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October 23, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-23

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The MAichigan Daily

NN O. 2.

Giant Captain Will Accompany
Team to Columbus and Will
Play Center.t
t Cit ((55-5 I" ottitSR SCORES. <
The scores; for the eight years in which
\lischigan has met Ohio State follow:
000._ Michigan o, State o. t
to01. Mlichigant 21, State o. 1
1)02. Miciegant &o. State .
100o. Michigan 36. State o.
1I90oi. \[cigani131, State O.
(1107 Mlicthigan 22, State o.
Iimg~..\lie higatin Statte .
Thew One feattnre of tihe closing day of
1 Michgan's 'rep'rationts for the game
wih Ohltio State itooreows was tite an-
illuuilemeiwit that Cata~in Schulz tad
Ilel ait last r'euovsed fromlth(le list of in-
elgbe,'ti wiould lie at his oldl posi-
tio at lee igainti tile Buttees.
Thenews has caunsed \ichigan's stitc,
liot orte game aigaitnst Ohioii antt the
Peiun game, to take a nmtghty leap skc-
mud n for tie fjest titte this seasont
Michiiganiis cncsded a gill1 ctattee 115
riumph tve e two-1tie eastettt sic-
lees. isheti thte esclsassh Nov'ettter 4d.
Thei ret Inn of Schulto eligibility
gices Mlichuigan it-s team ntattet at last
and Ilerinti ens iieni Sholdtii suffert1is-
wili, frewnthat fast tomorrows. Wast-
jury, hut all if the other veereahus whi~
had 1wei coidleredi as tpossiblli ,Nail-
, liii' ;tee in tlie isRiue, ani brrngul ci
slilisquad, inciluinig Coac Yos s t'i. Di-
rctorl hitzptatrick, Assisstl Cotact Ifel-
lull. Studuenit 71 ana gee Cisttes aiti'As-
eistauut Athletic D irector Ritcihie, -will
tesl this. 1(0rninig sit 7 :2(0 oier ills Anti
Areo iui r the sii cenei of tie basttlse t,6t1
liltsiisiili formndabslde Ohio Slate hts-
kie. he eatt wllstopi at Fittilay
his sill 'eneca, as Coausch Ylost lets agreedl
to el as reufeeeof ag'tanse betweeni
Fiiley ansou es toris high schools, twoi
teamti consi~idsredi thei lest ini le sltte
lid etieeii icluoui i(lteise rivsalry tie-
oails After thue high schtiol gaittte tile
V('sitsy placiers iwill ihise itt hlaorluutiy
14) runii troughi light sigtstl tpuletice, go-
e'(('1y toni ght. A.s usual lie teatts will
bei qu artered st ihi Greaut Southerti lii-
tel lie play13ers whlo are to tmake the
trpare: Cataht Schttlz, 17utlus, Casey,
linnau renatat Benblrook, Ct'ttt-
isacker, Rfanneiy, Wassutuutt, Doutglas,
liei'dise, D~avison, Kurt', Lillie, fGreet,
W\ells, Cully', ltttd Watson,.
Wh'lile nou defiite annuncttteement has
bitt ttaide asto l thte persontnel of the
teaim is it iwill fare the referee at kiek-
iiff tomtorrow, it is ptrobabile that there
will lie noi chanuges in thte litnetip firter
thant the otte necessitated by) Sehlz re-
unthug his poisitiout at Ceter after atn
unuttleasantt i'aeation. Tiue rightt ettd jnhb
Sis Still itt Soes idottbt, bit Rantney al-
per o hav'e thte call itt thte joh anid'
ill tirioiably start the gamue at that
poitiont, althtoiughi Lillie is giving him a
lard rtit for the hsonor,
Thle fitial preparationt fur te gatme
ciinsisted iif a stuaptpy sigttal practice
lastinig abutt hualf ati lotti, after whlichi
Ilhe coaiches dirove the varsity against
tlte scrutbs itt itte of te fiercest srinm-
Ilsiges of the seasott. Fearinig that ex-
istintg ijitries, althoutght slight, tmightl
Ile aggravatedl, Coaeh Yost exetused
Casey anti Douitglas fromn tihe tssle and

thast hair nwts givent the pleasatnt recrea-
tion( of passing the tall at freqitetnt in-
e 'is ihldlkureiinadp-teitess. Cstainu Schulz, who had not
yet reovereid sttfficienttly from tihe ef-
fects of the stentuous ordeal of kisos-
incl that ie was to play against Penn,

seas confitnedl to his rootm. Hus cotui N O A S T
1t011 is 001 especially seriotushoteen ti togthewl e al ods-S N O A S T
play a fair assortmnttof(good s tmoe- V T A IR A
Predicuittg thte result of ai 1fiotbiall Election Comes One Week Ahead
gamli, whiere theteaetissire a~tsill nearlIy
itatcedin i steth, is sit iest a psale of Schedule-Freshman Poll-
propositionu, espiecially sinte eiw ticians Get Busy.
rutles hasie addiedl a tess'elemtetof un
certinty to tie gamtte. Howusev'er. on As tile lime for clsis electiiiis stps
aill dope, Michigasouldt0t11 'wil~ l tliti (wpraels civliities ini sllideparsetls
swithi comptasrattively little tolells. Thiseilsae b'ing nitriediiiie doswnsi. In mitost iof
teati sast last goitg salottgsat siiting ith' cilsses canidatlies so's citetilsitig,
lilse its nortasl steed sand Oilo Stste.tt'ircords asiiiolliciting vot es.
tutless it hissstrettgthtel ed ontdlefrful'ly Tes'election for peesiidet o f tile
w'ithitt tile pstwees ortw(o, is witesr'senliuot' lalasisus wiilihld Saturdaiy
uhastt usual. Three tweeks ago ileertiuimorninug frot 9o It2. iiiRsiiimtCi; (f tie
shtens biuinchtlost to lotgisuu'sWoois - lawi buildinug.The hale Illelectiiiiihais
ter' teaito ,w a, lisutiigluits itsuilit':lbeenan isics'ilmehueks'sfrouitihiside
Ill htantile putts provinig Stsite's uding: signalush bo'tde Student Council, folr Ill
lTheir per'fourmansue tle followitng Saitur- eso ha t manyls1'of (lie setnior1'laws
daiy irssmotre sattisfatory','but lasitwesk tiishu to gio hlmliut' 1rotsils' Noveinut'2


ttey uwere stgaisot un'iteithis littebyIo
lie tests's Westertt Reseetealem, cn
sidereid as foremunoststtmontg thu'eiicontn-
e s fur tileehsttupionship of this'Ohio
sextet of colleges.
CsaptittBasrritigtositi s thsesr ofthis
teauti, andth le fact thist tie (was at i
ivorst oith(le ioccaisionitof this'W\'iuustc
gatte ~vs r(sesponsibles'fur thaist defesut.
A\t tIat iitittustib'esihiadm ied lthit the
ntstet'isl th si I ern cii's idispiossil this
seaso is ii iniete, consider'ting (tes'z
if theistitutiont, sintiforitiaitresodn
a ah rosy 7Michiga'i(vi('is' tomi r-
iow'is in ((('p(sties
''idisels liii'this'studient rooi(trs s's
ctur'siotn ( coninutttiell rap1i'dyii and Iit
is cothioenuts sexpstisedu thisubth ime
ths' trainleaviss ti'- o errowmorinig at
least osit hndrecd studientsiwill in the II,
cruowud. The stihletisc manaisgements'iu
vises sill intleninitg I(this'asea svantage of
Ills loss'atsitoipurchase raiilroad(11icketus
todayia' atul asoto sesuret'hirireserve
'easlsfort'heii'gamsau teu th'I iiulets'ii'aso
Sit'utateuang'et haIlssfor'ia'ro'd c a
chitucebloick of ,0oo0seas sfuur (his'hieneu-
lit of the M1ichuigasu pporhlter''5 'whoish
tosee thle gameuu' ndsitu ull-uideltsau thus
rootitug ((aylie effectiveft fs deseirsle
thast (lie Annt A'urbo t otinugent shuud
hui as compactsuly 'situaitedsatithe ameis
;After ululendilofudissgreemeni t,thue
isfficials fort'h(ts'M1ichigain- Peti is.'unisu
gaule htste finally' be'e'n sgreeduponhu.
Pennusylvasntsuiasissfituslly aucees'( Islamg-
hued, of Trinity. as referee,titus settlitng
tenbost sifficult probulem. Langfourd
tess field jutuge Isst yeaurandtu asit u o
tare acted in (hue sautecapity(cue huts
3year, ibuth -Michigant insistoil 11 imututlur
referee, anud 1y3'a1systemtiof scompruuois
thuemtatter waussrrsunged. XdbIciathuuof
Brostut, twill umpttire andl uh I uiss tl
of Prinetbon,. sill ecuvort in thes role. uf
fieled juduge. 'flue teadh lineshmanlhahs uol
heent def'nitely' selected, ht tit usill tbe
sonme vesteru ntant, eithuerJakelSstahhuuf
Illintois, or Fleager. of Northwessern.
No stucht difficultywisusextuerieuncedin i
thue selectionu of thue officisuls for (lie TMieht-
tigaut-Vandierhilt gaule. rleily Wa~lkher,
oSf Virginia, usill referee andhu Neil Snowus,
Sf Mihiliganu, will umupire, this lair lusts-
luig scted itt similar capaitfie'sin ilast
tyeaur's gaume. Eldridlge, of Miehigati.
stwill he fiehl juduge stndl Grsntlsandi Rice,
of Vanduerhilt, head lintesmaunu.
'The Studetnt Countcil sntttuiices, sic-
cordinug to its ptrovlision tfile camtputselec-
tutouns, that all, nomuinastiouns fuir class
Iofficers muust he nmade Satuurdahy3,Dciii-
h er 24. All class electionus are toi he
luceld onte wseek later, Satturdasy, Octobuer
-31. hut acciurdaunce uwithn its thatnuof free-
- ug" clsuss polieis of paurty nethodus, tile
tCotunucil fiurthuer providles thasu these elc-
l ions shuallhe carried tutu withuout tile
-use of ((arty tickets sandlp(sut1' sffiliatioinis
,of any kind,

Fosr thuiulumjouriteuof offics ps Sitt
is given to thue men'nameuusd beiulow, hut i
is likely ' ths bfru atra-m r n.; o e W l a is.'-i'u' tsiuktsuari t he
sill, e 'utmis'. iNIfis isn'ep'ndentIs
'fi ledidasusarse'as 11)llow(s : Pressi-
den. . ii'uu'rlunu S. IP. Couuultsas, . I' .h
Carthy;' Arsst lids'-ipresidhent, J. 1.Pr;
cm, CL. \\'Basuit'second i ce-tutu'sidleiu,
I> 11. Cllhinu-5s;secretary-, . i A. 'Mortgan ;

wasrdlsthuehouser luiouse sandultine ues
usorthinilg sill forutias coiurt. theciim-
ne tbintg iniabhout thueu muiddlele t'of
tihe coutt
'huis i'etesionhitucreauses tile capaisty
sf this'sengineercinig biuildinug b(y subotut'
920,000 cuicidfeel. '(hue ure scn ulhiildling
h si a capacity tuf aotiuute tutu taihalf
muillionu cubhic feel.
'fle rlet s authiuz's'e uuetilsationu liii
tile gym'nas51iums115tth(le July' tieetintg utnd
hwredl this .inituructfor' vi'ntilatinug
apautuhs fOchte21.
'fTs'pluls san s u tmplate Iwo slectric
dirisuen faus, onti'lasrge fan dehsliv'eriung sur
xvel aoves'thue gallieyitutotie "istc'-
(11111gymnatiisiumuuuroomu. ]"iissait' passesd
Aw huu'ughu reg'istser'opentitgs inttheu
hiler sweceps uthrouughu due lockerironm
auud is udischasugethuptip eii vetilalitng
Huss. ciielter smluslesr fan'udlivers,
afar ibovethie'gallery' li (inte harsur'uuu
gytmnustsium rhoomtil and(1it (lasses doltt
throunghu thes'registetrhopehninugs il inte
hiltutu' swuseps thuruuughlthe o'cukeru roomuu
lndull Illsv'sntilsing shasfts beitwseenu
hue Ito gy'tmn si nun buildings. 'Tisi
smalle fan'su'ls'arrag'sduto udeliveru
sir into(usthei'cltuhousi' portionll uf the
itt Sirahu ILswlush Angell 1sl,1,usma
lihe'rec"edus huaveu'futr siuverhlsears
relalzed he ce'ssity' of i icreintuhue
capaty(5of thes pouteci'phsunt. Tiihuoiler
caaiyha s reachd1'hits limtit and thehts
lihttu"nsg(ca ilaiitsben e xc'seiedesdhlut
:1 yer ohIw(sit
The 'regettIs asun' 'uusiderfig this'pless
tail~ ofihu pit in ug this'po erhuusi'oti
tse clInputs in a possitinsascessfiblie to
tht raiill si thtiutthu 'edilicnibhid'
livered issothuscoatltthunes'tt'of thei
hun ii huorise irlyh'13fr'om uthis'asswuithu-
out he necelsssity'ouh chrthiug. .\ 5suvi'y
is INsOi i,ii huhe to ilseterinei'this'hisst
]Oainfrthes'pow erhotiuse' sitasto
mach sthe campus, (huehoitls handiiithus
observtory nd atthis'same ts fitm' ite
I :'accesshis'leitolithe usilruoiad. "rustutnably
uutuerl lmonhs uw1its'beursquird i ttoumauie
:1scompeteuuu'ssigsu onnd t(Ittreport
upntil' bjct
1 L'N (Old VER},1is N IAKE S


thca u-ir, ol', ,uii'c ; sereant atlri s
iFr'ankhsShan'nonutut sora'utericah ludelegsite,
I vd ()Is Iis: otl lua manahusgr, his. hi.
low rs; a ubal an gs''r i, It..B u
Ier ; uuack m sngs'u, (S.I!\i itsuuuuu's' hlss
ulumnauger. A . 'lVhui'e, ft. h
Th rs a list htauv'esughit lthe~
Spiri t u hplticss uhichtis 1s i vr rs
hutnowdas. ICard;Isof preideta
Ill'dat s 're b in~g distiu tedit i n ali
setoshaigthes'legend'tuhaust Johnt
\L ..\hu' huh is hut fr huu' honoruiui. NuY'-
(llii s stu i ssFrom k iiih,'. Antihuri'as-
piant forthue samelhonorliittis O. . his.
ssth. No lulattmpt hasss 'tieiimadeii'to ut1
a omlti' ticks't inuthue fieldl,in sas'cotr'
wit the lu'Studen'u t Counilu' ing


Tryouts for Union's Show Are
Promising-l'lore Tenors Need-
ed-Orchestra Selected.
Evsery otnte, fromthiti iii donnuautuuta11(
chslitsgirls to the tyicalsuiige silainu,
las repireseintedin ttthus' opea t'-outs
yesterdasy. Amongith e ' 11((1 an
twsen13 tyeni who uit(tns-utt11he~r'wa~s
Ills ts esacting.fTs'etork o h
culniutt wl-c asn(tCast sll unpleaususntu, fori
Ills uaspirants furniuushed'ansuit ertaulsin-
mientl ishicht surpassed many11111aIi istiu-
ville' tlsh'w.''Jutslo1ok15ati 1(y'fish eal
li3t'h'y'reafully'smaull foru''almsil,an
I tink I'dhu 1male iaIiprety' ugooditgirl,''
''Yes, I haveu'a'uvsre sma'uluswais ,anduhI
htavse uworn icorsts hisfrs, "Nu, I'
tutu ltow-legged." lere 'u fell'of thei
asweriils te(I its ee receu~ss ived.s slo 'tg
gitug, sinlgitug utnid manyiiother feas'st u
addedisl ifi' thu ((torai.
;A lottof s'xcellnt(atial showed'i'h (p.
butt this' stuiuit tsrhuts ussus 1 .i sallh tut
more en111tcmetuts 11T1fle supply of
(dillis is espesialls'liht.uAnybodytiih3 l
ai linorI voic e r aspeilty1'stut is
hiedtobesuieots urnotorfut'his'next
gsnelts''il13-out wiihichi wil l hhlSlt
urudaye iighut IIa te8o lsuckhll1 I' ii sihi
Wthile this'singter'5suiud danctsere'st
shutsiig theisill atUn Iivuesis Ifal
aspsirhints fur thieorheussta iwieun v
at this'Schluto f ishusi. Sa'mul I,t'h
%%ooduuh tin iica.'r'e o' the try-outuu uuu
its rers' ( t mo iu~ust stisfisct1o1(3shouwig
\ll iemesuh w'sith thhe exceptionu ofisole
vioinitiad amanfour'this'kestle'dumsuuu
haveii' en eint ii itel(3y desici'dupo."h
play(3'fr"omtalt ourchustralsui tndpin, if
froe to thuuuue,uwill grs'atly' sxceedut hiad
of lsh year,"' siidlMr. Lockwo'iouduu. Wot:n
still so t ommencellli'iu' rthithus'orihestr
aud 71r Locukws'oduh wil tive ithifs au-
testiont fori'sometl'(ills, lt last.h 'io,
alhreadychear ie:I\William aiitcht
Jr., i 1-. .hMacfarlaneuu, his. S. Mrhm
I. S. Foix, 1.. 71Oftis, hi. Wt. Cewell,
Wt. I., Kur iIf, . Ma~uls,C'arluetun
I indtsls's, K. 1. (oddard, u 'u F, l Ti.
'hiuut(usmtnis'o lusto umau.nasgeu te'sh
havisialush his's ' i htiteh3 desideuponitst.
Hial Stev'ens wiill give the pl(1113his (e
tush udiectiont an itl sp uedIs muchil
iie s nec'essarty iitiIin lull'bo.
TAFT M 7EN TOif) Risi,11
Aunsenthutsiastslest m isf dmit'r'ats
gatheuredh so Nickels' hlsul Wednetllsayl
night. '(he condsitiouns , inlts'esvariousuI
sections of the unannere briefly satedh
113 miidn fruomn those parts, describing thu
locsal feelitgandubias sw'hichu govsernt i
each llacse. A nmotioii 5555 tpassdltlttni -
iuoisly at thud umeeting g' he suthus' presi-
desiulissue- acihlsngu'thutl'h'suafucubi
tohuol a jointtdeaste, swihi Ilhs'expreis
stipnulstionuthaust tile Taft mnhuootus any1
or all f tile issues of theprseti am
paughts debatalshemutter.
Pitro.T usoo sandlit sHolliuss'r
swill give a recitsl Frias,',Octutbee 30,
st 8 p. an., it Sarah Caswell AtgeliiFsll.
Tfhis is tue flest numiubueiof tie uusall'
stroing' course tofferedl 1(3tie uierst'ys
IOrastorical sassocihationufr thi'einsig
'(hue ign lit class mlet Thiuursdasy after

nuoonuto sutmend therecoitittionu, hto
niake it contform to huhde regulsationis ini
regard to (lsite of electiontnd1111 sensstce
if tickets. Aunothuer mtldiig is announc-lil
esd for Satureday sut whichuth e tnd-u
mtuluiwill his' sucepthedl 1(1(dunomtinastionus
lute class officers will hue utade.

he1 mtade'ollth cps hl''so y'earo'1. isAt
lag d iin is- h etsbuilti o hut evy-
i'tgiii''iiugiuii utgO bohtu11g3'iltiltius
hre tt its' supp~lfid uwithua news' 'enutilau-
tinssem n . new power(11'plaut is
ht bi' built w1illIh lisince sieldcpityl.
Thitregetsl't teius-singfuOuter
thel ava it t anklullig(13 fiee't .'ndu Iaso lust
buuiiliung suucast "tutdI seshtuwinug Ibo fi
ide iby'1301,feetd hlung at lihe'uunor'h end1
uh itis 'extensittnl overuthis'stan. 'lhu
('s ri'e rawnby1(31 r. Euusueeiherioi

hIl, INS FORis CI~'VE, 'l'isARi
I xctvehadof this'.1juiori' Ds'utsce'r
Ves'nt.,'lannotincesthatutit lanou.' f twok
whiuh the Verinuhwill huk' up this year1
lhas been cos'tlted5'iand.uuh will hue iii' (lst
'ITssisur this'Vesreiln intend~shIS give
onellay' ((1 chsshelss'ts'er, folh~u'loedby
'acehes'lais tiibe a simpleue oil
so1 (1111 'none'withi slulu'rdihary nowlitt~'-
utdgeo uff Grmanunte underuuh'ustanidit.
In tieuumusicalh fints',eiiclubiniutendu s
toI huoilsl 's-ncrituof this'uutusic of suom'
gr'satu sGerma sn uC opou'rini utue if (hue
'apshls hisisllfh he follotwedl by
lull explantatory lectureonuthue uttsic aund

'1Te seutension ve teStir l auth is a thesusritr. sAsho Isectures, it is the ill-
dulctutuofthesptil entil eadst hw'inog; stentonto gives'sevei'al throuuughutulthe
the ne' wlt'(iltl- ohfsthis exitnsiothnis itt 5 r e rta(dlIinutug chieflyt'oiGsermn ni-1(
cesdin hteightl a haluf stoury, it hieing versiies aittursuvel. Thlese still he gieni
intnddu e vuoteu theu e ntuu'l i re top1111filorill this afteonuuuu eto nsmaki-it moire coil-
huh worki'fi ichitecture1.'vienoiet fori is'eryoneto t litnd.
InthIis nlll'thupotionutihts' emeunsti A coimmittteeis huh he hippointedl whichn
is hu ts'be dsutedl htthus'eliectriceslnsgi ill opteti'hurought the Intenuatiounalh
huisrintg labortor~iity, tile elsetricsul a(tiltCIorrespondensice Buireaut, fur the phurpose
raesusbeinig movi'ciifrouth s upresetrotutunof findnnou uativ'e Gernutsn students,
fitheii souuth ing' andtilthis'sotith i 5511gstndyttug Englisht, i iu-thee thsat the
wsill tlchis' ethedi htsulrvi'n'ig. '(huis hls'uuschesr 'Vereint lusy correspotndl with
uslluhu luhyusth uleheutttrst' iutlu ithlmiii sltes if uutuasl itnterest.
hugs erectdldilIrillg the stiitht5nrto ac- ivseny'meberhs-ouf tile Verseinis turgeud
s'tiuttuuthste surv'ey'ing wthile this eatenl- hto hu ee nsit attil euetitug text '(has
sion uis beinug erected. hay sifternuoonsit 4 o'clock, ini univen-
'lte sscondulorinttti hts-otiiheas5t or- sity IHsll,. 'Iheuulatus will hue carefully
nten is airntgedu folute dm u inistrsative gones' o'er ndinlarraingi'een uts made to
ofifices, leanis,asositasntudean's sautdlsecre- cdrrv thenui ntileffcItdimmteiaitely.
tary's., 'hts'baslan~e if thsat flootr utond
tile thirduloostunwillibe udsvtesd htre-
lievng thu euhus'wled tconditiiltif (hue NOTICE.
pressenthu hildinig. Let nlt stadets, desiring tInjnin a suad
'The umtinl cosridoris exstn l h e atfuman muakinug a hoiuse-tn-husecanvmass for
tesy thrutglihutotesnltcutud, at whlich Michigant Dailysnbsciptionst,aeportubten
itere is si tu rant e a stut asirwasy leadu-j 4 and 5 at The Daily office today. A liberal
ilg-huh tue udiffsereit fluors. nommisin w ill be givenorevery nabscraip-
The tress-nt wsesltuwitugextenduintug ou- inn..

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