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February 26, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-26

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The Michigan Daily


ANN ARBOR, -TC1IJGA-V, \\'I)NJE.SIAY. , Fi3l' RY 26, i908.


Tie at End of First Half-Final
Score 38 to 29-Dunsmore Stars
for Winners.
Before ait enthusiastic crowd that com-
pletely packedi the gym track, the junior
engineers uefeateui the fresh engineers
hy tim score of ;38 to 29. The game was
fast antI furiots, oth teams shosig
remarkable accuracy in asket tossing
ad passing. The play swas rough at
humes, due to the overexcitement of te
players as the game swaxed close, tang-
den, te fast Knox colege o, was
hrt during the second half, finally hav-
ing to retire fronm tee ame. Benrook
and West also drotpedI titt during the
latter period. The freshimens started out
witht a rush as soont as the selistle
sounded and scoredi repeatedly tefore
the tpperclassmeni got togeter. Raiss,
the Detroit Eastern higt oy, who
playeti cetter, starret for te freshmes.
lie sas all ster the floor, throwig as-
kets fromsneery ange, atd stowig
teonderfuli steaditess ott free throws.
't'heni the jtstior camte hchtPlaing
withs the same seeds that casractried
theie ply inthie vicorioss camptt~iot
siip srusggle of last year, tse grduatslly
brousght the score tos14 to 14 at the end
tf te first half. The teamisplay of te
icors sas remsarable cearly oucltass-
ingtiatsosf te freshmsen. istic after
tite te junsior gurssdsribblledl the tbsll
te wehole lengths of le flosr feedig
thseir, torwardets immedttiaels-raisser the
freshtmiant basket. Dusmssorc e sis te
shinintsg light for the jutitior,, tressed
clisely ty isii teasisisste. Wet Early
intheli secondal laf these twitiss0ss git,
tim-sitfromithe soppos sigg urdsatnd
fairlsyrinedshossts isto t onentis'es
basktsc. The fresthment, hlweeis es.s-rc
gsamesc.nsuintsthe fac f sefeatshowsieds
Ilshsessf seedsthatis ctttheir rotrs
iint spaismtscf joy. A ttses ldritg
thse secondilitf,sismwsiningrally looked
sure, onsly to le soppiedl sdelysbyh the
strong juioisr garis. Cataii OCon-
nsr, Itoughsseldomscii oesrisg himseilf.
plasydl sisliftissame sait gvec Riss
mantiy chanitces tssosre. tig lsBesntk
plasyinig guard for te'resmiensplaysel
isel,lprteve itg tissuea 'askettby Iis
quticknessin garsitig. (Ofiten le tcre
te blstl fromssthesarmssof Iis sopptoet
andtl luytmaisi strensgths tosse ill)si sttsie
te cuir.
In le Ipreliminitary gugeicthe res
lawst rounicedl the seirs 20 toi .
IDuring the first althe ly)10stas rg-
ged, hut asithie gamise senit os there was
more teaitmorknst fasteir pay the~isr
intl Dutke soredl nearly all the poists
for their resecivecteasms. The cormier
shioweds excellent forimiosi fousl sooting,
while the ltiler featured the gamse y
his quick, accurate throwsesfrons short
range. Comtparaivelty little itterest test
shoswn by the crowdin i this gmue.
The linesps are as folowses
Fresh cengitieers: Forwards, Liselee,
OContnor; center, Esaiss; gurs, ten-
brook-Berram, Langdlen.
J unior egineers: Forwards, \West,
Duitnsmore; center, 'Tyler; garss, Was-
isssuc, Campbtel.
Btaskets-Lovelee 2, Raiss 4, Bebrook,
taugiles 3, Wasimstnd , West 2, Dns-
more 7, 'yler 2, Canmpell. Free throws
-Raits 8, West 8, Diusmore 2, OCon-
Fresh law: Forwards, Emil, Luther;
center, H-fodson ; guards, Spading, Ely
Senior laws : Forwards, Spier, Eam-
erman; center, Wolin; guards, Duke,
Baskets-Luther , Emil , Hodson,
Ely, Duke 5, Davis, Emerman. Free

thirows-Luther 8, Duke a. Final score
-Fresh 2o, Seniors 16.
Referee-Corneal. Time keepers-
Schuliz and Wendell. Scorer-Treat.

A O T A A ECo r ns e ll wea ts to p la y fo o th a ll n wi thls ;
A~cia.A telegram asking for ai 1 EB j READY''
glisie for Nov. I4 reachesi the associa-
tions office yesterday atndseas forw-ardedicied sFrtPrf ma e
ho 'Massager Btairdl it KasssCity.FThe Mcied' is efrac
dale suggestetd is sot opesn, Pennisy beisig Tonight-Success of the Opera
sceduhiledstoit plisy osn Ferry fielsd thast Now Depends on Cast.
slay.- - -
Coinsidering that, without haivinig askedl tsh' usfess suse hsuts tillthle curetains
for a gamie, Michigant nas iseetngivn-ctrssii lcls ieieiusco \il
optiosts on gaines snills Corsnell, Catrlisle,
Drossn, Dartmouhn, Syracuse, Asnnapolis ugcttsci t ter tricks sif ulnnistng,udritt-
annothisner colleges of lenses- note, thin sgrehecarsinig, tithoerusready
fesars of the lpro-Conferesncites Inane 'Th e wsrsets citpsc ion pracstiltly
fotiund little sublstasntiation. enedc wismtshithc sress rehesa i l :ondthay
It is isnirobualethnt iMnager Baird ight. 'There twill btic brcethastsmuork~-
snitt hbe ahle to nrramnge a dlate withntinesut this aftcrnoonus usto-keep thingsi- lion-
hthnacsss. Non-.7 is tine osnlyopein date ltierced upt u sit thu ewrk5 i of i geItstcluing
upointt Michigasn's schedule, anti Cornell readset overi i. C suiiiitteus, lirets,
couhldscuarcelyise iplayed hetweens tinecostumusers. tituds nelItsIIlii tattheycsanuu
Vanditerbilt anti Feinnsygamsne. Cornell dii, sait hnowii'su u 1toth suci sits sun
plsays Fensnsylvnia on Thnnnksgivisng day it thecast thesevesurt makeuit thssiturut
nnt wousldhue usnlikely to desire a heavy a success. Diheseussr thseceeninsit tper
gamsne sit the 21st. tformasncues tashsuitsusmatitueeslieadI si
s-uiu-s-mm-~seuwyoc~scus u-ettuncsthet, andsitu tall i)f thseusthitsusill Iase
Ah mnost unsexpectesd compiuicahittion hs crowd5sedihuss-. tututhcmstheitecsIc,1is
esntered its tine Cosnferesnce situsatiosn as ytiti ne Cnthis sisivntltni
the result (if Northwnsestern's revocation Pitlis iii sionspayluhldthsistesrest
cut th s emes-gie sciheule. 'Whesn tulnlagguttuinnit tr ih'
controviuersy- ws wrnssrs Northnwnestern havsascifiicedlfursever da fo
stodh mit hiichigant in ste sdemsand lfonr wsmuI w ithstlihusmtha t ii inasuiood
thic- extsededschiedutle, autnd -hulethe hto intos beshisahtblt stae licshi~nd
remversal of Puruue asIlinois froststh succ-ss ci cr.,n ie tobessi.
itneir stndssmlfor time gamss nt tohss-Is i sts his ave idt st ip rtu tiwel tosthes
extectedl. femw-if stany iaticipuatedlthutsmutrsofsitthiritis g suit hII ise
cosner-ativ-e actiossupotuhue partsit timethisac
Chuicagos college. As a resuslt of the PP suteu c itd. ntt wtu
soisis- r us e --games tse linral miteye- lii \liiliaisis
mrit ite Coisferenee reeis-esits 'sitdiiMi cidtss todfr ii-
hesttlowsm - seufifnciesntsnumstermelast- ian
inig fus e s hosrt scele t o khlhany Nowm prualctcis oe.\ 8ioihut
attempnit hischasnsge. lthe cushrt si i rsuindtshcss sasouts mmill
thue Coniferensce s-iles huso-ide that six tlettiiithe mk P ihi si-a- success,-t

Sterens sill bh ueit froms Detroist ho se howJthinsIgo." KEY ER LECTURE
Wed-netsday, 'T'hsursdaty,Cs inygy usnd
Sssuusuhsus, the lay-s of Mliclttgeuttd,th M THscI
Mhiss-aUnowilbopntldes sut e is sout Sustinas stud Wesues-


soles stllhuesineessary ts alter the dramausstics, sit itis in-us itske. tutu
suise t les., -tush siths tr ec-c -untsgest, 5155 iiw il-" (','1I tl pl 11this 5 5 i t s0
Chicago.i 'uPsusuuso ms t ndNirilmnetteit, Wsus ha t i evevnis scsitone ill
dsclareds against thue sevn-c-s ia ie, onuly, mitso seie it sues us PP Iitusssthinusks
thie 'big sight'snill havue to struggle "W'e iredu-sush [leicrtiPgos
iln s lucid thisymarethiseswills uscuss- til tonht:i
stiied lelilstithesic. lss usitehssis madea iii h~e: Its
'The PClucagso newspapuuers camne siu ut lthie woitksilt itt iiiittes of tilts-
yest-rdaus siths thc ipeennial cry- list sisuusl siresc-tirs, sitthus its itllii its sim-c
Coc isueis nzoses Shtagg -ould hprobabsly- cc-hit--itlutitestmeeytos-rive ublusicIsyht
sign s in ur5esult tnf this rebuuff ts its iiiltht .\iichsi r cantstgsnspr
lihuecus iescm Ihiss times, howumever, there 5 suefully' - Nitonesuitssth tsIwhit
unity tieususuiltrIstsuithue ceporsh. It hassss at-hedthusdils 5 lifrms-e
siensou smuewnhat apaudhetic toward- eekms-c agoues:histhi s slt ii its. sit
athiletic auffairs since time seneranuce of weu-lt-td sirens re-hear sslI ott \i uissis
rel-atiossnstwithihcigans. Itehe ash tlsunetnighit. It it-lits s iuthlutg. tue>,tu haisut
this yearu tItake situsomue cadterntcut1- \'he. Scanlanuific-t enttuo ugh tush suse its
hugs- hun brigitluens uphis nschdule, suitIhis inlhunosaty PP s-us isusuix lWOtswuslt
hue Chiss-io fattiiwa s-unitsistenut initsdisy-s beftore-thstie ist proiaie
tusandtfur thus-reformu, noeti hisslyholspe itigmithuuiiitsfsile sh
huts- in thss actiolls ofthue oilseiscollieges. tiltsuiittiitinctuut haIve ibIteu-it adesuto
freuetillissstaundlmohsnst conustsanht Wituthis s-such, sissis onsuitestssthli
ntervosus trubutle lseave ampnhes-ediis cos-t-heatter.i Nitsettee lass I'sut uhhsits ii
duict sitfte thletic affairs of time iii- lust the mutitic susilhis solin t utsn, uesch
vtesity. 'Phe tacit teausm, it old timse tituse cotiing thus-pliHisthedt~sons lit
unie, hissbeen permuittedi todwsindlie its shet fosrin. Theisssies still sill fussltso
strenugththurouughsack of is personal douslars eauch.
attentionu. these tinmgs, nelen cosupletd AnniArbor tutu suitttus-us people
siths te discoutragimng constriciomns upon hnuts-aukenta usntyuto tshtspniecial Saurt-
athlestics, mnighut well cause him to snt-il atsymanishee. Yisitutiii enspeialyhaitts
diraw efrosts Iis position at Chicago. conictohuntis-fruititllsasdeluegation sor
Staugg is st presenmt itsFlorida foe tinshswo. sAmng th iersn y-sterdany- nusouie
hteaultandthais not gin-en out stng state- order-nuof us stuxfuse a partyofsineveun.
unmeut asnto Iis intenmtiosns. I~nsthus u-srlythue sutccessiofthescseat
MSlits Dt-tsTICL't S ELAYm Se. salehe utaistinre ltiastlifiedl thus isdoltst
Omit huindiredIansi twenty-fivecaundi- of the massagementcusinus susranginug foe
dlates fuse class relay tentms tiurnsetioat ihe msatines-.
yesterdiagyafternoon for thneir tryouts. The fcte seasisleft sithue eveninug
Direcour Fitipacick was limiing tine buunch. perfourmnuces arcc gosing raipidily. 'fle
While noiing phesnomnenal in the way dollar seasissmere closedl oust hutng ago,
of spriunters has shton up, quite a nuni- and there are tot manisy sit the setventy-
her are dhoimig the hap under foureteenss ec- five and fifty cesit seats remuaisning.
onods. Tlie bst unsurk for thne dsay was Finanscially, huichigetnu sa ltready won
,13 1-5. a tewe points. 'Tonighit it will try for
All entries by irack managers musit somne unore.
hue ini Director Fitzpatrick's hnds by "Aunytthitng hi snay bseforee tile gatue?'
Thuirsdasyg sighnt. Scasnlon seas ansetd lastsight-.
"N'othing," Inc laugincd. '"Just tell tim
STUETe couCt, ADJOURNS. the chorus girls are all i fine condition
'T'Ie pubilicity conmmittee of the Stu- except .one meho dislocatedi her, weig in
tent Council reports that at the first signal practice the otlier, night. The
meeting of the Council last night the Carping Critics smoust he one-twto-three
roll was called and the meeting was for uts, foe we'll sloths their kicking
adjourned. . game every tinne. Yes, I thinks Mr.

tg his takss-friensto tin uner anudthtten
ts thelty, tillmuosoubt fidithis a
wselcomue dearture fromnthtie ruese.
A. M\. tandlmn andautep~henttowntey-
steresselectedulasst ight Ico reitresenuttie
oS lustsclass us the Uivssesty oratorical
constes. ''husmtnarked htie last of the
prelimuinary contests tefores-tleinl,
wmhit is set fuse ainumbuer suithe tis u-
d uents' Lecture Ansssciinseries.
Landmantt womm-unton "Omuslty thuthe
Situix," uandtDoweyncy "Ctie tts-nosi
tuve yea-urs'expeieneam-onigustthuheI ian
suitpleaedeulouencuty fisthits"'sas-
showedsibowsuf-rfnciedc atisanisiputisa
tusean hyaity u us ityliiin itilist-
fuse hue(,hrts-thit itsutes riglt
?sa hn oo issssanudh PPltutu It. hists-
suitstiet fusdeucs s withus Il us-u
irish teacee," n Te1hun(ist andthes
Nat it" s thler rcspectiuve subhecs.
hdtinunulJ. Foote suspoe 5555"Iutrilis
Dye-moucrascy,'andulJohnituR. Craetteonut
'Thut-PhMisiotiof this Press." htPrsfessos
Knowisltn. Drakle tutu IaIis iwsente the
itt ski: t; P \I SyhONAPI IS
WIL1,1SiP1 K APh'°P. PPC. A.
P lectiurecourse su itutsssu-uu-y suis-
sets, thu-im-rest by peoesinwi tctul
experiensucein i sstinarty hoditts in t
ti-iis it Nemwbier- Ii tlt unders th us-it
irensitf thus Y. PPf. CP
China.dhursdammiii igis t 7 5 shuiunsisi
this : _ suit Jousephi iineI situ Ii usi sll mit
s-hu shut yedutr uisnsaitnsuit Chitsa; IDr.
Sihbcz a Persians physitisn, mwlhoiis susi
suying lieu-i-MrPt eriises ltuhformerlu-y
oftIhikit. Japan; BiPss utitP sui,situ
tional stcr'tutu-it t heY PW . tush
thi stushsunut oluter mvemt;ti Re%.It
Clarki. us tmisstiaryfromutfPitcuau;andts
I. 'anuit, formeruc . P.At. A . uer-
ties its Japanu. Philishissaete trestedus
sillIhtu turdiailily- nwtlcomedus.
Thssetutf tuheindsuucionotouits tt a su
no m-snchronsus nrtrwsdsrb
ed uatIlengtihugy C.A. IDais, 'ote, t te
mein-hg tnt thus Miciganum branuctosithe
PAmericantustusitute of hElecicial hiugi-
uss, en lasst ight. Prus.at.egson 55auh
Pi. Phitivtytoolspastnuntie dicsin
wshhssui',lnedth ie lecture A short
Ii-uis;sessiosn cosedl te seeinr.
Not sittings foe the ihicligaitensinu
etiher indiividusal or groupus, an tic-tki
sulen Saturdsay, Ccli. 29.
lTe sesios smho haven-coutyet mae
out their recordth blanksaninthdeiosites
thuemmwsih their eeparutment eitor of
slureIMichiganetusitn or iiite box iite
general librry, are urgedl to tdo so this
mmeek asu the final collection wil be mte
iSatutrdauy, and complete records for
eeryosne arcudesired.
All reading nmaterial foe organuiatons,
chus ofiers, auth class athletic teams
miusthe semnt toth ~e Michiganensiant
sffice, Roonm , Anin Arbor Press bsuild
ing, Maynard street, during the present
seek. This is official notice, and it is
imperative thins all concerned see that
their maerial is in tie hands of the
seunigers by the time mentioned.
I Michiganensiasm Board of Control.
Bell Phone 2.4-T

Relations of the Science to Psy-
chology and Theology Consid-
ered by Columbia Professor.
3rf(' . Ifeysee of Columbia uni-
versity uaddriessedh a large autdiene ii
he Tappan IHlll lecture roomi last ight
tut thur subject of "Mathnemuatcs." I-in
lettr etshwiths mtheatics is its re-
ltsisiots thus realmus of psychology, phil-
osopthiy- tus religiosn, emphslasizing espe-
cial. the it-fallaioisus ies concening te
ntissue-wshch lutit- sisy becomne tras-
Speaktinug sitthes-c-xtst tush satue of
imathticut.s, esaid: " Thur sope of
mteai suin theimatcnsticl actiity
in itseyonds te cr utehencsion of ay
issueotlonug stieitiisits iticacis
Stichtesrnasl siguss alonue as tie vast
coninensts ofsdoti u iltt upiby the
this u of the us-ususuis: sinit:frusm
hihgrs n lto toI, Hilbert, Fi-e,
anduti isisr crustsdIthureueno ieoustanonal
ott lt masthematssuuticaliwors tshone its
tnltss etetu;itbut its trie ifiitde
is suivtobhis die-eriniueued yiternal
is ll stu , hu is ole geo h
scitne Oinlusy uswiitsthis lst ihundured,
an its estnaisitthu r uitialilogical,
Prt.1 sicr tnglve aushoetuiesethm
of heeyortionofthur concmeptionmuof
% l r poit 'ftetus sesus
frtsh i ni sh 5 s scieeis ofs ituauntmit
uit tittititio" icinguh55wihinmits
s nvit ii ii a itcatabcittofirase,
ori situ- cIOsit 1 ircsis tciettIBut list
le puut of nonit Euit ltuidiamigeometry
proved-utthis definitiointu deq:hsuasste. Again
iiits as isctshis time utasitthi scuience
ofiissirusctu- srcliuuit uihthlimevmmi-
lutio tutfs projuetiveu gusmtrehy, te detiiu-
io ii55 s usa-thsrd imustrst asmitnats -
maneserastalceithe sieneuof p0i-
-t iand nattude
"To' dcic t roadiy, itsis mithur sciece
wich drwsi necesstitsary coculusions. As
suh -aI itsfmiaio n s ul dentssi-
cal stitsymsbilic.loic."u
irf. Kiser t ithh et tomelesghs
tutu svtill guset emhiutus upon mtie pops-
tutu fallaieis pusoposundedIsby HuIuxey Sir
PPilliassm aii uustasnit Smihopenss-mhauer.
I hxleylPof. eyse sackowlegd,
huts a sfair-m itd tpoenlimt te ts'o
ltelits-culltshsieliesstn falsiies std
his-rtrcs sitthiswossthe Iiy claimiuedl t
qute. is hlitsjudghmencts itt ltauniluusu
tutu Srihtilisthauerstil lutreign on-rithunt-
susofmtntsundtuuyet both seecigor-
sntudof thur sujedtthey petneito
'hheeture ciosedh nith a lbrief on-
sidierutioi ntfthur relationm of smatiematics
to psycholoiugy ndl theology. To quote,
'"Mathematutis is tutuinexaustble quarry
si tesisriasi fus exuploration lug scholars
its sy chloigy ,uphiosopshy auththeology
li eeurumotoiesof mathemasntcs are
itoteit ithmil those of art anit religion
I belicveth ladt mathematcs is the science
essenmtially quaifed to assist in the c-
storatuiouoftheluogy the fisrmer queen
ofi thur sciences.
"le mauthematicalu mind is not a mere
syllogistic. nll; it is characterizedl by
thue supsreume qualities of invetion and
consructiion, just as esentinly as by
thur fasultuy of ratiocination"
trus. Keyser is being entertained dur-
ing his slay mum Ano Arbor by Prof
Markley. A banqueut is his honor was
gus-ems last snight so the Michigan Union
lug te Mathematical soiety and tie
Phlsossphical club.
T'he junior class of Oberlin college
will present on Feb 29, 'Eastward Hoe,"
a comedy of contemporary manners.

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