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September 28, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-09-28

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* Th MiciganDaily

Varsity Meets the Reserves This
Afternoon in Initial Clash of
Regular Schedule.
For the first time since the fatal var-
sity-alumni game-fatal becas it
sounded the tdethi knell of Michigan's
chances, bringing as it del the injry to
Joc Curtis-Michigan students will have
an opportunity to see a football game
on erry Field.The game sede~ulel
for this afternoont between the varsity
ansI reserves is the curtain-raiser for
the real footal season svhics begiiss
with the annual invasion y Cases
eleven next Saturday. Todays game
will e played on Nei erry Fiedt and
will be caledt at 3 o'clock.
Already wos scrimmages hae een
heist oustseeral iof the serus'hae
sdenonstrated -teir rigt ts be siteds
to the varsity squad. tnasmscs as the
promotions uittltbr musi ccoerding to
the work done in tec.game today, the
otener niluttlhiess furnish sous spicy
suls. Nassaly the liiieup of the var
sity at this early stage of the' seaon is
but a tentative arrangemsnt, aulnot'
only will the members of ti' res'rse
e igting for a trout wits the vanrits.
buit some' sf the men ss'o apear itthe
regalia of the first teamn tody will loser
to extemd themseves to escaetirngci
rlegated to, Assitat Coach Wn'ellt'
squad sf reseres.
lirector IBaird last night announced
the officiass for the first game. Roe
andt Elsrisge will aterntte, essch acig
as refereone half an uprigites
uter. It is liey that hatves(f not
soretan twenty instes will le.statyd.
'The rsgslar admiiisssinpric' i tssesty-
fis'esets, lbii sit essrse ticason555i
tiket whiict accompanies Athletic assis
ciation meie r sitstiehts itgodsssifsr
this gamie.
Practically sitl5f the mieii sisthe sr-
site squas inih te sses in tie'gasiesft
Coah Ysst said last iigt the tos teaiis
swouls ine spssimeting like tisi;
Varsity. iReserves.
Casey, 1. e. Langley r c,
Crumpacker, 1. t. tPriseas, r t.
Wsatkins, 1. g. Bessirook, r
Schulz, c. Bfrena,, c.
Grahfam, r. g. Flanagan. 1.g
Davison, r. t. Joyce, 1. t.
Dosugas, r e. Parks I. c.
;Mliter, Wsmussins,sit.
Cunninghiasm, Greei
Magoffin, 1. h. Lct, r. i.
Rumney, Aerice, r. It. Rolee, L1.is
Llc, fl. 1Hardsing, fs.
Destite the heavy rsin swhic isreiches
the players asitd left te foistdss sea of
mud, the varsity was again seit against
the scrubs yesterday i as ierce scrimi-
mage. Mliller wsused at quatiser anil
while le is harsly as aggressive as 'Was-
mud in resring pisits, ifsaiilig
of the tenm ias wel-igs perfect aiid
he did grat iork inforiniig ierfer
ence. our tuicbdsosnsu-ereinsase lby
the varsity in afsssit twentyuintes, asids
agaiii the successful exeutitoin sf the
forward pass layes as trosiniestpart
in the scoring.
* NtTt E.
The Student Council winfshes it under-
stootd that freshmsoen are ot to get out
posters until after te sophiossre pof-
Ses are ot.

Sixty-tire esns repovrtesd for the pee-
tituufuary crsso counutry rsiii Thursday
afternoossn. 'Tsissnmserwiltl prsbably
ho' masteriallIy isncreassesdtossay. iDestite
the rain yestersday, I~sitl aiss a few of
thse faitfufii'sere on hiaisd to tsske the
'T'sgethser ssis the isirge siuastdtiess-
muaterial, Csse, Dulil, Siuftrsstls, West
andssi ulle rare ssut trainiiig Caiptasini
Rsswe swili assussiss'chsarge ssf sue squiads
Inceaslinug fssr imosre'canidastes fsr the
chits, Capitasins itsswe sais: I 't is es-cia-
tial thait every isasiswvho asplires isacas-
csspnishtianuyhinsg ini istaisise insfs
shaouit ursns suit5at sure.i'Experience'a-s
across cossintry runiniir is usnnsecessasry.
Alt thtia anneeisssto sdsis tsorepioit
at tir'gymiiaif4:15 sdaily. liv ssillre
ceisve tis'assiice' ssf fir olsd 1CC isismen
asisd siit 'sirs-stplcedinithesquadi sr best
'Siter''to 'ss'evesisi en,s-yt" issas
osughtto5 cosisisethif s opportun iiiity us
deveop hIis athslsticastility.s Mflly ofs
,Micisigais's bsest istanuces iisisin iithe
pasti lassesbess-In sensi hents steredtcrosss
csuintry wsrksit. sitisit pisil's-s exisr-uii
I"'restsisiss stssso s' ip'-tsor crisis s5l5i-
sr practics' faity si-ittbis'cucsedi fromis
allgyr iwrk.
it'Ni) 'l''ffiCt' f )lVF;i,t)'tiS
dsarrts fsrty sasidaisfsrss the s-r-
sits banasif pesfsaredstasti'e ti-souit sseis
yerd asy initsiser'sity Hll
Lecasder l igisfr- so r-sasi stiesrthe
houisr'-s practices-: 'isis/s ve thebset
muatee-iasf that ssesevrisassi. .\Most o1
ts'ittaersus f siseisare'' bas'c.andsiwic'hass
enossugfunesw-smatserial iioimakse upsfor
ties' ssofstie oslstpsasyers.''
An ieffosrt i siig msasses'tossass' thes
ti insist fy the baidsIisibisis e 5-
fisssdi-sfattiecudsisofsthfir sollege seas.
Sc'svsrsl Regensi have,5555been-siaisiroaed-
silthe ur biject anssiesrs-sissftos-favosisi
Thei- basdsill s afppeai-cr ct as ftbsiall
gamssss this s-ass.-It is tissisgist likls-y
tht its is isss firoiwill fsbe rtar-iseithsr
isa Nashiltic, isiss., sr tosWaas Isf ncil.,
suiniig shiv irsssri tfssstfsallse-aisoni.
IN SPif1f1itt' CLA.'SS

YEAR AB OADiSH WSuase ty, life aiid freusness
ihsot mesiitiiies redheenis event ther worst
1 L o.Scoatt biroirghit sucs a large num-
cierioficiriss anin iterestiing pictures to
Prof. Scott Tells Anecdotes of 12 '1t tshe coltlection.in ftNest i-ill.

Months in Europe-Prepares
Material for Book and Lectures
Aftier spseninknieriy' fousrteeisnmsoithis
asisoaid,tirisf. Scosttsassietuiiniediasgasinss
to fits wsorkailthe riietosricsfeipartimeint.
The trip cssveresd fousr isonatis iniCus-
dhois,sight in. 'tsusiefi, rund this'rest ini
fGermianuy. Swsizerlandiii dsIuttalty. Xtuds
sit Prsof. Sisatt's tiime isass shest ini studry,
srfpainig iiaterialtfoirs assook, wvhichi is
55555nirsey comipitedr, snd finelectuirs
whsichi ie soill git-c inithe searts urses'.
Proft. Scsstt saird yesterday:
'All say- w-srtkii i ~lsii iswassshoise fir
the tBritishi 'tuseiss. iHerr' Iisworkedr
fromssMondasyitaosisFristay, alwsasy-ssend-
inthesr-is-e ndushssitshima famuily hiy-the
'esoe ise readsig;-roomsiii fsthess
\l usesiism ssisthlargest in this wour'ldi anis
salitys ill aedh iiths literairy stuideists.
From LondoinstsIi wscnt iiti aris:truss
thes-re, astir-a shosts tsasy, I enoil to5
s usicts.
"I fmsatfricultedf'sIinthie'Uivsissity sit
.11 sist. fire-ctherei'arsic' sue'5,ooo sin-
detrussitiof sis siie silsy thirtyars'
Asisericanis. 'Miartricultatisoiilsas tsw'osadsf
v antasge-.fsr tic'sistdent : ist, aireduhics
iionillitheic'ierositihseatfer tirfcets, assd
s'consdi, exeiimptionii fssissass'st'ythie
'''isir t o uls-asd isceisi ssiiy as iitisss'
imittesrs'toius-, hut sliertsr thieatcirs'sr
lpen. all this-htie surfsnly frs-clraiss
starys airs- Irsenited. lWagiier's opierass
are g ciiliuonce sir tn-ice easel week snd
alwsasys ltocrisi-dsedhouse55s. 'h'ises'osis
exemisptionaissutsie asr'lie'f:ssi' as trav-el-
lere,ass ie si 1tv' a-the n tsrbe ssteredif
tire miciip~alf ficerss.
''Vilin ii \uiuictu I astenidedsiecturs-
fs yu iauit, Sc'hickh, iRorinski, t,itiis, surf
otte i l' ecirir sois pilosspy itieratusr
asissh aestheicr. .I speist imost osilsiy-timei
si-srkoig iin hic Royalh Libsrairy, ones' si
the largest ill Euiropie. firerthiere is as
groat del-asy ini osbiaissisig Ibooks. If as
stuisdeit apis rsras ]losok nil ,'toiisass,
hr. satiso is,--itflie is forunsaste,--sis
\''rsdsasy.Thre eeriin the hUnivser-
sity l ibrary is csoiiparativelcy rapidis. If
aiasttionusis usmuadeliniithor rfts'riisioni, thr
hssossioc-an is sualls' ur'iehdthu s't iuusuu-
"ii rusersosithfle fascusty rails srawsvout

Ssomerssf these re studsi sketches by
famussaretists, purchaser for a few
ccnts ct thu r uilt, a fair held every
sr-cr in as sublsurbi of Munsich., Altogether
Prof. Scsott seresd Ito greatly enjoy the
ecu-ginug lie of fle Germsanoutituser-
its-assist fsrom all apptearansces theris-
tniesisud -hichottseustsudseits tpur-
sir hsadsnoiieril efects.
P'rsof. Cainesre . I'silliamius adressed
this' Fuungiueriug ssciety last ight io it
first rgulairussertig of the year.
''fengeesivsri'ng ptrofessions has be-
come t tehmostulearnh sitfcll miodserna
p -osss" saishe. "Mo ri' knowlege
ussfaited frssms slur engiserthan sis
requifussf hiss-wyrcr ii'dscr.
"lthis torsyiwsusckassststhirt he hso
playesd u a niporanut sut. Six of ths
lee otsift hiss'orldhuhre enegis-
ic-igfets ihae Anugloi was ass
fnieradtieii-ivetsr sit te' whel
harssous tshrderric'ka, anduuthur anual ock.
"This'nineusras rmuade possile the
natin'facqisitionii of hterriory iby his
ssion. iinrsgieerro rugt thor Oregots
safelIsDser itsii uoon umie crusie. The
Mito us as usdesig'ned Iandusibuilt hby en-
''hssut 55fnsotny-iushistouury laie heef-
fectssitfsaur iprsfsisni becn felt. Our
lihtfodhat, andustdreinkig water
aesec-res-sthle egieer. 'Tle pur-
ioe fthfis sdeiartmentris to suplay te
ut-muasiss tsr muiseirl1trained liiitis
psi~fss sIass
'iNNI, -li C. iA. RECEPIP'iON
TIheiffsecullsanuiash rcepions rutthur
studen'st' Chistuiasisasssssiatioiwasasheld
lst ight ius iNechesrres[Thall. Destite
thus bushdweathesrbftweusscs qo andsoofn
studsst his' majority- freshmuen,lar.
taask f this'assoscia tin's hoisitaity.
JsssgeVifctr H. Lane h1esadedh thor re-
cing isneus-. Ifis wassassistedl by Dean
Josrdhanu, hessftandssi:'1.. DC'iOoge,
Prof. ands1 Mrs5U. C. Grsdduar, Posa.ids
frs cc. J ,. 'Markaley. Pheis. adsi Mrs. Johsn
R. Alhen, irisf. suit Mrs. W. W. heuuas,
IDeans asiss Mris. IHarry- i. IHuthis, trof.
Ia'tMrs. I. J. Ilhussy, anduostfsi. . S.
faurficrt. ight rrteshmeinuts were
'h hfless ransulChekers ciib naet
rridhavs-afterinisasausrtthur V. ill. C. A.
'heilsect-ronisuof officers resutedt as fol-
los: Presidenit, C. X. Merritt; vice-
iresidcntu, CL. 't. Cosss; seceetary ad
frerrs ursr. D_'.La).
Anotaheurnmeting wil he helIOct. 4,
wihens' it is planned toisiperfect a wosking
isrg anizioin.
'lie fresshmaniuienugieering class this
year is fully thirty ter crut greater than
last year's rt this ina. Tis large is
urses cssitating the securing of
ausdsitionsasl rssoom.other lan the egi-
eerinug hbuiinugs, for the case. A
larsge addsitisa sill be added to the e
engineerinigIbuildig iso the ear future.

Board of Regents Holds Annual
fleeting-New Structure to be
Located Near Museum.
'Tie Bouardl of Regent'sf theUinivr-
sity, at their msonthly meeting ysserdsay,
selectesd thur southnest crnor sit thor
camspus as the locations oe thurnosw
'teuorial buidng 'le contract foe
thur samne was awarded to Koch broters,
buuilding countacos of Amtos Arbor
Allt the muemubers of sle o ardnuersee
trnseu ntit rice uxeptions of Regents
Franuk Fetchser, f 'Alpena, 'aho was de-
tainsedhbucause of u siness, asn Regent
cArthour Hili, sit Saginarw, who is aroad.
Mostsat the u sinss sitthur mnsrning
was slet iii appointitng sew sinstructse
andl assistants, maneahs cessary by thur
incecasisng ouumbsruofsatstidents at thur
Usniersity. The ,,fairs of the eginener-
ig detartmnucoscuptiedh a large sut fl
thur msorsingAftuneweeks' eave of
obsece crass gatued to Dre C' L fir
Mturalt, in orde thirt he umay acut as
consuting engineer us thin electrificationu
of the Alsterg tunneluhnichs is beig
buuilt hy'the Aisusriaunsgoernentssiu. 'The
Regeints received andshacerped thu rersig-
natiosn nflProf. W. S. I aertninocuthsun
engineeritng faculsty Tie acauncy
caused by Prof.l'arltoi'a suddensresig-
nations will be filled as soonusas posilse
bus thur umeantinuc Ass istauut Pofessor
Knightr wil burnecr-e ofparut sf hi
classes. AssociateoDen a ~v'n i'tn
lau-ve assistast 'usAlfred X. tHansonu~
ulros-apa~pointurent was cofirmaI
Onmma-cvcsnt t thueincreasruttusr'!
anace us thur engineerisng drpartsssĀ° ' a nusy
sew instructcrs ad assistanuts wee-'em-
gaged. 'ble folowitng apoitmuets
n-nec msade:a Iscii eugieeiit".liaghs
Btrady, C. J. reen, J. I. Sie I. I.
Shiustine;ino ees sal ensgineeing~,CI
M. Rakestraw, F. rujita; isncarin -
gneerring, EC V'Walace; ii tochasnical
enginering,R JtBraner, 1-I. ,. C'uri,
P. R Hicks, R. R totteirn usgometury-
assistdreawisg, E.Ms. Simmuwons, C E
Stillson;n in shops, C l. . Wise; itsut-
veyinig, J. R. Brooks, H. K. Hlanbuud,
R J Reed, C.CH. Russell, L. tG, Susith,
T X.Williams
Fred C.'Purell reeivedl the apuoit-
meo fstinstructor usnecanica egin-
eerinug at a salary of $iaao. Tie sary
of R . 'Turned, clerk iso thc shops, was
inceasedl troums$oo tt$500. DrossniC
E', Coley is giveno the [till timse of a
stenougraphse. Miss Fischer will do the
work n is otaut.' Tb"esut of $20
usosapprotriafor 'tile upucas nut cd-
ditionsal chirs andottables'su inteen-Ci.i
eerinug departmiet
lDe, S. . Big.'owosfi thur cepatur'ut
of chri try wan manl- ful protesor.
WaltuiceMlford, asspf'tart professor of
forestr+T, ,sas seer Iunsideprofesor
'T'oe fioiowitga S'sthor other rassitantis
appointed a R K.Walker and 'hi.J.
lowk, its interna meodicine;t WVJ. nf r-
shahl, in physiological chemistry; Paul
Shlne, iii bacteriology;t1. S. Hilu, iii
electric therapeutics;t CF Ranmsy, iso
pharmacy;blrryE. horffier, in chm-
cat detistry R E.Knapp econes
instructor in bacteriology'Ie saay
of Dr.-F. XV Smithies, demonstrator in
clinica ineoicine, was increasedl froms
$iyoo to $,20oo
The request ofi ProfthiM. t'Ooge
that the art gallery- be eft opensfousrs
hours in thue day nas approved.

Snaiphosmorus its.asic nowi nes-tim'irtflirsptrsods. 'shnuPrunt. Dinhgs's, lathfan-
anltivun utInohlas plitics. iHarry Joneos,iiths theonlorgian ,dsiest itsL'tsuuicluit urns
chirmaniusu f,tlIst ,cso sosncial commuuuittnee, fosundsthirt lef dir-rstis hut o mse neruls-
is thoescandidte inorsrsidentufandsheIsads i 25((10 sut us IbelonugiungIns shinRaoyal
a atlicke uttfuuisu largely onuthanletclndt sub iisnsisy lblraries. Someu nf these
stuns.fulimithad rkepttunefifteen yenars.
'T'ile oJnse s ticketlat:preinntifus than- "Stsudentus hurst-nhueturfsilegs- nf sdrawc-
ossiy- alsoius thusfilancsd us. compaousedhig outsrsisy busk lnaCtreerves mnIdnsf
ass folloss Fot presid'ent, 1harry B. ks-cpstng itfotrn a osnustll."
Sillss'ics-sr esuidntus ilnosie R. iters I hishtsv-nntis uonstrust. Scosttsi-as
seceotary , AI. XI sususaucls treassurer, partieclary-fotnasunates, as argen unsnre
SCouis"B. West;t football manauage, Nor- nut thin Ibonks that Inn desiredl benin u
muan Ihilt; fbasebaull msansagen, isiilbuur DI.the inbirarey nut.iDr.Schsiic, proesssor sat
Ellliotit ;track nmanage, J. Xeilttuse- Eniglishlihteractiune, wossconrily ini
suits agirls' luanolcefutbl umnaunge; Sopianluis toinsantonfteeusircuthelms
Steushsuas-re; Ibaskntblsalimanuacger, Muse-' Spenakitng of thin schluaruly abilities sit
risnun Slouffrsuui ; oseatorsical sdelegatse,I the studtsnos, Prosf. Scott says:a"'Thin
Lees A1 Wiftn. cssuuussiiuusuosatsho e Ermancst hudents is
on assthan wholeicmutdo sore corret thns
CAPsFTA.IN RISXVCCA[LLS linutotAisesricanst iudents. Thur shoe-
QS'I' TRACK A''ICCt'ES ousghs srill sit the gymaursiutos hrings
abossut ascernes un usiformssity nfl style.
CaptsainsFlosydsRohon- nthue vrssity '11re is soottshuas raggednesithtitits-
trauck teamoshass issuseda cal-ltoIn all truck evnnss, those startling contarsts ot
athletes toirenporetrt Ferry Field at to goodsnuess and lbadness which suie notices
o'clackr Ibis smorsitng. Director Keense itsthur writinig orutnserienu stuidents.
FPituairic withlibe present t ash address hut, 5555 thinotlier hsandr, there is a goon
theien , ess.smutittwoodhennsess' anud consventisonal-

1 Ii

HOURS: 1:30 to 2:30 P. M.
7:00 to 8:00 P. M.
O drT eD iyT d y Per Year, - , $2.50
Delivery, Starts Immediately. No Back Numbers Furnished Cash wih order, $2.00


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