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March 07, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-07

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The. Mi.chigan Daily


New Entries Raise Soph Chances
-May Be Best Contest of the
At te eleethtthour a nmter of
athletes whao arc to take part ia totigt's
fresh-soph meet wallowedl throgit the
slush to the gytttasit attacltd their
ames to the etry lists, witthtie restlt
that some of the evets will be more
interesting thasi was antiitatet. Thirty-
(l itestenartttttredlfor comptitioo itt
the 35-yart rttt. Tte .5.S. U relay
cant will arrie its An Alor aotst
nnto rday a0(1 will teey(ott ott the tract
tiis afternoon.
Kenneti Arthur, sto, whlo is ale to
putthIe sot arottsd 4a feet, sigoe te
entry lists for tis eenl ad may tpset
the (lope of te freshmeit ly taitgfist
in it. Earl Smitih has entered te sopho-
mtore ranks aittl sill proaly place it
le igh tittit. Hercitt ttttps5 feet
6t inehes preettts iseitly. If the itn-
ixpeceei does ot occur, titletilltitt
himtiseontd llacs,itnigTtp'ore Io
beter hiis height.
I,eger, Ptllak etttlSuitt, alt filitut
are redtablle recrdss ith~e srinits,
stilte euteredlte tuirtyfve. Stutll,
Posllak andulSehuu haveeeri-ed ts
Itutedlessandtutttst le reckonitedwi thil.
Smtitistuneiof te tchuest rles i cot-
lege oaust sill sprilbably place. atI least itt
the Iight sticks. It the preimiary etet
last year le tksecin isthe hiss ais
fis-t itt the hghhlurdele Its the' fresh-
sophit tteet ittott te hits it 5 2-5 sec
mots adi the itgIsitt 3- secodss, pre-
ciselyte smtte tie it shich Torrey
wonthle toiesets litst Stra igt.
If Smtiths dusplctetsIis secotdle; snmay
landtlftst, aistis almotittcetaitot
suteeeouitt CtaitfomIsnuwihtott the first-
year e tnt expe ts Isch. store's chlicter
tescaptuue thue hutlls swsill alsi lie i-
tttrbedl by hitsts sce,'Mc~itnnonsa-
texeuite 3-yrdsrit lst year.tatu
situtu'McGegori, whIsi iwas scond uitto tt,
still cmtpette fr the sphsls tinigt.
Thereult of le llftesi ss. l-sosih
elay annt sicpledoilce ithis-stsystrdei
gree sit acsuracc. Craig, fr te fresh-
lin hs thelsbest icirl ofte usencshsltfor
asitgle lap~. Sit clisey tire le tit
teasssmachedsthlits sslip uon te part
f al) maini will meats the sdefeat sithisi
The sesmi-fials in te slass- relay erie
till le rnisofjust litfore tireappea-
titce of te arsity adilO. S. U. qiar
ets. Theclsises seledilito rnut are
te piaritics tatd t908]ils, spitS adi
190 sits, ads te (909 atdl 9i egig-
seers. Of these onily te lit atse
icket as certains of wininsig.
Mieigat's canittes to swiss sie rela
sih Ohio are stot so rosy as te fast
presuimie. Inthsirdusal otdeoore meet last
year Ohio gate telsal teams a terrific
rnm. Mfihigan is weaker now thashli
was then, says Keene Fitparick, and it
Ohio is as strong(ote as then, lerate
may win ost totight. The Ohioan art
acustsometd to a shorter track thathesk
one itt Waterman gym and will e as
an advattage raller thans a disavantag
onthie local course. Michigan's quarte
is cottposed of Coe, Warner, Merritt
suit Dull. The Ohio entries for tke
es-rnt have not een annoned.
Following are the ettries oe the meet
Sops-Klingon, Legg Immel, Carer
Riley, Prinea, Hansen, Arhu.
Fresh-Longksse, Honer, Benrook
35-YAD DAttL

Sophs-McGregor, Tanner, Myers,
McKinnon, Reek, Jokttson, Williams,
:McNair,. Vosburg, Immel, Lewis, Moon,
I iiran, Leger, Pollak.
Fresh--Flynn, IHorner, Louderback,
Goez Wright, Peek, Smith, Lante.

40-YtR LtUD rsmsuse.
Sop-Ktnapp Talnadge, Smith, ol-
latk, Schnr.
Fresh-Weight, Craig, Melorsay, To-
Sopuht-tKnapi, Ttlissasge, Smitih,
Fresh-Craig, Melornay, Tsrrey.
Sop-Ktnapp, Leisnsot, Alledle.
Fres-Kertis, ater, Page.
Fres-Craig, Cotoer, Smithi, To-
re, Saretsky.
Soph-iMyers, Crane, Sasyr, Kek,
Mills, I t'odsot, Ligh, Nezog, Polak,
Pierce, Vosburtg, tBohnsaek.
Fresh -Paltatehet, till, iDavis, Flynt,
Fiszgeralsd, Goet, Latzt.
six tAPSt'.
Soph-Sawyer, t-odson, May, Mother-
sill, Siafeoti, Nezog, Bohtsack.
Fres-Balhtatclit, Hall, Eatns, Mlik-
sell, Stthii Ioegas.
Sittil--See:,Bosoth, Lctg, fay,tBon-
Fres-Brllodersont, 1Hall, Bahatelet,
Sare slet, Ne-sn, Nltiesel, Smitt. Mo-
Stijlt Ntzoitg, Mlyers, Lege, Ctos.
tFresh--Craig, 'T'reye, Ryasns, ek.
htssiy entries havue beens hattedesinittfit
use handbstal tusrtattet witeh opesi
Matc setg. Folwisg are teftst etieis:
Sisigles -Gitty, Weller, Gottld, Lef-
fiutisel, Pratt, Mead, Rgard, Fous-
tauu, Andsersons, tsHl, Neks, Mee,
Vauighni, Rogers, Ryan, Feemnt.
Doubslles-Nelis atd Meyer, Gitty asd
Weller, Pratt atd Mead, Vasghn atd
Roiges A. Ryasn assd F. Rytat.
Ribbositusnill tic giets for first three
pslaces intsh sinstges atdtdotbses. Et-
riessisill close Mares 6.
TheDtilsye totice oxes whiet were
recenty instaleud in the usilitgs aott
lie camipus5 ate proed efficient aids'in
thur gthering of Usnisersity sews. Al
preset tere are three of these boxes,
oeinthie muaitt orridor of University
Hiat, oithie east roomsiof he lirary,
antu antheris inte NeseEgiseering
builditg. The theoary ansi Uniersity
IHtll bisxes seemtsaout eusaly popslar.
Severalstiuses, asnouonements of meet
tgs asse short iesms of general isteres
-are usualy fountd amsong the mast oh
wss-te paper and penumtsels whiehs is
remtoveed frsussthe oes by the reporte
every eeenitgct 5 :30. A commusnica-
-tion or Iwo, acompasied y the nase
tof te austhsr as required, have asit
tess plaed in the boxes. A haringes
of sprisg was found in the University
fHal . ot,.tle-tmt. r - eving, swhesn a
lpoens was drawn forth.
tA phesomenon has developed its Uni-
tversity H-al. On the ocasion of neariy
eevery performanee that is given there,
ike stage is swept by a strong draught
When the Adanoswki trio gave thei
eoncert Mosnday night, the draft was
-so strong that it was necessary to od
the music on the piano to prevent its
b eintg hlown away.
The draught can probaly e attriut-
ed to the fact that there is a large empty
spaceeehind the organ. The air rushes
from sis, through the spaces etwee
ithe pipes. It has een suggested that

a large cassvas screen he put in place
behind te pipes, thus remedying> the
edifflettlty. , .-

Red Cloth-Bound Edition Con-
tains Special Articles and Nine
Songs - Purchasers Register.
Ssusvsetnirasuteographi bookuss f tieii-
lishime lituhigeusa tussl ens-rthonsumslts
thus morneingpatTRitls msucs tre out
Libiertystsheet. 'lie lutis is-ntauinumsarti-
cles xy inespromsissintl iseutilics sit
thur success of ls the era;s cets of te
principias, impes nau ts, chouus, smit
ecomumittees;summit ie songs, icludig
"Tie elowsranutu ilue."
Thtesuice- Iousmussmubhessof this-tu.
chorsus, C'-esMiic siaff su mmit ssotc,
s isse mdollasr:tosotes, 1mm-. Theeciii
ists is limitedsansumitesare st-srsatic sile
after purechasersc incie eisereed.
TI-he spseial ticlne p larsiof thurouth
s pinutedhm tii s wno usf umunamel ookusl
paper;ticeesfiti, tfts-nhest four
pages, is sum thiepsgustion issttule booku
,papser. Timh su se bo s udt its iedullsh
and tstitcedsisoasicto suiesflc t uontie
pash.sT helcoveis btias he liiguis uml
eardboardss. Smlitiiulis a f .ieilsisthast
on the irsh tsg othis ok r
pivt-s-unlme;c-is-of sl t hi ss- ,chor iu-s,
esstise stchfsummtndi smmitol
Theiseislrt m ticsun theisfotilsiu
ipe s his hy eisIcshil, this compostie;I
Albr Lokodo he its os depart-
mtenil o5 thi schoousl f . 1 ts:Wlls
Mit-stitt, general h uhusluss uscfsM ihi-
gs-id u; isHerbertCsetk, tpresident of te
Uition; iH. i Sushid, teasurmueof this
opera; smut\V. JmSanlns, tiesinelsi.
Ait% 'ielshtshiss tuis-Ittsketcheduethtie
Igrosstim f Sicsitupsmus, frosumth time u
Itiei Ummis- gist tlanning ptle pius istim
thins atmistr et l so, t hut time ite l
oiperas t-esntedis.
Prof.ILoekwos uticlais nc appre-s~u
eiatsu ion timte' emtotser , Roy ick1 isonst
Welhi, sumithis wortk.
Time pesnutalchairmanA. Its - fi-nt,
hasi-oestibiutedl sumsartislh.suilthitsli-i
tess maagm enmmst s-itthe pea.
].'resuu(si is-hlrkexps~lislie umpse
tof tie UntioniIsitsi s uiungsuch smtis-
t tiles. Ite summisit up preactically -ii titu
sesstessce, whicish, apasrt fottuits iselatint
his Miehtitems it, isntsewmt-tm-st- pisu -
minsg thisspurposse (f theUnuionisteslf:
i'o liming lie studesnth body t ahemalsuia-
imitsosiis ower aalu issmis, to umassist its
r tieir deeloptmeis'nt, adto ivle te
for nsuumdsirestionm sl miss iipa ttut-
' htreeasurers.reiot issustanmtily'
Itie ssamme asuethast pisted iThIe Diliy
last ueels-eceipts, $4,r5.35; expenses,
r $1,979(x); et posis oUnios, $2,36.35.
M. Setanlsusmhis cnutisutel aimeet
tecl ent setice praising tie swork of tie
east asndlchorus."I neverceregettedi see-
r tig a fisal umrtasts fall as I idtu Sitray
p afterstoosn,'lewsrites its eonclusion.
aThere are fifteencu ts inthie ook--
iwo of themssseen-incsuci ts. Oustder te
ect of the imspersonastors tie names asd
the namues of tie chasrscters are gies.
Of the sie sous, "When Nights Fals
Dear" ecomes fis,"oe's Gifts" last.
"Tie Yellow asndi Ihh," shichs is in-
cistuded, is aranged fuse solo asd acos-
passimntm,std also foeequartette
Tie souvesirsas pulisihedy Root's.
r twas ompied and copityrighted y Hah
sGossud, 'to.
' I wanted o iae a asting memorial
sof Mihigenda," is he way Mr. Gould
puts the rsasosn Str the swork. of geting
t he hoosk together.
a Presidtent Angel is attending an
ealumssinieting in New York City. I-I

h eft for te east Wednesdtay afterssoon
antI till retusrsnSusnday.

hiosc eeef55nature loers gtheret
its testmuseums last evesisg at tie first
meetisg of te Birthelusb. N. A. Woods,
tie Uniesity taxidersmist, oduceted
this' metitg nsislecturedi'outhsie ili-
grpn~hy of bisdstudy andtoutined met-
otds sitwrk. lie emphutasied tietneces
ity cof studyig irds front hbos and
spreimens as welli as frostslife. Thin
econossumi ands aesthetic sspects of indIes
lift u-eecossiered.I
'liestems-cemitsis amno-msenbheshii
orgngsuiatisonsand leveryoneu it-ested il
liritssillle trelconmeshtohu me eetings,I
st-isles till le heldi eevety Friday evesingt
ct 7 oclosckethrousghmosutie srinisg. 'Slum'
biredssinre studuisesideuing liemigatry
sesson ustdsie udesribed as thecx-comeuc
itothiss vicintiy. 'h l b shpants to moi
stme conucetedhfirish sor:stlistseson,
as techasicdsirecting individuluefforts.
t OLD5ISRhENI't'it'-ii:23553
55 III! RA5H !tRIL Xli \ICIIG.\N
A smaltiIlimt sinthutsitic grepuofsi
rootesmgatheredabustitthis-resipienti si
thit mstcerious letetes,summithildthuirts
Ins-sutswhilelhe utpenedslit mush dislosed
its suitmut.'ThenUicliuxsosutrd tns
tins-is thusis hatsi ls iethsai.
hInureality lheres'is nouthigiparsticuarlyt
muss smuabsusit thosse ecabalistti mie'rals.
'hent hissesnotshisg hthusmuwitYosts
uswtrinklet yitxnmut siethey sllies thil
iace tameolterysdoeex 155'seetuse smut'y
slume tutuom sit gaitmling un othieslt
I r-5 " tush this iesptutnse, "23559,'
summ i siethsit tst Wsmcenin.iluss oenedu
time slumallitske tsinalsmesssmnt smth i ih-
igamndtuhaism t iestomittuist formanc-
hinis hes"Otdourteenuth"The ,''lsthump
is smpltt~ o 5a5pointtofiabsuity.ili
C. N ' eitti 'ohutW , bantsue o
and F. 1' I it-miis, m'oc)eucomosiesNhlchi
ia s tsmutatuh cie opposisedtoliDI. S.
hhumeh, I h. Wiebster nd Ri i. . Mrter
inm thissutdhursnamedss. I-astsof teuptayeic
is scedledste o tmeet tie three Wiseum-
stiittiin msuessin.T 'he turunamest
mayt lus us-nwheefrom twiso msothss hu
teendiosithlie present semsste. detn-
sulls theme rnmt-sssent i poIting y this
is s-ne uss sitstle i specialu sellsent-
I1luihe this at sits-eamcm is cssmig
ceserenauthrioes, t1. Ai.-Cossm, G. tP.
P'mutam atutui. i.Stiff as uteagssig
summthlen hist us Badtgers, IW. J. 'latteni.
C. iH. Steisnfeortsuet C. A. Giswod, its
acessm toumenst.
Neither of lie unsivestie recognies
eneavorsu-n isthis feistof atlhletc snsse-
srving f this'honsuor insminia of tie it-
siitiuti. ''le smle restanti of etl
gxumnaustics is vitory to the ess team,
oust there are no spos.
Time loca teamssues a (Itroit teas ins
ci inital tournuamtent hst year, suffenisg
tefeat at their hands. I is possiheeSial
Lanue till aptains a trai tsoeet thirst
agasinm in situcdamr to retrieve lost
Mheanwhilie all interest drters ott the
mautil pouch
Sevenuty cosupes danced o the nussic
of tie Cniersity and in Barhoum gysm-
osusiusum ash evening Despite miiserabhle
measler the second bandi dance poetd
as successfsul antI as popular as the first.
'Ihe and nnsic was thin feature, the
hrn dances, which were used as extras,
heing particularly enjoyed. Mrs. Jodans
and Mrs. Lane acted as haperons
The and expects to retain its organi-
ztion until the end of the year and is
plating o give another party shortly

after ste spring recess.
Dean E. Ryman, 'op, has keen calletd
zto his home in Fitzgerald, Ga., by the
sheath of his father.

Welch Plays While Bazley and
Students Sing Opera Hits-
Manager "Just Looked Wis."
Siciengcuus was reerved for half an
tisue at tie Thuesusuuinmsslast unight 'The
etvsers werec Buy Dickisson Welch, J.
Roblert Bazleye,hDatt Symons, Paul Cogs--
well, smithcabosut twro hundred other lusty-
tsugedt studsensuwsho happened there e-
itens I suit9. With Welch taking the
phacersofIlierergular piasistad Baley
digstlts stuts, assisted by e-Misi-
gertin c sh other vounters, it made
mus differec ihstiltie daisy said-the
audsirere wis ivcus Michigesda muusic
tilt it couldn'ut atplutt nay losger
Time hatt hour engaglieent of Welch,
Baslnhetna horiusmwsas as suck of a
surseiet o tie umammgnmusest as it was
tin thesinslmgenes temseeves Wen the
en- Sihligenssionssarriedl early in the
eissng luny founds thin opera's music a
feturieointhinlierformaunucsue, ad immse-
diaitelt pitcein itoinshuwte tmenaties
litus this eat liesetrefolks" ;ii
thing. 'limitshotse. They old about
"Whe it Wel Wlee itsCollege," sng
liut issLook Wis,"''"henin itLtov
Thtstie WatoumDos," snt all thur
ithmi-nomushlsummitetulistlt a doens
itmus. (smutthe usdumiece likedut isanti
stauyedifusemutine. 'Withitfifteens sminutes
the hosess' acktces. Movisng pitures
cme sitse-s uliIt iligestilomutisi
didn'tssun. 11 ketee rightssu. lie slg-
ers usresbhltheyxcarinhtg '"WhensWe
Wer en ins('slls e'tiasti market 'otons
am c-ninsit normssuthemsru tly -spited a worthy
coei tumit et eral pigs into te depths
limte sscrei.sAtusomient later 0on the
saumsesanal thit ee usnscmfunera-hether
tht sof lie saidwthys outesteor not
us mcii exptltti nsistan m a slong liseof
linusse cmue aloting bueaig tie coffin ans
usmuene. t limos precise msouet
W~elh al tey- tnselcoruts seesigng
"some summitBe Sociablieswithm Me"
itimuilyITlileyt sas hoisted up outlte
itginmtoth ie oval of tie sotighsoust
C'og-srel muosic tsedsi p alog witt
litu. 'Bis-t Bazlre=sasitu '"Ihen Nights
FalltsIbear" n mma snesettingmanst 5
mi-e Shin s Chatperne." 'I-laurusted it.
[Afterea parutingp"God night, ladies,
werenpuling sinsleae yonmu nows," the real
tueuites elittofoksequit their kiddig,
andiii wau-sesalt over--that is, allbt his ie
Tsr United Siates civil service ons-
mission anntunuces exntmiatiosoutAri
i, andito i, o to secure elnigihles from
whislet to titke certifctitoss to fill vacan-
cie inthie positions of scientific assistant
ini tiesdetpartment of agriculture, at sal-
aries rouging rain $840 5o $,ooo per
annuum. Also the conimission announces
ass exnastions on April 22, upo08, to fill
vacncices as they may occur in the posi-
tions of assistant i grin standardization,
bureoum of pant industry, department of
Agriculure, at salaries ranging from
$rtooo to $,floo pee nln
Inthinsslt inataion thur sujects in-
chide a geneal educatiosn, with special
reference o cemsical, physical, or botan-
ccii lsboratorymethods. 'Ihe applicant
is also requiresd to write a thesis on the
kinsleand cases of cereal grains grown
in Ike United States, and methods of
maeketing saume, with special reference
t cotmssecially grading grain

Uniter thn auspices of the Woman's
League a dancing party was held in
Barbour gym yesterday afternoon from
'4 so P. 'Ihe party was sunder the direc-
tion if Katherine Douglas and was well


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