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October 04, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-10-04

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The ichigan Dily


No. 10.


tfIP ED VARSITY Weto .ct he 01offIIU ic i a s,kilp A LLST LWILL
WILL OPPOSE CASE seectd t a"1 . read n;;11c 11i' the COACH BASEBALL

Four. Regulars lWill Be Missing
in First Glame-Signal Practice
Was Sluggish.
A stiff signal practice yeseray prac
tcalty endedllth varitys prepartio
for the Case game. Wor nraot by tie
grtelintg game with the srbls plaed
the day before i n ltermtg 1111-s waner
weatier, the varsity prseted acrp
pled lieupllswhetCoah Yost ibea
sending the men throgh thi dail
tuts. Naturally enoI)ug,the rsl
was raggedl work- all of the memer
of the teatmtseemintg t ebree
with at over slylt)o(f sugsne
CaptaillnI (goiinl. Shul,,case, aIll
Davison (f thet 'rglars aere missig
forced to make (use(f nearl all(f tie
available subs1ill oler to1 round11ti
With tie Case gamte-anever anI easy
propositionl for te ll'v (eries--at hand1.
marking as it lioes tie egininglt o(f tie
football sesot inll(Ilicit so muci s t
stake.tecoach is far frotencouraged
"Anlabulndattnce of gool matral, Ill
saiihe '"Thts watt yutte realit
preachitgearly il tle sesn.Now~
here we are, realy for tie Case gme~,
an111it's going 10 be it (tell lrption
to pick outl eleen Ilmel(110111%ve cl
use. It's 110 puzzleicto(((a111)tec(oIwl
whtawill ltake art it tie fgamle (((111)-
row. forte a'halt' but about ttelnmn
10 co~ose from. ii (Ite c, it is sn
thing of aI prlem idtell rliewhr
toIplay ltheml.
"Bly til t ime we I'soldlbel'far
poshe fto form1'ttom(ellids olla'is i(ek
(ay u1111 iItinia we(ek of tilt'en
game this year as 15(as it'e cls
fortunes, Ill'cnno~ltIhople to1 hav an
beter sccess than11lascoyear
Al least three oftfhe veteranelar
will be oult (f the gametaomoll(rrw.
Harry IHamml~londt hts igonle to tlicig
to tattendc it'euedeig (f is b rtte'
'Tou,tone of tie strs (f tie 9(34
elev es ,olcan11111lgas wil be oa
tie sielines adl it 5s(possiethat11Cap-li
buch aginslt tie levllelndl ggeef'-
1tion. As (laltferdt't chaClrey'hr
hats deelopdi frm ter hump1111Ctcv
inthe game ith tie scrbis, ((11( iPtsi
cat Directr Fitzpatrick is of1 tie opii
that he wihllhave to1 keep ot (f till
game tuntil (nex we.
For ta reason~, tie lieuil (f t
v'aritv is somlenht dubitful. RiInls
chilt will bIsei at fullack ad e
or Rodler ihl oaliy lbe'(oIttiell'
at" rigtlend.
Despite the lack (f g-fast wh'ic
characterzedi te prcicelraist night
several ewplalys twer givenlto(Itill
agast Cast tomolrrow. The fora on
pass againl receiedi tie major part 0.
tie most prm~tiet factor illit'e ar
siys attack. illtie iitial gineoft'h(ft
Diretor Baird anounltced lostlnig
that the officials for (ost (fle bMic,
igan games this fal hd tell seatete
For the Pent game, Langford, of Tril
ity1 who acted as referee in tie Mich
igan-Penn game last yer; MCrty
of Brown, and McCrnack, of Dartr
mouth, ae (ell secured. IcCorlac
will referee the Oio State gamle witi
Hloagland, of Princeton, wiliia(cias 1111
pire and Inglis, of Wasinti~golatttlJet
ferson, will be head liesmn. \hi
tentative selections of tec officials fo
the Vanderbilt game at Nashville haye
been agreed upon1 the arragements at

- -- - "'-""- Former Coach in Ann Arbor Yes-
iI ANIQti'''FRi)'3 I~, terday, Signs Contract for the
___ Coming Season.

ithIe(i(((t'llo te ianttclub Io
Beodetos.it Igllsrtslroutebin((~es
tt'l 'tf t'ndianal a 'lcptliont and ba'
quet on the ill)h~t fiOt. (If'IN.aticht
time he1111 intl I ilal)ctei t ~te S.t) Ii
the hanqet opento'allIiana meI
Tellecetin Comm~ittee 1 ppited I
it, (((I.N.(Ika IsC.(Ilt iM1111oIt
Chant( ' Il C ll l , I 111111nitder,
I''ucloo i5 s "mmittee illAI work
cmitt ee) f N 'cposed o((silt 1 Benedct. I
ilt amt B. ko i t 1( I 1111 I (I 'It. ~ t
oa~det lyosi isHamsmtl13 i~th'fthet.'
be bt te bgining tltfaces of~ 5
smokrs nd 1anqets,11 ilrIllt. r
t" 'uill1) 1unt in atich'I'll
It (('(1\' - I s t'tllN'IFti
The:Am 1111 srofPt Lrett
tyPof arot Wasthbu.rnIt lots o
it v J (Itit 'dNpar te nt. I tiiae
Sttttday' tonfe'aa g t I I, illitt' oli
witll r t pil t Cith t'avera 'ein. vSp
credys o 1sc1sioofit.,iesugtettive,
ae 'lrt Aitcar. cvc p~ot
~To mesnOittrestaffl h poreso

pla~yetr,tmanat~gtr, it,(11111cttc, is to ti
ave chatrge(f Mi ciga'bascballIteam
onemr. 'After aa tdr (f abisece,I
thel vle ranrturnto.tAn\tttArtor yls- c
tertday' ttttiasie st'as (s(atxiotol( re-tttc
toitur itt, lite itte It'llosit s)ill
cningIto asaisfactory (agreemlet. A-
a rt'stult, Nir. iBird t n igO'ttlnouncedlt
ttM'(it''lst''r1had1 bteentsigned to
coch te tvea vduring teseason (1of
spring f (If(915. Befoettha11111titlbas-
defeats hal tle mutcitoIIIkillit'e ge't'
na(itl tional a de "s a rnnsig-mate foll
fotbltl. '(''ise t oal the'ttny IP((Ill
(f iasebal, -dcAlister tt:ctrge of
autthlof clleIgians(5 (volkew'as ll
aout a scientifically'esectetiitit (1(1
ettttplay1'a05tey Iere likly' illknlwlt
taout lt' ihabti011 titat-n Cl-o(f
Nbot le iy' hishknotwetge (f ase
' \is'.'(istercae ttt eneragl tl'ifavoit'
nlng htfoe aoe dt't(c tratttctd (f is
f turing utIacamphittshipteamCOtfor
\ichigon. 'Chaio hiptiin itaseatll
t Not: foetus,' sili tits (((e. Geosrgc
1 tff (('aIsat tat pticarn'titltt'
pa~rtictulre lmina ry ill t' clt'gs(te
(tallstttttt'atdeas his rotegeas htis beeni
f Filingi 11 i. ('st (f bastbal.
5' Mclliter 11a1(1littet o sy N's-'
paperl' (t'llfudftth1im 1a1 curtisit.
"'T' temlwis wiltsl schict snres te
Ivaliblly '''tit'e'endi(fit'e int1 (11(1
that 1subtject. Bau10notow.s'mhttbtusy
C'onsequtliy' htvitettealmosaret
ot on ltthtt'"srigtrill'' ttoy'as aott
la51st pinlg, te 'rosects Ilret maz(e
e' etentotw(l tht te Woveries (din't
d1 ht'ttettttcht (f a teat. Bttithey had oi
I. f oefects-iLt's 'McAlise.
iltyetd in CicagsotIlla0stllw-tkorm.
y 3 tt .iTwt gametts followed It .Mdi-
teslt. '('ensoel opedttithe frs anti San-
egt eeeld tie seonlidttay, both g'ames
'g iein'g gbetdittby thte' ntarowd(lar gill
le (f on~cetun. 'litripenedwictnh tht
I- o-tsiy soisng acdealnectrt.hul
11(11net--and mtre tthle point, tiey ss're
.,clatueCd--rut'd. 'fT'echampionsipit
's httdibeen swrlsd fromth le iniled
111ff ggregafio- Wh'y Not tbeculse
'(icigat bhad a siteiortttmibecutsI'
idivitually Illino~is swas ftr attdaway'
li te better. Butl:MAi~ister was on te
'e tench1in esry' gtme puligsrigs to
r-get rns ovIer te laiite-little dtattils
11a111vt''t' rdtori(f bcore . AdIImore
thtan ttlf (fite ictoris rcotrtetinl
that sesn wseet'won b y oe r.
e McAlister left Jtte , attd twtdtys
rlalecrlthe vrsity' met Iliitts in the last
J. go'f lie sesontl. Frtunatey te
t-chamnpionshipiiws cinchet, for witott
the coach's guidance the team went to

pieces Itoh was handedi ttsevere drt-I
'Pie itty coacht had the players
lotitedtiptmst o~t f te te wstubhis
,.tarksfOnlone (occasiot te team was
n a tighttpthee. sith rnners on
frst and secndt, and ote down. The
ittyrilookedto tM'(ce~llister for istre-
''Wh'at shal I i, cac"
"Io t DottI Wh'iy, hit it over the
tence. ''(hatdotu1)1lithinkyvu're tp
let'' fttr?'d
M1cAlistevr eteate his camptionship i'
w ilg stunt. last year he hatt ac- I
:optedthelil'anta(gemtetof the Bsffao I
clit te asttrttleagel'attd,1hto i
elit'e'Micigttn's tffer to re-engaged
hit. Hioseer, his tmantagerial duttiesf
becae oero,<:the teatatwhich adn
te yeatr efore 1wo111tle ipenant wasa
wihot tie sevics (f seeral of its
sters, ad iht'foundt it ittoiossilte t don
whtthetitubtic demandtet-ttttmey' re-r
coat lie stunlt null all ifeiorcltb a
'tndt he s~lteped owl tdttt,11as far as(
maai s'the ch~li)ws5 cncerted.f
Hience IDiretrhBaids aility to tlacec
imt in chatrgeof t' baseball teamttfor
'his'ritorth la ichiigtn's lw tde-
partetson tie tdecie becatse of;
lie 'mll ifresmanlclass of last year,
ltd-Ilenttiedy'tie etrolmntttof
nec ment intthtt'f1910ctss. Tie present
csiget (f stits sows 300 new st-
detits f B'lackstoe.
Amtoglie first-year menCI are tirty-
loonr'ito are ttkitg te it-aw course.
Theincreasig popuhlairiy'of le six-
Yercburse is shtwtt by these figtres
awhidchcpresnt an icrease of go per
centOer ilast years it-law' tien.
'(eit ased if tie it worok swttld
inl time betyreqtirehd for etrance, Secre-
trt Goddatdtorif tle deprtmetttsail
"WIhie1I cnntl Ilsy that we aittmake
sucllatdemndnOfsttdetts etoerig the
depat~et.oI ateI 01strenthe reqtirements
for adihttssinlill e itcreased it a fewv
ycers. A commititee of tie factlty is
((owdatttwsorkitvestigatitg te matter
of tskngtmtrecretits of tose enter-
iug up~onthile wo)knid thleir report
wtiil o tdotiadtviise Ilons'preimittnary
prepaaonforthie sltudet striing ot
it lis silldy' of thcla. Shl a caige,
tootseter, would1nitt a go itto effect tnti
Setember,1130, at1the earliest."
The engittcvring register sowtts ato en-
rollent of 4f2 fresmin t the depart-
me t.hils is tie trges first-year clas
tt has e''cceetered Ihis depatett,
ast Iye'scass nttintg but32
tmti co s~ttl teter ctsed.
'es oCeAI vt?,rCcSOal:IcUS.
'lie'Tafi ttuitll its first meetig
Of the year y'tstertdty' in Nickels hat.
Tlhe clolt was ogan~ized last year aid
nowtoumesabout to hotttred tmem-
hers. 'Thty expect tot giec a banquet in
too ,o f Secetry 'Tft whet le ap-
per-here to gise a lettlre on the S.
1. A. course. iltvery repubilicanl is eligi-
tie too membhershipith ttte cl.
iTe fItowig offcers were eece:
President, J A. Wager, Miciga;
tice-resiet, C. C. Reid, Pentsylvaia;I
seretary. I sac iR. Rttbii,asas; co-
resp~ondintg secretry' Rapho ECutrh,
hioi;teasurer, i. 'I. Serman.
' ts NOZCO'Cohol, NINT'ION.
Al1lietnomintionitts for members of
' hieStudtent Concii lst be handel to
lie secretary of tha organzatiot be-
foore tomorrbowa'night. Nomnation of
il 'l lnet'es fromllthe lierary departitent
n ill e hetd aI 4 o'ctkktiday in Rom

iC, tid fromthedt'etal tdepartent at
9 o'cltock ihis moornintg, in the dental
t(5W. it. Wetmlore, W. Ed. WatkintsH.
S. Wilsons and C. 14. Mead have beeit
tl ominatedi frbom the homoeopathic de-

'reparations For the Fresh-Sophi
Ru15bA nk4re Many Strategic
"Thte fresh-soph rush tis year wilt un-
obtedly give a far greater opportun-
ty for strategy and maieuveing thanl
tas beent the case in former years" said
Referee Magoffi last night At the
meetintg of the sohionmore class presi-
ents antd thte represettatives of tie
'reshmniwhto were choseni at their mass
iteetintg yesterday afterntooin rtuls were
greed tipon to insre this etd.
It was decielthat1unilitthe signlt
f Referee Magoffini is givent at S p. i.,
to freshmant shall e alowe to eter
alarge and well definedl aeneit Mettle
Green. Anim lagnary ine was drawn
font the extremie orthtwest ent of the
denal htilding diagoially to the walk
at the northwest corner of the chemical
laboratory. Thence it folows te walls
around to the southwest coner of te
old medical building. Fromtisli point
it rtins to the walk at the east botndary
of the campuswich it follows in a1
northerly direction to the gymnasium
antI thence to the original sartitig poit.
It must be tdistinty understood said
Magoffin, that if the freshtmen succeed
it obtaining the flag before te expira-
tion cf ti half hotr, alt struggle for its
possessioln-tust cease. Iwill tete-
conte the freshmen's trophy atd abso-
lute property. The capture of te flag
In the expiration~ of the tme limit will
end the formal rush. No organzed
parties of sophomores will e alowe
out of the prescribed area imumediatey
preceding the rush. They may, oa-
ever, seind tut indiitual scutts.
The entire sophotuore class will met
it the lecture rooim of the physics bulf-
ing tonight at 6(30 instead of at te
engineerng arch as was origialy an-
nlouncedl. At this meeting tie orgaiza-
tiot for tonight's risho will be perfected
and signals and means f idenififati'om
till he given ott. 'The rules of the
cuntest swil e read and all of te plans
will e fully' explaine. At the close of
the meeting the imen will march 'to
Mtedic Green.
The freshmen met, five hundred
strolng in Room C, Utiversity Hl,
yesterday afternoon A. D. Pearce ex-
plaied the nature of the rushi and gave
some geteral avice. P. W. Kniskefn
then took the chair aid the cas pro-
ceeded to discuss plans for attacing
the flag.
The Aphla Nti progttmnftr Saturday
evening, Oct. 5, is as follows :
Yellow and Blue-Society.
Vocal soo-Tieinis.
Parliameitary drill, coducnted by~
Steveitson, Davis Curtis antI Mttugh.
Current evets-Bryson Davis, and
M(y First Rtish Experience-Max
Debate: Resolved, tat qtaifcations
for stffrage should be age 19, common
school edtcation and fle years resi-
dence, Affirmatve-H. L. Barkdull J.
J. Devos. Negative-A. R. Patrick W.
R. Wright.
Critics report-George Eves
D E. Godwin, a junior mtedic has
received a scholarship in the Rockefeller
Research Institute of New York tHe
will tdo research work in the University
bacteriological laboratories under the
immediate direction of Prof. F3 G. Nody,

Dr. RKnappwhon'has held this scholar-
ship for the last Iwo years, has been
made instructor in bacteriologk,

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