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October 23, 1908 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-23

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lie Will Speak on "Relation o
Universities to Unpopular Re
ITec-enthuitic till1( lpprcitie 1we1
cArome(which will 110 0Jn WilliaIi-i,
weltng, Nem o 111102, o1 i Telt a
tic nof Uivirsrities o U Lnpoplar Re
fo11ms,"11wll11e ttlly d(ifferenlt fron
that ch h1111'isfther rceiedtIh11r10b11
for1e-t111Civil111enr. '1110 glatcabolitiot
ist, laftr spealkig 11n 111101111h1001111011
As an . \ill ious lson tl orniioc i 11
10r11t11d te atentionl of tcontry htI
11s advoccy of ctainefr ms whc~tiitcl-~
are Of vial1m1ment 1in 11hisonty"0a
th11111esen tth. 1t01111111 s ec
lc'cgm n d 1111ditor 11f1itofflci ci tliic
polie of1 efrm 11ra 11r.I lcd iscdca
bitter opponentgo f li etri11'cto l aw-t111
good fiend.11 111 cis l~o :111 tto~il imp on
Moog 1a ttlo cm, t her -o t o men
of w rIt le htir ol 1111 oiol ising111111
tfh orlticrit ased isteadotof ent loo
a10 follows:
Dal te isoran o clthe tsca llc
rgtly esh ltttimae Itthc'cas t lec' o rolc tci
man 11111 ccit In theti on tcttallj c Iil
ntionat~l p opoc owrha alcit
m1sc1 Vestec withmorechan inl
powe, hi imp lseprcedesi reflgcOtiro
ofd h1i1sc Ilcit to Ic-ti ltd eredto wi lcth tm-11
fet o f tempe 1 r 101Cc'110 o ptienc.t o -Ilc
His dimtilode jictitlcc ial tof
imc litt n Ito l cle ei t het'di eed'1s1
shown byrhis skillin lt~minontc~ro
of mvemntstheiomen ~tt tcthe oonsIttIll
ascol it cal factrs. llitt 111 tio
tention ;tl 1?nd 1i peroaltriiIt hic
iloiobeti'''111'a 0111 it '' i t ehal.11 1grca01
than ei s astt.'c''c'i tting to liitoilaiid111111
ctf Ito' 'f~or 111e1ace 01as 11for war-asitheli

is socckedl by -uillawoofuil slaughoter, but
when tilegally doneo tb' o'holesale it loses
theatttributc'of1 tmurdeor. .A sinigle is-
saslintii in 11111 ci Ot' 10frighitfut lte ex-
Iicn toltdiesithe hi 111oippes cats
idetalsofil internactiotnal onmityt cndt
andinsuioilari'pride. It hastogiven anli11-
lets to the alwvayo exceissiveo ntartiail
spirit, lutringignen to emtbrace'and exalt


the p oe011ittO tlaltltircer 11110ICII ' CREAR111S INI
blnd,1hesolt(1te tid slofItCOCKRA N FAMOUS 2 A11'1'CliI10l lI,(IA.IONREIS SUCCESS M RK
1111 wh iichttnever iailtl eav1oc10 cou tryi
ithl itree a'rmties,idescribiedobl 1 htet Ger- cContinued fromttP-ago 1.o
tmant proverb 110"otte of ortilsco net'00.1 101 10
otf nmounecrs, ct1an a tirdi tf Hthe s.MIC EL' i, t: .
Vioenc is bafle in deaing cvi}IA Ittll faccleiatn-oshavenl,twith decp--
Vilooc 1. icffei ttoitciig riitfow Will Most Eloquent Man oct luminoousc cyds a lirm month attd a America's Famous Diplomat Has
nton-resisitatis. It'sdweapons hace 010 1e-
lation 1w1111tile 0ase. It is difficuilt to in Congress Answer Bryan's high forchcad with brown-ntay almooot Served Eleven Years_ With
strike a manitit1110 irwhoise fohib Question? black---aiir lbrutohed carelessly 1back10o01 Great Honor.
prtitcrtitiIit o ic iples oiti ( _____ toe right side, possibly a frock coat, a
gentileiness-n1101 te resut o fIt cc lot'crtlicelug-licollar, candilaablack tie large euiongo-
but sl-to l- 11 mcc atckotOte ti 11 bt Te limorablb 110.iBouirke Ctockrani, to hide inearly -ill oflthu ie hue heiho Te [ltooaherCarletmagneio we10011ral co.od
ortor,11 la1111101 1an111legislator, is inotde- shirt lpresentso lie almost prieot-like ap- to o spea11k tore soonotfromt heIt
rioictloouo cttl iitoiootii-o. 'lio lti an addlt r e-o s-cblcs ini Jantuary- ottthe 0111- peciraitce of Johnt Miteliell, lie m'ti, as Platfotrmt of itie Studets' Iel iire' \
ig:"oca rcn tetfrtiom me veryt li t :cCA'l II 1 '100POPLE, RULE10: lie looko. Ottc ninst01knotthitipersono- s ncittiti, reitrins to Amierica thois
tutg ni wYoillo:t anitok iroe11crodbutaig Iluacountotry of immenseotu eoxteni tuncly11- inorder to appreciate his trite char- tmunth ifter havintg beltn obrorld foor
Sioiootu 1111 totl~oig 1100 il ilttb Immeasu10111 le weoltislooelf-governetiacter. As President of te United NAitto elceen yeamrs Iii te tdiplomtic -soerooc-
fiouttd Iitself up~tonuthe ithroneic, 1nd111 -1 praitclicatibe Io3'carvactIpoputtlatioti steadt- XWorkers he cottld alovayslie approchced nf thue Unteud States.
tIanl irisitrittl ce1ad~tigIopting- i tts nns ic mgr oing ini nutmbe1 rs anitnimateriaollit'yliltfelln o- miners., for lni m de hiso Askoa opeiker nf rcognuized lca rnintg
Batteshis0ar0atpovoctio'to'wrcC o ubjcect owill tat-e ieadtiiariert ini hotelostohere ihey- tou~nldlatnciexperiene the ttddtress wtii hIte
iilliloiipo irt a iroo~dlitco adIt de0dc i terecs1 tbcausetof-cl its tan toer icc feel free tatnd c'asy. 'Whieni le pronioses twi leliver otill aitractl iarticular at-
to "'Shacll ite People a tin-iu for ac certain daty, i ttlst hc tendton,. for itis10thle first loblic addcrceso
tw-cn tw otn1a1titonso agreeig icc 1atpolio Erleo0'onotil othlau t.yani 1 ~idono leaai 10to he gitven lby tutuin i i Ametricad for
Itac,'a thetritcy etoo enrgardinug n ii -F cotooosechli. ttycitndiforceflh.for its o n1111omplletion. Ilho isequtally ydars
Alr. CoIchranlits1a0ntionl 1orator. He scrutpulousto iuttriftles. IEtory lettert Bon Ii iPhtiladcelpthia intt 188 Ite1came1
Gra aehssvdiclual i tois .anaturlt rht ooricicinc ncatnccthe do- otritteti to hitmoeei though it hIt fomI 11 o toeb foiil iii ic ilto i
attd i't'asue. 't t- arcor utacttckbcfrootfa n td fmllaig te eg ti
ournothen eigb1 beaue1w i000ncatoy r oiicot - ctisteoccacsicon a oranuk, receiveso ciincatsot.errytvti010 dooscent fromth Ti o weto'r it-hoosectledlit
tit' noneli. I o Itiis I0po icy 0'tult iht' cct d mn; t sti o era paer io h m he cn psiby rcie he :ascuetsi 67
cob tot ititc'i'iilothat has I \t)it fiibo bh tti cm retittmionct asto reeives, itf onlyt'forma fetw momntst010 eti-oiuct oltco r'ci- o
ed t Intraionl 'he lto. .1011 till. bH0 o ot' it (ttg''s cr 11 oiti'ti ~h~ vim h oik t o t i it rlyc euc t iou-11n wat rci veoden mt -l
1 coot Oct iii o 0011101010C cotoitatglis aso da otttup speakero. ctuob cwhcia tois bh w ork tllcotinuetoh ble.
iii urifoo- A ictigcootoo buoici 1110 but1ky If01rm1;111( t'0owerfu10111c0 0011- lie ltsao mgotiustorliiapplicat110011 nmitch i: i 82 ~ o- ~oieu oo-c~
our1 c0o1s t -.uey, rriungo nt10111Stoinc - c hot by lgreeofoilDootororcf Latts conferrod
sh blhae te chills a11111fevers-c'andccl ci t ndw t ic 1 ff im eism mt Ic hi c'rksl tead1ilyo s1a0 itter U tltdt1111 Iacm-imoft'Liooect
h(l'itnld tIcn'ttt ci hou-.ciat ily orcefu11l i hi de- to ue hoi asciug es otrate foricg, bndteun tviscttt.ifGasG a
coi ccli tout tut ucddot-oos. IthIuI- t-s"thoughtctithebttpassage00 ofItotunecfthocc
dcl'is f Irihrb-010 11db1 andmtoohis uo'hi' 11101 ibco ltimc. ii. coiniocto"me-oanlot'mittc'giiuforuiuu ocuhi1m.1'.
I0'ccuctcuWi wel prech i.oI tCiwscmmeciaely pitohadution fron
R c1. TONuo GcIViiE oiu''S - ho M0 IkiiitI10Ito ,si xo MAgool lildiliI mimot rvalieli til i'iuu to no i t cch ti-tiC.
cu t 1 1 .' ccccm lc' Irn001 11 i n 00 C o nty S lboo , iu c k l oo-ci n 1 .4 LSuOc11: 1 Ici d u a i n \~ e e v d i c '.th e boTh e re'm is'r a Wite ni ng' i g ityhot iu i t t i 'A tud i te ' - is t ug ttf o r ig ntlc'ci i tt It s 111 0 I
cc uiuccuo'm.bodt u' mi 'io t schrlc )I relan111001andt Fra ccw ehici'lo ian111 dthtcisicerokoch istuot ml o tite s lf- o- 8lierat r rouui82 tO 887t ic tor k 't
It ii 1Co 1l 'It ib itfr o cPaoe'.) 100.00 ' cOt. ~ tt'' bo t'otic l- t rtotooci d'st lf o t utu P erhaps mu htm s eautu. b- roibe o r m r a le c -irc s e -tw ofk i aso l l o wed bmi tc h e01 R togol
I'drao m tic ulf,,c l rmo l it cisIbnot ol- Ic t Iluuuu'ito bo um n 171 aibclad otr. TeeisPuomthi ngtu aoou'o tosdne tItiu
0 0001It tlt Irtit~t011 011 io' dlr.- 00 11 hecoiuu"bl iilc'u1 i oo Aol ciscooleuttuomhoe UniIto' oState0scrhol roweri8 beAlt- ad' m ttedou t o tec iarill
Cla1.0impraticalcheato oti-Ie-icitllultootsin hoingme outchtis i no t lmeioo-oott n ian t t co tntit to io lnml te t f idtubuuzeb ci
a poito gs 11eacher int 1 1010 itt Ibit'1 8 . Fr m I 2 to 1f7 hs w k is
tooV" inthe undamaticuense.'i'u ticad . Dter h'otoue tIb'ecamoto "mutspe t n osaes hoi h li fr 0 om htmg tumo se -ie t-lu h'eoltt Al-
tit- iwas this 10 lotd.11111tt1ittyItaNndti self-control'm icof'Ituu'ibiNoio blo 11 bti IIt-1 Trollhti 11110100 Ritic cutuokepti itt11,111ltc c illtc
Mr. t bloodt bloc's oo'cct'ti cobt t r Ibol'. c mn N w Y),
idOc~dit'c-ututgl il iclccb' ic of1 c 4 cc c as > c oo \co itt ct0 011toolte c itiePreoide t Allolt- ' rtc 811 Io 00 li
-ltulco-1ou11 lltco1 110 hmwh o t-lec-ilrfull.tha t what tc'c h tt 88 ito 8c Iohbb toItbtato biem1101876.rh cto rie siecotbuuh
so1n10 c omin00011 in en0111 i to o rkit velt1110 dmito tio'at r the confece hPeod I lij9 M - 'oe0is e t rd u o
Isc et10 in i t o-i-ra m w'il. l oc' ci 010l1nierusotlteato-lltoblo'e('ctho htmerti
he t ctr a o rh amusemintc'lg'u 11110 0bth-icu cti' t. boc c c "'tthe 'itc m Iiiusbloat t is i no'ao ito ee' Com' Nouutmvci ctu d ttut1ut bo
1 l: u h t lit w rdoilcttuild cooitic tl.uNto lia l btem octic.'Contlit ccciaphitntediomutib tonoster1to)'d'0O
t1 nott1110 art and fromtmehntalio'ttctooie igs'llietg bu' ospeeditl mtadtot imself suto
talsotfor tgouterms 010m-18110to lsou.i in the room.c After tteieonftoenItoPrese t
to(111.od]nx other h0vbol totthediRobert100on p o 'ular ito' ot Czaregth o ii ocuocut' -
ccci s sc t. frtut(' rnipub l e oo tiht cc101 00 0 tc 'ttth0ioodfot'nouitit c ilto theum c roomucmuu whooftbieha citved ' 'mlike tcc'peIrsonalvct'
coluhut'Ie urveyedoltt cnot lcice.itluigel tc'oc cl ii wh)4ich wto toc0 lliek t t hedi c oun0(ttyC a ih lscnere p n 111 h
clcug' ito loc' ithejy e taste fBca ' reslther ciu ooi t I nl 1011' ieti .cois :Nly ottiot;e'rhu'P iEAKtR. o n or 11(oftbeing tac'vie o f1011 th 11an1
inestn tha -"ighr"doe .nt manucciuohosn h re01001o00eDen oflan tileed b tlotibookiha. Ie Obice fths.nh einofh nr


playescleotingilftug10'11cotuch atutudo
ing a thIlininsoteadolof tolkito miabout it
bho miughut inuhucetheibp'plte of Chtica-cit
too gbv hoimtacpm anenlt011 ot oe, a tle
ocf drma titobcoort. Ietosof bloheoiionu
ta"inlever communt~ ityltttth r holb cutld
ieat clbeastb onettoheatorcstudiniidiloc-e
sabscou isasthoble uuhuhuc librairy, the'a.01
gallery, or 01thesuc' m."lc'iT h 'isoeart-io0
b lef ulismwhatoas coiticed cpitlists
bt-ydrespectAir. Robersont becutsoebm'e
hasot t1a1iclkced, buti iaos accompisiheod
whticotherscoofaile'dbooodoc. is plant~s 101
paperc' weore lookedi ct caokacec, limt limt
in11o1 operation11tibyaet ototonctionvtictiont.
As amdiirect rosultiof Robetrtson'o of-
loutus, weohaveote irstmuicpaitea
toroof bthekUnitedlStateso recentl tlyoen'tl
int Chiocagou. 'Theobertsonuplayrsohltte
beecn iccoti 0it' arepetireti' of fious
drma wctocou-ittegroemtost success.
SOPE01d OiF tubs iRbI0'dOIO0).
Playts hr Germanot, Spatnish,. Rutssiati,
Socantinvianiu, FretnchIt.lialn, Ameri-
ccci, catnd hEnglihii playwrighits clrdlon'
beitg gioenuty hotle comopanty inthebenci-
dioe ld eter iniChicago.lHe taso om-
Otdue ito less tatififteenipboys clurinug
Ohio 11100 yeacr. hloist inucludeost-orks
hut AMoliere. I lcttgtitot tii aleerlitnk,
Ibsoen, lBjornsoen, Gogol, Calderoti, Gia-
cosaxcElegarot, Paillerontandh Broovi-
tig.-at extraourdinoary carray of thue dra-
mactic tmiauters oil teworld. Witho
harcdlly aniiexception te odratmasoffered
have eve000been wihttdesed lby.Americain
audiences.Air. Roboertsontcivesousnouon
first choanicelou see ando appreciate thetm
is wortksonf art.

coltootwastre-elocted' for tti eblecr111
from tttoo;to too cof
AS atttmem1br of tbo oiuseu of Rc'p-
cos Al vu di. (Coc'can has.lotte te-
markale wok its ho lgislaitor. 1Iho'ih
otooil se cialcf lbhIc'11010t1implortantot00-'
mtees.cco b Il ocoasmalargoemithd mtoiitcmho
lawi practice' inuNewoortok C'it.,cbut hue
neveor letc it iitefere00wit his ditties
ts am C'otgresman
In t yea1100s Itoero tasoftsleni buenut
Ostrantgo coitcideouce,-thttof tout ccvouil.
nucciott helung .antnouucod for blue imornuing
aft mteranS.1L. A.ccaddurescs.if such dal
address 'oocct''urrdl tuuntute'venbing cuote
thanotoFriday or Sat utrdayu-
'This yearntolsutchbting clout happent.
four bu tlho case.of the o voaddresses
whbichi 'tcloe utluonloy atud Tlucsday
eventin~gs110o examinatttioitn- ill hoc'givent
oni biheudayt oltliowoing.Ifcmiiexamuoina-
tion 0we0e givo n 00til e Aodnesday mtorn-
lug followtitig Fehruaory 12, ii t rutsne-
cessarily bhontw(o00days'nok.Noivetm-
boor totteodate alter whlicht Presiddnt
Benjlamuinulode'Wheeler speaoko,i10nto
a im f11 or0 midc-coiit 0100
Th~e moltice is, thent. "Buty yourself cm
ticketoorIperhacps too-o, for tour profes-
sto.s nitcnsotruccrs are udoitng te stuoe.
AMost of the speaokers ou thel programtt
four tuhi1-doorcre of equally great famte
anth reutahction,.nit onte or boo "big"
mteto atno the rest "littld" onoeoA'The list
of speakers is thus unique intohibs re-

cotit do hue does not attemptoi.nmith 'lat
he o es lc.ito bosisurpossintgly ovell.
Wohther lie l isomakitng cmpublic speecih
oo presiditng ovedriltopend metinitg, he
appears alwayat othis hest tntusoem to i
hiave spleiaizedh tll his .life01n thoe por-
ticiulaor baskcattohoichi hucis etugagedl.
AMichellloam'.etver ibeeti a tman woohas
aile11d himsoelf of opporunuities.It fact
Ito tout buencalled cin "0lloppotuit."
Thtirsitig four knooledlgehue reach everyo
thincg thact cameuc oithinut lis reach, jointed
debatinig socdiieidsathldti asociatins,
inudepenodent polutucal reormt clubs. and
various s ociaml organbizationos, iton whch
toally oppotuiuties catte to tiho to ex
exciso tis utetal facultieds atnd to culti-
voile te art of opeechu-moaking. tA ready'
talker0 wihigreal peronal nmgnoetiosm,
lieic tkly formtedh frietnds, anodoasmorap-
icily promuote'd to tositos of honuor oand
No otue whlo kntowscttemanocan dtt doubt
tat Johnut lieloell is a newo hype of lahor
leader. He iostnt a demtagogute, toot at.
hoaratigoucr o r 00atypical agitator. His
pouhlic speechues atnd statetunts shiowoibis.
They do toot overflow withi flowery mte-
aphors appealinog ho te passins atod
prejudcices of his followers, hu, for te
m01001parl. they are husinuess-like presen-
tatiotns of eonoditionus as hoe sees thuewt ap-
pealhing to thoe reason.
Sutchis bJohnout lclell.toe plaitn11001
of boo tople.
Amuonog the iportat offices which
AMr. -Brewer has hteld, wyas -,hat of: the
presidlency' of tue Utniversatl Cotngress of
Lawyvers and Jurists lheldI at the Louis-.
lotta Purchase Exposition in 19o4.

It 00-oo becatuse'of thobo that hittucoo
AA'illiccuuohated to ihaveo Ar. Tlowrort-
signt tic tosot. Wthlout ccitt-fbtlcliat 1
whteverto ti papers0acoc'used'm Ar. ''cower
of hrinI torain thist hpositionti er~ic
Didoo-cJoine Hill1had1 b een ttciatppocuoine.
Te seat of trootubei inte rocemitdliplo-
mttihc apotintmen'it t was inu bl'e('ermanit
foroignt ollicc
Air.'iTower resigneod it crboo tut
hue mioghut retuirnto toohue UictedlSuttc
andh Ionicalter hosbo uusiness intere'st,.
twhich are numtuerous. His'.formtue io
estimtmed to hoe ao~t eighlteenltumillonts,
ando is. iovestedlutailyith Ioafield
of hubsihotmedsdate.
Air. Towver is a 111011of recogutizedt
learninig. lie is a member hof ti hio Acad-l
emoy of Naitural Scienuces.blue .Ameroican
Philosophical Associactinatndolftoe
Amuericano Instituto'of Minoing Etigi-
neers. of owhbichoJohnto Hloos Hamuuuondu
is preosidet. He thoas takcent cm orlictibtr
iterest ito tighter elucaotohelig m
tousled of thoe University of Pituti-th
vatnia for several years.
In arratuging the program for the yeaor
the Leeture Associautiono aimedotec ilvarie'ty
which wotuldl utake it mtoet te intetrest'.
of the whole uiversity.' Althouughnuootue
of thoe speakero is to deliver a suibectl
techillittitsontaure, itey owill bh ep1-
rdsetatived-of Itue different professionst
mitch as fitch amplade into he departmoentso
of the university.-

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