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November 16, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-16

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The Michigan Daily



No c. 47.

Penn is Here For Season's Final I ~t 101FF
C. F CopeCat(I>Foclock noo.
and Most Important ('xe-- (enraladmisoin tickes will be old
Coaches Are 1Reticent. onlyat atesF ItrctIntranes.
CC C..svi~cC ; :. ('(Cici?(. (101(1 CCC0w11ho(1t ('Ce CCrvedIsas will
The lo 01 O~li' lira 1he .CadmittedCIt10 he'gritnds.
Michan. I 3 . nnIC .rPolsli ((F11FF1 Fack of tic ets-anlalso the
('asey.1 . '1'. Il puet' r lio FFs 011 sig' oaors.
Dunbs......1.. C. Gllagerl' ('ls" game bgis 1:it p. lI-fresh
Schulz....... C. 1):: CCwIeFFCad N. "Fpll I Igiiers.
Graham. TO." .. . .'.'.......CCCcger(icke11akrs ad users report a
Hlammndu. IC...It. '0;.. 0 l.. llaric llFrrCield at IF I). light lnh lkwill
Rhleinsehild.I.. Fl. (FSFF.....a oFiF e(cFeI o ICFFCi0IFg(fcCC aC 11hattme(.
XWasud.....Q Y1 . Iso FFFF11 0 (FF1 Fls Fn(i~no ushe (iC.(Coa's
?lIoFflin 1C>1t.). I 1II. ldwell ((~t11 .1e rpr tteA hei fieti
Allerdiee. 10.I1.IH, (OF(1 o~ F1th lheieIC.ti
WatkCins... 1?. 1.-1i IF FF1 (111FF'" FCCetwCC' oFaFd to(F Fl FCICC. Frt
C'?tlae....FOCy FieldIAnn011 bor.l en1aFF IF edeF
.Sta~t ofgams.--z2ocIFck.
Eiiirlalces-G'eral admIFisionFaF State(11 f i 0(5 FFoF5'f1 ((15( (ill Fof C.(11'
IC' tet s-'CC1nFc ((oi C('CCCrveFIsatof s F Cl'IFO I FF
' .cCIFCC (Fl 'c' lt
raC.Topi-- 2noonlv. ((f Xty"to_____agod account_ o
Ilead hleiF("F(1FF"vICC. f :rt
Time f hales- .-5 ((in s
r1F\CF 'C(F: F(F('.((r,o EDGE FOR GAME
(C.(TFFat"w.Michigans Foemen Spending
then is stroCCF;,C ICCCwhelF we1facIF Night in Detroit, Seem to be
greateCst game(Cin theC IitryIf FC, ' in Fine Fettle.
feld. IE(don't know, wFo1FF ill i ll 1- -
wishlI id W h X'ile' 1 ((11 ( 1 FFhik th t lk'F. e'F ( (5'_F . ((CII. (
C~ay 11F7 (F. c)FFi(FCC(Fle l e IFCillle d(IF trit . liFIF.. 751(. I.-Thirty
elidhg of xl o c tf ool:':CFFFsloif y1F '((((F-t(1(' olo s ltem. CFbl('lt(1.,
Ni eilg'as; las; all C l IFFS'hacF (Fwin IFC Cs, tr C' (FFldCrubbeCrs 0 CrCive
tnda d'fwc ri i il e agey IF C il)' c lF'F'a'ifs'r 'tcbuch----these(l
di o hi s sp(FF i it.C I(f P nit dlsCIII e I cs 1 FNoF'(F1 is t ((' he0' le(Fl goes
ho' s(FF'lF'F'C'. I hlF rsuto'' 1 (f (ett oul-a
tiF(FC" (onFbig games ,o's ''I (wi ('((IF FF1
1lrtla .ctoy", _Ffb((F . 11/i
Flie refar b n a11( bettr th n I(11110
r ear The1F r1(1ult(11of Ithe FF(FFF 'is ou t - F 'o
'ihiwd hose tCereFill CI 11(11(1
(CT FC', n F(n(arealliC. (1oo(FFshap(I'" CaFd('we
flyen th) in illJ f ield' . ( Sch/F lz / F(d(1Rhe iFF-F
"chldX e co veedfrm 'erlight (1
injurie, ind 11 ysill 1(0heFteaFsCiF> l Fsu C
OFFFFI 0thatgitt FCC'FbF itCICI'CFI hfrdlr
it'vs 1FFsee. In h rt IC (FeCrFe1fCOFicFi FOil 'CrFtlO'sevl yc amis'esit.fo
at lastfory pe cet srongr t ~ L siCe iOFlFlIICuCt(FspCcil 11FFrsmall
iF heculentaslk. e m.tmlIwe amoutit'oFattenICtFFFFF F101 (iC(Fo C as 1e' w'alkel the
pin11k that IwC have (Ct least OFFan ICFI5IFFsCortFdisanFc' fCo te iteCCrCrban dCepot
canFIce to w5i1. IHoweer, 1a5 1I havCsidIO lCICII Io 1CCo FIeC~g
Iefor-e it is(10 disgrace t1FF y FF11r1' o toC th.IIF 1FF. ey e rF ((l Fl~ e at F'dofcelrioll-
IC Ieates l M1CI~gFIF.' {gm1FF5ins fIo edcF loe a(C theiC heels.
'Ivy Mike MFFhy, 'T'rainorC of IF'F(FF0(1'_fit tlIe hol te lalyes wee loweCd
('FniFFIFI F'FIFF tFFeshhilit teml vesI C to te adm Iing

"Thle 111011are ((a ll i pety good lcon-' Fultitude but1(11aIshorCC111110e(wheen tht
(111100 considein~g the long trip111h(1 11101Cl r5C chfu1l fI(ike 0tlrlhy hustleFd
haveC (made. Pauxtis' leg -hothered hIim themloff(5to1 theiC CoFFFIFs, 1FFseek CCepoFe
arid Iwo or three of the menhCeII o 1 rearaorCC te Iwto- iFF5s sentes of
keln loses, bhtIam,(11satisfied 11i111 their 11F'eImorrow.F
condition.'".\:.lWile theCmCn, have heen instructed

S' ICFSIC~rS O)1 'HEl/'1101.A

1'Iagollin, lhCft 11a1.. .. ,..
RFIiFcy, Left En.........
Casey. Left 'TacFkl........
Ikols, LeftCGuard......
Schttl. C.etee..............
Graham. oRighlt fGuaCd.....
Iffamtuond~, RighInd.l...
\XaCImlulne, QuartercC k..C..
AI'aCkiCC, Figlback.I........
LolelltFllbaF ck.......
F I oa Lflt G Far.....
Olillel Right IIalf.....
DCeaghrs eft 110(11.....
ICFIlll L11(11 ....
1111 F, e ft 1F IF I (('ill'
I-(1's C, C.'Cter .............
ZiFegle'r, RightI Guard..
GaOstCon,.Right Ta'le.oI.....
Scarlt, Ifill loEn......
I eilloF 1, Quarterack...CI
Illo'llbo'clo, hl'F1l'oF'k....

.17.1IN N.1
W ightIIFI. 1
. . .1811

Ie ilt.


r''FC 11

. Fe

Re'gan, 1 ( artel-iback10... .. FF0..To 3-J
MXiller, efl 11111....... .. .. ..- 21-1
Br~addolFck, lo/l 17(1(1... .... hO.. ..16 -1
Ma cklinF, Righ~t I lolf... .. . .. ...02 61'2
Iietrich,. Right (GuaCd ..... . -)21
1(ot11lSFeight- \ichlgul'oF',014;' 1 ('(slI ((((1 t(1)58
:AF'Cerage FFOig((lF'ic(iFOIao1F (F3183 I'-o'C P."siIN-ani F( (78.
11(10(1 Fi'F.'itCline-1\ICIF''' F 3.1'2 I oFIFsI 1(51( ,1 ,1267.
.Cotalgwe (igt. If 1(1(0fi 11(1(1icFFga((F672 1(1(11sylS'aFia, F cF.
(F o'C0CC 11eightIfI ( 1((1F Ied- IIF-f1'Iici-ni8 Cn lFFS) ls 1 72 1-2.


IFy CochFII'V'orCrey'n11101 1FF1 ,11e. clhil' tzpatrick,. Captaill 711 (gol~ill, 0(1(1tIII'o0
ForI ttFiCr1F of1 11cCnIfi'encC (haodFIiC's ill entireo M(ich~igan tsquadFF.
forC tIChe F (l'CFelC(. 11 is 1(as' 1o see Xarsif'tyFotball 7lanoger Chtarles III
111at the(Cinert expeCCF ct 11 1will (1 lbzd lth 1t(I'll lIFFrg 11as5chairmanFl Fof thle meet- at
if 111e1 fail.. Osistdil~l Il nCtertCain((1(15t11w crowdCF and1(1 qt
Tlhe ICeaFlF (II w 11 i cuto.air'1wX l.Arb I0' b'I'orlei tengthin Ilmaskinlg the 111n(1
onl It specFil1011ain aver1111 Alchi a mm1011fe statonof t ietli-anlFCspiiteforeo' 7
CejbtrhI Itomorrow('(IIcoFF1n(1(10 ((11 will stop( thei nterse F ctl5''ionaFl CFFcotstCa0meo rableCOFC .A
at1 lihe 'oo l ol'. lbhe 11eci1a (FFi1l (((1e 0ev'r'C yellowF and blue(1(0'rooteCr. th
coney hea hcktb etot 1110 F(CFl0iF FlI(t'
C.adillac a(ga11nl to'cl'uots 1101 IIlf he'
that ''10(11" o a frast lie ini
MiltCphsC(1 }the11 11( ,is41s((rbvp
x1C overIC (01 (11'k'ta ctItatl t oitto,
that 1]a, 5111111 "F''0FC'I Fedo'te ;en
Fi s t m r o o h i g o ] e r h % 1 1 tbo'vICt(:( ((FF110at 0t h I" i fe. ( l d ri ti
1'I the en( we h i ]]fl(,(11' irFOit's. hey l
11('g plcetyndfitbllICIFFIF efptone lb'ery . d
roan oll'ICthFI o~t1lla 1111e 111d't be it]CshapOF
Iel s t~i0'ClIue '((C. CaIIt 1111 Ibs ItCCgateI( IIvecnttwll }
to alast outburs(1t oeshope nclhe0e1rIC (ggCIllC tlotegelet ~lCo I1
FtrCCendous l ofiglICIando'inC (eIlls el I - (111(Cri I ' i elly-'cfor tlle Cea pi oo s
'tnIlae FioFthoesofC'FfCCjtI1101withthCCC ridnil the5'I reate st gameF)Cf the a
mes~sale heIconvelCCIyd frIC o' teCwkhole1 IFFse ~f(FCCTheIlct tCat'chigan fordth
to aI'it n.l Beoe h CimIAttorFIey111111IW.C Ithileaon(f leves1110'.esut ll cityt
tC thdme CIofC thiityFI everI-gloyal ' ilCCIa11001nCattempt to predicCOCt alviforyheor-
I1((CcFi III spir(OiCt. FIIICI' FlIcwhomF havCCCIaleablueaS~cdltown and1Cr
1101 gai msi lFSon to1 add thleir (voices rilit wigt11h1the OmaizC and blue. Ito
I 1 toteovationI for CIochI Yost, 1Director (Continued on Page Two.)

irrels, Rowe and French Re
eve Pittsburg Alumni rtedals
it Annual Dinner.
Cr's CF lhe college whFos colos 5CC
:res IC) the Yellownd llthIle BFIe."
'.er a Ctholsald students ad alumnoi,
illed with the w5onderCfulI C15111151051
aI 1cmmon01 purpoe andOICIoerwhelmting
thle powerfulness of unifi Miciga
ii, malde memIIorabCC leIheforthl an-
al banquet of the Michigan Uion.
At 8:15 o'clock the bIna~elro set Chw
at event in11mIotiont IFy'givin1g' Ie °U
Al." ald Ite "Lo1comotie' yells iI
waly IlhaCtmade Watermlanlgymnsium~CI(
ig 10 the eho. 'The Centiregmn~lasil(((
s floodedl withte coIorslof Mihilgan
A 11r easernI rival.IBannelran1(11
nnants 15wCCCeImigled with te bunilg
id large flags of tle naionl (laped the
Cids of the blanquet ooml.
At Fle side a111 facigCthCe ntire as-
Ilbllage wsas sitatd te speaker'
((I. At the ceter 1505111hebhar oc
iCidby lihe 1tostmaster. Setedl on
sleft was Presidet Agell andFI upoln
sright IHerblert Clark, preCsien't lof
fielUion. CheerC 11)011cheeCCbust
rth Fat tle intrCou~ction o (f Cellh spCakl-
The recepion accordedCFIte 11111-
It orgniations 11as1splenIdid. Is CC)
hlee it 11a5 manifesltaC tie (ater-
l10zat011 of the Unin's Oambion (1inIth
pureC of tie clubhotl aao usOC edC115Cta
ighty enthusiasm, autgrig 1in11ot111
'ClailS termsI te' (low ig' futre(f lthe
Wh'Ien one thousandIstud1etsC-11(11 d-
1l1(d ofSMichigat oseC Cfrom teir sellts
t I to'clock (1110,,anFg"Th XYelowF
111 Blue," the eler hlfolf (fthe ban
netC hatoO(tlast begunl.
With Ithe conFcuion o11f the great
ichiganl sonIg, P'residenIt JameIs B
.F1CCII introdu~cedI the toaCsm(aso'r of
IC' evenig, 1101nC. CChalsA.71IT IIo,
t. "last year(,'te saidC, "the M(ichiganF
(110(1 haot.101loFcal haitClionCF. Tis
ear(I theo('11111ni hosd ill te 1home(0
orm~erly occupllied by tIlaC erirlientOjuIll
t, Dr. Cooley, who1frfwiCCe(1((1 Iwe-
)'Cyears11was(111ins.trc~ltorC 015tis cIFIFI
its. If litcCould have looked forwalCdl
IlmighiIalC ibCFntome1(110'of 1t11
ilt' s CFvIr((111dlwas hlwinilg oC
'vi1h htFmorloulsItories whIichicacbCter'(-
'ed his enCireI 101 Ceivr)
"A surgeoC(f mImrieFC(s, rcolClecions10(
if ygotneFdas', curses COtrogh ((. It
FFa10's oneC o'emiicenl t 151111as ch
bCsirC CIo speak,'sai1d Mr. TI ol. "
((((C tonFightlC benI Iwalkig'(abut tld CI
nsitut~ionl, (otig Ithe (diC'Iercs inIIap-l
e are mletng iI CFgymnasium5111tht did(
((t exstil ilyIlt'neF h.ubtt of whc IFII
10(11 the lpleasure't10l10)'he tornes~tClo.
I gross-Il (f the present (day. I wonderC1C
it did(1no1,1eelopFIbtefore. I cngraC.tu-
lae yo1n w1hoCChavC been CCesponsib1l'forC
lhi Uninand0you(1 ho'otI wS(((5c ijoy it.
Speaking (ftoday's gme, SMr. TollneI
sidt: OIl)'yo yu(C e yif)Fl F 1lencel
withl those'fotball niInaies11 'Olcnl
work it in betwe-enow11(an0d(1z2occlo
omIoCCow5, I hope)yol will exert it.
Thlen tIumay'go to sy holse111 te ast
(1(1 Conceo' re1CClift up my headlaong1111
Sy friends u-Io are grada(Ftes of ther
astern unitversiies"
"Mtichigano Loyalty," IItole bcCnFre-
spondled to by JeromeC Crowley, 'o,
Fw15 thle first oast, hlt St. Crole
waOs unavFoidbly absent and1 IonC. X~
W V Xedemeyer, of Altn .ArbCr, prved
10, e the versatile sbstitt. H-ecre-
ferredl to the lmanyt tim~else had CCCII
calledIuponO o deliver an addreCss whe
thle "distinoguish~ed orator" cold~ not lhe

present. "Thterefore, becaulse of 11(1
residlence in Alto Arbor I hesitate 1(1
gire voice to te sentimentts of whlicho
(Coniinues on Page Tiieoe)

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