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February 27, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-27

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NO. xo&.

Meet Saturday Night Will Line
Up Material-Chicago May Yet
~Vote for Seven Gamnes
About sevenvtyfixe aspirnts for track
i i s haxe aled signified their i-
c s of ente ig the preiinxary i-
udo w5eek to e -hetxt to:\Watermxan
tsnisimnoSaturiay ecoxng, Feb. 29.
To aittl apeara nces ttis imet shotlt
poxve a thuge snccess axl from tte cai-
er'of tha xmeo areadyrteredct, it pap-
parrntthoff a fairty goodtitea cal e
otaiiied as to possihle varsity omateria
for boxtl this andinxt iytear's track teams.
lenwhlte tclas rtlayxxork gosnerriv
onixaiii Trainer Fitatritk is kept hs
timiing adilicties Of tei men timedt
pesterday Senxksnior engixee,xho
ixgotiated .a 'in xii3 3-5seoiiit. ixaxe
the. xiii timxe of theidlip
the Ioaixelof Re exixi cxlthe Lnixr-
sixilThf pcesexix ited troph sielt upoi
wiphchire tiibeIngraxvedxxitthi ixie. of
hip{Inii coox rsxxxi- *he te axxwiinxg
tixi fi;xxx iet xx neii'ix :Axdtotixfurtter
iayxihli ilixhiitIx inhiilx-sirk. the
le'Tts. ksocixtxi hasiiioferel four
i. cups Oeii 10 le tpresetedlto exch
x ththetxx'0 engieer team ot of thea
xx}', tlecrace st r~i .trh+-eqxeaclose oxe'
-xi l these rewa ris arc of sfficiext value
ttcaxept -itt runnxers 'of xabilt.
;ecxert ixlfix xxiik,",is pegessixg
f rIri itixlp omttlc ie i xxx 1'all h es
llns xxrho a-tscnmexei x i ix Ioixts
lst strfiigx hitxr'iteilslic xxs doigig
eSnxstixt xx ok xx axcsi 5tiIiis iii rllis
stput xandl ho vauil; Ixhelatter
ceent ic xs itlry xdone tel fit a&c
ie lxhlxxxomitsb-iccixoutixlshotixtiixxc
ill tl xxx itmlxxlulsxthis -sooiiiAlter;
dgits dxoiig eeexn fete cisistemtli
ait soxxiuld beailexxtkeia cxxof this
e ,eit.
llx ,:ltanc.i iii9 'qixare ll lige
ail the .txitxiiiiixtip uirit xxiii lxiiiing1
rli someinewxxvii xxxiai tl. \1x xxho
~on'ble miiex cuet xxx lst yis freh
9pttineet. is-elxig rwa orae rssI ,il]
4bdahv ma Ill~4eiau llhxustl fox \Txctxhj1
maxnsi foixi ixltireyt-p le-'ni a ylict- 1
ttenitt:,to eiplox xc fox lhexi stlx x:o;!
Iivetie xx txe liampitxoxstxxtxof A t-
eica at tt1 eiiisp ti di'll ttxap fi
Of tixr4)V, eix ixin xxthe, -lxff Bexry
13 trlxe, lSti fmtt'itI at lixtet
eem ltz,tfie ticlottcxlicri teilt-x
ie ran i is lit xi ic i ihili 11' exr fr
lxviil lxi, 1fi1ifi 'i xiies itic
goixul e~iixleiinix fdx' i i l ill iithe
lxesh sott ner. _-
ii itilitofilx fl ixexsie r i hlie txrxl-,.
Setixixr, of-1 11 ernFoest, Craig. cxlOs
troll Ceiflfaxt, andxlTrrey, of fI. j. S..
re out alniost every daxy andx are gixixg
iveee the sticks inxfine style. A lively
race caxxi lieextecedillxiixiay lxx these
exexts if theixex iitspay their usual
formi. 'iThese sxne iex, xgether with
Keckie anxdx Wilixaxms, are also givixg
gooxl accoixit of tleixielves ox the
sprixts. Warxnxer, 'cig , exgieer,aas
sbivxxiivery gooxd form i iithe qaxrter
aiA should ush Merritt axdt Dixian i,
S' i eeit Sxturdaxy.
Gdriiy Bch 'et'iie7Honer adelAr-
thur re ptting the shot, adc with "Gee-
maixny iii forxm, this evext will te well
takenx care of. IHaxmndoiiiadi Jons
haxve eenx high jixmxpixg cosisitently of
ae, xnd a keen coxtest can le expecteit
ini Saturday's seet.
Mr. Fitzpatrick wshes to anonee
that all entries for the preliminary meet
mut e ii y this evening at 6 o'clock.

Entry lists are iin the director's office.
Men wishinxg coaching in any event are
instructed to report as foltowsvi
Macdles, to Hodgen and Merritt, froni,
4 to 6.
Qiuarter-mite, to Dunan, from 4 to 6.

IHalf-mile, to Berry, from 4 to l.
Mile, to Coe, at 5.
IHighi jump, to Icte aixilPatterson,
4 lix6.
Sho-pxut,lxo Schulz, 4 to .
Pixle ivaultto Alleextce a2:15 toi .
exixetiIxNl VZcVsrs usegn:Si.
Es-en the mos arentxi of footxll fauxs
tll f whtomxxhavie a txste for 'dope' that
is unicanniy, are having their apleties
cloyedl by the flip-flop coxditioni of Co-
fereixce xffair. The Ciago Tribunxie
toixixts oui tihat evexi the Uiversity of
Chicxago, whtoxmx we eliexedlfirmxiaxd
sixcere iniietaxdvocxacy of stringet re-
formxs, has showvn signsi of switciing to
the tpopuxlxr seven-gamxie seidue. Mfere
isi the newssx the Trihbune trixits it-
Several ot the reactionary professors
il) the CUniversity- f Chicago fxclty
sartedl axixmovemient yesterdxay wvhic,
auith tlix aid of a demonxxstrationxxbu the
sudcetxnow etinig plnned, i exected
to cause ax reconsideratioxi f Chicago's
v igoxrxoxs stxaind for only fie footal
gxxmxes ini a seasox. These professors
hlixve i is xxxi too lte lxxsiigthe
semuxts'for xiceven-gaxeneasxurtxxe.
Oneisof le fxcltpixex, wlho hixs at-
naxys taklexi a leading part in the -11-i-
iiert f thei'ahlietic rotiemxs of
the uniiversity, is at the Iexd of the
nxxvecnc-t, tand le is baxck-illiy-severxil
tf the youniiger tprofessorsxa strong fol-
lxing ox f the atiuuiui, the cxolege tpaper,
ixid the ruintxg mxajority of the sudetl
I u hse xmeni, xvho re stronxg xinhiri
hicheief ,thereforxixs ixmust contiinue, argue
i i he quxetioxnxof five xr sexenigaxies
miro mx iinor impiorance ii the Ixuxity
xix viiexiitixxdthat it ioul ixake little
qx 11ix difference if two ixore cotests
awcie tttipexlItaxilast fxill. They-eliee
3i meacsurec grantinixg sexeu gamies should
hle tpassd xonitrial.
-Oxnx-iof temxdeclaredl yeserdaytiphbat
hr beliex-exdP'urdue's standi, ivoig
thaxt sevexi gxxexxsholumtl e triei next
fall tridxlif they faitas aixexerimxet
ax returni shouxl hrbeuade txthe ive-
gaxmxe schedulxe isanidea comsieraiox.
It is iii this pointthe leaters of te
xcw ix xmxxxcnxixt hote o swig teMitfu-
xxiv :,sate i itoxlixe.
~1kr'. JI. Raproft, acting athletic i-
reci-,, fxv'xrs ax tial est f seexigxxxues.
glxrihxisioxi of five r sexen games
!is xxx: animpxtortat oe, t anyp'rate' he
sail. -"It js not like the qetioni of the
trinixig xqxuares, traiing tble or le
playinig of graduiate sudents. It is of
talim1uo1.iimporance amdI dtio not thnxk
aninmc rease of to gaxmes woulduhuserve
lto maxke footbaxltxagladixtrixl shtxaly
str hnit is oss
"k thIle xatpossibilitiy haxtIChixtago
wxill reci-d erxh its sandux andulvotxe foxr
sevenx gxames? Yes, I elix-e there i.
mmsthlIxxxumuxhiofxx chancmee I canmo
saxp b ut thure i some."
_ potherumbxxhers of he faclty ex-
presiedu coufiuemmee thxt there xxas more
thanxuuaxdistantmulhope thxxt eoumgh ifu-
emnie mgt he hbroughtbto earuxonu tle
sruente xx voe for sevenx gamxes. Dr.
Alonzox K. Parker, one of the leading
spirits mu the senaxteudeclare that hoy
waxsnxot set xagxinst sevenx games.
'he sxtents re planxnig a denon-
shexaionm to showv their xattiudxe to the
lie Stadent Council, it i rumaored,
ax tdeclixned o pernmit J. K. Wxatkins
amith1..B. Vedder, ble recexty elected
represexntatives fromx the literary depart-
ment, to take their ,places on the Couxn-
'Tle pubmliciy conmnittee refuses to
confirm or deny the report. There i
sop,.ie foudationu for the sory, however,
in that neiher of the mon remained at
Tueuday nigt's meeting. It ls proale

that the apparent irregularity of the
election may he the hasils of the Coun-
cil's; action.

-. _ _

URGED FOR GIRLS',.._.,._ _

r u amw _ w ft wr


Mass fleeting of Girls Will Be
Held Saturday to Get Sugges-
tions for Improving System.
lxxnsviewv of the feeing amog ble
aliumnaxe andund xmergradxuates thaxt the
present spstemxu of rooxumig housue thas
mxanyi' disadvxantxges andxithat smualhalxl
of residhence udcer studuent governxmxent,
especiallpy for lwxerchxssiueu, woxuld e
fxesirxxble, thur membuhers of theux Mottr-
hosed amd Seniorsocietp feel that a
canva'xss of he xxomienmof hic Uivrity
wxuxldl do lunchel to bindg these (utcestous
iii ax defiite poxint andulxmake the Boardl
xxi Regents fIs-rhetexcssiyofp' ltrvi-
mg suitabxle-phares ilxxwuhihi xlx- uwoume
map lie.'
.This is the phex'mbiilue tx axpetition mson
to he hpreenut iiti lt thuxgirlsxof ble
Uuixxrsiip. 'Thex aiii.iofxsuch ai petitionx
s tox gaii the girls' ra l inionxu aboxut
'AIsenxiolutgierls cmeito lookxuxhibaxc
xxix college dayxs" sit a seniorm'glutyes
erday, 'x"iex-ealiechlxiiifewx'cose friend-
shipslt vxe lxxxixen uable io maxkhe iwithi
muanyp-ftinergirs wuhom we xiknowuixof amd
thur quxestionx xrisxsxhter i wouuld noc
he possile to maxsthur majority of he
girls Itgethelxinlhalls Here tfter iii
ter sir coudlhlxxxiniformal dxnces, or
.wr muight gather tarounduu;mxx openx fire-
puace si-lin tutolixbusy, tud tuscome
to knuois-cihx othe itimaely ithsllilittle
or no effort.
"Of course iwe wuuldl not like to give
upi theunuxrestrxainedl lift- that we leau
now andui he limxiedutotuthurol-fashioned
dorxmitorpspstem.u Nonmu of uosould
agree lto lxaxi fr seeferl too strongpy
howxmuchuelisuch indcetedenmce lxxixtaught
usx tox bextrueswomuxen. Bhiut is it oo ble-
oretical toiimaineuicthaxtlthur Micihignx
girls canxinxsom si-tip ln usliiie to-
gxether'lin axsmauxll comunxxui, goeneh
uitit hipbthurmxxixveisx andulthus restict-
ig teindivxuxidhualxly wuhp en-l- suchlia
thuiuxixguwoulxbeneucssarp fr thur good
of thie x whole? We huxue Ifaithi that such
muight he tpossilue.'
Iiordelxtoxthoroughlytv iisuixs such axx
matxiter a maxiss meex-cig fue ll Univer-
sitpy xxomcxex will hrIheldl iiSrahuliCa-
wsell iAngell HIlth tixayxat 3 ocock.
Somuue Mihligani graduuaes andu M'cichiganm
girls isill taddiress the xx ex-iuxa Ixwhe
thur ptitionxxis tpresentedl toxthed-gils as
ax wcholexit is hopuuedltoxruceie thought-
ful suit canidpi ionlus uhic-h wil give
de finiteuantrxue xxsiatiistics uponiuwicxhi
lTiioliuPROFS~SORuSit ii'rxiiiot~.
D~eanxu tchii'llins xxf thuclx ladeparxment'urx
s ablsentthlixiweek due lxo thurdeixth cut
is motherhin xC hicago.
tic. Vauughaniu is also omt of the city,
and ol eu xUixxl thur class in meical
jurvispudxencxe wxill nout umelthis xwee.
NOll iCt_
Nix sitings for lxxe iMichigxanensixan,
eOther inuhvxua or groupus, caixe taken
after Saturday, Febi. 29
The seniors who hisse uo yet made
ouut their recordil blankhs amd deposited
thrum withitheir udehxrlment eito of
the Mxichiganxenixanuor imxheblu ox.in the
generxal liraryp, tre urgedt to io so this
week xxs thefinlatcolectionx uwill e nmade
Saturdapy, and conmplete records for
eveeyone are desired.
Alt reading nmateriat for organizations,
class officers, and" class athletic teams'
musut he sent to ble Michigatnxslanx
office Roonm , Ann Aror Press huild-
ing, M'xaynard steet, ding the present
week This is oficia notice, and it is
iperative that alt comcerned see that
thirenaterial ix in the hands of the
managers y the time mentioned.
Michiganensian Board of Control
Belt Phone 24-J

Michigan's First Attempt at Comic Opera Proves Unqualified Suc-
cess-Remarkable Smoothness Characterizes Action
of the Entire Production.
W~ith thle xuduience standing iii the of1 thu rcxxxixsls wxhnu the principas
aisles refinsing tox go homxe till thu cur- dlidtCkxxxhix linies andel not one of
lxxiii Iadlrisenm fire timues onxthe finae, tlx-echoxurus hadxanxxi dc hat o io.
thur frst performaxce f tMichxigendxa Last unigtl his protiieges xxiiifive ecuranx
caexuuetoxaim enduatuthblurWVhitney last celsutis thelx endulof tihexhirl act.
ight There tmad heenm cutainm exls andx tt hexxl ing s xwhe thur play mas in
curtin umcalls all throughxthur thretacts prgross wasBertxSt. Julius iho lad
f the'Union's otpera, ut mileu blu enxiicxxnic outxfom Detrit xiioxxsix howusthigs
tie coxmpxanyp, filingte- stage, snxgthur s tl o.x lx x duringxthlxthirdlulact
medrulepy lxxixwusaxoxxendulit, thurpele axxxiii elihat ruingxx xfinuae mhath lie
arose lxxtheir sexats timd thurstormusof though oi t ,, hd sai: "Te os ude-
appuxause thuau followmsedhkt the curain-erveecutcluetx1tlxisueen etirey
bunucing fr thu e xet tenxuminutis.It xix xixfactory. xkut letmuir tll ypu wesi
wa xs thur rendeiring of hec-xvedict: Alclx x x ' eshgdthi showxike hkisli
igenda lxxhaduisucceedted. Not ax peisonux i xox lxx s hadn't ihudthelx'st ufl rightc
paxsseduouxxiiitou the strexituho didc novt hexe,
knowxuxthaxt; nt a upersonspostk it h Tatini thexl l y tulpkxhes pxae mum
huhd notbgross'entusiastic. 'SleeplixHoloill t xhis afternoon, onx the
Alid] behind thur scnessthere xxax just xcamphuus xin leot of Uniersiy itall in
as muuchx ejoicinug. Afer ble stourmuofixie.leveingx. anxd in vtheutrone roamom xf
apuplaause ad dieduaay-ap-tndthe urtxxx lxiiihihuxiuaxxxfewxxdayps ater. Michi-
ach fallenx for thur sixth hime stinuteti dlbythvwaus the xi.utgie kingom
uerves reaxed imxthu axsuap Chorcsus wherexthereuadcx-noxhrosiHow the
sgirlslxxn wigsamd rougiitappedl earls stuxudnts xdet lxxx sxavcompulicatedha-
oxter onutheblu ack amdble prnpcal dtirisfearfulsuxnl xxnxefullyxhparranged
fairlp hutggeshd oncanothuer. 'ITicfit i x l i eodat .uytahis eiue nd tuuvlJm ie
ight mvas oxver! ihigclmendah xhatt siec 'l~ 11(11mlClre at ha-
ceeded! IThuep-knew itomu acerainlitty uvius to thei.facudsy deanii ts't uxuru-
wxhenx MrScautnln mlxiihaildxiled themxunleixSufficeitxtoxxsupthat wms-ticmh~e
forms-riks x to limt wxliiithem had donefaculx. finli lyuos i catch ip sith thur
iuxxpec uponm a chxair andctstud, osssuensiigrexes itoxmakxlvAnntArboxr
yiu've doneuregat mwork." as perfectxias th xulandofxi \lieg-a-
Th 'cl tours caught their udiece riruht Ganerssi- tme - ee free sodxa
t ble slant. The opening choxusxixfollow- foI xtxuuu nax xxxxort x in hihx xx
xing the eoverture of"Thur Yellowi anuhdxxxiiof xxi
Bltue" idrewianx encore. 'lhe htxls'bhu xlockxexne xxwo uh ixixhignidalx"go"
caught thur fancyof blur audience and lu-i xxnight us hisfllingxx m:
xxxiirecalled. After that, mwithx axxxximg Tm-
thaxtccarriredseryonesith themu, laugt- xxiiJ dii- s . Wainms
lug, xxxi)laudixgadmiring, lie ou uuug xx xx isiusi11.Clrke,
tors plypedlthe dpera throuxghxas eey ay .Tedr ed
uonexhaul hutped thuepy xwouxldclaypittou a liii i I xx s I Prtt.i
magifcet inih.\is luhtexue iald A.ul Pxter-
Its my xong drewv at least onexencoret 11
"WhueniNightl Falls, Dear,' at the cmii \iItx Ii xuux'ellex -DanxBhiSymonxts.
cxl blufr ist act, receivedh four In thu. x rouChuxuxux e-u Exxlurxuki-Clu es-
secoud act, "Whienxin1mb Ive Ththus the ter 'U. ples
Wxap to iDo," ni thIlefluxale exchlie huhck J Roberuxaitulep,
ceivedllxwi. Thur finalue of ble thirdulact I lxx-hery A.huxxuusehxx
receivedlflue. The Genxxie~htPrankxBIKeerfe
The faxulutuyimpesonations in tliisix- uirs--Ixutis S.Blxxer, hlBenjamuuinmF.
and al ct set thur house roaringxu g BIndi idJr, xxLew itt.ratxns, trank
othters there were clever "xtake o 'xon l!'.xBroos Jr, Alois R. Carke - ev
Pruofesors WeeytDw, Taylor,'x Curoxxi J I ixuxiux O. .;t.ttFihhrWilei t
Iea Davu lxis, mmmxlUncle Jinnnmui. I didsilx x 5Johnuxson, VictdorR. Juse, Jr.,
The pleasure of ie audencen xxas not t)urank A. Kappx Dudey R. Kennuedy,
cnfinedl ixxextiressionx to applauseux -Darld ' lead, Arthur JtRissell,
Reed, thud tPxttersonu andilLucius trat, lluxuxInI uShokesdLouis iB. West
the leading ladies, receiv-edt loxiut "e llow,"h I ehiuxux muaut PMat-
cxarnaions tauchroses. Michigenuda xtook thewR.x h-hI shu Jac I. Brookhe, Russell
poussessionx of esex thbletheater attendil CI xxBurton, lIarkhW. Goutd, Gerald F.
ats- tieushers aore bannmus of yellowi agerlBen Haris, AndCurew DB Jxni
anducbluue. Betwveeni acts the mnusc wasi soxiIi cuxduxuxW. Kothec Walker M.
for stle ini ble thirter The eghtxogs1tg xBre H.1Lenuard, IHavey bM
tlhthaxve buen pubhlshed in sheet flimi 'di xl xxrhi,\[t-IISidttha11ry i.Suiim
were old togeuher lxn rolls for thicl]-Joxhn R.lxSiaffordxFredxl"IStautonx, l-
tis. tir J IhicnresI er A Whlite
Tht credit for last night's sccess mxiist Imprusonaxtris-iWalter A Aidrsou,
go not only to the hos thenselves but J ak . I. lBrookeiChalesxlx,. awson,
to the coxxxnittrhs that mnagdl thec IHaroxl II. HaskisxsGlbermt J. eyfron,
opera, xixil-al Stevens sodiBert St Joxhnm e xs 'A. Plou lxii V ll 'i. Johnston,
msho workeedt ip the stage buusinessadJ. xxie I Lawthon, iHliii L. Melton,
to W. J Scanlan, whiodirectedl thu. mc-CGvorgiLI.Niuul fi )Liuut '. Stutter,
hearsals. heI ull '.5TravisItenry L. Wiartr,
Two weeks ago Mr Scantantook lholu lbMerit LI WeekI

H erhert A. Kexnyon will give ax talk onx
Le 'Theatre an College," in Tappanx
Mall leture rooni at 4 o'clock this after-
noon.'The lecture which was to h-ave
heren given hy Mr. Vanghian has hero
postponed indefinitely.
Mr. Kenyon will trace in his lecture

the itemvelointuent of blue theater in the
schoxols andx colleges of France. It wvas
for the college stage thuat many of the
greaut French muasterpieces were origin-
ally written. 'the growth of dramatics
inx Amxericanx colleges and universities
wilt huetdescribsed hy Pin. Kenyon. When
college thxeatricals declined in the nine-
teenth cenutry, interest in them was
tranxsferred to this country.

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