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November 12, 1907 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-12

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0G H. Wild Compally
The Lrgest Stock
in the City
Exclusive Styles ill
For Gentlemen's Wear
Everything reuired for Suit',
Overcoats, Fancy Vesting, and
Trouserings, and .of high class
fabrics and special styles.
Full Dress Suits a
G. IH. Wild Companiy
31 South State Street
Michigan Flag
onl your house top the
day Michigan plays
Pennsy. We are offer-
ing the best valie in the
town in a cansvas bound
bras eyleted flag 3x6s
in sie for
We have but few of
them so youd eter
come early
Sheehan & Co.
Student Bookstores
A. G.
( 4 , SPALDI NG ____t
The Largest MVanufaturers to the World
of Official Athletic Supplies
Base Ball, Foot Ball, Uolf, Lawn
Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey
Official Ismpemests tr Track ad Field Sprts
Uiormsssfor all Sports. Spaldig's Hadsoely
Ilustraied Catalogue of all sports cntas nu-
aeros ssggstios Sot tor it.-It's toee.
New Feot, Cicag, 5. Lois Sa Fesnisess.
Minneapois. Denver, Bufab. Syracuse. Pitta
burg, Phiadelpihia, floson,. Cicinati, talt-
more, Wahngton, , nsas City, Cleveland,
New Orleas, t)etroit. Mtreal, Canada.

Managng-Edifor-PAUL, SCOc owe is
Business Managr-C. E. WINSEter. s
News ................. A. F. Ritchie
Athletics....- William F. Gradoph
Sporting..... Clarence E. Eldridge
Exchange .........IJohn Wambodt
Music and Dram...,.Roy D. Welch
Women's Editor... . Louise Van Voorhi,
J. W. MCandless Elmer C. Aans
John F. Wr Robert F. Clancy
D avii FStve'nsson
Hiram S. Cody George H. Hobart
Chaumcey Bocher B. G. R. Williams
L. C. Reid Lee A White
Raynmond Visscher M. B. McHugh
A. L. Hemailine Robert Mountsier
Lowelt J. Carr Doald L. Kine
J. 1. Prescott
John F. Wur Carl H. Adam
Harld1sP. Could
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Pres Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Manager's Hours: i-a P.in., 7-8 p. m.
daily, except Sunday. Both phones
ThseiinofTE5 'sllt~ll is nIt isan
adveitisinsheet,' e sps'i1a' ite what 51 Somei '
redesma av us' poseils It is Iilt
honestiefrt r esent i ii. itsasboaiwa
what e regrd sithi mot slnifcan
mo e ii sitinthe iy oay-tl
'otisetbearin stisslttii \\ at is s Ils
aplcizaePlsesYo ofre ittretdit\fC,
msetsslersits ue' 'as aswssereds1yes-
ersa byyProf.fatss,liacial Secre-
lacy sof theUnions.
"'The Michiga Osios," said Prof.
LBtes. "is the ouser of a homite, which,
tog~etheir wsihste groundsss ad house
tsuipmesnt, is svslsedet.al iot less thai
thirt sbssyssthoad olrs. 'The property
sa ssiurchasedl oe $8,000s'.$s1,00iOfO
swichi s a'.tsi tss i ts' ashsthe sacs tbe
ing _sessses Iby 'asimortgg.Sisces te
pusrhsess'of Iis ptoprstyl oaditisssand
rpis t thess'otitisoilf $tsso hssr
beensimadse. $3400 oswich hrs italss'as
leen taid.The 5ost f letss'isstiigs
solts lttss ve' tensplaed'1ill t' hosso
far i'.s pittsmiatetl ' $,os.
re'''ntly '.tttitts'tby lI Oh'Kssstl, tse
bl l stNis gso d'ila 1smtelitasiis serel
anywhstierie.ill sts scfo slabout onet-tid5
lethasnte' illssag pri'. Thes'itcihensi
ssd iing-room haIvlies seens''mst .1tor

ougihly equippexd switt a is to giing
te best high-cltss service possible. To
acc'omplsisshsthis, 4000 pieces of, china
have e- srderes inisaddiions to a cr-
rt'esonditg .'amosunt of siversw'are and
tablels linesi.
"Mr.RKntthwill1 matoe a specialty of
Sluniches tat willtbe ia rve'latiot it qtal-
iyantipricer. tte fresuettere'of luncht
''"Tsotiliasrdltablss'havsebes i-
tosllstd'sni if thesdemands is sfficinti
one r itisstmorcc siltle added after
Chsristms. I is expectedl that tese
iris featusre'siltle self-suppossrig
"Isaddsitison ts te foregoig te club-
hisos'still lui'rovide 'eading i'ooms11, ia
isritisig relitis lougitgrcoimu,anditsni
:'oa laser swhere sall cssinecedl witt
the U'ive sr'isiss y set itta'sintformal
suitand ecmetittisler ctlaite.
".tBehisndlte clsslslotie, teniis corsr
tosse lbeen tbuilt for tir usesitfimemibiers
of the Uioisn.
"'l'ii.sss mlely- euippiedrs clbsetsss
is tprctcaltl' gieniI tisisho se iig the
Unonno.Te cshttpail for theCs'
Is ~ ~ Co-y rospery soswa ose itsof cntibitu-
tions by lumnstsiis isdthstirproceds o
Ifi loigossio'inss itterlsiiiisets. This
slin pt inits'r'tpais cames'frmsi
'ssiiarsure. ,
''Thes'trese'n tetit teioisiii u
thle sigthbosrthoodst of sixteni toussad'
fusar s o ffsst ttis there is sur
;aosxthousand dosllsotars, sbscrie
by slni dusis ssring last smmeris . I esti
m tile risees' of st tir Countty Fair
sud it \istige'sisto Its euplto10fouir
stousldidollars.IOn[-i'esttstthe clsss
Is' tc rsen ccitolleg' yrr if nt wiet
osustuhtts ts sesededit iveits'thistsait'?
"IIIsreminisiss g s etstttsssslike oiss'wse
roauhe estesss.for ligt, Iet,
inor sriles'andssla sdszen th ser items
unale itosbeforeseens. 'fos miet tes
etirrenteps'5eth leUnionstimust1rely'
s'iiticlesupon t sth e imbershitp sus. .At
les't fiftees' eds mssssemb tsers its siser
toi coesi t evtileris ext Junie.
"Its 'iotparisoniswills siller cltts the
ciag ofug' tt$a.g0 i. xcediigy los. Sim-
tlateadvatassoges an prisieges cousld nlit
ite seueirsitheorlietnarby' city' cisb fo'
e's soa isis'snt-Orve dosllrs Osyerr, to
say n iothing' ofoa hevy isitiaiona fee.
At Haorard 1anustseeral tthes' cslleges
tte U'ioins shes art- ashes to the titiot
fees oand cotetedl fromi all lik'.'.
(Cuntinsued lfoi Page Oe.t
is work'.sitdshes sill soilstoibsosr-
ridldeni by petty jeaossies. The matni
who tell'. yous he is lpatritieadsuptblic
stiritedrlbslt tat Itewilt st .spt it
crtaintwsr thy smovemiett tecasse suts
minosilie des not ike is ivov'edlii it,
nosy too'decivinlg timsef, btt ie is not
seeivinig anoneis else. I oler words,
Mtichigan sinit is slhe stirit of advaser
tndrorss, the sirit of gel together
oust worktogters'thestiriut of taim
play'in ll 1hat i uwortt whtie for the-
commonsssssintr't. It is this'sptutothte'
"ostessr;" nstlth ie knockser.'.
Mrn sreciinsttanllt'aoskig iswha
the Uisn'. issht i.sansisfor, swhati
it is gosiei ing t entostudt sl-llife, uere
is'hetsew ssu thouseris tl es, sani siimilsir
qustion.tssswhrtichit st tthe presig eest

for ' niece inforiatin. No enerprise
cams flourisho sithtouttadvertising. Ill
otighilt tobe the insofte sens mist
beiese uinle futire of teCUnio, o
tilik;Cinion, breathe Ciniont, talstUnion,
and :act Union till every San in te
University knowsijust whot it sesis,
and till each counts it a disgrace to re-
mai."mot-union"io' t may be perfectly
possitbhe to rtis a smtal univiersity' ctiub
on the Cooley property, aid cll it tte
UitnCl, butt it wilttot te te Uion
tilt it enibsiaces all buet a iegligible or-
centtage of tir stedent-boody. 'fle larger
tthe numbster of isen aailitg tesetves
of its priviilege, te greater the worsk it
with e able to' io il chaigitg conditios
amtoig is.
T herse itiy tbe siso e ettio agree tatt
thisI Unisotiis a godsthting adansus it-
portantit ting stit whoiscniniot sec thast
it is proi baby te importtmthIingsofi the
tsar 1107-t908. Mcii iho haire an-
sassedi the situatioti realie Itat the rs-
totarkatble growths of the Utiersity- at
bruigt isIo a poiit of unwosieliess
whetesit is talimost oisthe poist sit fail-
sing tossees, socisslly seaking otits
otn ititeigtht. Ottsiers cniisee'til
misiuschmore cetarly' tt tha e c'lssstr
seves. 'sWhat sppeassIo its is theonus-
crete fact thost this studset-bod~sy'wichl.
bountoii igeter by comsmin interests at
it is, shouitd tbror large famitiy' is its
thts deloratb e citofthe amilos' itthis
lit wsoisasnwho livedi inte h. Res'
'il'ingthiis tie ot a creininitees, is
it ot us isscongruous atidldisiiriissg
fact thot seemsest walk ue campssss
witut knoinemg in cerun ihe imost iis-
bat soresf way ive or test percetsit
the tons whose lives so sealy'touI
our owni? Suich acqaintaises s isse
doshusmaiage Io orms is.a aittler sit
haophaard and accident, tbasdt suitos-i
tact a the tunicelboardimngbouuse, or, it
torehiss'.bee careful nt to elect Isis
nmiscellanoiieuisly, inO lio same casromis.
Inine slrasies sut of tein, t oi'iittwho
miost mieedlelcht othe ndstbwshose pr
sontalities wosul be most perfety' sp-
tleisintary, nvr meet. It is nt teaosy
suider str system t fsrmlasingi'friendu-
'Teses setwo thigs te UnionsClist
willstrive deiniitely' to dot,-by frequte s
Stsuts for tieir bneitto rissng th ssue
ini tesamue dhriartmeonit togethesr issors-
thani bas lhitberto beeniipossil, suit
sliestto encusragcelshe csomm igigot
suns ot alttdeparmnits its geieralbuer-
sugs. It is bioun~d to succedl uswehesoe
sail. becaiuse isainy' isetfette uesstot
these tinsg, andulwill rsort t is ut
issuer iIthe sspe of imporoemet.sslowI
genrit-ol thuat success siltle, bhsws'r.'
deens on howc gnesraly ll this-sit'eu
sit this Uniersity' realie thir optpor-
tsuiy anidlimake aste to tke avsantsage
sfit. iTheu pressing ineh is for snit-
versity meni to relienthin golnusopour-
tiunity'osithslitnets cubthot isehn ts gt
il on t atoilotte. Selfishiniidssual it-
terest ougtcerthainlyty'iosdicate stc
idtioms. Putbic spirit, if i exists, ought
ts oipeii their eyy to it as a chantou
do soimehig for the Univiersit of
whicheyblrswsiltle forver Iprudi otsi
thichs sill ispro io he ben ias gross
trinig-Pointini it history.

This io the time oh the year to
think of
Foot Balls
For years se have sold
tlheelt makesii Sseaers,
Gymiaseilutstpplies, Foot
Balls at d Sportitng Gods.
Everybsody kn-ioss our
prices are right.
Foot Balls $1.00 to $5.00
University Booksktore
New and Secondhand
Largest Stock in Michigan
Text= Books
Quiz Compends
Tel 761. 326 S. Stae S.
Chafing_ Dishes
A lim u ree int i ,'h wii,
.peii namele foiushisndu
the iiipro-lmpsiTh i iIt
WM. ARNOLD, Jewler


Pyrographty goods at Foster's.
Portrait framies at Foster's.




On Monday eveing
November it, 51noppor-
tunity will be given the
Anti Arbor public to hear
one of the greatest prima
donnas on the concert.
platfortm. By getting a;
s e a son Choral Union'
Ticket s u ch stars a s
Gadski, Schumann -
H e itnk, Ed. Johnson,
Rider-Kelsey, etc., can
be heard at the rate of
30 cents each.
Season tickets - - $3.00
Single concert - - 1.00,

Ube !Btubents' ~lecture Association
Season 1907-19OS
Direcitortof theintteenatioal B iureauof e icaulsn iepublike
'Wed. Evertismi. Nov. 13, 1907, at 8:15
Vmsvratty Healt
Tickets for Entire Course - - - $2.00
Tickets Reserved for Entire Course - .50
Single Admission Tickets- - - .50
S. L. A. Office, Main Corridor, University Hall
Treasurer's Hoursr 4 to 6 daily, Saturday excepted.
Michigan State Telephone-Office, U. of M. Exchange, 68.

Ranidall Studio. Randall 1.& Pack, Props.

Phone 598

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