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March 26, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-26

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The Michigan Daily



" No. T32.

No. 132.

Weather Permits Only Batting
Practice-Wrestling, Handball
and Fencing Attract Interest.
It's a shivering squad that assembles
at the fair grounds these breezy clays
frbaseball practise. Yesterday the
pitcher likened his Spalding sphere to
snowhall, antd the outfielders tweo-
- !tped tibotut the fence posts to keep
iront freeziag to death. The swind lew
It ardl that every biati pitched was a
curs-c, and the liners twisted around like
I Booerangs.
tint ttir men terre gamte. As they
sail Monstay, anything hut the rage.
Oln light hatting practice swill tbe in-
dulged in till the seaither softens a little.
Mtuscles are abtorsitis, from
le limbering uip practice of the week.
"No kick coniing t ll," says the
coatch. It's is goidl onngweek
as see es-er harl andi it inne ery. Sure
tiey'l fintl it ather chillty, but it does
thiemi good.i We'l wossrik outside esvry
dlay the sunt shineis fiiiii lnt, till spintg,
as long as tue ground~ii is in shiute. We'se
got pileity if good itiieii but they tlt
nieeu ttie practice. Worik i- the oniy
tinig that caii iiake a srongiiie'
Bly test weerk lie stqiaid isill lie able
io go toi Frer fielid if Icy iseattier ru-
tiniues, aiii thieii reali hard ptier isill
is RIP i ,Nit SIAMtAsiNAiS TOAY.
'ths semui-tiat, in thr iirestiiig tiiur-
iiaiiit w'ii l si-itcsre this tafternooni t 4
C'onsidecrabule class wa~ts showunn byi the
s-muners ini Tuesdtay's preiminiaries, aiii
tilay's miaticies ought to lie iiteresting.
'Tie iitSorioius wsrestlers sill ciiiipete
for tie varsity- chamipionshuip t thie
s-hetiucrniv-al Sat urduay inight.
Somue very clever botiiis ivere tptileud
off at tie -gymnasiumu yesterdas- after-
non hn the treliinarires ini the
fecn ouurnamenrt seers' comiipleteid.
IReighuard shuosuseu tine forim ini his mnatch
iwithi Wsilkints, whoii early ini lie iear
a-oi the fall nioiiics' itiurinaimi'ut. touus-e
also showesd'i abuiiy in his' muatches, si-
inig both siithi coinparaive ease, though
Kanter at our time' hail hinti 6 to ;
Krfes anud Roseseater had i ex-
ceruttugla- cliisse maut, the fiinrier witu-
iig biy iinie point. 'Thlis buot isas to
iecide a tie swhichl tad bieii fenceid the
day biefore, at welichither tio foils terre
biriiken iin the course iif a very fast bout.
Fletcher easily idefeateid Keil, though, as
iwas true' of till the matches, the loser
iistilay-ed gooir formt andr at times fur-
iishedl a good rotest.
'The prelhiinary boats resulted as fol-
otws: Lovelee defeated Kanter, 14-8;
Fletcher defeated Keil, t8-7; Reighard
iefeated Wilkiis, 7-6; Kremers defeated
Rosewater, 3-2; Fletcher defeated' Web-
sir biy default; Los-lee defeated Lau-
r'Ure, 15-7.
'The four sinners, Coveter, Reighard,
Isrehters and Fletcher,. have now qual-
iet for the finials. The uosers are note
coiipetinig for the fifth place. Keil has
iefeatedt Webster ia-a Wilkins defeated
Btemits, Ti-4, and Ruipp and. Laurence
tre byes. Botha these 'tournantents wilt
tie ciomapleteid Fridty afternoon, and the
tndeirs will nmeet Brereton amd Haines
otf last year's trait for the championship
of ithe Univiersity at the inert Satnrday
HAsNDBALL, 'ciiiNiAMrx'c.
Owiing to the illness of onr of the
ciintestants, the hbairlall toutrnameist hs
bieei interrupted for soime imhe. How-
ct-er, it is tprobabile that Litell aind Watch
trill play Lefhingwell and H-ansrn thids

afterunoot, and-that the winniers of this
miatchs -ill play Hoag and Leidy, for
the chamlpionship Friday or Saturday.
Conisiiderahly less interest has been taken

it the doubles handball tournamet thati
in the singles, proably because te best
singles players have all paired off to-
gethier for the doblles, aiid the result
uip toithe fials at seer bientivev
isnchi inrdout.-
'They're going to hver a goodl show.
antI the house otght to e filled," sair
Rheinschitl tenisasked aotitlheie-
fit perfiormaaice to te gvru at the Ma-
jestic Frirday afternaot atdiecning to
raise funiids for the defeinse of larst-
deits arrestedin i the recit distraanc.
'hle maagment is miakig special
:rranugeimentus to ave asiiiaiy drasing
carids as possible. Aside froimi nete fea-
tures adderd for ltar ocason, the Unii-
versity glee cli is oti the prgrmi aid
-ter exra music til or furiisedi be
aquartet. A prominiiet local tctor has
offereid his services tn aid ii the cause.
Dstite the fat that nearly all of the
ifluietial mierchaits aiiitmniy stirets
tail turchased seats t te dllar, lar
sale uas tot prceediig briskly- eiouga
toi assure a full house at bttlperformt-
ances. 'lhe price has beeii reuiced to
'fifty cents fr both tfteritianaid ese-ut
ing ini orier to enale etery- sttdet it
tie 'nit-crity tsiprt themioeieit.
Uter these coditins a large crit-i
is assured. Alt those tiho at-c hue-
:basedt seas at a dollar isill be giveit
ani aidititoinal ticket.
It is fearerd that there is siiiie-Iis-
aitilsrsianitiig amng the stiiets ii re-
grn to the ciinig terforiiaice- 'To
tlear tiltall idoiut amass mieetig tiill
behel littonigtiniviiuersity- Hatll. Re
oits itillte tresetted iby tis'cotiiii-
ccist-hohiate leeiirisig fidiis taind
firthir-ptlas tiill le discusse. ''he
ms-chug till legii rompmtily-at 7 hi.im.
2s1.' YF125T'VALTO 1(1 It
Plais for the fifteiit aiiiiial tlay'
Festit-al re inotecitmitlete. iluy ft-
inons itiisicta ait viie heeii secirel smi
the chorus, which cosits of three ut-
ureduvisies, is rtpily its's-opinuig.
Amiong the artists tt'ioi sill apea'r
-rem' it rs. Rider-Kelsey, 'Ilue. Schuimaiin-
'Ilenut, M's JanJtui Sprcer, Edwatrdl
Johnmson, Ctaue Cunnumigham,IHr1isri
Withuerspionm, tanidEarle Kileen.
Thu rlUsInion is espectedl to citutul
its fornmer successes by- giig I Isyrlns
"Creation"'suit Giumuutu's "Faust." Re-
huearstls of inlie chorus htve iben iui-
dumicerdby- Eare Killenawiithinreiiitrktial'
'refect idiring the absence if Prof. Sati
eywh i as tsehen iniiEuiroteesinter
August. Prof. Stamley is epecet to
retuirn to Annm Arbor about Aril r, ii
irder to fiuishi off thur chorus timd to
comndumct ther festivtal. After le has dis-
charged this tduty lie till reurnm to his
fanmily ini Europe, whence he till come
ack ins tim-n for the oprtuang f school
ini ther fall.
There till e five concerts, beginnimg
IWetdnesday, May 13, ad cotinuung
unmti Saturday, with au afternoonu com-
cet on Friday.
A feattiure of thur festival will be a
comncert out thur French hormn, by L. Dr
Mare. This is au rare treat to umusic
lovers, sas the Frentcha horut is gemeraly
thought of tsinm a hanurtaul nt as a
comncert instruumenmt.
The orgami intUivutersiy [al will
appear as it seldomushIas as it seldom
tat opportnmity its thur comcerts, for it
will be played by L. I. Rniwick. Few
persons arc aware of thurexcellence of
the great pipe-orgamiamd it is rarely
thatt suchi a chamce is afforted to liear
it in its fll effect.
ThurFestialjournal will he ut i a
week and comies will he sent to almost
all thur towns of Michigan, as well as
Toledo, Ceelamnd amd Chicago.
Thur May Festival has beoonome of

thur most inportant artistic events iii
Michiganm and crowds of people front
ousitde Annm Arbor attend year after

Horse-Play in Justice Doty's
Court Continues to Delay Ex-
aminations-Comical Scenes.
soryiof this heaisngiiof thusstuu
riont ss uwotul his tutust iiirsuitule
ou- a lYuck,'ori Iudtgs matgzninttuut
ntspatpern, if tlt theinclienuts f thus
risut st-eutishted. It is nothiitgbuti
t icontiualu wutrtnghretandtshuablie te-
tweeniithus oppoiising attosre ys tandhJu-
ice IDoity- fromuuthisopein'iug f scour
uutl thur clois.
tniuuighs objectionus 'ares'mittsets-nduovesr-
uue uigeeses siim u tiltti targe
riwslstuer. 'Tle tersnlmuarrel~uus hbhe-
urntiheatuturnsa"ree mucienijye
)y tu'e iion loers muhoiiai'e'cnustnuty
ntuuuuuiuunst tuandtthrestetsnus-t witi trres
for conutemtuo f sour t y- justice tDoty.
-'t thi nituniig sitcumin yeseray
nrigAttornueuy Viii .Amer'ingenuasks-i
hatt, s thie til wstsomnitgtist Cii-
rush,-sumsly, this-omuteis--its-nduatis his'd;,
htissd. Justice' Iioty susarl(
agtaisut hiuminisaidtat autlt this' se-
enmult mus tbitphis-esireivmesmuthought
hie triatls tim-separteit.
Thus-usJustic' holsy uoreredt this'e
endatittotu s m-tau p sit he tusrumlIt w ts
'thusyasec tlt herei. sidtAttoruney-
"Iknw i,stidttheurt
"Thenumthus-u dlont hlit'umstanuptt,'
a l rIi. Karneye.
"Ft is muttright tim Isaie teustn u
mush theysytoot up.
"You ave o h inas '-hire"sad
htiruns tBrowntom hmCity- Atmrn
weri woia hesni nicnamedicu
'D~umpy"us hutthusdfeis ngtitutortnuiies-.
'Just becuse S'oumiigutfiedilfrommiiicii
'eer ymiiusasuitoissruni te whuslmtsUhuivss'
ht,uyoupobambly haduss rsereu
Po limCiteIsApfelIwrs-mu d o- th
tndissnd hums tstimytutu' ch wa't shu
smsutuscstttthis smutsasttititsifthis'dstu
tirst thuat hiassisedits tkigH1ric
(ratutIage''m'irs thent(' lsmtthu s htand
idthest ihIs stumny this'couruitus-
mousne i-um-t mui azh. Il.
\'sithuthis'openinu'ug if curt ii this' tfter
noon A .ttorney Cava'au-tghtmadesaut'im-
suon thatsm erminick hen discarsgd,, amu
Prossciutr Stawy er askedthttlihe he
'roundutmis-r hthurleecircuit court. Sh.
Cavanutgh iniat hestedt taddress stirthat
there titsno eidencue to wa'srrat the
hinduing, oivs'r (f thur defendatnuts amd that
Eumoerirts hatdsdstrue ustigagaugsist the
peace f thin sateHe saidh it sould
be ama outrage on the ciiens of Washs-
inmate counuty smit thast thirstmoight just
as weltlhastse arrestens ay- fir hudrerd
Me. Saswyenqutedtnudsecisins shosing
that it was rioterun tohi he with sus
a crowdh; he said thatu it ws his dtny to
ask the udefenduantito he hounduover.
J ustie Doty therm nl Mr. Emueek
fuse the circuit couuri nditrequtirtea
$ moon hond. 't'unitasshurt agumntu
arosehbewenmijusice Douty sandshAttor-
ney Browinoas t h s-h ouldma tke out
the londr.
Attoruney hBrownemsirthatulhe hasd irea
doing Jusie DoyhIs sork lonug eoughi
atnrIaskedt lis t e trgut tha n -uty-
feve remt fee fr.
Justice IDoty replieud that than fee tests
for accepting thur hsondu, and refused 'to
mauske itmutiwheireuptosnAttorneuy- Bron

wruote sui tihuesouth.AMn. St. Jasmess and
Mr. Wahr signedr it, and Eluserick teas
'Thte next case called wats that of C.

Roy- Funk, 'g engiuneer, and Patrolmnan
Schuanutias thur first switess.
"'sshast threasiwuer msaetousthur off-
ccsvs "ri-cut JsMr. Stawyer.
"Thnny yelled sutKill thanpoicie
retulieud Schsanut.
At ihisjuncture mnuchi ylping wsi
heuardlinn thincoriridors ndt oim'seor-f
r dog fightarowtnn edmsuthu rsusof ru -
.'In TBorstu rased hus uice abve than
must 'stout ximusly ashetif "Dumnpy"'
tOilt I amnsall eniglt"hpipedupthin
a sstat prsue tor.
Schantzsird thatsihe idtchmalidentify-
aily sitthus defendants as havuigthrowno
snsthingmunriimmg thec riot.
Sreuny'Striff Kelsey iwas et utu
sn it tsand.uite tsrgan ittnitmosny
by sgiving u conmtnuedsrytslicof thin riot
Attorntey-Pronos-obshjeced, ut Justice
Douty overre him tt, sying'thast i mwas
stasiets take i udowsni tat waty.
"I, ctaughu t e mintsuihlhe gut twy,"
''Anth sittheni siu grsabbedst i lusy- ist
You" ' interriiuted Atorneiy Csaasnaugh.
A\ heatedl discussionttthus-mufollowuseu s
to whethue Southi Msali street uasustsp
'shumiti every- twenty mtutiue- sto -rir
Cussntutight'i woul muoie thitt thit-eurti
adjulmtrn, giving ss a reason thiat thur jus-
icr'siasisorsking titushaud.
P'atrnolmsanuSchantewhle o nste stnd
wass asked, "Did yuu see ma ny-sr muuri
out thur sreenuring thernt,"' "Ni"
Its r'eplid. "T'hen uyouwetienchiisatsing
lipi girls thatumnight?"sil t1 orhunery
Keartny. lie asos tesifiedshaItut there
mmce auos-tudents iithur obinsut ut hast
too mu themutwireearmedn.
tim oring
'I ' S insRE hEING 'sADE'
suedsock stunut'isusth h ny- tnic moIf
thes'fourmsp trint-;contesn s hdoptehhs's
Yeariagotati hias bhnum s 115515
Th 'osnsuitsofopstinitonuthrughosut this
Uiviersity is thast i is unfi'asmithaItm
ties ires'efndsing thur cumpaus hsntiomi
stinceter isiit.'The ug of ita,relss
v-ues, nit ush binlsultsts-mauchmctn
-uuuand farer'rtests mf strenugthm andu
tratuesy-havie niy'coutedl o'Its'inut.i
wuhilethei ro nck 'stuntm" fr sicmist
tk11usu-mresn as cotius nted'mu twoh oiss s.
hut inus'ositthese facts, thur Sudmet
C'ouniie ppitedlhrha omnuuluee 1to furn
nishamcotstsitssubsituterfr tie nck
"stumt." J. IK. Watkin-s o n sy' Sudntt
's'tiouis annulatils roinutny studesm,
anduthe cosmmuittee desires cmmunuica-
tiunstoiibhm'scullthrum tat onc' us thin
matusuer mutst he seledl before sringvs-t
T'etindshrtof asioesst rdesirdt is one
tnt tihichi alt thesudents an paticitate
andshpreferabhly-onsithat souldrttake place
at night.
Our reasona for tie failure of the
rck "stunt" tas hast the ide defend-
ithe camnpus ad too much grund to
guardnu. last year they lessened the sthrip
is he ataked, but still the defedrs
tad ns chance ot keeping the rock off.
A rhanmg estas suggested for this year,
if mussmen- suntuncounl te found. Mark
tiff a sututh square in the middle of thur
camuus andr let our side try to keep the
rock tiff fromunthat square. Th'is would
enasble ihecdefendrers to rehel thei op
poiuiemuts mitch soe easily.
A mouck unatioalshrepubicaniconeunm-
ion isill he thorerectalorutitejoint net-

mug sit thur Websters anad the Alpha Nu
sehichs willbehuelrd inn thurWebuster rooms
sit 7 :45 Saturday. Everythlinag, from
nmnatinmg speeches to the report of thur
tulatform comsmittee, anud the minority
report, with be reprodhuced as it will he,
on at leaust shuoulhd he, in, the real con-

Economics Professor Begins a
Series of Ten LecturesDis-
cusses Corporation Supervision
P1-st. IHenry C. Adasihe ash of Mich-
' gai'sueiparntu of politial econmuy-
mmml finanuce began is series of letslher
tues its.'TappanHauIllhysteday after-
loot, is sujetlbeng "''lie Workseh of
lie 1Intestate Coommoerr Coumumissioni
titmr ce mmT'wnstiethm Sectison of thur
Act." humyesterday's lctrte roPnf.
dasittoo uk utuespeially- thin tuoblems
mA adtminuistrativ'e supisinsionmovuercori-
xiie'tiisithlat shosmul he subject to gov-
'emmunmurconutrolsewhichn he sa, is the
prbmui of polin issiticalt uorgniza~stionuanmmd
'''Inhee trn titu wayis," stuidtProf.
'siluuis, 'itswichmicti is vossil oIsr a
)umlic tiniy such s si commerceu om- u
mussisumstinsexert tutuinfluenmc itu thin
itse s ittnmuwshichm ralwa-ys shoualbere-
Arictedl; fume inassmumnch as they tre not
subject tin formalsshcontrln6nfsoeiionsm,
lie mnitd governmenucmt trea-tsmenmt.
"''le fist wsyissy- asuseoul-judicialt
mutho spoclI usedhure., The resles of cn-
mien as sexpres'ssedulini ts' sue antthis
'sums mum s-mm tissons sin'e m'exp eedtin
applhy these rules.
'Thi sscuondulmeu-lstho s admnlmumistrative
niiliensisiuuu, whulich ginss tinsheintermm-
mlsue counmmereom's nmiissuin, thrmumghi te'
twentmierthm mection ofuIthus'itesatencom
itm's'ehunts' thin right hum prescrie'fuse
account s , anummitcSm h s cals for Smthemm
hullpit artis-is.
''Thtselhangs ii thin twentieh iusetionm
are duemic hum Slm'Irntu tilmt, swhics gust-
tlim federalutcourtus tinussnofthis-mam-
Ismumus tinsensabs lete rscommission uto rme
dtslcari'irsmu to msspr ties 's, a mmli'.
"'Thueer thresiteimtanat fma-s
mu sinthi n ded actsh'u s. Muontihlys'and
eisl reporsiarserovnuided' mr, swhinieh
,it's tereenue a-siund xpenses of lne
nsmmt impornutant iutruieis. 'T'Is'e
minmly' reporits havtue uctnispecially i-
mereshumug' immthe lastsfuss Mnthts tils-i
Sunn eaninigs5f thlir' uiernshesutsnfallen
illi so menormousmsy.'t'his sientsifluence
ds aro s Itespsieultive nmrgns
:u thatutthu sptec'ulauIto nws'sthis'real
titus'o ilwats'uy'stucks' nItbondms.
'A lpresribedl system o acscuntums is
liii tprovidedIfus,wiclstslustsembraescc
n1l trnsportanelstionu agencie s. Juiseidictiosn
is obtinmedmh tuor'ughth ~e co-opueaton of
lie state auth feealgoverients.mmu
IThe thirs t siure u i Isordl 'f x-
iuuminsuiumm. It sesould he futile to give
o thincominission tthin rightl Is prscibe
acontms, ithIlere seer noway o en-
shle thoenm t idhurlsit wheterr no mt
mtnute accountus were kept orrecly."
Prof. Adanms then told of thurgnera
structlure of the acroumnting systenm.
"Acrountss divide thenmselves intistwo
arts:uoeraingr accounts tihich have tim
sdu with the manaufacutre of the ting
sold, and capital accounts which ae Sum
ro with the treatmntm of the proprty
T'heroperatinag acounts may be lookd
at tfromo three viewpoins. First the
manager's intrest to oprate eronomnic-
slly, tet ti hec ires minIthe inesor,
atar finaly thec interest of the public."
'Fle IConugregatiina Board of. Missuins
will hlduulexciestconightnt 8 ocloc
in SarashlaCaswsell AngellH lall, for the
purpoinse f deduicatinmg sandshuneili
memeoial tablet to Mrs. Angel, for

work inshlinmg tim hbuild a schom
Chinese girls in Pekinm, Chsina.
Mrs. Angellwith beho inorerd t
lir ti-rinmuhutsrountrly a(I li
Mrs. ihhstehhuonu, of Chicago,
smut lher'tablhetamid IDr. Anlre
dept it in the nanae of the-
The public is invited Is at


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