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January 14, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-14

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Thes Board i Coto of Athltis TheFimopressioo that the Coference ha
votesd last evening to withdrasv froos the beeo edseavorng to uiscipline Michigan
Western Itcollgeiate Confereoce. by refusing to pass the seen-game reg-
This action is final, as bothi the Uivr- latioo utsil after Micliga's stod had
ity Senate and the Board of Regnt's een eiitey takeni sas prevalent at
votetd fll power to thes oard at onet- hemeinsg, sd is said to ave had
ings heldI last February. Fllwigisossidralle iseight iin sfensisgle
te oard's official statceet: ssssr's dutal idecisisn.
''The tioard its Control sof Athletics No definsit lpla of prcedur wsi'st
f le university f bichsiianvoteud ti- isei. Whie it was vaguely asssned
ight tii witthdraws frosm the Cinleresice. Lbat milceligai cuittd arrange aeqaste
This actiosn sas takess iy the Ioarsd as elevidslesirhtish os-Csnferesee csleges.
shlte favorisg alt reasossable regulatiosnsthe statemsent f justi ihit gamies sassi
sit athletics, it cossdist st ee its waey cosntests csossu l e Cuesss one iaisisnsut
cear' ts imsplose restrictiosissdeemd nnis5 toedses.
wvarranstedlftomtissiestnditotf po-i 'titlhigaumtutu hok tis tev ast fist
rootinttg schoelarshipts sicisty isatletics. le msajosrity 5f lie aies, swits t" est
''The oard adoipedl as worinisg ruiles 11 sothturfiniisig asmisall (Ill (, of
thoseiif te Conferen cesihichs it ail iiuisss. "According tis le asurnisofi
ii otesed,intil such time st'co'- -hsi p osiin toi iknows, Miichig'n
imittesesouldl retort othirs." ill ave little toublle i araigig a
After is year saitisisreofindcisissoii slsfacory fooball schedule, adilit rcc
sndaiste cuiiinastio of i hng iss" ersils fr Diectur Bairdl tiidisesove
f stiiileit dissensiins andsit tssuoiteut vit i rsspects lie ii the oiler felis.
le hissd ini Coitrol f Ahleics hasi'heacity of stletic schedules duineig
deleiveredl its iitinisiatu aold"slituss iisiie sersiel i isislargely assignie-i
is no lonsgere o(f the lig Nie 'i ts ': e 'isnite fence usttitiste of se
actioniisiteasissithatforinlusthitiitsc viai sn esits' autuit is exiete tait swits
ions5sithi suc iscoleges s tChiciagoh-lile eiie stansiltakes, saisfacsory c-
li tits it. \iscoisi'ii. illittisut idth iler 'Lilts isy le atinse.
srs severedluttsl such tme s i tsere- Speakiing fruitsthe personlsiss anssss-
miisssssg siessbers 5f tuecoCntfeecet ouitst, lProf. Patister ssoaete efollows-
chooisse oeni diissitcetiitruings's s iag satemtent;
Acciteditig tssasresolustionssissssest hy' "of course selbosrd's stctionis ilasrgely
lie reprsentativs of teBig Nise cii- 'ests inthuesdaerk As toi se right sr
leges st a mietisig heldsIitsChiciasgos oii xrissg sitit, I myiself ismsott teessee.
April 3 Isst sesi, sihess any Cnsferencec.1p'inout slie whether we are right sr
collesge fhns itself unwsiling isoviitspsy sut Timei snly wilt tell. lit it is
titshtile rles n tic hiler Consfeence n- isse isnsis,stnd I isisagise there is 150
stitustionshasisll schedlse gamsi thilit;tisesilsbyofthe soseswe savso i o ut
stnd suit. isMichsigans sot sly fors i- ls s oresclsscse it
self unillintigo compl~y iithishesucii tronsgs tick ansilth.
igs lbt definitey swithdsrsaws frost the "itis pssihlesial witins a cope f
Coniferensce, is is exiremsely impstrobuableltyears, fisinutgth ter resents pstfii-~
tha gaeswil bescedued viliany tos'-werc esrogly fisssdec,.Michigiant
f te Big Nine teams,sisy' goiscisto 555te Cnsfernce. hist
The actioss of ue bacisseasiesns further haists, tisink, smsire proalae is tuat
sial sucshsmess s Scutl, Rheisschiditihle Coference sill wear itself to pieces.
andsti asgoffiu, of the footbal teasms, RoweCUsiser presents rulisgs its the Cosferencee
Coe, Duslltasd Hessat, of te tach teamt, twhis masssjitiy' is required for any
andTat, iding, eley ndWene ssaesnenti toig'osthrough. Wiiti osly
stiti aft Gicitig, Klte aisiWestieieight csslleges ithie orgasizatios, I dost
f the baseal easm, wihl e eligiblse to-
sisy siuring secominig sesons. blievice sisy f he pointsott which Mic--
There seems little donhi that the sction igan lists hed lie ojections will le
of he oad o Cntrl illmet wth rectifed, fr it is atmosst isconceivabsle
ste geBolar of osheolstudles ivi.thttsix sf the eight colleges cats sst
is-etise ott any hriionst.
slthuisghsis is certsainstuataustronssg faec
slots of consersatives wished Michigni Michigans is sithdtrwiving, I ake it,
to stay iith the west stoay cos. iHow- ecause she fees that it us aeess to
ever, those most opimsisi hope thouty to get te Coferencee o cocede
sithiis u fewo years Conference colleges ny (f te poionts she hocslien trying
sind ruses iill e us shaowoso(f the vito d ustaie, tside frmithue seven-gamie
past andh that Michigan's ias sol in- schedhule. I dlsinot eieve la the Ci-
clude teamns of those uniersiies now 051 sreuce withl particuary regret losing
te "black slist." s, suserlthatour hactions wilt come as a
All he miembulers osithebuoari iseec srrise ' ts the other uiersiies. Thee
presenth at lsut sight's metseing. Oainug uitusuha sssects thot they woudtikue
us sheililness of Dudey R. Kenniedy, isse us ihs'e tMichigon ack if sie woud r-
sit this studtent representatuives, te bovardi ou sthrti lirse;si ia lue
sadjourned to ue Zeta Psi frsternitysyvsue they culdic get salong i-ry';uwel
holusue its order tututAl. Kennuedy muight iwithiutothter."
piipatte. For sore thostsn ills tisseshiv iichigasusvitaltroviitlues wills tsc
carouss argumuuents fuorsand agains the siller' Conference colleges toots defnite
Conferenice acre gone over. It was thec'isuae us Jauaruuy of tass year, whlia
preva'ilinsg sentimsent of se mseeting thsat .a meeting f this Big Nine deeges all
the tinie hod coiie ts mae ausnlsd ve- this ciauges to ths u6liftruligs testis seu
ciou.The vote as tsakens cannuot le oh- t a Thasniksgistg sessioni were ssuusus-
tainedl for publiication. It wsoil tli, ow- diioaolly rejected, iwith ut oe excel-
eser, uanmous. Prof. Pattersonu, uas titu. This wis the reommndsvation th
chairmoansof te oard, costsdeegsatedh fol fotballi practice egini ess says ar-
to prepare a letter ts ho sent histhin ie. 'hscichasnges his thin rforedv
Conference colleges anounosucing tihi- i ruses swere s followss'
gai's wthdrsawal. It wsilsosit resolvedlI PPsaying scheuvsle extenduedl frirslue

thait the chsairmnuauble ceiposweredh ho ap- to seens gasmes.
Poinst a committee to report ons such Retroactive features (if tse three's-ycsar
rulings as nay he thought advisabile ho rule eliinastedi.
aphply to Michigan's future athletic teas. All stsuvdenitsenterinig college liedsre

Sheit. I, sot6shastl he eligileh ut to ply
or yesrs.
Footbialilrtcesitsthetsaii satustar
sot earlier thianu Seit. o.
No intercolegisate freshmansssguies
shahl e pemitted.
tiichiigan shattects playi'ngivfuss' 'lmotis
ayear uider thie'rigid "eformsruing
ansd these plieu' d uchagelst vseemed'u
slight enouugh.there f((e tsnteCisstut
fcrensce Iset a-iishrefused tohutotu levsev
these, te riestme'thlesex saauitound-u
vii Fle 1. i'sseisihy w(sis tlos'Ca'sltai
Garrusd Ramyun d Sui a, ata's ss ~ intt
tush., 'Wenellhsantuh hisu thsusantuhbu
sonthentitouhit fiv-aslits' ule. tStSut
petitionssciruatsi luhe - us'lfeli
semingto indsicteithitMs isthigshousit
lessve hiv. Consfernc.I si tetu
Counsihadopsitsd a resolutius'sius'fuavsu
oh withidriwisvait st ii tiv same(t55the
Uss'vesty' Sinte dth ar o
Regenss tsi smeting Jan.s its v cusse
a mausjrity' op~inionil fvo its-
drawaol, sindi st t ei u' ussssonre
feredthivqujsestiontoths Bar usCn
trot of Ahisteis forsetieme i, s
foist'''csusiuisusu ~ t, hiag
Wi~seucsn ndtutu an ws aitt
lusts siest 'itsignusmiiutis deatutu
Athleitis tutu 'lis 'sitaichitusandsut i
tIhis listythi ss si ci vtntshosvwithit
an hat ingaigs w 'iit liii' Con'ferences'
collegesthitsUnsi'.esity sosutldihe gm
erruedh by Ciuudeuc u lsveus's whithis 'x-
cep~tion o f the uts eis'thtsreadts's' five
gamsu ansdututhus'rexeusstv e als'i ts'r' uote
thiree-y'avsu es.
Th~iis action warsitnts edtulftnusv itutcs l-
igsan's sts- athlee iitack atututfootsballt
tush also titsprovshdeeforsgamstuvsw it Quits
fe reside colleges. Blistivestsnfeene
colleges provueduniin to p uemitufthe
movve tash its'thirsiacstitus tutuprl ti 1
effectuaslly p reet I ay 're wihu
oilier lug Ninestu uiutions ls. h ums ts
serious loss sisstht o f theIslinoiusasnus
Chicagos lusselusll "'(is'nd thes J utis
intercollegiate' -ts-hac ts c5.Howe((verthe
Univeersity stosodhy isicols and is
sorest tiletwo itnutgtts ment sitned.AtI
nio tisse, sthoughs. ;ician iu f
the Counference asdui l st hessacsions si
ash ights this uiverit ti fll
Natsurally enuosgh~so eivillatits ps(i-
tionicouusslushothis'maintshnedsisdesuit e tly't
oustd i its been'u pistty welti udertssitoo
sialtMihicgansmluticl5thus sioneth(in
or the uther lbeforeethus Fsebrouarset
tg of tie Conufsrsnsse isIstsitdsben
hotedsthausthelse ueing of Conferssiesc
velegautesildtuesits4hi f tis mson t
woouldshresuit si smoseitueral st tf
rules. This mesetus-uttun tu slushdush
resists inu any- osucacto uibsuts fuse
msuuledh such condtioun ss t i Diueigsu
couldlonly saccept ste rigid iteims wit-
(Conined o Page Two.
m I

4tI?\'hh()i l S \'*1 ] 'lIl
FIRST 'hItItll

ut uj'

vh Itlus'ts "r, r') rl< o
l st ilt 5.5p( c de t,55i.M
Tickts 5. iv' ,ris andtush ii''
pill c ttit'tusisates' 5!
- han k I issie . \ 1mc

~" ;Ul 'iler, Winner and Kneller Conm-
-, puss' Affirmative Side -Judge
3<Ie Swat to 'reside.

'it ll

hi ris. > i ill tus ti'ipainii t\,.() us ' -
xi' 1ili~ ld l t tcmpt to' 1, '
' li'). sls I) '' tts s i k' I 'Is' ( '.1tt)i

l c'5 ii. l. Itlc s silijr
tush r' lx i ll 1> i iss gt
si ts~ lx sets-].' ]I scsi >
t sut~i ,\it1s e t ch



' l ;
,i. , ,
. ,

1111X~l N I. S Vc s IN'
xvi tt.'''ui. 'x 1> 'C(O

tltlc tic~ i,: "kc ( suil.test l l
ma.5 1 gi ll . i t uacsh on
tlc Ei.tiS is 's : i 'lt t tuiiuis -
lilt~ 'suits ih ~i 'dS tsa Itic

'sIr. I)
xxi \'s('sI sl
<il t it l:

hi 5 tt li '. :) t :1 1
u sJlt '1''', ' 1 .

'55 thu:\I. I'ill iilIN ir. I)i w , the,
al' ia 5n'f e ~ ~ tnln J1ti ai
'1CC xxi', t ' 'tst 1) io1\ . . sh ( }it i~1
si th nd it' int is ,le c , 5f.t~
;its sI ( i eyit I isatd t
'5 iuit 55 hvepin nt11 t
I>co p s i s ' itt
li's's d isis h' r shni iing sa i A
f ol ise .- \ ri ) shutcX c~ti)
te t c' 1"' nd A i-, ]il ' c it i
15eit 't5he 'ilt s i Scn~iu ,I ON tsi
Ist istig ;.ii11v '' .ii n{xt ' f thed priz

1 1 ilr%

>ii 1 r lfii 5' Ixn
_ilivc-1 (5 1i.It

ati 1 i1
.d us I I' ixj

lc a 1' I lii )t 11'jl'i~~~i

t< r 1 t ii'. ~ it
i+< t il ~ c '1:
5 5 '1c t -' 1ca J f c

tis t~' x
Sl loo('

It}. a
E l(c
Itsl l

t uxii'-. (Ccixt
I> j 's'IIt-l o
tirtus kui)t. gi'
(7t la

THE Xisi HI GAi DEBATIG (.5.5 5 'I xs'Ir 5 tl' 1i~iC;\ 111,

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