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June 06, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-06-06

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The Michigan Dal y

-. T. __.___... __._ _



No. a8o.


BALL OSSER W IN walked, and the bases were cholced. On
W N a ground ball to bathers, Hamilton
scored, Enzenroth failing to touch hitn
THE R L ST ATTLE on the throw in, Maloney catme its on
Foutntain's error, but the next two mnt
- were out antI the sidle was retired. After
Michigan Team Played Fast Ball that Notre Danme never catenetear scor-
Agains NotrDame;Veter ntg. Blantdintg celebrated by strikintg outt
three men itt the ninth.
Made Goodbye Bow. With yesterday's game, Captain Sulli-
- van, Dutnne and Olson played their last
Miclhigant ssottndtuptitts baseball sear for Michigan. Barr also letaves te
sout by wiinisg tlhe decidinsg gamte of teatm. 'Tis will nmake it tpossibtle to
theNore am seie bya to2 corbase a tetams next year csmpotssetd altiost
tts Nitr l~tis srie hy a4 t 2scoealtosgethter of veterasts, lbut the lsen twho
its nininnttiitgs of is tittestill as hs leave this year will tse greatly ttis setd
bee sen hisyea o Fery elMchantd it will utidottbtedly bse a hatrtd sat-
of te cretlit of te victory is dtte to tee so get atnyonte to fill their ltces
toe mttttserty ithig of Ilaisiing'-whso satisfactorily. This is especially trutrot
allwedthevistor bu for htsandCaptain Sullivan iwto, except for ai feNN
thtosoiditi atart. Itines whet e trforgot bimiself, has madeli
Notre. stame trottsedlsuit the smucs- assideal leader for twossyears.
tiiotedirke. sito IheldI thte FruitSta~rte s sr
ttemt so neit, liutt Iis dreamss of ism-
motality store rudtety sliatteredl intsh~e .licltigtaii sl. ii. is. i. A
twouitsnigs tatieocups~ieid te noundt. Sullivain, of..... .3 1 0 2 o c
:A pair (if its intshie first ansdlonse in I,othrops, If....=4 5 2 05) 0
th ecn, coutpledth isssoume iselcomie foisntain, ss.... . 3t1 0 3ii 1
bungs ~ othettopartos i ssteammitates, lathiers, 3Ii..... 4 i0 1 3 4
sass.,' Nlichsiaantsall te rnts they secusredl Dunnes, 1........ 2 0) 0)Iti0i
(lursnug ths entiireogmant dtucaussesdOlsons, rf....... 3 oi oioio c
Pitcheor Butrke's retiremienst itsfavor of Btteenruttls, c....$ 35 o t 10
a rigt-handehr by'testatue of Hey]. Stnts', 21)....... 3 0515i. 1 0
If the tattoo gentlemtan hasta ssrted the ltlantiitg,p...... 1 aos0 sO2c
gam sthre miighst arietrots a sdiret ...- - - -
stsorittll. for thesoWlverintes, al- 26 4 6 27 115



Active and Successful Year for I
the University of Michigano
Shows Many Reforms. d
this etndl." issr thes' 'ssssisatissi peiod
wh'Iirlrinvi'a btly ees's's' ilt' oit"o
slur acas Isisic ye'a trupe 'el inithlawn. de-Iis
tarisisos adi ol. nayliis\ ss itswillprevail c
tls'sstlsssss I the sotssituionisi. W ith sissss
tttett5iit, Jstss' 2-1. sill 'Colls'ICh fr
tissi ends t he yeari' st ssotl-t), a ya hc
isoss of thse' l'niversity Ofsit \lslss .
'Thei' OsigiationofD. amsk.All
elafeneryforty yeas'sericets 1
sresisenO te i tlt ti iii woldst ssi tsii tk'
ev irlde't men ,hos evri ha con
this end. i 5 ussili is si
Th prodhst 5 ii hs er
per ~'uiod of s liii 1for tivsityil e
mehut ls'iis iin 'is irs c u t i no
licttigsisi a; h es l rIisest iltentda.cei i's'
ig the cii tugs' a ous' euctina
if this i ic'l's5i55t 15111 er nosute'worsthi
stets have'hee' iaien.itheitost promi-
silts ifithseso mii matial wayisis eii lii
iin of thes' hiest dsnals ii issstt ii' inthIes
0 n iii bilclisi sis
o deemed'acessaryhut thes facsily ha s
4 isisn t oes or( ini heoic I.1. 1
fosslstel.isutoriloft zislu-iiandir.its
II sissies ini teicademiiis s icw r ofthIte
ssississiardelits~ us~n nc e
i'couse sis its tuslislt histousyssait itsvanceds
)fsrhetsissritsiitroducdinsthe litelirasrs

tli't'iss' limsits the ii's's's lts fiiits tutu -
ort. IusII tesay, if reorimttir schiss
ifsthe ratesrnisties itsstartinig sndsen
forinsg a iustom ii"inistreting5" is al~so
sirom nits hlticii Isltdpoint ths'yietr
its lit itt tisspuutih sii I 1 i on(e55 Wiisy 't D
ofth ftacus.iltylitswIrtsparticptllis. Lin-
der itesisswsirderstusdensits pssessinig
sisis(lils r "piluscks isis" a i ' i n
of theius 55 liV0(cn iI~iai
svill Ilsis 1it 5hld III 5si temssl so thti p
springy isemester li stil ml 5 5'i' tssi'
ondtin 555 Ina. e erdicted cfor th
(;p itniof h o(ti I i'sa lon. s is
'aidShsis t make b 'isnlh
\o t cT r ii l in s ii jst-
sis t at Shei is ll It sit sits l cli nl-s's
conspicuious ii isryof ithe >stt
t itis c i lld pe d up n ill'iter-i
ittit sof ltitIiprsidet . sit su 1t
ia-~ sislsil s i h ts' uet''''~ sit I] itsl
ihcriiiii I lok forpryrss i ich

UrTnfmp Dn


thosuighlsheysoundtsshsitsfor fssur its,
(isis ntssut themsstogetheor andsllie was

NisorIlasse. sit. i.
C ess ls ly, )3h.......... 5 5

]-1. ().
0 2

A. 1?

awiftslty stinigy withls Iis lasses. Mc: ee, f. c....... . 0o vs t o
hiig's tpitchsingsa' ss supetrbtasnd IDtasiels, tt....... 3 0 0 9 55 0
in o sly one inig sstwtaisshe issysdasnger Kelley, If ............. 4 0 o0t50ii
of lisosig sttthegam'. 'lhatssccuss'resdit ir he ttutiltst, rf ......... .3 r 1 2 0 c
svenstrosusdis nd asiots nsot altosgethier M6cDonosusghs, c........ 4 0 ,5t 8 2C
Iis fasult. Ain errosr liy'Foutatitt assdltlaltttiy', ss ..........;3t5oii 5 2
hnzeroths f isure t tg 5a'tutnner'at Phiip~s, 2bt........... 4 0 0 0 0c
t' plteir.coupstledhssithtt'tolbstonstsBurks', p.. ... ......... 1 0 5 0 2t
halls 'sndl ashilt, gas'e te Catthls'ic~sall HI}c.............2 0 5 0 2th rushe colgtinhe nie
gametss. Nissesun stsruckouisits Befosre 37 2 4 24 12
lti.'stsg's cirvesandspissttter, 'andl sosly
lineresiere aslureitotuchslithhall safely'. fmIs ' t 3 4 5 6 7 89
Michsigans's sonly' mssiltay' its te entire'Mihi a..... 0 0 0( 0 0 or-
gm caeits the sevnthsitattuwts Notre Dame.....so 0 0 0 0 ss 2 0 0--
casssedshenslssFosssntiltsdropped'h Ot ancsy' Stumary':'Isnnssngs pitchtedh-By Itiri
sioundser' swhichs bte swas in tsoosgrcat a 2,t ' II - IttBs's sits stlls'-O ff ttlanid
issrry' tso tirtris sthortlaite'. issg 3,tff ItBsske I. Strutcks'sou tB
FounstialtdttuSnowss'bosths distissgsishedh Blaningtso,9tsryI Iy 6.tDouble plhi-
teselessi'b y smakssinsg soumss'greast lay's. Lathesre s [ Dnne.S 'toleni btss--sltss
eashsmtsshainsgsi stsspstss Iis credlit tint Kelley. Sacifisce hits-Fsttit
thtsavess'sIBlitandinsg a Iit. Losbrop h'BladsisgI)tiune2. lilt Sty itchser-
w st sts oly' Wolveirineto sgect cresdit tIts ies Ollssn, landtin. Tllsieso


r .

fsoissisrethsass (ise Single, hiss use vs1this
tswosgrabbstedhiby te loft fielder swas of
tsi' scottchyso srsde's'sitsa babuiSossisd whichs
this' pitcercoutldh sut reacs.
M\ichsigansusecussedlt's) rusts int eis n-ts
itial rosssss. Sullis'ass trust' i spass anth
secridi secosndh sitsit error by thse short-
slush)of lothoit's grounsder. 'Suslly"
ws u sustiisasluirdhowisever, sits Foist-
tins's grounoder tis hBsrke. Lathsers thens
cut lsose ai terrificsrive to seconsd, scor-
isig thtrol). and ]Fottitaisitsalliedh-on
Dussuse's lssng fly' tsoiseter. Olsons sas
hsit anid Fsesrouth sinsgled safely over
secondis, sitsbathers wascausghstst te
late 'oitutheutr sow'.ansulendesl hSte ists'
Is thur secosndil after Sntow's out,
hthtssuissg wsshihtusasd scoredh on ut rke's
e'rrour assd bothrso's sinsgle. Sullivasn
caesusritsonoutntstutain's fly to righst anud
lothurosu sos easughst nappitngout first for
Slur third ultt. 'Thaut tessasl of the scor-
in oe by Michsiganu, although itn the
hlast isour innsinsgs a stin reachedsfirsrol
usd ill'uuoecases got is far as thirdl.
heel tighteeup usufficienotly Inohprevent
lusy store scorinug, however.
NsotrceIDamse's tsallies camse int he try-
onth. IHaiusiltoss startesd thor uoisgs'with
us single, andut sutor Mc~onosugh had
fannedr~, Malosney walked ; Heyl also


gamse --2 50f. hstluirs'-issuuri'. dcrtms'uu's . It wsso idseicidedshto sls
________ is's'thisesspeiaul sisgis'se ofJ.ib. utr~ lit-
Chsresics'HI I Fuentrutht. '50, w suit' students, wshisds tis fcoyw
electesd capltainu of text yeasa htsebatlliusthblue wtutu prtmnt.li
trusts Satusruday'afternsoonuaftr thes' Ishe .s the rensulit sit genrouos nlitsthes
lug if this'teamtspictusr. FaserosthfirisstosssusIhs'ii i ''l hlSssi
sin Iis"NI" aso a msembuer ou h Slur xelet theichld shlcth nsi
tramanud has bStrsShe msainsssys sbfte uutissus asu sptersmanenht locationuts fuss
cacshsing staff for tStyea''urs. ussis is ussumm 'en i stii iriiiinga i lusTua w is
Its additiosn to Couschs 7scAllister, ],I-i-n551 sgau'rdi sss usscmlctein sthis' rth
rector1Bauirdansd :Massager iIrkige. Sluren hutufhu
fohlowsinsg strutwerre itsthurgrosupspiec- ssuuus ssist ihs
ture : Calptains Sullivasn, Esues'riitht, tr ndtos 5memberii 5 sui io 5f thes' l.u'ulhO
XWalcb, Barr, Blasndinig, Smsiths a, rs andi-ss t bt huvos Ofi's u'lty IstsiIsuiths
hDunnte, 11i11, Snows, Founiutatin, usaters, husssh.utsio ehstrsssus s issth Fus' dastion55
Laothrop, aisdlOlsons. shf u stss'hicprvis'salsos'a'esiu tohsesi
tisse or' us.' phsysicaulysdisaleds. Poit.
NEW66 S'l'UDRyNT BOARD fCsrhasrt is theiss rist 61Michiigan in structoru
ELEC'tI . Ss''h 'Uhghsy tt ly for a lush nc
Thur actionuofiithus'taculy ltast"ut-lsl
At1 the'electiosn 'el Satturdauysfts'r- slsnts activities usill malube Iisy eaurloe
soon its Unsiversity all, te follossisug t bus'vs'ememuberei'd. 'ibh' sbslishsussuslof
sort wvere electesd so thuS Boarnd itsCost- the tisse-bhtnoruedh russhsis thus'st drns-s
trol of Studenst Psublicationss : Psan]tic sub its sLets, uthouughbih us c iusg sub aub
G'reer, Ruissel Jamoes,;sitnd66. 1B. Ihnrey. snons-athueiuc activitis's tu n cosiu
Thisbonarduhstthur supeurvsion sufshal uitsontl sboluo h ea s and511tble rstriction
student publicastioss ansttc is cuoposedsoof f subpecialst sudnctissuaenoteourtS'usnhy. The
three studenut andu four faculsy truts- literaury depriou tt upassed reuatsuionus
hort. The ostushentshsose erios extpirru edlwischlimuit thuc aciitlics of First-year
this year are James K. Watkints, Hussy- tens ttherir yespic'tive0 classes, estctc
and Bharkdsull, ouch C. 8. Winosteadh. sabsencst. compel55'I exptlanaltins, anst

h''ht'C1 h1,Y I,'l'It IS 1 111
sionct 1111>161. 1 tc f6or1/h651u1pose
s's-u 55555an rga itt ii 51111' 555I I 1
blSh rl tthef~l i mc5.' in wassi allcd
trh r . hus',an hh ioa b asusin
'shsusst lbs rt ts' ibis lIst(s' u e si :m5lls'
:1.0 )(1 to ) I der iedsuus .1stsuhi's-, It'
whichsu I.l uion sof ( tli uii w shsld.uTshe
mel '5 lected aritc itstillohis sui'r's i'is,
II 1 C ares5' -6u'tt IIi- r uson
Ibis' 'built facustsybmsmbu rs.ll si is
I sshl'ul
sTh h lub plans tsh sh s t e tush'itsris'
areitoii ttir s pe tivib 'sli usIstis
.55551 suslit is rio thus i t I th 'tssusithuno
wi l i die fstub vtilt or5 more nt that
h-seIsis's nivst i51tyH aIs S au turday fter
ito as' adoptuguted h e.uit eised nttt
and'ISne'ine fomedNi'lc11 hilhb'
(Scorporated b Ih opisitgl of' the
sic 'ligar., Js' >. lipre st bo rduofs i t-
the c orit gan'izai' t'i5'hKi s e fted.ill
tuig1N )I S Wuuu'' su INs '1 S ToiI h ut s
C h sio, tmc;lls llnis 21s h

ailies Held Back Commenda-
tory Statements and Sensa-
tionalized His Criticism.
'n theis o
M) atsetionsu asssblets called u tso ua re-
uo't inithis'Chtissago Tibuneis'uofJuneus'4.
us it touuldrs'ss'iuerd by se
t 'he ubs us n titus' SBaptistscurhsits
hicaio on ui ''rtenitesusin 1Cslleges
it:d thli' sillss.- bi t t emntrh si' tce-
thu-i t m arcIso ssitmrts'55 and' ss'susio
;r'tssstt tggi' ' st-t lhatSd nlv etu
IhililnecssarytS'),is- itutuy be well
o states' Its'sto-jus h ahs tats us i.
Th uitse cosisssd brisfly'subthres'
lirt-h"- Phith wsui t l s its'stheltsorigins std
arhs husisry f t.,uhs ls's'r hgansia-
5155. 5m55,1 hir t us tssuul usu ideas
ohim sic i h ihest sdegee
hrhs is wrhyad lvaig. I tupar
lus, the s' -' itndtbadts pects f frauus'
ity tinlcrc w bel p in ti's5 out.
In hrt threesexplcit res'ee waS~ s5
haiseito the attmts Isiokigs;towardns
ith us-ht51menttofSratersntity conitionibsh
in this vcstyo icigans, ads
th u inspec~ss ilt hisul55 ts of ble
Is's' curtern s ity conerenhissct'sO~ lut'r-
ga I 'sih11 Abo. xliituenus
uitn%s made.fSthe tucitsasuinug'
from silhSissitgnizationl s idiisates'sin
u g's'.r is tretinshoashipinsthus
inauugurationofsasnsit tuat uig osush shut
saifcovc-pto n b tuessussble
hrtrits sunt this facultty'as 5 wholebs.
The repotu twtas lmisteathug' us tht
, i ' sh.:l> I[m usen onwus h trtsse of ansy
s'snnatr featues o theus' rss
'us itsecondssuthatsitIhis reposed citiisasS
«cc s i its s tus tu tub swec's' ta
this'sblstrsusssntthu heisce hiss'stongst
ilts 'I of thisie iir s itS Is'~. Sttistics
we re gisvenusbusichshsowitesu li-arly thatu
-ieschlashs utiptof virhiesity'membstl
a\ i's is. thus thes uither sha sd, i -Is
alo h5 m tha thitrterit ie a
the stfltl isl iote celtss stu dens t bsths
rltrs hsseslusy 6ths.siu itn sssus to Phit
Bot~ l :ppn Whie'itwassdtha tilt
lar sts chills ge1of faiIuresus fttuu'
plctlitte t umore thasnssh tubfbthis
totalh faiures inusschlash'bis'sere.founduu
'thishillstueus-ts oblig'dltluusarnustheir
til Patia ls on' of thesse stiuensts
helst I iso 'ratsrnistis-.
A stieciasl feasture' ofl1ths-0suaddrss rws
it utheosideraonOus a slitthe'r'frost- Mrl.
I". Allansu S htluts, f I),ususlls, Ii.,hit-
Isfa us I lfrteristuly' nu , swhus
kisdy otinessdformu r osts osasul fun
iu ofi.lcnfeenc cusisug tub suie
eac frterity Hi 5plnt sutlie
tidal, 1awt I cs pr'' 5551 tutu'sortdial ssuh
paIy No men5 it stitu s uvmasuse sof lusy
th dceicrogatoury stess
hlit sisincll tls 151sit Sit'e t sy hast,
whlsthitsGred<tlttriorgnhiatiots p-
he.ar ust n tils his rbus vuin'sg' iheiu full
s har-e t s 'of s''c it tuism snd ss euussusuts,
sitsd subile t' hil u ch Ofss-s ubhiss'critiisms
is wsell oi-s-rvbdyetciicismsu sssscosss
siloIedlbysuggestiissus fosa bueorment
'sfrtentbcont'ionbllssins collgs mush
uuss' rsitius is usstheruhelpuslftnusr wise.
Jorui. RiEn.,

.r. i w...
a i

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