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October 20, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-20

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The Michigan Daily



No. is)

Yost Sends Squad Through Stiff
Workout in the First Practice
After Notre Dame Game.
Coach Yost is through worrying-for'
a whie. Hie feared the game with No-
ire :Dame. and judging from the resist-
_oee offered iby the Catholics, his fears
were welt foundieud.Trie very fact that
he was afraid of the outcome, however,
nde tte victory the sreeter, and also
markedt what wi-iti iroahly e the turn-
ing tot in the season. From now
o the varsity shoud improve consist-
etty, and w ith Captain Schulz in the
tineup net Saturday the game with
Otifo Statshsioriesult in the first c-
stectae ncor e of the season for 'Mich-
The players caoe out of the Notre
Dame game is god straieiore of lie
rrerr sstarsirg ijurisortier tair
sigtrusrises Ait of tie regilars were
(out for practrcee tast nigt except Eurms
a;[lidenrioo, into wre ab rtsetttoit r-
count rfcoilee work. Cptai Sctl'
rias at centter rad Crrrmiaker wxas
shifter to5tacke.tins itoirkts season
tas teerr ratier seisatirnratard a Ie
riii e iietter iptysricalodiioi y
rhe rue rat tieOhiro Stte grise Satr-r
toy, lie in expetetr to troe one of tie
bularrirksrf tie ie Aeodrtgy ie
rwti e usdriat tcle and Bebrhiok
wilte toten to grs.c Br enrani is suf
fe-tngtfrmaniiijiir to iis leg i-c
cener til rie tie stuadt iwai still at
Wioititrite hake wichir ehreatsi beei
nurrsing all sesin.t itlie es akintro
tie gmite tra e t wreeer rPrieartandt
Brennanrot tfr tie left giari positiot
stirti to sit loit t berauty.
;Anthier iof ' ots plnatoweritonttg
yestedtay iihen it tetrie kniowniii tha
\htttitrs i] ntie aetoirtetrre wrtk
feor iieek or titreate dsitisinextremtey
dtoubstinul ie rril gettbak itoth ie
gamre btfreri triternde stirtgamre Yont
tras een paingiit'ottusing iWatinsa t
fullbatk andsvits)iiion t et, ut tie
inlury tar Watistecessitates tDarisoi
going ii at fulliback, rhitie tie right end
jbis oagaititers for compnietiio. Rat-
iy, LoitawtonnLitie aper to hae
absor tirn ererr chance to lanti tiehonor.
Natraly, asitr o ewari for tie victory
nofSotrdaioy, Cocr Yost let tie var-
sity oftlsttinigt witot r scirimage,
sutir toatdoes tot rian tat tir e ner
were let tff witot a stiff wiorkott.
Tie coaches chuaesthtie squad fromi
one nd itt the fels to tie oter until
tieriers were practicay exaustd,
ihnethtiey weretindlot ie temisto te&
gyms. Signal practice aud work i catei-
ig- and - running tack prnts took up
the entie three tottr,tot today scrim-
trage work ri-ittbe resumed. The var-
sity lirey at night was as follows:
Ransiey, left end; Casey, left tackle;
Primsear, left gard; Scsl, center;
Cully, rigt gtard, Cruiacker, right
tacke; Lawton, rigt edr; Wasmud,
bwtensrk; Douglas, left tai; Aler-
dice, rigttai;-Daiso, tirtak.
Plans foe tietbi-anura exursntot
Columbursir are conplete, and it is ex-
pected that a ig crowd of rooters wilt
te ott hand to hep the var.ity do thing
to l-errrsteii's unch next Saturday
Seats for tse gsme ard railroad tickets
are already ott sale at the athletic asso-
ciations office, and it is desirhle that at
rmany att cars do so should psrcase their
tickets today, irs order that the manage-
ment wilt have the necessary guaranem
to assure tie running of fie traits Tin
fre oe the round trip is $.o, whie

seats for tire ganme are $i.oo to students-;
to others, $J.50.-
The teanm xiii leave foe Columbrus
Fridaty morning over the Anti Arbor

airoad, ut tie special witth ie st-
ent rooters wivlnhrot eare until 7:30
Saturday morning, arriving irs Coum-r
acs at I ocock. Returirngtietris
writt lear-c Coumbsisearlstir tie errn
Captainrtul sr osmiatpediiot setros
coutrty course of five ani a itasitmrles
Anotheerailrie murst ie ddet to iis
efore it equarls ii leghrtire crise ts
e covered at Princeton irstie itierco-
legiate mieeting. Fromnowsirothie fost
squad xiii run orer tis route aty,
occasionally svryig teirrwork riits
longer rns orc sort sineits andtruhie
various pleasure jaunts sceulrefrift
tire corming Sotrirdays. A numbrrier of
neiw rien ae epressedsthieir itetionr
of joiing tiesquad initirtrucn to
Whitmoisre Loke et Saturdayosoasiter-
Tire Pensnsylv-antiorcros cotrty surat
ar tit recenly star ted traiig So tr,
they isaie een deosting terietirte
attention to sor t runs sit trosr tire
umies ott tie cinder isatr at IFrnkin
Feld Dr. George Orton, whto util igoo
held tire rue record st ensylvaita
Ias een engaged to t trir tie riers sui
willttacompiaythtiemiteir trice-its
rieeL rurn
Kenniethi Artistic 'To ianstrppointe
intercasn footbalstlts-trager est-e ssra
tn is areadys twrararsgirg'th
schredulre toe tie coming'seaontoftrusir
derraduiate revelr
N1hiL lit, Xx I t tPiROVirS
'10 iF RIE hi, -hTtORI-tS
Turn fll Nttnn IiraeSoisrnsosntistir
sit Michsigan'sn"iter aty-"sternts oisi
traily literaryiretiresd tr hniAitti
firetresenior yeai r rging iwit er
tier liitsierpulishecvoruttie o o isie
mate iesuMssSrenoisintie
only Michigang i'ret riticsastoublirise
t ooL oripoemss, nd tier"Jies
issue eer so50sccesltat itai 5seondi
editiorn iisa piea tsr tieteat ruts
Mhiss Sorenson is a membrrter sita5lit-
erory family, ter fatter is a poinrasrret
newispaper ian of (OistsiriNsirasat
rnd oilermemers ofs ittie t-amiy ti-tve
showtn literary talent. MNiss Soenasn'
career tegair even eore sieteirestheu
university. Sie rias eitor of tirechsun
srens page of sexerit lasgeterspniater-
tud also pblishriedt i sccestul imag
zire for cilrdrent ctied tie Childrte
of the Unitedt Staes Mis Srentso
is partclary iter etes iwri-ting o-
childrerr and a stoy of iert--lontiori rt
litecaledt"Tie Oilehteriris,"wit
roots ie irs printILater sie siteet( t
bing out a novel
'Te"Houetiade Jingles"xwhic is f
appeared as separts poensin tti
Onmaha WorldHerald are sdeigtu
arid original. A Chicago paper is pty
said : "Meiss Srenrsorn wathes tie gee
hruarsprocession go is and ipokesa
tlittle furs at tie crowvd-hter sefin ict
ed Tie sbtjects of te poemss rirs
_althtie xwry romsi"Pins to"Affiten,
ansuthtieueter is cathys tie geer
title of "Jingles" inpiestLahr poet
shows tie atoro's keersoseratinits
ue lttle things ii life wichreismsost pee
pie pass unnoticed, tiut whichirproe t
e rost iterestingandcorica svhee
toutdrwith Miss Sorensons crisp hs
- kindly umor. Amsog tie est of ta
Jingles are Tie Garsinia osiT 'oay, .
t Lulahy, Rae tudeeud, For Art's Sak
- arid They. Horwever, tey ae al go(
e The Studeits' Lecure Associatis:
Pwaits studets in altletatmsets of tio
Cuniversity to sell tickets for this year

program. Libreral cash or ticket con
mission is given. See the treasurer t
sday, beteen 4 arid 5:3o, at Unsiv-ersit
rHall box office.


iihetethtie characer rut Manson (lintins
IAMYA ENTHRALLS fatrpeet h1hrs.Sacl ol
REVERNT HARER Wale rthosaw -tiere ut p-yI ty
RM~n~WaltHEARERSpurns sitsayi-oubtratithat
tiniss teirnterptretatinnuintenedci ty
________ hiMr. Kenecy. Nrc i atrdn is sans acr
great Ethical Play Is Presented trios uossesses tire 'eatet force, inter- F
to a Packed Hlouse Amid Im- sity and reserve Ie eeteto n con-
ceieis rie s symbioictehtter- tutor
pressive Silence.tiesrepesenttitontofi acrtu tians.
tiere rosfittie vi c xiws teir bs
Itwa wtha t eepest re- s~nranrnid Kenreyri-irsittaynt run x-
-eci--tit triune-whusawuntie i-entyceediungly diffiult rieernit torousegily
Milleu ssocitate par ie hres accept ule intner hrrnunrILerristintd
sinnu isemnnsurtnrut- reigiossnd-thiw-tint teir ucuBinshitsit tnesasie C
ea rm,.' cu--untinuntie htouse, Nis- CodacysNVWntnitadritcringsunit
Sunday u stiiintnrstrutdton tueir rn. te at oRogtuers tieluge 80
ite. son ftie 5compatn555-si, turnri-s admti ittlypyishetty tacisFied.
so ias int stanutuitscetut aonennu ITieftrsatest mieastre nutgaitudce is it
gaton. ''llifcttht tinsruswus normci Mtueililet forurs urnagnfcntrg itt a
muicnieftie dutin rut af uter tienseinstoinntinsunsensitard AnntrbrThanksi tte
rumacc ntha hr sasltely Oslhouldtitautobein rit o Janes O(Donesl it
noi smpluuse friomittins suitttburi teplt enetiemciantLee A hhetite iihut el
-nitfetedi utittiticeoninddidtoit the whonnse esforscit ugit untieunent-rutl
stuen snutintuisiltoitsecre ai risienrt tie pa.st
Settcerly isitoisnsito 5555ibe o nue 'Thet ilays ri rved rutntw tit:ft8it
ho tunhar s ruttstn n tittin urn sstofotm n enerti t o nrssnngisws-re dren from rn
tins sttuontuortie (stik ihtesewiererU
theyseufase, uniInndountiere Ictint
titldie ntnruin nty suns suitietonst
adtru e tbtistiles. T hrin tisnmrunat suit c
osn wiert rt ueri tiing finr tie n rgist
inrsnittrin cittie titsmpanty n tiltrctedtia
P ft reun eelrustionottdelightAt
it'ilocksehlunceonwisstun vndts the in
Srnsatedunsng rootmuoruttie cluthiosi
inrnut Sottadrssinrg iteontrusts ixi
stirprtsnettatiniteoftie studnsriantrust
facut numembtecnrs usots netssdthtie1
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Nrofesr tn s tin nd eutrcwrtis net
tuAtr to tonytre cmtie e isrutnt
- - igcr tt tttuat tuneMile rustc ltd ntruc-in
5 - ~~~ions i tt ayr ithile te-atetanthmy
tine horutit ina ue a sisle. I-
fthe comstltitteterrha sitsig rt stur-u
sunlsunhnsuwhic till tntneitose utinb-
tredy iinruin snaeutrin gsintowrdlr
the etabishin rn trus ntent rit
risnorow ' 5t5 s tuer Prionms seorr-
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siltshts. Net at timun ee nexercisuesta a ny tfrendes tie greatureutantios te
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was intent y hisinn('(strutNynsne ipisases nut stuet life tud tIluste felt
Mhittsonthmuins tsr mrie tsrAhursicatha-t hinsrvuipoint shet ehange, I cats
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ching prrcierona lits snt wondrfleerichange rn ty ours xiewpoint. tD.
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famus 5font tire rhetrs s nitlistrvoue opmrtunites unot ouusensothers to

and tines perfe-ctionnsenf enurncitine. She judsge of certins conditions, arnd Iris
iplaytiied nseat inn on susner whtichs ura- opirniorn on sucshruatters rmunst, of coursied,
terialily nuient in gitug or high degreeu of outweigh tmy own.,
excellence to tine perforumance. But I am made to say thart Dr.
'here was cosnsidrabuile controversy at jVauughan no longer believes in foothall,
the tinme thseplay firs stusapperdor.stto (Contuiin ud errPage 2.

=amed Prima Donna Will Open
Choral Union Series - High
Grade Concerts Promised.
W hiethter-inlne rt or tsin osirrol, tisse.
totucellon Setniih, iwho o ati n te
Asira oUt nitut series a eeitt m to
lihis "cnelrsral cosnce-sic he he
,tes-O tit primauuditnn .s hnet trust
roit yearon d si W.; ste I d ini ]ties
nusiicaliworkunit her inns htrstones or inattni
1toargelyar el - enn~h usi in ht tint
ge nut twelecite- iwansstobit'-i itoen enn
u-c int-n lusting, tie ilt a icv
ent b illodPoeyoevr n
trughu inut ih 5im a s550t(so tisennuil
esruo rsy ofitt 1 stirs I 1 hitous ipretlsint-
inry o- k hait dt i benit (sn nistrs
me~ntal ainun nit. snst un tsit itestuedtt
tfhrevitewastin scoered.sit intsyeatin
tinnier outrcrtins-eo it n-c -s t Nhilntu
ctmpmle-teduheitemdsolt n
hevin uns-rent s cl'silltl is
tlittt-o n Whh ls H t tins is
haseuonsine leel onss eir hosinn t om i -t
nen~t tigmures itt tinestntlsit- l ott rldetn. I tt -
turn, Sr. ie-terssu - crtin,hiennao, s-achi
tint tr h neruonor in tuss, stnt l ,'r
unto pis ed er , Fromin ie t ots net
ss caurnerton Ncw rkuta nut iera
tinue tins ben a fros ritt iWists tins h ott -

.tJsitrrttu- Ofouttotiti cis suith
iconr pnubic. V- luthetO attortyar h
iros givestnenital eacsin ter n istnNewssu
York, asmutlwaysin-s stolauss pa t
tin rte dtotas
'Tnecoursnig tntIMadtnutsSe unutsmrisi
auwaitedl wutuhsnxtraorinartty tnterismt site
ouseuns orstrngseries o nut erntas.lvent
enutectainrne p rcesenutsart uiastof turte
repiuttistonsuatonug wmr re-(ctine1ilci-
zatleyr ansdltire emsinnenttRustan piatniat,
Ossipr Gabiloiuntsech ,nssoruueIHamsln,
tenrmt, Anatole Itt stnts'ellisttrust
nine artitsnernuagedifist tire Niay IFesi
roil complusete n ittitunintini array of 0 ternO
fonr onsity tine ns nhtize nt lArissri
'lRY-Il It)' lls.ORNIEhhO CitI t
ChST TiIORtRflhV htl isNON
Ornnriiedntesany titer tnostn trotit4 to ft
o'uccckunetotututhnsfollong arn f tter nooun
at tire samne hursoicy- nuns foutuhnie cast
rut tiremasewopsera nswill insitteldnUni-t
verity ttall.0 tint.tituowlantilnsue arnl
Killeen rutthis Schoolsfi uthssu andutul
SteventsnutfDetu rin, itlsense otuthtn
try-oute eommitteet.en Altludesngrs to tro
tor tire cast msuust muest thte commtinrttse
at tire triuneusnsmed.tDefinteinushfurther
pnarticultarsr writs beannoeunsedst omrrow.
owrard Barmulen hasbtins erappoinuterI
gernerau lhi rnotnfuttinhenrommitee rwhih
riill lusts-cchargue tnttiereutioni

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