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February 20, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-20

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A Buort Sap andelone whicthwilt IAE.EE.E-SI) NETSLCXII 'CTR
no ea frelatherwould bhoatreat.
for any honeor bath.iT following is a revised report of The Rev. Percy S.Grat, 5 SI) ec
Yo ti e icrot onft BIar of recommndatonss relatie to tes'coim- orofthe sn-ChutrtItof te AcensiontNwi
genine haned literary and ltw cotrse: VYork City, will tdelier te not.tSlottfin li'itlfF lln
N o P O LEA ~~~ i) Whn the student so registered lecture, undr the ausices of thye Ho -eCllg Pr
InI the two departfents has completed hart Guild, in St. Andew s church on StndardJ~iLllII I
CASTILE the first year of te lawt cotrse and not Sttnday, el. 23, at /:30 p nt
les tt'n ninety-six lors it the depot- Dr. Graiti htas een s ic sccesftl ADVERTISED IN THIS SPACE ON
Puitlbhr ofmot of literature, siee, and the arts, in Iliselturht work its Nttc t ork ad Iis
OieKilo - 50C litowtt lie reensided for the degree strong pefsotaity listsect-tbled hito' to TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS IS
3toele ott et5i0 of Ietietor of Arts, providledt Iis tork olvosdiffiult proletms lbrutgt aost by Sl AnAbrb
Itas itcludedsthle follositg cotrses: te sifting ofthe curtitht otislatois in Sl aAnAbrb
-AT- ~~~Rhtetoric, 12 housr, itclsding corses his arish. Ii adtitions to his lraticl1GO A RST OB O(SOE
z33a. 4.sansi 4t;matheimatics, or hiities Di rGranti is aitelituet pitesoh-
Q j o! n aciencee isilhl alorator wosrk 8 er ad a.-tman ofsexctional 151ittrryAN..
QVAR Y1SFou sLit. tsrFrench, or Germanti.o gift.,Ilit'hassreccistlsreevedl asdeco- SEH Nitl O PN
Conet State S td N. Uiv. 5Ass. Ii panitslors; Elglists litory, 8 rtionisfromsssthes'rrnscs gsernmtient for
IIL ust Etglis literature, 6 hotstsr ol,. Iis Ieltftl sctisit ret intostes its le
____________________________________4 Issurss. Ireeitim siof acislciss a tis has Icust
M________________La_____________ sttn is sronigly urged scsls'iabtle' i it ianothe llstati nof sisst te st
'5')' Loanedtforleverytstuden t peaitg tstdyst liii- of Iis itsere's iss i artites toesi,
Mon ~ Iu,~t1e , so. 0sortders ts metieocptitil tass Ts' Sasrchs of Ielic ic tos chhs
the c'nttt eshe lall lhasve snlsih c t i told- 1 cstlte stilsecs of Is 5 1It stiiCtln:
On othes, Diersatrod popLwrty t . ij -stieIfofregoig rquiirt iten ts s al It'ct's hr e s o dre s s t itt s it
W~~atches an1d' Jewelry repaired. lowsing. essusittial e'quialt's. stents. l s o c f S rn
Bargains in Watches & Diamonds ()In Isdsdtitiontthle reitiredicoussc
t'c stentis is adilisedl to elet t least JUN1IlR V Erl N IIAVS
r ,Apn Arbor. {eryhusfo h olwn ujcs:l-1N R AIE
'f H ra:s Sin 113 a. In. tits -:3oad rio Latiin,.8 1hsuse s.ousrses .3 anidI40 Pitittls
9p. s.itermtant. sti'Sitanish,. t6 hous; lotioteit Ini s'sot-er tthat moresst lestsic sli t
ActL BUSINtEto CONFI tNTA se iousr hissry 14 hosssrs; go ermetiiot aveI - is- rass~l atetio , 55ili fitcillsy ' f
- -JOSEPHI C. WVATTS 0s 1111ssrs itoutinhtg osirses 14 tel 15; tso Grmtssn detetis ihivsite oirgtizetd Tene pigSar saseia nrdc
siits lstinsilass. 4 hours; economtic, 'JuiossseVcsci. F eycitutelcti 5tkitg TenwS rn cr saseilito
isouseicsicsssing cousiuesci.69',95, iciisssianIc 4. ss-lsoishe is ist ss- tory of the spring, we rre offering a special
- s.mitu3: phitltsophy.is7 houssicuid- o s te ttit oticii. maysitIte admittedi is purchase of beautiful new Spring French four=
iset,.Io ttd i5ic r pvc otli5 and tpolitical site'fiihelsecc is isis se- iscis ite' te'p
1_. =O ' f iilts-vpsi ir thsitcs ithemtecsics, 2 N-e-eitsiitdiies.There asitreiesdsi.- in-hand, in new correct :shapes with open ends
1 strs. c -sislst'ticitnsiu ticn n ~efor woesinsi csch and in all the handsoi'-e spring coloring.
r i l stamped goods, including I(c Iwosets c-scutrse' ipreliiinaryto - sit prtes i iiaytaSom ttlber' n
setit It siof Isis hitsfosloins tg, eouste I soeisselts Nicuii soarc esl echi The new Spring Shirt,,- make their first bow
MllsA iito os ithe'tisii teit tir itt. cctc.scsi. - -and they are beauties. The new spring styles
iii lisgt cihe tsit oftel his' ',NN ittti -\5 u %Sci STt.scit-iW C O1. in Hats and Cap are here for your inspection.
ce titi ile ts eti es tueic hanit i-two 'hiss' n sits r(ci itycii do r sit al
DARINti 1 ALLEAIIX as-set cullcts' 'isepa sraiion: s--sit still stigt ste te-St. Iltsiifsie
224-226 S. State St. hFirst yeari: I-Bttositcitcousrses I. 2; inite'.ofsit ictit. t it'e Ligi t u rd
I sitcss. t , hc i istoryi couesiso armosriiitti's- ttsis1 ll i.
a, ti.4 4's-imti aiit c us i e sti , 2._- -__
Scondt test. lRhetoricttcouetirts .1.; \ nsarsteole ".lit ii. seordsi vs'u e'isra'-
C I l st sit cs 3, 4c: 11I'i1 lsht lilts to n sithiis o s s c-sr Coll, i5t
y, ho iiiitstr% ctirC sicc 4 ;;eo
W int'S - S em s cmes iirsi's t ' P 11 i-Lete X'elr itierto Reule, Conlin & Piegel
- -o e Alilttcttdsieir. Iris diaphrait'sgm,
NALRSJEWELRY STORE; 216 S Man SI. i iiIITP ll''. XXIII -jectire'. 1-3 toi -7,'situ(r-12 oiinni-
JOIlNT' PI-i'_lXXIitersititi I tefcct cndsitionsss; cst $,n.
leltevt.l P. C. Iliti.S it t iar im, I sttlt -N
tm is -sits is..sitt i (pt andXiisil I-sek-X-i s4At M .ACK'S
Wee i l tc wh.oentei
itAdr ssitf <e iri ers i vic sillsen t XXf LhaveIrstreet1 e isi c
caslav a peiatonrtoue a sose--IPesiseicit si Jcfesssitt.c PALMIST AT LESS THAN MILL PRICES
v.,.1., 0a i etas-rslDrili-J- I itltt -
ass esI o i XXU enct is siis t Gts-sseRcnnd Not again this year wfil yotu find pices 50otur Iiittnileur n
e East iUnivrsity Phiarmacy S3.1st i J. C oii , toCosto l: isse, Roomti 7.opposte pat- a nw
l'ti ts c rsty eiienei-it. 2 o
l. . ROYS, Pharmacist hut. itt~pitDleasic Rolvs ellt sitrIhitiis. 2 ets; crdsc.25 conts. M C ~
11tl illuetc sitfswisnicti isi sensnis lettic st .weeklsits AnnisArotr. ifM CKK ,
= .V. of M: ilni Stlts1: ITurne110 Siudets' 'T'elephonrte IDirectoIr at C'is
S -Site'scl. I ill ii tie .rt or \'V i s t . copy yt' 0-i2 UnN [ wat litn
Barber Shop and Bath RooffisitFretONEYitLOANED'(ItRuK77 rttnt iiritirstills ll LU + [D e .id al
-- - --14 eything Frt-aIol 'I'isiosurthi Avenue;iseropXXoichtsiceourtirihiuse.s irllslsisse etcirssck- 11 torth s1t3e0upsiseo e ote tii ii 5
Larvtest Shop tn the City aoseir(ngnrs, % lferentenmcsc]pha, c ;3 ii.Lcc.iac2r_-_Two__odoors __ssouth_______ity__'.__M.__.__A__W.__J.___________
J R.IfROJANOWS~I. Prop. ,rsss lia 'D I' scaee alo ad tet
This is the time of the year wen we are receiving our
spring wooens. You wili be interested in seeing the many
exclusive noveties we have bought, and we wili be glad to
show them. Selections can be laid aside to be made up later.
..33305 S. Sat St. - W G E Importing Taiors

Ti --- Rowe's. Laundry EL E CTR IC IT Y
. 326 N. Fifth Ave.supidtColgMe rd
Michigan Undergraduate Ne Phone 400 Belt Phone 47LWrmnfrAlProew
Clasaaa Satvrdey,.10A.M. ~sd
.7s30 P. . -2tO0 Eeat Washington Street'
Contains 4200 stndents' names followed by the Assenbly I ocluss' --
.hnnubrwhrthycnbrece.Nw--on sale at the Co-Op and Stndents Snpply Store. WA! KING L-00KEP YOVR DATES
Chinese Chop-Suey Restaurant By carrying a copy f the MIlCHIGAN Daily Subscriptions Now Due
Chinese Itanvsithse Ate '5Lniehes of IHANDBIOOI in yurpoet. Spceefor es--__
altinds. 51r yth i~e r-C ass tr o oanda. calendar, speial events, Cniversity
,?- lades nd e I et Caenda' is this 105 page oo. Given away Sbstcrittons tn ti). itimi Chc. d uift sit
,_-Chinese and lpnse 41,1t-brtii. ts students at the University Y. M. C. A. M- miltney tie1h0r.
t.1 Stors, se dor S. tllistoars, 314. Stte St. Milan !fall.
- TUpIO"-RLENSo CIL41R, 319East Huron Street

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