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December 20, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-12-20

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_The Michiga nDaily

No. 7r.

Patterson Talks on Athletic Sit-
uation-Will Leave Conference
Only as Last Resort.
4. Whtat awill hbeAtichigaiis attitd at
te inex fmeeting oftho\Western Con-
frence on Jan. 4 io?
this i the qilstionh which i at pes-
cut beiiig askeotlinily alotithtie n-
pus, ut by nearly all le football aiiii
other atlletie interests o the onnlv.
Po.George W. Pttersoni recently
elected chairman ant tress rpresetal-
ive of tho now IBord in Control oi
Athleticsatenvors to aswnrthis ques--
"Mitigaiis not going ito Chicago to
idetiver aii ultimtumtonn thei es~trn
t.onferoiice,"te-sidt at ight, "an las
bon supposeil lieman peole. Te
eact iisrcioiinswhtilihaave ben givr
lot Prof. Bttes, teiithigan rpresenit-
tie,. aaiint legieniotllfo utbioa-
ion. I my a i gneaity hw
dealo~if discretion Ine01 a00 crtainl
featutres.(1111hichI ihIiiiwants. (I)tii
ihlgateis t i)o gt %%hail 110001, wiittiz
psleo 11.iciga', inaturtalOfildis th1
Ve-tcrh o nfere1nce %Sheill liavet
Conferenei nl a a -nt et. it i
thesotimewt of1tielonrd, t blie1.
tlint if Aictoigaii is tiuieiet to11 1re-
tin iitie I.Cinfericii he so
withdraw fir sihere, Iinsnii heor, not
n Chicago
I()t~it-dligate is noit ct ut idiie
a nd atltrae, waevractio101
is taken lb te Conferenice ililiol1be 001-
firmed byto In tBoardI iCililrot(f At-
ltis Itseie. Aiicigant would liko a sees-l
.ga1110scle she di 11011(1lie atin-
ing tabl.titc Itwisei to see the retroac1
tiverfeateof l te(01 ceit rIeglatainsilr0-
as I iniestndt it, not been 1rou gtb-
ori11he Cofececrecntly. Btnthteire
is ia piaii tiindesniiiiniglbetweeniite
ilegale.. I1tbelieova. that te colleges
sholnidotiias t the lasein the hattaler.
"Tlbhe tiigs ttnatre irriatiig ti
Mihigin toe alsoi irritating to Minie
sola ad \isonsin. 'Ttera wonlseeml
0t e some signifiicanic itisftt. 11
"I t i owu lopiniontha tttttnt iiuich
will Ito icoiilntiset at le eting of
Jan. 4. The seven-gameiasheiuleiaist
brouilght i~n tie tst metig aiiiis
no1w to le actedl ipn, s the dilegaes
w1eresskedl io obtininstorcions.front
the ir univrseiis regriniug i. B-tonil
ote. 'T'h Coifereinc, of corne,i
no11tibsolte initstef. I iia nerely
take 1111variousiqneitioniiiis aiiii itieisoe00
ommiiendiatitons regarding theme. Tea fi-
nal 00ac 1in sl ietasenby thceniver-
iies thenselves . Aitefinie settlemient
f .Miligans.oslioniiwI .ilprotalyinti
he-:nmadeiiitil a -second nic-ting of the
Conference, starly th iile sprig.b litchtl
time theleis-sgaes nill have iatim to1
recel-leointrctons rgariig tie qes-
toswhich arc10ole brougtigititi onl
jaiti. 4
t "1 Iretlize that miay peotle iitaly- i-
tiresed are quieigno rant a- to thec
triie situatioin. I1 outself 1110not as
uw-ll iforined as I imigit be, on hg to
le fact tat I htis- isi-t a imiimiuer of
the huaid i-intol hiardly imoetaii
a fornight Petrsoally, I soulu e
glail toisee ie -rios ideas regaroiig
nwIntlshould le Micigau's attue
mlappedi lot aiidlait beforo the bioari
ini coitrol. Prof.tBats however, is
thourouglhly- cmiirsant swithi tliesisation,
and atuanteed itlithe idelegates of the
tther collegs.It is not0trie, as nas

trinted in somue 'of the patters, that I
an11inogo along withlimtinto oeachlimdi.
IlIn will be Aietigan's olylt repire-.enta-
tine, as the rules of the Coniferenice al-

toe- bnt one delegate to eabhtuniversity-
IIshall he in Chicago, lonever, it a
meeting of the Americanu Physical so-
ciey. fni ese Prof Bes is Linuale to
gol for any reason, I shall tetaloe his
lee as ateriote.'
Prof. Patersotn further staed thai
most of le staements gilen in various
newspaplers. as coming froni him sere
either garbleid, or entirely- false.
"There is scarcely one pernu I hav
talkeml ithi inteuniiiversity- wh110is in
avor of laiig the Westerii Coifer-
cc, lesaid.
Tlma members of the Cosmolspolitni
tiiiiclebratesd the hlitdat- setsonilast
-l ciing with a Crisiias jubilee. St-
lelib froii all pirts of the norld, n-lio
ro, gatieroil together ii le orgaizie-
iotii.maitd lmert- in thiecluilihotse a
07 North Sate -treet. A Christmnts
re nas tdecorated an111lighed switi
aut candles. Poporn, canidt-andl lre-.-
ils weri provided for every-tmdy. Amlani
if tie meubernmutsispeid de holidays
tallythoiisandiiiltien from loiie.
hs no oler holiday timiesis osered-i
-} soutayseoles aslsCristnas, te
els-lratiiiiila-tIevenoiiig lprved toble
itdeciiedsiucicees. Of te niiioleeit en
ioualities rerei--s-itsdin iiti Mihigai
il-.nilololitii lub, onity- te 'urk, Jst~-
1i10-t, ChiuneeaidIflinduoos tre stralg-
r-7 to tiii Christitatscelertioitns, amd
thisememberntince-.111-leaiiigtheir hones
leve leariiedlin inter into de spirit of
lie holidaty.-limesi.
DuIiriiig tdien inlg a shortluiitr-r
lutig progranm sas renderei by te
-uuoutles aitilftculty reprsentaiv-s.
Itch club membuer tt f Chritas in
isn hla1111, ri-atting maiiy srnige iii.-.
tos. Theyto11111oftie Stanta Caus-e
of their homtssandui11111-this-presetsn
rI- disribtneid acrss lewstar, awhiter
it le ini Rssi or Arinia Soth Ai-
rica tor the Philippines. For, while te
iolly -old gnitlimnn is a srtnger in some
f the laniis-reresintedlt 111eveoing,
;ome substitute is every-whler fiuni to
spradi the good cheer.
Saran 11 lilailo Ilass tan Manchla PBudhl-
strtluni Iof 1110 kniveriy aneilfr
aiur mnter-. ofthi- club, were tresent,-
ftier aniteinoed or trogh thi
oteitro 01111eleierei short adreses.
ilos- club intelnds t hol similair cla-
wtonts eah tear trior to the Cris-
mas hitoliays.
This tercuiniitest is leing appliito
tic- stucents of te itedical deptmeinet
by the Jamies G. Cuimmiing if thet--i-
etr Institte. It wtas first administeredl
o tetiimembers of te sopoiiore class.
t rcip oith~e soutionii is plaeed in the
'eof thie ersontolible testetd. If tuber-
tltsis germs are lresent, a slight in-
I initaion ill set in wsitin a lie days.
;1uphtlogrtpituli es will teite isi-
ttetio 1dIeerminelwhether tuberuoisis
lirelly presenrt. I it is, is presence
ill le iiid ticated y-a ews-small tdar
- nites. The stiitents Isill rport the
eslts before eaing for their hioites.
Iterestiig saistics should then te
av-ailable conceorning thet- prealeie of
the idisease.
th-tcuray of te est is 1101certain
for it is as ytlbut tii experimlent. The
experimuent is supposed to e free front
idainger. iutothe studentsare willingly-
takiing-die risk of losing their eyesight
for the cause of s cieince. The iess sil1
tie coitiiiued hrogttiut the deparmen
-in the endetavor to obitaini sefiie results.
Sonte members of the Wiscosin fo-

iilty- hase startedl a umoement to aboolihl
frtaternities it- slate tan-. They hare
ittroidiced a ill in the legisltuire to
proviide' for dormitories, andtI heni to
prohibit fraiernities and eciibs. They
tink ibis will strengthen the spirit of


Mrs. Hiofnmann to Take Leading-
Role in "The School for Scan-
Shesidin';t "Scholu forhS1101- l "l. iwill
hei presieiedmat le \hlitnesy 1opera los-e
Fesb. 14 lit Airs. Wihtitun lifutitu, thu
headof illotheiartmuentl of tdraiati art
of toeSchoeol sit hlmsi. The ott- will
le giseit uidesr tte asices-- ot th
Womuian's League.
bir-, 1Hofli mn, mfiis-cominig to Aim
Arbr.im I tselud ith mthitsAugun Itly
company, tourliingini, itie,. Uic hite tts-
itchabhtmd. intl s huto le his in- iniAun
Arbo1sh 1ha doe rittlo kidsoof
dramaticuwortk iLast yars-hescgveaa
tisital mu thi Sch11011 o Ait-cithe
spig and uii she l- soidiiectcod"Prue itid
IPlitudtism," thellty iiencii h ie seior
gileurteliniig commeti11meuin uteek.This
yetarshts-ho-s his 2nm1occup1ied istututhis
dramatc depatmentof t- Scoolmioi
husi, andtulhas re ctlye gil-ns-il icuu
Bri own ing cou rse-
IllehAugustintDItlt vesionmof the playi
muill he s emuoil Ais.lI Im i i tm wu till tke
hit part of tli f Ia-V eaz",the1mmleadig
role, in"ieI IScholor iSantda. Stu
awill hbt tassismldhby st uets ath facuty
nieoiuoioi oof liihletUtici-toiasnd11thus
Scoiol of Al msim - Theircatmtwiill mm- as
Sir Pster Te-azhes--IHollise
Sir(Olil-r Strfase-- Km o-sp SracA- lititt
Charles Surfncee-liihheii
Sir Bt iutiithtnhtiu 'ltm-uu
Rowisly - tggeiitlitu
Moses- I liko.
T'rip -WAeeks
Iad til e alc lr-.. «hm. I iofmann.
Lly'oil ee-Miss nSelonit
hhuai i- Ais I touis.
Iad oils l tots hid-ii sshheo leps.
oSeroanulltom Sir Ptertohtoetph, adi
itl Istily Suuu-rseeul -hh 0k..
CINIOt'-.C,UBHOltiS1 115 BF
Thie- lichigitiCUioni cluho use wilil
he otetiidurig ltmo etire Cristas
vactidonu. A-. motof mtheiireglatr Ioar-
tg houses it this-cit-Iwillte smsed adi
teumtnytfraternitiy- housiesaose os cr thur
homliiay- se-tsoni. surgtuog-muthmr of -tu-
dlenti-1whtmlrerniuuii the cit- are e-
mctelito tke their meals at tI lls h-
house dluritg ths peiod
A umner ofl ihe hoiue ecommitee
vetermlty sated thautItere seieed to he
aniideai tresalent thtmthelii ioi etered
sumy to10tils-hight-trieedltradei. ''"Tis,"
lie sid. "ionatisaki-. I wosmul like to
sea thie fellws gt their hainbuirgers
tndmuu ilk at the clubhiousre. hWs desire
in emphamtsie tie at thattihe pries for
unches atic-as chapiosth oat sily- ohhe
plac, mmand lta twe ia-tmlthi sorth of
platronatge. I woiuldtiktlt to see the met
miniuge together atl ik to eachm oher
immre freely- inite sdiig rom.ti. h
swould le sweli fr the meni o si at the
samue tablehs ogeherIshiller tey-are
acqtuaitiedl or mlii.,sshen-utet-coe n ii
sigly tintd it cupls.
Theiaisrdl if udirctoro of tiekUion
soteid testersday ufternon o exend a
role- ofihanks iso the mebuers of the
banutiutet commmittet- andu io al thoiers whim
gtave their seriees toi nmske the Uniomn
banqut asisuccess
Toe Tale scniors hatve uisardes the
honuuor systemias triediniithe easroom
sandt st examintations, amdlhtve voed to
returnto lithe olut fcut-mnitor sys-

Becginnuinug toaey, The Daily t.'ill
suispend p/uublicatfiouun - th /e tChrist-
apinear IWedlinsa-, fat. B.
A'lit- u-tior girlso nmihuesecondlitgtli-
mu the intierolausshbaskeutballtserieoso-hser-
dayit hutthu ocoreimf itoin5. 'lms' play-
e seinediu hto huehomier acui nueduhsiti
the less rules thanu inithus-first gameu.
Thn- resutlusas showntin fareti-tem plat
mug anin a cluser scuomi-. 'hue fresh-
mesm sieure untiible t scotre fromm the MieldI.
mut wiers-mon' sutecessfiul oiiifree thurows
thnthoeir opponenetis. hMiss hhuimlgimsu
iasthol~e chief puoint wnnier for tic
senuiors. lhMiss khhnlksriiof the first-teaur
sem idllsof lie soria:; fuot thie
tresumusu. Tl inupt
ott, It.
Jacobi Baskets hulultishluui
hiriilgemmn Wahluker
Ruilman Bau idtiilu
hhaslker Ces-nters Siltitli
I tstmul-m-.imum:hmmtont
Stark IDeitz
k'arter I imuSmui- (uulilii-.oi
Caurr Steremo
huntler lI Ilus
J~inalslocore- -Sentior to, thre-htiliiu5.
tGoals iromi fiel-Jacobui, Rhithlimini
htridg-mnm. (Goalhs frommm fres- throws-
Atither It5). Jacobui, Rumhulnaui, Bridlge-
miami (2. Referee--Miss 1Purrinm. (um1-
ire--ANiss Stuart.

Fashionable Audience Witnesses
Belasco's -Gijrl of the Glolden
mumialpeformancemut1 omthes mm a st ics
thcaterlarItst utinlut. Ili thu- mu -musu--m th
pre-senoteduls's "TheCarl fii
himolilato hhS. huo h pltolu II l1 I la1
Io o muc favil i-tor goolol . mmml i ito 1111
iTh hsis ac0rei i to arhiectrean
Algay- bull imtiol 1ar11 1e01 110 e
amtth sot )1,)Nil toi o l ccll -
i sumi I l V as e Wl ohtoond.
Ibs thettetermm nlu opi loot of ll(-Ici ol lmof
io 1
th i ecu h ini-mi t ot whmom boo moo s ill
I mar et itt. ofl teliltaceI Ii l t i nd
1 the unafItill d1010 lo tom ,11 tf ltt
ool a dtt I otone tt I ii'
otutiti l alfoe h ar xi I
Il i ece cyi re t Y (:111° tlo t

ARh-E STi;DENTS tVERhW~ORfKEDtt uatrm ml ouco--. Ofut mmmt 0001 a
ItEDR SIX-D)AY ' SAFT 1 bto u i 111. 1 -
fr ont dops; tmllo alitle'IIto ilI 0
Inviestigationus arc-bteinug conucteduuhitthobo Nmimill(tu-room I .of ' ii o 0 1
thi n- tisersity of MlinnescotahtIlohdeter-
wuiun shetber thue sicamei-. totuiig iew.1 l T11001,1tiei - r,.mne a
,oe rwcorkedt hiptheir stuiesitormo oocial ' ii
shimies. T'l etr havcetots-miaskinge fur =irete r11111 1 llri il ip ,
mtooe to-ooolhaotthou tllut I
asdereaoc iouthme ann it fswork re- liiThe.auienm 1ceto hu tonot o tolooiosic
uttiri-ul, mushmte acnademuie faculty is cooltn-.uaswll pIseu-itoh toI to , toormm 101
lecisolug sitatistics Out 1th-s subjeet froumThthearlhtsin made0110 fa100 lbil l
'1 ert- studsentitnutthe- eollege.
Instructotrsofoiltll easses recentilt-htad icslm io i oIoomo.lti .I
parnIt ilhlouselometo to ittooit
eacehi ot thu sstudenuts 1flouta sintk con-teuu c a MI i tcnimst lt
tininmg rtwentuy-sevsen queimo-.nis loveringl it~i i t101101to l
sctai go tttonat oh to oi
the- dailt-dispotOioni of lis tut im t nd gori-o gio ol m llIo-
inmg itominuute- details out thisoubjecet.
Cte equestionstshretdof tilthe w aorb rlost we01 at ane ol~ ile outpig'-
taklein eup by- thu sltudeeuis, uoth illmmandl
out of sehoolt.I'hiey taskedl for time l.A:\tt1) l,'' A1)S C7 I 1 i RS
amuomunt of inim devotesd to suoil oueIn- I A11[O III' II11 10I,
-aigeenths, fraterndhies, clublis, clas-s and -l
labtuoratory wsork, quizzes, Summdshastsudyi- T'e l Il reporIto 111001 hot C V 11100 0
mg, outuside-occupations, aumlnd wheihecr of Alh";1iuo mo I 0101 101101 h 0. 1tht
him la11crn-croabsoltelyessenutial for flumlt lo,-tosatlot hi o ooo but oot lot
inutuiat support. hlphedh mummmuineedyssufby-.ereirs -htr
l me stoueteits swore signuedsdt snuhirned paIs - 11 hesociety us 1 0 lrra] r
ini tim Protf.iF.P. Leav-enworthi, chairman- t1811,fotutu hc titrtltlisoftitn
of ti heoeial cinmumittee-nappointied loomrsrintg piensinit tm i ne, 1 - lin os
ltme puurpose,'lTme results ssilletbutmu tool mrmouthslumsethat itmeubfootby-two oo
lautedustdtpre-sntedl to the acadieicsftc lserrs fo m lho 00h mddt
uhlty am its next regular uneetinig. oin-. (!recivdai. h- gyI-ft lb
Leaenwiorthu and John mF.tDoneo, deadtsocOiety yNwtto ews f 'ts
of this depaurtument, osaythast theyidmolnt fild, ml o de ntemmsia ls er
sumon-whstuamcourse the faeculty usill luke 1a bit rylorsit lit os ilt u100rom.1510 1011011
'fitis 1founduthtltheudienu t hveoo theins htes tofsIhotich will to 01eott
nmuchi wolrk. r sipt aiet~mu sosm s illth1101o1p00t10 ,
'lho- oldeur studsents repot nthaitmudesr thn 5i-Ya' a hm"v-ihi
the presentix-c5 lay- system itetyare coin - ii ltitul 5 o gve .a) )polrot 101 ll
toelles tio dho almosititwice as moucehswork liiiill to o olot iiuotoortheoa- ir0k of0 h
is undehr thefive-daty sysiem, Iwhichlwais-us t. 05 yer tillll Ilkicedi 0
lbolistoemlthree tears ago. Thuet a trsot enceiOf rc tot AbMs. A. I
thast the groundl co-veresh ilthattutnile ii in enst l TheIoin c111tt omotulo, ayon
any subtjeect-ydily recitationsms nkitotniohig ifmohlertmting ssit
umosreithou is oss reqtuired'thbinty sitheur tmosdicsloom soomo '1 1to report 0
three recitations asseek. AThis uwomuludnothsameniui the11i0 f P.h 05 eliltill
tue objectionahle- butt for the formtohmu hotrdt of hi1Mr. lrio ooSooolo-
credhit for mtuore suibjects is nowi-neesdedh -isridn.
before si udegree can he secnred.
'Thuefortulty tasi year tmob time -sl )tan ll:Is 1.11G0,)1 I)i Ck
that outisitdeorganizations andulsoctul lifin IITO 1101B 1 I IAIVE YIF1AG I hi
usure troubling mtme stnodents. Proisionts _
wereunaude that alt studuents whhavmue i ttle' HissAiuffo I, Jabck10 ohm r, Ih
si cuinnuition-or failure againstilheumselveWsoueepomit ill thue oteripopmleof AMother
shalhl1n1tube allowentho eter sertainumsi- iGoose wiill enlivsenitthe toalls ofI hurtbumr
dhent organizations. gymnausuium tJan. ?;,it thes .011oti Isomoin
mi re-s' ptrty of tlmo h onto 5 is--o
'he heath of thme English deparlutment biss IHenurieta Corrxiwlio hati;,m
ai Indiana university is offering a cash munechtrge, suggest- luautblue girls 000;kat
pie of five :dollars for the he-si fresh- thileir ciostumiieso this blot her (lils
miami theme, onman ossigned subljeci. Iduance durinug va.-inbo.

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