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February 16, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-16

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__The MichiganDal

No. 99.

Conditions Do Not Necessarily
Disqualify Candidates - His-
tory of thoOrganization.
Elections to the iichigan chapter of
Sigma Xi, the honoary scintiic society
ofAmerican colleges an(1 uniersities
ill le made in April, with the iniia-
iolt'of the fortunate ons following in
Those who are chosen arc seniors aud
graduates sttdyig in the departments
in which sciences are taght. A person
to e eligile for consideration must
ae doe higly satisfactory corok, of
which at least sixty 1h0urs itst te in
te-chemical, biotgical.nathematica
and pyical sciences. 'fhtits nmemer
ay heeecosen fromt the literary, meii-
cal, and lpharmac' deartments, as wiell
as from teengineering. 11e numer
elected in one year is limitel to tei per
cent of the graduitae from the sietifici
deptrtments of le kUniersiy.
At a special mreetig the hiiadis of the'
stb-(eartmn ts in sence make rer-
ontmneuatonis in rgadl to melt c lii
ae done exeletiwo rk. The nae
f these personls ar e sumiteitolian
official cniiiiiitc inniominiinia.
pocil of the officers ot Signa Xi aii
represenaties csei fruum the faculties
of te literary eiclrandaiitengierig
deprtmets. Thisceniotee eaesiic
and isiuisetri (litiatieiiiiof (thtoiic
recomiimeinceit After te records ac
standing f tli e un ae beei lioikei
into, the eetiiiiiakes lcctershorly
after strin g vacation all te membter
of Sigma Xi in te Unirsict catlg
In speaking of the seletiinsiii f
I. C. Sadlertpresient f telich.tiliga
ciaper, sal: "leneii i'coisn noti
oily for thei high stiilili ing i cltlege
ut alsii for tei'gei eattruii'euuc
foit aman miistIrat high t elced
lieilioes not needl toile hookter fet
for if le ithiiwcsitns f origiatiy ad
is likely' io becimeprmnt, ake
atentioin is paidt to hii. We asiti
into acciunt awhat auimali is let ii
aiouiitiitoi, since awe sie iip eacIi ii-
dvdawhisrcmeddoit.imight e sal that ait 11c11diin ith
fis ero oo tmnscleecuswolit not necessarily idear him., if after
wards lhe hap soii'i iislf tictic'
briliant stiidlcnt. Whlat the ciciet
iwans imni of procmise."
Th ihgncatrti ericomposed of sixty faculty iie an
twemty-two gradluate siiiidcits. ias
Atpril forty-twoc iieii were elected,ubrlge thn saofw a
eleven were seniors ani six graiiate
il the literary departmet, six senior
in ther medical departmnmt, ainiieten
senor engineers.
During ecrl year three regulr meet
igs are heli, at acti of which cmii
moted sciemtist speaks. After these tpiub
ic lectures the imemboers f Sigta X
meet in business sessiois.
The officers f the Michigan clapte
of Sigtoa Xi, woiatre all fauctty meiii
ters, are: Presideit, 11. C. Sadler
a vce-presidemnt, W. B. Pilsiiry; crrec
sponding secretary, Dr. F. G. Nivy
recording secreary. W. J. Hae; trea
irer,G. X. Patercot; ciiiicillor, F. C
The raicooi' ee of le societyo
Sigma Xi is the promotioti of specialie
tionminmtlie sciences, the iidig togete
of thought and action aidcof workei
ini pre science anti those woi digici
it y its application to humioao afftir enm im i opnosi
zealous recsearch, idicates tic well i
two words rcac the purpose of the s
ciey. The wearer of lie key of ti

society mcay consider himself fortutiate
because of the stanitiitg whicho Sigmota X
no has ino the Uniteud Statecs. Foitcie,

in 1886 at Corinell, it has chapters ini
sixteein Americanc universities cwithi a
iieiiblership of abioiit three thoousanod. It
is a unmiersity organizationo dealitog withi
univcersity corn. anodint directly' cithi


amc others.
-It Makes No Difference What
ICHIGAN'S 110FF the Daisy Says" will be Hit-
Seat Sale Brisk.

\Iictigaius streigthi in tracko athletics
this yea rowill tbe ceteredin iithe cdisacer
sqtuad. Hodigem, the hurdler, was tre
rented froim taking mny of lis examis
hy' iliness tindl will Ie un~ale to cter
trainig. The track squad is witot
spriters anil tole vaiters, aii is some-
whtat wea ini the cceight eent. All
the menciiareccworking hard, loweer, al
both Director Fittoatrick aicdl~Cati
Riowce arc optimistic.
\Withu Iotimuac anadil Mayadded to the
tri, tiiowe, Ce and Dulll, the teimt ccill
te tarticulaliry cel equipipledt witlidci-
dle distnice iimen. Dunian has left the
Cue ainid totcmiactc this string. Fr
s ccss ibthithe qu' tiarter-mcie aid thi
huirdlecs te tem iwill li epieencct iipon
ec ils lstyer
igin te idashecs lst earIrs lct fr
Newi York its in assiilliatillsinei
piositioni. ihisliics thec'valite scull
ou 'iany expeticedcrinteri iis. \hti
w ill udeveloptlfi'iciithec'raw' mteialuohis
Jst atpret 11 citueis i t icireitier-
ailsthiiig else. The .Athlectic' .ssoiael-
trillply cupstio the tic'ncsnig 10 eit. kc-
set istse niamue s f tie uuwinning ciii-
Itesiants ccitthis' 'engravedci iitiiithti teo-
iy sliit tpesenlted ito the fAtletic
:.ssicitioniitic'the hBoaiestof Regnts.
iiiviewiiof ti'e s'tiiel 'inq f ls
manager'~'is i arrai'niiglg fir'tic slecioni
othi eus i me'ctinig hisisenell
Alieclssiimanagerc'cs irsc rue'ted'to l i
IDirectorii' ~tpatri'ck.'is'eoting'tis'
iagrpr f his sareuc'e toin thelii
timinug f tic' crly cniies
''.harkt' cmy woir'is.' ie ssi,he 'tu'fcl-
'geturic'.iiiihsi'e'igtheiniiig teir'incciii
arc .'this'fe'lloiw'scwlio cwill gtrin the
trpis. iec aren't mani~y' nliietc.
lilt all wait tiltheeetici'''iih u' andi
tie eii O uiu it i swams."
selete reulai'yiieiams hy'i utty.hiefi9h
'fthismotihia'noeIcmst tre rtssbe
cccis has cceii 'nn oiiicit ticIntrclasis
1ManageSmcall.Thefirs gimies to le
tpayedcareies'titcein te fresmei sou
iuir f thur licw andilegininc~g d-
patenicts ,'ind iil iocc Tuecs'mev i-
siig. eficec ouy giimetke tplac, thi
pari'ticipatisii wiill haisc'ot iiiiih itcg i atuy-
- siali'xainiiltiosn.
Theii'fllowinig is theicsheidufr hi
ist serie
S Febh. 18-touo lics's . 19in lawss's igi
eigiierss. ig911 egiieer,
rFeb. 19-tucohis vs. tong its.
Feb,.20-1g10 medics cvs. igi11imeics
Feb. 21-ii9t0thegiees cs. gC^ ci-
giurs;1910 litcs 191 1 its.
908 lais drwi abye.
the scondiuseries f gimces cwitt ce
payeud off theiu c'ek follouwi'ig, OniiFb.
24 uaiidt25.
The Yale swimimig team iim ll1 ake thi
rclmngest tripo in its history' dineig thi
sEsiser vctatiom, which will comenc
liat Ness'I'avcemn Ari 5amd endc Apri
22. Tleamscwiilhe et in New York
aPittsburig, Chicago, and Urbama, I.
Columbcia's 1hmouiico ubpilicaiom, "Thti
sJester." will hereafter appear twicea
monthiniisteadh of onice, proided liie
t ecesary iiiiiergraduae support is
I1 forthconing.

''thict igu'uu llis I bo luid tlo go,"''sait H al
Ss'u'sius. XWIitiey'sprouce, lur.a5st inightc
afiere cc'tchuinug uhe sut'uns goi thircughi
their 11155s tuor eight1 houurs,. "The loical
hits, this';1mu1sic uspeisllh.ii'are Iunduuutoti
tuake. I ca'.euuitu' hereIiisthis umorneiing cx-
tiecHing Ito se'e aihinug. st ubinig ic-
hearuislt. ntu adof'hat,5i i.this'hlisswccnt
ocharithrough to theumisdleIof the sec-
thuings tiiuc otei ew;t hey cc
"The its a hiu i siii l Iimusilc.Iits b e
hiae \ Xiimuic ter'5 . Whculiuc tXlw
igin toh tkeci ' rl oiiheso lsl'
New ork 1'n no ,itlibrty o tll

c11thl~e cast figumre ii the finale of the
ecrud cuat.
Thle Drinkling Song, bytll the mi,
sthe fisnmsicamum bemu inhuctie thiru
u3 followed y "humCollege" sug hby
,uiwrenuce Clark asi Jlick, andt the chourus.
xceptitfuse thin fiumaie. "tove's Gifts
flast coms ext toithum lust snmg. Reedi
ind Clamrk sing tii.
AlX thle suongs uf Nichigendak excet
'Lovce's Gifts" Iandil"I Colege" wcre
,itteni y h-oyXWech. 'Fle mumsic tiur
'Lovei'stGifus" ws cm pomutseu hi'Xalerea
it. Ianmg, ciu ompser f 'Thie Freshumn"l
iso-step,mtecwiirus hueigowrittenobyci
Roly XXelh. "hum Cllege" is by J. Fred-i
!r. Stevens is muwus' workconuiuaa
lays to replace "Ak Knight fr ai hay",
t te XXhiitney' mu Chiiago. liis coumiing
testcerdaiy'mmelimt woucan loulcts cutit for1
t 'eiyoug' actors. Themfiist reeral
beganatlitoinocock. Mteenus' tesiuiu
uras lai,ut Xlir Scalontuuiset thurbaluit
rollinglandithehDetr'oithmunuifiund uhthig
spinning swhenc himaerieud stiourty' befirer
i They 'kept ighta-sininucug'thu rst
oftheu ay
ALct2 lhiuboys were i'c' tic oosc foI
hnlIC uuc, l Iti uhey'c cri hckiut wsit:
agalluin h y andul tliyu'ut ititmail t Ic
[he'I cilic g onliy is pincipa~1ls ecrd
;o thety tihd only' twourds uf it. Right
houris u'e'hearusiung mun cunie lay'-cieiuc
hunt lt aiuy'achumricipaitsus 'andl'cuuu'u
11ad morei'u'thanii satisiedulteiu'dril t-
sure before
ini thei''fouodchcotinionu ocf thisii ci. It
Re ik, his'cii cipublisher,'u. whoul
contracte tics'o X'u'lchcfor a"i
wrtc byhimurini g hic nest ctwi
yil's."llldIhas pa i i'st'tiuere u' fr
th, p ricilegs' f hacvingfhsh use1p lt
iihistcue e imaycuiwcrie'. 1,a11eucithus
spr'uuXing 'I. XX''chu cittlibe' scut lthe 1 bciii
wcrius' thic'scou'foru'nu'xt sasonu's pro
I ictigu'iullu postes cwicihti w'eit iii
sal 'ysterdauy' itecar hiiouus booksutcres.
arc sihiug uicey . Cocsierotu m andiciuu
bus srug clup ucmongcstudent'uh ci isis
to scuduutthemruc oi oftic owind I055cfrindis or
iouethemciiforc'u'mu coheraionuiuus. Ic
icly olulls'ue wals lure luy' objectini
lul thes'part Iof sorcud'epsd' to5' ithutle
ci uofcposers icc iuuiin h iuows''.
Thi sesat salitofr thue utea.uwhic
hewnatuqo'clcksyestercda~y' ii tUker-'
ity I falldeveloedsau bisknesmbefor
thelii oi cf isth h y' thtudidl much alittle
lieurd Iilintileu achiiig ccoiinccthe
\Vhtitney,'an'u inuthle teahsuer's hrt.
Dollare sats forurtidahy unigtctareu'prac-s
ticallty ccliidcii, aind not mancof clteu
fifcy acniseentyfiseemt onesuimauccinu.
'iThurchsd's housuuccis wel'mta tken,.lui
libeof gioou dliiits oemsititft. 'lie
saleiiforcednumesdaty' ccliit0tridleess
popularuhu, hut stilt goodu. tFromcopresenut
indiicautionus tucre cilhumemullFridai' mati-
nee'u,uuless thue' decmuni next week nucecs-
st ts it.
t'hdhitSSOthhtNO(VY XII. LlF
Pr's~epartioncs foriheliiifilyighh icc
mcucliFounder'siclay tietxercses of lie
mehdhiicpatmenuctit,'mheb. 2 ait'ali
mocii iiompimee lie chief adres cill
hum gireuc iy PmrofI'F. "10cr ciii "'The
,ifm f Or /ina itcmlhe." [)a
Vaiughanmu scll alo iveguu'a siotmuta blk.
Aftr teiectniues thurainuanl recetptionc
danmce c olhuchecumilciithke pthe.iThe'
lecturs cwilibc givem mm SmcaihuCswcel
Angell Holluwileuith1ecother emtetcain-
cmuliscwili e held mn the Barlbour gymu-
nacsiumu. Taking into cotsidecation i
ltanceticougraimocof sixteenonumbces, it
is quiteini ormer fr every muomdic to
bring'hicicbest girl.
Rte. Charles L. Satery, DD., rector
of Chrit church, Sprimgfield, Mac., with

heliser themmcxi Sluoctutmlectutreutder
thei ausices of thur Hobart Guild, in, St.
Andmrm's ehiarei tonight at 7:30 o'clock.

Does Not Consider Itself Analo-
gous to a Public Legislature-
Deliberations Not Public.
Wu~hatihtlie StudentCo uncuil cas ooing
cccd ccOicits idelier'ationssould icr pubi-
lcccwas iecsujct fr aiiecenmut eitorial
in 'lcett iy, andh todaly'that upaper' i
in recciptf hi cccii uucuichiiou from mtie
ublhicityu'commcucieof tbl ouccci whiicho
ansersteeo1c'd'itoiahl ic(Ie folowiug
''thats b n hue icoluicy' citthe council
ini this'abustoic uermci illnystuuet to
Appeahuc r fore it itIe so deienduu
:11e rech ucn endmenutcus to lie cuonstitu-
ioncuf thlie csoucl chicsot iianmy ay
Atcc' 11111 poliiy. iTheciamendcmen'uts mc
lucsciiucuc iio otu prcccct a sudent from
)resen'tinugliiu' ' ch'cis'viwsil ay ct'rc'-
foeit, ilia'euu'i'tuogneir cimarmiy, to
mlelussiiouchapeace dofusny tuu deaocnt
onein an cii uusibcl Thei'uammind-
icilts podeus at anycci sthuticwhoctde-
ires chicsptahutefore 1th0 ounl ciIcmy'
icc so bticecultyi ellingcc the' pem'isionm
f any incooer, c csubcus cc o cmhe'ratiima-
iii of tec unil prmI esieunt. ft wi's
leanedadvicaloIin icouuiiuiiiliii' swith
the p eside t 1-c;'a iii'' tis atr i
orderthattoo reat 1licc'o stn
010 .00naynot1apealchils cfiio'this'uci
inc onii eening. T Iho' amcircuitsidoci
cutll k illlthe counc1151i issliings sere.
Nouc'do telouvent1 cialiiystudethfro'mu
)rsetig ec h isuc ews sifre it.Th
ci uuii, coon' pasoed ii ordcer cci
cultkIssuchsppea 00n00 Ofi:0 studen'ut tis-
suds', a'scoutfuithicpurpseu of.11encoura'g-
hillay mci iuu iiii io deired o'ii seak
oni aliy'tpi a511 cunilmetig
IThe ualy ap'artuu'ily iilc i tst.'uuuh
tic poluicy5 ofi teu'ncrdi' rsectig oc-
liciuy. Thisouusiil hules ntcoun'scsieit
Ielf analogou s it uluclgisltorcas
'Thec'Dasily' s'him. ou regadc' I i, blimorue
as hi comittee o11cc uciniauulegisltureuuc.
T11 he dlietiosuofsouch .ia uccmitte'
M*, o' 101 politclotopentoci anluy' Ie-
sonls noti dcciibccrs of uchiiaIcmmucuit'e'
:,r wihollhave otd cbeelniu admittd'ivicycc
tation cuucc. t!ell if thuse scuci
shul deemli t ol i iscub tletoccpermuitoithes
stuen bde r hlilt icto be hu'presenout
ati iis sessions, yetit icud cinot chic so,
ueca uelthe diniiu ucroomiatithe l -
houseic'is th'rd'uy o'rIgeenu'sccgluho cumcnuu-
11110 ic e imcmitus osfutthou coucil it-
sel f. Shocusotheiubicbe admtuluitteutoc
hoc counil mtingsuo"slthe counci woud
soon becom chil verte itsntodsai poitical
organizat iwihitosucmucmbers tencdtig
to hoscachic lar workcccc tistesiud otor-
aing lugliia.cool d cotuccccinus mcanue.
the O euoc appcrliutccc th1c f1cc'tuhthat it
deliberatosicshcuouihocknowrncto the
shuet cibhoduyaditchelrefocci'eumaitains
so puoclccsc scico ie fus te lm'prose
lit giv icc" bloc'roecr iciformatsiiruoto dcie
studcn'tc isoils. bloc priauyobutject to
te suttsinedcis oinform octhursudenots
a o hoctcliihitscouOcilishdoing and is
souchtoho ha I it ojietis otaited
iiclii gl it sccodiof cii toublicity con-
iito, wi ch is bet ca pblue cutjuduging
whai s asuchatcliis scothooopr ifirma-
tionccfoci huuiioTheloccuoucil's hpolicy
towardi'us this publtchi onci tsii iorking
s ccot resohricveandconsemsraie, hbut
thoirsogituhly itbra, iad ries u ccout this
olimy y hoc hiziniccg its pubilicity om-
itte ou macki fulliad cootiercediscos-
cres tic too whtat it s doiong. Studtent
sentimuenir alosa'ys wuth rcgutie lie ac-
tiousciout the cocucil, oundilie coucmil I-
sires tic obtaisuchicsudenmt sntimnmt
by cle pulication of its delieraios
by mceains o tms tpublicty commitee.
'li cag o hecntitutionc of thur

cuounmcil regsieoiuglie uunode outelcthing
Sits officers cscmaduce: by tutbody for
11' the oeius'outcoon echuo i inuiue
reiu. T hlie locst, timeurcidenrtt of the
coucilutfor so certincsemuester wscumsct-
(Ctummed on Page Two.)

coy focus'
XX'.u toc

'Ii 110000. ' c i is 11100 000 theu
c''XI alecu ci 11c thatCachcle
thou>. is ucc. no0 istke

Yesidol tusc oo' (Ihed tohea.
lx iii''or a Dalou tolkeout ut uithus
XICclso''c'scci I ccci ca e t~lclfrthou
i i irain0 ack00 oD0t101.1ast liht
thMhr. t o S cln11101 loust0the10000t.icth
Xiis not uctoo tirdcos 10 c 1 los'i
00 O1ccl 10c li i c hoc. ccn ilefsed tosiols lli
imselfhit c i p Itotyscull udiersoodiht i
It Xlakes Nc tDifferelnce XXWlot thes
DsyS s" itom. WllXihstuec'icc-
teccu t ocs0ing ithees.I'r fthou
lichogu'ucu ongsci havIc alreadyii 5 00105 0,
A~.Sulvhos'bliuiuitl cci h.scn
congci"noothise iOpea. XliI the us in
chcoruscc"XXlcusXXes XXCcc llCoo ll obege,"
Ted cub d R si Glady s ccsi ItXiMikes XNo
Differenscco Vha t teDivSy, sit
cut icy'theou'rus.o c blocs culdeito beo
XX omaici)oothus I. 'uc5'thelosoil" Eie.htc
Foy ccw'ntedmol oocci ollowucsstucco ho
uuuccucue XV lkic Ica I osuols touchd thou'im-
personactores. SloortocoChunccey Guold-
rocks-locdcll o s cChesierSitples
c-snstlice cxl,'"I 'ccc .Xccty'Glatuoco
ice tPopularo"-Xtgs aicciithus chortis,
wvihi"WXhencN''igiot Fallhs, Sinc," Icy
Jamnces R . Bzyisc uDblck,;candhthouecclotc.
XXheiccs LmorIue Thasts thus' ayXoo c
Doc icy tie cs uctts', beginsc thou'secondco
act. Juccuc c; olerho l'si IChous tol louA'
wcth"Just Locclt XX iso."'''.u"uCm soccub
ice Sociemio wioct Xlc" is tlocustsing toy
Diii B. Scocsns I Xhuoey'tc'ttc') , Luciucs
Frall ('Xi chic),cubnXWatkinus ('T'oucmmy).

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