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November 02, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-02

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The MAichiga n Daily


No. 3 .

TJA 1I~p~~ )01111Ier maxn asopose to16 ;-
VA SIY ii ~ pIru I fo tie southerners. ur ac k-
IN SOU H 1ld 0111g g 91-2 and \anderbilt's .
WELCOME I 01 H lo iittd. l Vanderbilt
Rm I . .. . . 1. 1F; . . . . .B a e
The Team Arrives at Nashville- ftl L. T. ...Mfait
Douglas Is Not Able to Play - I 1) . . .. . C ... Sherrel
Schulz.......C. .....Stone
Odds Favor Ilichlgan. Grala...R. G...........King
Rhinhilti. If. . T. Il....asslock
Bfl I. .G(;adolp, Staff ('orespeutfrt. Hammnd......1(R. E I,...B. Blake
Nashville, lent., N.v.:--rlte.Mic- 'IXastttttxt.. Q. K..... Cotet
gant football squad arritecd over -tet' Matoffn.1 .. 3H.... Campll
Louisville & Nasihville ralway'fIonta 'lerdie.....R. I....... Craig
~ell....F. B .......ortos
finittat at8 30 lti tt~rtitu. (Ifiicals Referee, Walker (Va.):
A large axtc enthtusiastic cIowtd of
Vanderbilt sttudents swelcottedth ~e party. umpire, Stou' (\ich ) : t]eai lixxsxxxtxxt
CTe "Vanderilt rah!l " alterxnatetd tith lde(~eroFttt State).
thte U. of A4. yell axtc the Looro ee Oc.', DAY'S G.\:tl WIL. BE
Six auttomxobiles totok te pty tthte I' IYC)INMAN AI
Duxncaxn hotse where rkf'ast twas RE ODCDI VANHL
servedl..Xfte r the mxeal tle boss treoglt t ttle ilItilh
takxenllcutitage. in tth'elyuomiesato eprouc 1tttted1isULitersity' all tis aftfe-
Andrew Jacksontxt.forme lug mleoreod I nf1)o. lalurate arrttgetttcxts ae
File, Coach 'tosts father-it- 11.the le ta t t i ~eCtlt t lttl
[the doors ill be opeted al 2 o'clck
enttire party is givenlthelrist tileifes of and1(1sotrtly after 2 :30, whenth ie gmte
the Waltatga cltt house. Totigttthebgste]stmv en ilblahl
oys are ivited to a tdantee :at e Cutxt
try tub.tcrss the tsie whlihtledts directly tt
Odds here fatort-Micitgaut,3 to 2.1't, Cne h ieto fteAhc
S ahtvilestttdetnts fear the tavyt ie'Isiitt h Itg erlorl Ia
f the 'yelltwatt tttth11eIltb tltc" Ind l ot eetdo h rsrmadhr
their douxble ot of ltttek. 'Te i G ee tren'lerlea-tsxxlt txtltr
itt ver1y titiontsofsIthe all till ie slxilsi
tlirs still preselln t't o f tthesiestIt oft tshtfe thettballs.T h is till e
elevexs eer trnedlotttheir.1111s~xti- yr asnitpilatel ly- "Sicer" C. George
Irttions lll yatttl 'Re" Jextnisttnttill learl lte
M\IGtxgix, forxxtrly ttte o t foot t tttl 1 er i , trlile llotbtClanlcy' will ra
hatll stars atttl nttstcoahig'the t t I tItielltlllxstf h at
.Vanerbit maynot ill, tit arm f tth ttttandfor tis reson ar ad
satstedtht he wlldothirbe tmissonottwetf nl 't-fte stets wil Ie
Vaxtderbilt hs notIbtent disr'aced a tI
AxnntArbior axndlshe w till nt b hre.lt Itt d
Thle teaxm,. tith 111he ecption tf Cotstsx. t ClN \ROO T ERS WVILL1,SEE
tllxr quarterbtackho sltse lbadl knete twil IYI AAATR
no1 t.ter ixlmllcht.is int e\cellentttCX I IAATIR
shape. I axtnot c laixxiga Iytswistd Whenithe Pltenttnsylania tthetters ivadt(e
anle~~s, charle-hr-ttxss' orte Iliet If t est on Nttt. 16,lhey xwill fitdlAn
te eant is eat'll it is bee_ c rbrila tlt li'e'tollrecei e tex,
gantis betelr'.'' Sudlsnt, 1ttto sletle. fraernexitis, 1and(
At.big ralls, simtitx s , Itiar to the icigan tmrcantt s ass'Jtie'dlhads ill prepaai-
matss mseetxxgstill Isbe hd tnigtitiouIoC th'le ent. lUtter te leat of
Unxiit'erity Chapel. Evryoyhe theltBoatr I of I'Cxmmelrete. tmerhats
fotbtlall eazt. ttill cll the tebusiltess sec ion inga
At Vanderbilltlhisgamel-i rt'gariet lo'tits Stte tI'retill e tdecorael
, thle iggetleettn tof teIsstoni ittotmte 'Y. . C. A. to Fery'Filtd.
Extra Ileaches alebnees'lte'I'l itt rtle ttt'nd1(1ret tf. Petnsy twill
Dxutley field int trttr t Itstccomtmotda15temnwitt theIt'y ellwtat' u tte. Somxe
the large atexndaxce fx'ttxlltatsl of I f the1 lilt'rttiies and11cls hlvetheir
thte Soxut. The rwtd it is epted.I-tr 1 is Lidtt, tthile uixhex', tre stil cox-
willlbe the largest Ithteer wiltiesstd. i xtt.ixg te itmost efetie Idesigis
a foo)tba~tll gaml:at Nasiille. TI htto eeigprvittn eeybd s I - -I LIfl VI,
w ishixng'Mihigalnscecess it the I tetlst 11,1 A\NOTHEIR TRYOLUT
Colontel File is rot'inlg hatrdl tttft'- tthas cnildts o' ttt mtadolin td
said: t"I sass'l t'he aasht gamlel. 1'Ii 's'l.to btel'geerlly'know th at gitrs
be at the gamteC tithx _a douiblebe .i''l'ld itt' ittltxtlein thtrs'yott. For tis
shsotgxntx ta xke Ia1101 shotllsmteilneresnthe ltre wi1l e anol~ther trial to-
if y'oux useCtup 'IcfZugits me1n1 Is youtit atie Ito7'clocek, in nisertiy' Iall.
id te little giants." for tose n1ot1playixg last nigt.
Th~e Mlichigain tetmxis in fntshall1111 J.'T. Creighst, leaer (f tx'eltxbs
withx the exception tof Dou1gawha-Iaete tllowixg stteent last eet-
thonugh hxc has itmproves'c oxsdrlsy itr ttI "Th es'sill xc a temp~orary' club
sincee leavinlg Ann Aror, sw'lIntlgt of tenty -fotxteatrlxa permnxet0one
intolltle gane. llerdice sill Its tIatedslatero f tstesnty. The laltewill be
at right hal. Rai coxmmencedr l t fall sctotttosed of tncie maaxtdolis, six gi-
'xtxx xlnotx. 'The XWole'ieseixdt ta stt violis, 'cello, axdltraps. We
l igh signal practice otxtDudtleysfItsldhbt stall play for te axquet and prosably
were foreed toxs515topxonacco't fte t ak e a iCristmaxts axdlExster tril."
heavy raixn. It it expectedl thxaItse - ---
weather will favor Mihigan cosidster IfR1CORD-REAKING NUMBER
ably.'lbs seater forecaslsys,"RI' UTFO l .XI,ON P'RIZE
toihl n audymrig olwe y a clearing, bxt colder." IThesfittl, Tirtreett xmex hxeesbmitel oratoss
houwever, will bevery leavy' axd Ite inxthelOst'rtical association prelimiary
cooler weather will favor us taterxlr ly cotetst for te IHamitn prize. This
as te Commodores have beexxpayixg ill is the greatest numober stteitnu the
saria weather IthroughouttIllsesn.tt history tf te cntes, elecxi having
The Vanderbilt bckfieldl is as Ixeavy btsent handed ill last year.
and probsably fxser taxi ourxs 7xlxel Acsorxding to Prf. Hollister, this
ga's line is muxct heavier. Vaxdidlt1111ys xo5tratioxns are of excetional merit,
looks to Sone, the Coxmimotoes textIsrsxral of last yeir's experienced nen

lee, to slop, Schulz. lHe is a star, bltxteavixg re-entlered thle contiest. Six of
wveighsu only I70. thte tirteeix candidates will be selected
.Mieigan's forssard line avterages 97 Ittecottpete itt the final coxntest,



The Illintois club will hold its terst ONLY TO THARVARD
smoker of the year in Nichols'Isall ontT i~iY I
the evening of Saturday, Not'. 9. Ar-
rangements for a special program andh Official FiueShwTaTol
refreshments are being made by the sogre-hw ht oa
cial committee. This event will initiatec Enrollment will be Over 5,209
a series of sotcial stunts being plantnetd-Gain is Substantial.
hy the. clu.hi.nluding ,severalsmoes


Generous Support by Students,
Faculty and Merchants Re-
wards Reserves for Work.
Nineteeni scrixbs left for Nashville via
the Annxx Arboti railtad at ti1:30 yester-
day' mornttig. They sill reactheir
destiartn airtut 8:30 this forenoon.
Greexie didl tntt appet'ir at the statioti to
makie the tril. Owtinglto te delay
necessary' tt the raisinlg of sufficient
fidcs, io xarangemxets were made for
it last sendx-iff.
'Tirty mxiutsxcbieure the departure
of ihe traini there was1 a tdeficit so large
that is it s ttghtlthat thee men must
belef bxlehid. 1Hiseer, a itembxer of
le exgiterixg facly, who decied to
$32.30 andiiaxfess tiniuites later Regent
eal dontectd $i4.00t. Tlhere wit still a
teicitixOf $7.50. Capti. lHtumphrey in-
ttded 1o reminlinittAnts Arbor, bit
RobtiseClatcv, ishotihatsxsritended
tile subisriptiost .pledged himself ts
raiselthe xalance befo'e hx ean's re-
Tho followtiing me o okxththe trip:
Humphey, Emund ,Lilie, Brennan,
Pxxxxtt xxxJoes KelleyC. I .Kelley, Cully,
Chamoix imp xx son, tLangley, Vosburg,
Wasn Besnbrooitkxti Eaxiat, C uig-
ham. Robxiles.cILisiti.txnd M~aison.
Stiltsritinstoxiinilxxcotering Caix
cy's pldgsexxiiits receivedl x at e At-
letc .asscitxlini txodax.
'STsessisancie xl the factlty axd Annx
Aiborimisc hanlts was xan important fac-
to xxxle stccess of te ovemen.
Thotissihoisusibedsxxhxwsere:t Gardner
S. Willi tixis Jxxnixs E eal, WIattles'
isvry, Calkixns IDrug C'i., Fser's Art
StetXWaxkersiey, CGs WIaidelic,
Laxr es i xxtxtsit ti & Leitv t, Elmer
Stfleti U ofiINl Co-OpxsStore, 1Hustton
Brois, i l xilIO.. Moe, Iamb &
Slitcir, Sshlxt seos., I. . WIillits,
J. If Txtsi'ttttsssl 'tiker & Co., Fuller
& Oy'Connotr Pacc, DrXxWaldron, L. U.
Krueit'. uairry's Druxg Sore, J. L.
Skixixer, JohnTx 'roijaxnowsski, Glen, the
cilorxeoCi Roe. 1-Hery & Co., XWag-
icr & Co., Wit, the tailosr, Sit .Millard,
Rsxntschlr, Je Parker
Dicboo,. tie gamieiwhichx is at preset
fascinattigtParislihs reached arbour
gyxxsasxxnx andtlhe girls are becoming
getllyiiiterstd xxx it. The aparatus
tf thit'game istluite sixtphle. I cot-
sist o a ihilt Irop~e abxuttitwo yarts
itt", listeesd bexten two aligt am-
booti rodts aboutia fot in llengh, and a
stixll objexttsf tallix r somte other light
subsacesshapedt soteshat like an
hour glssiTe attn of the game is to
mxaes this smal l impsxlemenxt sits like a
toxi ott thie lotsely sspended rope and
thentti i hrowttitixe straightexing te
'Te gatme is senug played at Paris,
anxd hundreds of petpe are sect there
daily amuxxsing thesxxelves along the
bsoulevatrts. l Ixixay' of the arks spe-
cxi etuts for the gaxe avebuyseen
madxue. Eniglaxtd is now taking it tp
ansd it is knoxwsnxsomewhaxt its the eat-I
eon part of iis coutry.
It seemxs easy at first, but requires
muchx skill olant the knack. It cas
le played by any number of people,
xandt is someixmes plxyed over tennis
c11ixixCxx eia 'axigixoiFOR GACONS.
'There are places for foxr young men
itt the cast of the Cerce Dranatique
Frxxxcais. .ny tudents interested are
isvited tot coaer with Prof. Beziat as.
sonas possible. The enlarging of the
cast this year makes necessary the addi-1
ional recruits.

a special traixi 10 Cicago during te
holiday vacation, and later probably a
reception o Governor Deneen of Illnois.
Tickets for the affair will be plltit
sale today. Provision is made, however,
that those ohio are not solicited may'
buy tickets at the ext meetixg of the
cltib or at the door of the smoker. The
price of tickets io s ety-five cents
At this sinthof the first week's plaly
the Palladium Bowling League is equal-
ly divided. The next game is Monday'
Oexweix the Chi Psi antI OR.E. Fol-
lowing is the standing:I
W. ,. Pt.
Alpha Delta Phi.,........ I t.67
Delta Kappa epsilo.. a..2 x1.67
Phi Kappa P si ....... 2 1 .667
Zeta Psi .............2 1 .67
Beta Thta Pi ............, 1 2 .331
Chi Psi ..... ............. t 2 .333
Psi Upsilon ................ 1 2 .333
Sigma Phi t......., 2 .333
Interest in the Michigan-Pennsylvania
game is kern in Pittsburg. The secre-
tary of the Michigan alumni association.
in that city, H-omer N, Young, is sexd-i
ing notices to all members of the aso-
ciations that one hndredl resuerved seat'
tickets have been otaixed by the asso-
ciaion for the game. No concessions
cats be secxred front the railroads, but
it is hoped a large iuxmber nmay atedi
in spis of that fue.
A coarse in the evolution of Cris-
tianity, givemn by G. M. Bartlett at M-
Millant tall every Sunxay, is proving
poptlar with the sttdents. Fifty are
now enrolled. 'The letures are fe-
quenxly illustrated with the stereopticon.
Several interesting books 'tce also
stxudied. 'Tbe class is open to all st-
dens iterested.
Prof. Robert I. Fultom, of the Univer-
sity of Cincinnati, will give a misellan-
eons reading before the Oratorical asso-
ciatioxn in Roonm G of te last building
next. Thursday evening. All members
will be admitted free. To others the
admistion sill be twenty-five cents.
At the opening of the college year ths
campus of this University of Colorado
at Boulder was placarded with the col-
lege "xstoms." The following are a
lets selections:
All tpper clansmens speak to the new
women students withoxt the formality
of ams introductiom.
All men saltte the professors.
The freshmen get wood for the bon-
fires, and ring the bell in Main after a
game has been won by Colorado
Always rise when singing the college
Upper classmen lead the rooting.
Keep off the grass !
Make the leas possible noise, and tdo
the least possible fussing in the library.
Freshmen form at the rear of the line
in all parades,
Prof. Otto Pfleiderer of Berlin uni-
versity will deliver a series of six le-
lures at Harvard this year. His topics
will be on "The German Philosophy of

3xiichigaix still hols ee place as the
lxarge st slate tuniversiy and is next to
Haxrsa.11thnItumbtxier of studeits. This
isacsorienitg to themaest registraion
figurers s preparetd by Secestary Wade.
There are 4,205 students erolled here
this setnester, anincirease 'of 287 over
list yeaxr, This is exclusive of summer
schottl,itn swhihtootstudets wtreesen-
rollesd. Aout aoo will extrethe Uni-
versity axithessbeginninixg of te second
semexsr. MIichiganx lily clcimxaplroxi-
tmattely ,203 for theichss'lxtshyeare xfii97-
xt0ts8. 't'his xdoeis noxllfai arhbexow lHar-
varid's ttlexnrolxiext ofb5,q566
lxx comparing the enrsllmenxl of Mich-
igxxxan xtid tarvard, it is only fair to
coisider bat tall of Michigan's schools
are oitixh~e same caxaptus, wh'ile the Ha-
vardl Metdical Sctotl is in Boston, sev-
eral milles froxmxthe uniersity proper,
Rfadcliffe is eitirely separated from the
rest of the mniversiy.
ihiixgan hasxthle'-disinctironxof being
thxe largeti universiy' outone campus.
The absence of frictionx and the facility
srithxswhichxsict a large nuxmber of stu-
denats is handlhetd, is ax source of wonder
to manyiusmaller istittions
Thlerenrollxmenit : 1906of ol10
Ltrary ..... 1.... 6o 1728
Enxgineerixng............. 1x192 1324
Medical .................. 34a 36
Law .......... 744 744
Dental............. 160fx
Phaxrmascxy ' 8.......... ) 94
Hltixxeopcmxiic ....fx.. 69 84
hIresex, 286-218 4504
TShes secondx tryout oxf this law societies
oas heldilasut evenxing. lIn the Jeffr-
soxiamxsociety' J.CE. IWinter, I. G.
Kieller axnxi J. N. Birth son places for
hr final trials. ThesstissianadtlA. H.
Bexmis, J. C. IHffmxxanatd F. IL. Bates,
the tmnxininxg '5xxrsday nigt, wilt
cotetst toxnighti for the fixal places on
this team xrepresentling this society against
thec Adxepi tlietamxxof lie iteramry'depart-
In tlie WIebster socity, Samx Wetrich,
XW. A. Estrich, 2. I,. Buxrrougs and J.
'Titdbal sonssplaces ashinight. These
men andmxxiStepelntiDlow'ney, CE. ooe,
B. IB.tHaananadt A. If Meyers wi
cotxest for places for thetetam which,
still mice the Alphax xNix trans abouxitwo
tweeks lateir
'Te contetsin x this literary depart-
mentilssliial-atbehisIedhtonight in their
respectiv'e society rooxts. About ten
oxlen"will compaleteinxthelxsApha Nu and
thirtenxitt teAdelpshi. 'The fight in
boils organiatioxs will probhably be very
cltise anit places in eithher society will
has deservetdly wox.
'Te Banquet Finanuce Commtittee will
meet in the Alumnsxi rooms this after-
n00n afte the reports fromofte Yander-
ilt gamae ave been receiexd. It is
hopcdto x have a prsoxal report of the
worek dons to dteai from every ticket-
seller whbo has not yet reportetd. Each
ight next week the comnmitee will be
in the Alumni rooms romn 5 to 6 o'clock,
It has een announcsd for the benefit
of this linge ntumbe of faculty men who
wish Ito attend tse banquet that they
may securs their tickts either from
the studeint solicitors or from the
Finance commitiee at the ons given

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