alibet A. Staliep, Condsctor
P.'ra.Ipm.1 Ckoral WYork
"C.reaiion" - Hlaydin
"as" - Gotunod
Sirs. Corinne Rider-Ifetsey
Thusruday nnd Saturdoy Evenings
Stle. Ernestine Schtasiae-Seisak,
Contraltoi Wed. nndlt'ei. Eventings
Miss Janet Spencer, Contraltu
Fri. Afternuon and Sali Eveninag
Mr. Edward Johason, Tenor
Thuar, Fri. and Snt. Evenings
Mr. Claude Cuningham,. Baritonte
Saaurday Evening
Mr. EarledG. illieen, Baritune
Satarday Evening
Mr. Herbert Witharespoon, Bass
Thiursday end _Saturday Erentngs
Mr. L. De Mere, French Born
Friday Afternoan
Mr. L. L. Rewick, Orgnnist
Wednesday Evening
Season Tickets (anreserved) $3.
Se'asoniTickets (reserved) $4, $5. $6
Foe Sate 'ops
Schorol p# MIAusl

Ihe! Students' Lecture Association

Brander Matthews,
Siigie Admission.

April 6

Gov. John A. Johnson, April 30
Simgle Adrmission- -S50
Ihe Students' lecture Association'


121 Wash~ngton t. The R andall Studio, Randall & Pack, Props.

Phone 5

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