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January 12, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-12

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Von;. XVIJT.

Rooter Shows That it is Unfair
for Smal Schools to Dictate-
Plenty of Rivals Outside. ,
In a communication, the "Rooter' ci-
icize, the "Senior" andi gives reasos
for leaing the 't~csiirn Cofeece.
Edtor IDay:
Ther coiserativee seniriho nisw 555er
"Roote's" comininic'tion has cles-ric
perferteit the argtncts which the anti
Conference atvocates tons'eeeotet
In otining the' seessinist pricipe
tIgo''"istates a' foloios: ( T
swant niteotpen atleicson() ise ean
lig eastern gaies; 3) wn ntcertrino
promnent' athietesto enisy antier sea
'00 of comnpetiion; () it w itt hrt on'
trite to for ens tese things, since is
trumpects,s ts-t sic' wser'going Ct10 isi
tPermiiit isis>t, sc sithe c(Y i
t anti-Cociferen c sisentiimeit.
(t) 'Te ipesitscilCnferences a ii
equtaleboy is wornst.s domi
nauc siofsiitse i itsmal c vrissils
iin it sis i cilitSi s lile ornoiisciii
connessciissnis atinsibysits ch no i el sf
repcinivrsiu ty ciii sr soulisiaiice
2)_W0wntahlticaw ieirl 1 e aci
to perit ofhonoiabisath lets-ic irisi-i
(Ii) We wantssichedulec tiss ticsnits ma
is-i-sithtic fel 'Ibefi'sy rovs
(I)i W c' n toll doti i t ici i cise i -s cc-s
want 'ofstndili i lin use- inin i cc
miteit-cit-lit incsipssi whsicr moviec
is before andun iiwh-ici wesic ieres Is-
lFacultyt-ai'idsitinsili cet-ailycccc
silt sial i is asicmansifeslyunfair fos
Puirdues, lia, n-c d uin.and sitNrtwes
ei rs toscsstrilisi'rcathleic dc a sciat ci -
sholatlctemptitoli iicaie tie sc':csiisi
f Hasrard or Yaie.
''sqo'' entites thefsiociig: "tics
icasitto sesonis sicer sehe iisereic
salsy sri-restousr c'nneciini h hest
wsdtint-c seec thue sdesin itsflriigi'
aithletic hisisory. Soi fcr s oeccian cisee
si-chad5no1smssr' silen ahleicltas i
si-chadsta isycdithue Coference"
A. senior asosrnt s hissioste tre
tendss tsle osgt ts hnowesalti te fcc'
icacdue o atemps thntupon the ii
ic-ce, ipayingte eist hamp~ered citcii
Contfertnce cr. Ve acia shoet scie
lile,inraisisg table, 550 all-frsht easm
citnd fiancicil affairs goserediby liii
Coniference casessassee stis. 'Fhat fulls1
ctlietics iserrso sore citesawas cdui
in ourattespio itsve al sihisissthe
"1908' speks of te at anslos:
"We can never hr.sore tas a tai c>
the kite oi state cueorirmsore of the'
estnernsivsserstsr,ahle here ii tc
ws entsrhas-c tess an astie agains tis
central figrr of the atsletic cdrana."
tgnoring te fsct that te tai ofa
kitir is quite tesmosipsrat eescesi
its its aerial success, iisi plais tat or
easternstnicnsg is mitydetermiedt
iy our ahetic prowess. Te track ton
inforin an that their receptionsisscnmot
entiusiastic, that tynee treated in
prisscely fasions at Cmssbrig iy all hsui
cocky Cornel. Assaisuailsitrimminisg
wouid convinsce ees a larvardite tisat
the wset is ass entity ia the athletic
ream. And "90" ned sot hr oh-
esed with t1cr idea of all eatersi sche-
sisses. S. Loas asniversiy defeated osr
aciein asd iosoraleadaversary, Ne-
braska, by a good nmajoriy and tn
took everything else ithie Missori
galley, ad Oregon to oot, it catnp

Nehraska is still availablie for considera-
tion as a rival. Ohio, Cane, and Vander-
ilt are always wiih as-the last nso
easy snit to crack. Asci as for central

;1 loii lio be -stair ii c iond-rate HTSANDIU ITQ
oif -o si h'sprpriytaes,te C'ocsferensce. -MAKE MICHIGEN DA
cutlt isesleesi, isC ecasternsi siess. lTvesits Hits That Hit, Misses' That Hit-
Iss it ctet foss csinsirniiss ~ Comibinations of Wvisdom and
cc tsr1' cus C'onsfere orcc cc ccllegiaste'-


rcival withintuse11cc atc;r27.)5tier cesst if Wit-YOUrit .
teremacsid'r if lice'studiens itdycoessie
feots Ite ealst, etnlisteipropcortion is ins "Wh at constituses cc good'com sit'
'reaingc"'ntsarly-five icc-ccesnt freisstice' oiera
south:lte-iccest sissiOhsii(ic neciet- ''ii aif cc ciszcitiits and in easimaclt
'd ithii tics Confiterence) furnsishes 31.4msss."
'c's ccit.ThIte sremaindercc' o ises frosts Tue dialogue ccf lliciigecs iihis its
'ssoncreu'ce isirts.Nisctsigani isis ccaiss-corporated at least scsifiaccoen hsiil its o:
ith e .: sAiesi tcnunversiyltoo typiucca' iarsiosces.-Xc sio' use smissec, lice''ci
sir "georphitc lite'sscsidrsicder' ifiisi cuitivatisiglt-eirt'rs suitgrace's stl
its s w i i uslp hser ts1bis'mises .sui irc stilt--i' es'e"sicis d at ion is woni(is
Cc a inatillundscer5 icrsac-i, "''jutisti ciick theyesipectedi sooncsaswrittenucii
sistyfooish ingluts" Iclit cc tnts's ccr'isisthese subijecs,Tics'nissciil lii
stuivs i tityspie istdinthe wacy of notdotoc i, cand i i 'tcs'prty ctin' thact
lontics'ight thin,,s" all(',isrraightwnaystetufts sw-n'tulmcss.
tc-ic susitspurn5iii1thue picipletu fciieots 't he moc stsntrtasincincg part,'ois ich i-l
cundi, for jstI ustice. W\itthoctutdemuand-i igrusics ciiwint bice'nibiy lt'epublice
li nyccccAn esys go icki. T'elsedl iisuits if lice- rehlccr-snssut
the Wolvinemustssandts;lherecabouets, an 55in mcusstingis s morss artingand ii
cttiic'th cioflthe' cosursageuscthe 'g suite,''entetinci ngtits han can5 pohssilyhe hsinscud
sn ittis'ycoljic-Itttescrry figure ec'in the listiiis iituturfistnce.cisc
A te 'f yisi tuiswithiiIs, aihis -Icbetess slic eeacl srsslsir he chous bega
'tlegscscaii c cin heCoerenfc'se'u'yeste'rda y. It a he stts o h
'I i i Si-ls1) senior ousghtto Is lsinuss' lityftshs hosr-isusuctd re'ssli
'si& cut iccuMfilet's pidinsprfincipl l vc ryt nstsifacitosr iytoth tirtI.t
lie Isi s'c re-s t'h'i nlg iccl 1cth e 'rldl. I. iKtnycci
''ssmaieteC'snufernc'e ihccc listeIthAilte ialisguce washanda
,uotbigic-c've tht.iwecan by stillthysterdtyistiseveraci ltihocilttduhi-
A-rscdt. osstsh sout, ittstitt-ccyitake tseiprhiciprles. i sti Calilsic-
'olliow I cslmuia- stles' tics cliii ici iats r1 e icc scsi iitelycisdelcided, is-c acls
banu t e at- shlcs dear'i~lyibouglht. I tilt ti uct all tic ide t ai t prIsis t
Th lpice ofiiitndeedt'nce.ucay'bt'c'list'ditalogueiithasben evse ad -ddr
ocasonl cefat btit's accoissueocrs-toc- bic Dohi lucd11llsccQ. fasticlever'
nan "Tioccccaut 1e1 a'go'odlosr nes'itco'msueeltingiislhave li-c-lit 5put itted gn
s-tel w it runecedrsitsrengthi. ad 1 eln a instanies' sQuati-cis 'ic
't-F; if cie-'R. entd.

11 11 S 'll0 ll; SCCC'SS
cutncdflesutitis-y-cicug at t-is'en
chi lane i clh liir gytict siuil. If
Aty listaki tc i sh st i lt clit555 cctui'tike
thy iccfty-scets. and s i t i h ulm
I'd ochicudsth ccventure it' aeti
as mc h sht fI iiths e c i-ti' sitsdanceico-
scull 1isd ispslety of e-ill tinmsucentciithe i
Ar fear he purlse of liss shcies
noti suders itod ibsallii s pehscchchu ci'
to explinsi tichiit theprces Iwcillir.,cit
in defring expen tsitlssatltecdy Its'urred
such s cthe and'itc ctilts'' fcl e'
lullas Hal i 5 prciceew55 lii - :11!i
s's-sse itsustlf.i
litickets I 55le a f iividui nem ss-i
Sics -ofithe handi li he1-i' arliii- M Yiis oc
sal at' Sinc'h iIClliS il l'S" r
' NY SI' CX IC ' SCM11)1-

iu r ts a rt eu c no
its t~ -a da i ntil i
th c >>l i ii sitc
Da d ' K ll itlf(r t
nu 51 h cr. my -
r t Ccc i''5' - 'cc ofi-

raidly i i-cii lls
asrcc 'ciii)Y ccci
5c cci tsllt, ticc
r su"it ci ii itc
,1 5 \ciii l ii 'ftc
Of 1Alie Alces
ci Cues st-sc
forii cc-i ldcii
f tch i eltwshi1
1t 1c-l~ r{ h't'5 ct

Midway School Puts Las~tBock
in Path of Michigan's Return
tom Conference.
Ccci riic ofChci scgo acciti c 'ii si
sicci- 1 c c-it si hi rrn t- cud i u I
'-cclw ulls IAccclr slngI') iii I - nc
Y~c, c'c'cccs'u of- t he ii suit' s ch ol
the i vri tysaat;wilsI irm l for
I 01111 sstvs ;attdcptieth -
t ; h vol, rtci ed ty t~c em; i-ne
,u i The n I c m cli sIi i, t
at ' : lii 5stt a;C ctro4 aiirn~
till-' o- I hc i c, . t
'ta s- surp ch ciati ccc l i i
nentht tue s ntics
''hei 5 '- ciit( w ill i n-
ut) siture ard to Ihe it+
c ccrl IY II, 'r I '
bic--ctf p csc i 1. r
ic-it-ucc ee gtn s
nocci of h it n 1 ch tll I", tort
~ t - -i -.i t"ii~i i ; ' t
t--s -he I' icct ' Il'I
slt eut tttec - Lt
'iiit i ti p''isis I I
del ii il "Iy a o w eh r t n t ih-
icgcm -. 11cc s-ol isinsthec - I usnct
I tics-> uhi i tussle I - cc a
Atii t t s cuisic Ibuis mI susie' tccrI is
listst'~ 'sis ci li i ciiisii'''iw
I cdn i cita ioofv t ws5 ad
fo ihrs ilCide, t : 1)1 1 cI CC


I) IN~t1 Id CuN' tIfflI I NS
-ltiltti Cdlii)rItceh ere1 ssntc among c's'-
Isis andii tuhrosughlt-c irculaunh ofsspctei-
cunss scs-esuigittotahclhinsa c euselss
.timo 071.ii ci tics' 'll-fisptantcsccqusestions.
Thu isaic these' petitioscussilica strnisg
mjleu)r iits'efit fav cr ofleavcsing tglie
WiesterniC'csuferenccc ho its cccii devices
scstlicl tilg asi 'ci titlistl tue u-asi.
Is shims sluit ieli cii ar'sefuli avseagimng
-if stateetscii-fromsthes acknowledIccgedi
Athe's ofithUnCuivermsity,. uincuding usc
tem cptainucs, acsrusghct thast cninety-
sc-rcetiilloIsisumumeiate 'it' hdruucuaweal
fcio ticuesue st. Its fairnsestothlienat
C shldus bhe 'hstd hatsl its oexceps-
it hsi t hlsrecs-isis sre ismucceinie-
ly affectced is) ally'acliocussre fit-eudts coa-
:nji tllicuscncics.
\I iclsi ;ansfigiured puroimsinently usncire-
ccci athlticfexhsiitfionuat use' Nocrth
IC'od scs nds-sr AveCns-usse 'thodcist Susndasy
nisusicigc-mnau'siumsincDetrltoit. Coaschi
Cudt 'Ic-iscer 1Fiz'patrhick, anoel:hiss
Bertha Stusart if Hrbour gysmnsiumm
ill spoker scd Dli eoerge C. 'icy gave
cci rxiiicuss of cil us vitgisu, susnd Joe
l-ct-hee, 'o~cut if basg punschinsg. 'rise
exiitions swas a demsstssration of time
sivrk if Dans McGgim, gusardl on Mich-
igan's '02 scud'03 footbuall teasmsivwso
ccci mithls icsactivity ill athletic. lie
hiss succeedcedt us arocusing isnterest its
atleicse in thue NoarthsCloodward Ace-
isue ctitigrcgaiiiu, usnswhichslise himseif
us interesedc. 'Tle resumlt of the isnteresi
msusediwus utle gisving sof time exibitiosn
it wchich Coammch intostud Clue others ap-
lurarci---"tle great onses of the earth,"
as mim eroit pusuircpst it.
SOCcIcL Curls u1usTiss-eosIN UNsON
The Bta Episilon gauve aiiuhusmeon at
lice UnionssFridasy snightl.'This is Iaccfra-
terncal clubicfur thse stusdy of social ansd
politicaul problemss, whiichs has heen in
exisiecec mu time Univercity for about a

C i-acit g-ttuills at i de sis- a555)fcc
itinhg tse 'pos ute ih wdccclt
Unions' 'costil c. 'ice'poster n-cw isb
madce fussumszists'ts uandmiicloinc'iilist'
colocrs n e )d.'iit' nell'of tedisc si n
subumittedt itsthis-stch-c testir ililhi
sciil051fst'pis slsoeing com-ii
cie n 1 eni ansno s'cc u nced ails icco51 a;
ipossible. 'lie' ticket'stwill lie-sldl or
State sinned.
PHYutS ICINfhlN-]) Si'CifhiGlON
hue. tFrank hSmuihis, nsrusec it intsn
irnsaltsmedicice. hswin cche clii'
feature-of ths>'Jasuciey sutslie of tic
PhsicinsandelSureon-s, lice stiijec lie-
mug 'Tsuberucutinu its Diacgnsis andii'11cc-i
apy-." 'lhe rcect iecsts camongu'rnceics
stuucirts is h .til s suber'sculhinu urepara-
lices hase ceciluIlid isinuchinctelisti
theu nvriytathsiseothper itill tice siseccmsedt iy' all. Iii'
Smithiss isrecoredccnosuchli'hIis suits
stork ocuss subulject, btChan colliecitd
all facts avaciiale conscrninug linssnric
lisa, cusin fete use, clascificanco f pre-
psarationsn andilts>chuccatsu. 'l eatics e i <
illsusratdbis atssu ofciiacses. 'lucius-
ctiumnissunot a mmccc'subishtancet, bt tush
appicin toc5c dianusing cuulsciiscichilt
Icy' drpn -it gIinto misc sye, us conussscuc-
tSurly' recruit.
Atfusc less interestcinuseslurslied umbuuser
ofcu thur yearc sf AnnisArbosr's smedhical'
perioduical suertrices iuy lien. 'T'eophuil
KlRisugussandcuuuFh. tP. Rosuss. Thieclinical
depasrtmenutcsre caedufuse intshsun luice-
oughc statnnue sccharacteristic cciths
CAluumi of .Detroit Central high schosolc
whosecare- attenduing college sre- considle-
isle lmeasusiisaiitiy of dorgansizations. As
a mseetinughlrd yestlerdacy cc commusittee
icas appouintes odiciraft resolsusios tou le
iresenteud at anothuler meetinug ferteccii-
Thec'followsinsg in thur personsneli of sic'
cosmnmittee :.Messrs. PhyrontshillsI I. iR.
CarstencC). Blumbierg, stud ANise rn ru
Flemsisng, Berthia Bird andushcabella Watt.

> 1

hers m cwi e ctii li to thits' 5ldci-
i le" ciii 7h tn e ie cc -ccts
he fli ii th at the l fi tll- iw iit inisbe
cig ui frc 'isic Il sebou . tlei
Thetcucstesu of W ll I suite551.v
resictlt at \ C~csle . T 'ti lt ffl
aii flie tiltsofjs5)ldith lyer iii9
isici 111usd soiain of Collegiate
\ppi huatits-frc ll of h s C fu lloy-
ls i., frthecl year isnciu -c hi ci ii itbesii
he hcanlice olit'hC' cs>-ny lfisciufon O c is
oress' eb.i1s C'c ,)of . Icusu -'' ddus informtion
Inai beltin ied issue c a ll cciii l
wtgii- c iiseFeU ivei ty1usd fcii ic-il an to
cwnass.t lu' sis-ic b or cihsiulcrinasscile
anditts enta r usde5Cli rnict ce,hils th
nsssushTasdcc s' u id'ihatou'. is i
ft s lsti ws> d icu hs- iic''fused te aiousc
ththc sosmany'Ncure ignrantcuc of Ithe lioCns


Its a~k :TeInc
it eill,' i hhs ao sl
its givso lfc a.c lc ial'1
ic-hi dil hrit tdcii i re
'li' i illici t hositu ihcsi-, t'
ixc, f ithe
moi Illsi'd ii;< iin it itch Iy

t} isc I1 <

Sc-stunt relaitin statca mcdiii- iediciii the lass ibuiinsg.'lhsc
queston cW sis eerc untusi itetiiccnturieprs-eted icc Ihicig.
cusc-ciiitg. lurisug tle' lahlsts yeo
'hue CLicesiuc suofN-emicn cc-will issuer 'lie- Sitauish iDramaicshecu
a$jossotocsigisucsris ug'isiissug. h ell csillI isty, 1F'1N idic.=

I) c

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