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November 17, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-17

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The Mkichigan Daily



1907" No. 48.


TDefeated bt not disgraced; losing Quaker goal, ad tle Michigat rooters%
but triumnphing in the victory of the stood att cheeredl as a man, for titert
real attd bite, icligant sas vasqtishetl felt that victory wsathleirs. Tie re-i
yesterday in the greatest gridiron atte ereeIhosever, claised that tle fsrwarsli
itt the history of Ferry field. Thesar- pass didi not cross te lae of scrito-
gin by which Penn anexed the latrels smage ive yards fromthue center, as isI
was a meager ose--otte toucdowns sep- rquiredl by tie roles, ad refuseto ti
arating Michigant from a tied score- alloss'the play. ifictitg a fifteas yard1
and tite gante ended with tle Qsakrs pesaly othes Wolveries itsteatnd
leading by a score of 6 to o. setditg te one sant once more into
Without takisng anythittg asay frost its owsns territory.
Pennsylvania its her brilliasnt victory, the Disappoistecd, snot only at te failrc
one score of the gane came as te re- of te Irie play sa thse Yost package1
stilt of a flke--a play which, as ote of to tie upi te srbathetsc.Isi rthilogtt
the officials of the game said night tasttey haibsectsdeirivel of at scre
easily have beets made by any highs rigtfully ea reesl. licltiasas warriors
school eam nth e counitry against the fssugt gamelytoi te fisissaltoug
strongest college aggrcgation. A fum-sthsle kscs that at iat stage sa thte gamet
bled tuatt followed by an otside kick, nthslig shsrsof a mircec cotl state
swhichs was recoveresd Is a giant Qaker oniimpedting deeat.
Withins tite shadosc of lieligas'stgsa
posts, paved the way to te Pennt touc- 'Te greatest gameactat te scta
dowts and cost Michiganth ie gatme. sects sisce te asvet of reformrssd"
'The teatt which weitrdoswn o at soile fotslal wass sitesc'set by a crowd
defeat on Ferry field yesterday after- sworhy of te sprtrs.Wiest Referee
tmoon at te handls of Pents sas a far tlsrpiy isew hIis wisle as te sigsa
differeit aggregation than te oneost 'st start tfray, a c ricnsesrvativlyt
took t Philadelphia last Novembsler. _stistatetl it soms sas asseabed
This year :Michigats lost, sotsi becausescarouth ie gridirosn.
sihesas seak, hsut becauses it Pettsyl- Neveretwas a Ieaess tetmsaccores
eania shenmet a teatm of veterass-tase aore lyal ssport tasn were te \Wol-
of- the strsogest aggregationis its the verises yesterday, ad aite Qtakers'
country-atnd because what luck tere issvasio of teswest nso other rsslt, it
sas to te gasneierchedi on the annser sitlests set tiesetb ask to te effete
of the red and bne. Paying agnif- past imbussel wits a prfounssd respect for
e~ttly frotts hstate to -swhiste, if is Lbs esootisgissproess sof its ssesteraes.
doabtfal if Michigant wouldsi Iaaeibeena Erenthie edisastrostseries f plys tat
formd tat bow to ay teamtsithie crst- ;at-c ttcshatttria her irs tocdtoss
try -its ysterays gaue-except Pennt. ati pracicaly setted te result biefore
While outplayed tosa slight extent o ihe gane was a quarer fisisecld sst
straigit football, Nlficigan detmonsstrated ot qiuescstie sirit of te oes, ada
a decided superorty eser er easerts.,ent at te fiatl cash of tinse le Mi-
rivals as exponents of sesw faotealal ganstast, tstig te iter htumtiliatons
Tie variety of attack shoswn lay ich a>f defeat, left te fil, the etire norhs
igats ott the fete occasions tat prescitec sieaceraose css asasse asd, siss barel
themselves had tie Qtuakrs atterly at teasds, sang "Te Yellowscadsthe ltie.
sea, and ht for ast nfortunate anss Is wsa moagniicent tribteco te
questiontabe decisiosste game wostit. :ichigans piit, strogr its defea that
have gone to a 6 to 6 tic. itsicisry
Michigats was tralihig ashe esd of l Proabslly stto store beutifulifeatre
thse first half, atough at the clsse of l . -
she sessiotste Woverittes ihadibeetsn
playing te visitors to a standstil. Un-
able to score early iss ue secoss aliaf
Mlieligan susddeny siftedth ue psas of
batle assa some of te latest ost meth-is
ods casne intolprominence. Forwesrd I
iasses its bewilerisng sucessions andtiin
dazzlints variations greetedite visiissg
defenase andlteihosme gardtestsmsarh-
iog steasdily dotw'n te feldl toweard a1
prospecive score. The bal ad lest
bronghifrnns a posiioss sech witinthta
cotnfines of;Mcitgant territory o smi
ftIed, a long forterdi iass o Ilammsossslh
sown the sidelisse hepisng itorisg abottaas
the condiiow. I
'hen- it tas that te'play ov'sae r whicha
thdis i.pute aroseo, andt he play whiichs
cresn thousghs unssuccessfusl acordisg tatl
she ruling of ose f te officisiwsill gsa
lown its history as ose of he greatest
plays ever ptulletd off in a collegiate foot-
ball contest, took place. The strategic
soment ha d beenscihoset: Michigan tas
behind, the half tas rapidly slippisng
away, and qick action was needed.
When the varsity lised tp at sidfield
for scrimmage, the teanm presentedth ie
ntost freakish formation imaginable.
Schulz snapped the ball to.Wasmusd;
Wasmund lotted it across to Allerdice
and Allerdice shot if diagonally across
the field into the waitintg arms of 1Ma-
gothi. With comparatively little diffi- rfta Ilsw-tttupartokTai
. ,t'ta'ttna
clty the Michigan leader crossed the
eleven white linet between him and he

sas carsects at a fotbiali gsamesaa't
lth' lock"N1"'forma ealbtarlia'raoters
ass ste cihesersag sections. At a sigal
fromasslte ye'iisterth'eit'lacks sass osf
ltsassnaits statelist' tge bleachesudd'taaensly
beaesactrantsforedti as atthghs ly a
msaagiclasaschia.nt a tgigsantic''"Ml'' t-
listen agaistirt ackt~grounda ofat luat
fer itsslt'e sothtilechera'sat S asand-
fall ofloalsupporttas'ter's warinag ste'eel
sn late of Pensyalanisa.''lTey madesi
asnists'e'fatesttoabc's'e'sass thesir-tesams,
last sheleas'trslt'eMichaigan yellastetrs
gavte sthe'.teordttothe a;a ir iinsg subijects,
tse "'test. Yest, 'a Ienns'lvanaaiw"as
aa'steitheleinetaaaansavaa'chscat soundt.
flats'ofthssbess features of ste gamet
was the'a''ooda feae'iag asastasiaa'btweell'
ts' rasal rtras'. tssaci ave55c thet'haiers'
yail r'eip'eatdly 'andis.e'chia 's ch'te'eed tat
alas othier.
Foar sts'eeniang after at bigg~at'l, ls
niaghtlesabalish edla seas'recosrd. 'PTh'

trail. Th'le ossly score of the game cast-
not beattairibusted to the defense, as it
seas te direct resolt of a fumbled kick
folios-calismmedliately by a snccessfal on-
side kick. hr eetote mn h
as's'nsa-tsar whio participtsaed itnte seas-
stat's gresatestatlie sthos stasodsouts
prominntlaay abiose te thers, thtey are
Schualzs tsr M\ichigant andSt c arless for'
te Qusakers. 1Michaigasn's cansdidlate for
All1-'susteriesas Ihonsors, iplayisngIsis last
gam sas'ta coliege fosotbsall, didltmore' tant
masaintainhIis reptation as. (gtuided by ass
tnalalileisnsstincst itt keeping afier te
sail, h s it sT5eutonas tackledihose ash
felas ycsu anit as asdslatosahis great swort:
moreathcaaaiantay sotherstats'thsing thsat
Miacitg'ana s abstle tisay hser easternt
rvlto asanstsill. .Althousgh ste
fitsakes a s ahaassencosacedlaso.sm'et te
'iasit center, theyihadalnsacsanse ton
hldahinias lietwass unsder carrymasss
pasyatd at least saltsa thsitIackles
stas itby lisa Michig aatm dturisng thse
.aieare crediteditat Schultt. Ile was
statsdilisoppsi esd It listye'r, antst is i
douaistabtful sfay cet'is'lslstegamsaeisa-j
clcouldsive acSchls a sclsoser race
hasssisaltishtPenntsylvsansiana. At lthat,
thsr asasc asocomarit~son, sandasabiy Isis
sass in asstcirtday's gasase Schulztnto
stassyassasssasstaniel paise fromasss'sery
ctllrti 5ticwovestedite gainse, ibutiie
sinashed hs lasssie'osnsite All-Amaericasn,
at lic is. aseta Iis slats.

The following resolutions regarding
thse estabalishmssent of a new Board of
Control of Athletics were passed on
Fridiay-lay she Boartd of Regents:
Resolved : Thsat ste Board of Regents
crests a Boaard of Cotntrol of Athletics
ste scsape of saitd Board to be after-
starts isdefined;
Rtesolvedi: Thsat it is thte scin of the
Itoaartd sa Regesnts thsat the Board in
Csontrosl osAtletics slash be responsible
ta th tleeacing force of ste University
asnd that faculty control he preserver' by
matanas of a majasority representatiot, of
faculty-' mesmtbers ontthie said Boardinis
Corolirs of Athetics ;
Resolved : Thsat ibis Board of Cost-
trsh be csoposed of eight nemsbers as
foallows: That thse professor of phtysi-
cah trainisng ands director of W~atermans
gyssasasiats rtb a taesoher; that flour fac-
ashly membsers, osse eael frosmthse fol-
lowing facultie-Literary, Law, )Engin-
aerisag, anda Medical, Htomeetpatiie,
lkcatssl, Phsarsmacy joistly, be appinted
isby their respective tleans in coolusctiott
swith thuetpresidesnt; that osne graduate
assesasler lie appoisntesd by thse directors
sa tshe athlietic association, and two aun-
(lergradate sensbers he appoinited by
sthe Student Atshetic tBoardt, and that
tise boartd so costituted be cont'i'med by
she Boaardl of Regensts;
Resolvred s That this boartd Ia organs-
icat Sty Decembher first next and cacti
Junte:thereafter. JaNIes i-f. XVAE,
A few of the sousvenir score cards on
sale at thse game yesterday are left.
Copis's may bec secusred at Tise DAILY'
saffice fromua usto I todlay.
'sass isis fault thastithe Penn ends, by
tnailing the Wttolverinse sacks without
givinagsthenm a chansce to ruts back the
puants, gave thse visitors an advantage its
sthe kickisng record of Ste game. More
'sthasnthsat, he stas 'Michsigant's most eon-
sistent grounde gainer, getting away for
several conasidlerable gainas on fake kicks,
'Bass it seas otn the tdefenssive that hr
'shsoed best, asnd that stansps yesterday
as sthe clinmax as swell as thresend of Isis
fooaaill career.
Althoutgh defeateti for the thsird lime
its successive seasonss in his biggest gaise
tof the schsedule, Coach Yost looms up
as thse result of yesterday's game as thur
Igreatest coachs intshe country. Thr sew
(Continued on Page Two.)

scnessfatjoy ahdre'v'slrys'oatcharacter- t itt'eless spectaculiar ashd isrilliatt
M stie at ygastss hasswstrs' aissisag ass ail nlaste woerls satSchulzt, but less cats-
as meaholaysilences' broodsiedl ssaer shesfactory fromsa a 'siciigaa poittof view',
htoasn, wile m satuy'as stualea at asilsathscwas asIeisgrandilexiitaiion giv-esnat cind
soitude tal')satIis roomssi 'guirsg' s slass sa' yScsarlett. 'liar'Quakers' righst ende, by
'rc ytat gii' ito diswenets lsarsaencomes hits coensisitent s'ork getiisg dosessthe
retd. ataGI' eist aunsd'r' punts andtinailisng thse runs-
'ulast littl' eishiersatisgas s ws t isaetssaerstiistheir tracks, was as hig factor its
carriedlsa, tsar the mst hasse, by te ldalSlimsitisig te toffensive power of than
grtadstelhitsefsitedsto llowisatheir joy .11ichsigsnstesc antdiIits keepitng that' Wosl-
ass beingtbsak 's sisisigthie'sal tamaiireerise's isathseir territorys sduritng tej
scnes to lbe' isseslissi li' this'ntarsdesgrseate'spotionasssattile gamse. At she
esvents osat hs esaser tstsanfrallahrsssasisets5im ahedisplayped as remsarkable'
reasiasas Ieinag ahsidsit sevt eslI I stealxsas ssersoaitth~taroughoutaa. 'Althougha he
plsaces. scat'efailedl Ioa le msixes i rp itsste play,
-- carryeina shIeavy role utsually, he aisways
Opoe l ~asss iset s by . aa s'rla sef artse asp stailiasg atdsiIssovaerjoyed ex-
sit bacssiss. iheigasa'samuch'l-tsouted'le- phre ssiona etesr left lila counitenance',
fs'esewats giaens a s's teste-, sassright evetas tthfistimes sthensste Qtakers
stell didlit livt's ipta its rpats1saiona. Al teelasdest ta's se(a
sisses,fC'aistasins Fts~lssll, llleaies'k assitd saldrighthaste a test'isorssconcerns-
fua's'e'si' osutad pot hrouis asaghs fosrssorsass'' IsarytHamismoasailart' asspross. like
gainas,anl Kaittatl a assl s'easr osfag Schusaizislits playitngisslast gsame tot'
briilliantas tess'srbsack', t esaslpe r-hi's ;Miasgasssal iitwatsasfttitng chose ithat
feten steee'ane'.bstt ishis'etva''a heIs'le'bhro'sght tt four yeasrs of hsardlser-
Qtiake'rs thre'atenedshtso ases'e, this liste sits ls aInautng Ian heldshisewnsistth
ItfendassstIhld ike' a 'e'sitsale;tonissi esd uasit a lts lllhs'aeci, aniss twats

Linr) 5,ett OeatiiLehir Alleriste tChaisdler Feotat'stone Kelly Thsoroborg ISiodnt Manager) Yost (Coach)
Rat-e--Crtumpacker Retuseasiid SchuzMacaffix tCaptin)l mtts Casey Hamtosnd Watkins
'thirtd;Row-Mtiller Witire wastessd itimony OStlivanss Evans

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