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June 04, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-06-04

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The Michigan D.lI
\\\ \10,1()k,\1III1 l I , rN RIII)1Y, t. NE 1900) NO, [78.



YTn mT1" T% 7 ,:r, ,v T ,rrin

With One Victory Each, Both
Varsity and Catholics Promise,
[lard Fight to Win Series.
oragrnI kxind-up~j of a1 vorious'000
lee Notre l 1)w 11 tho~~i :afternoo
Ilwll \ool am rIin th tebt
victrie " ein by 01 1011111 11oesan
as11 a 01 re 11ult h 1ot1h tem 110100 looki 11o
icorN1. 101' 1 1101 000,011
Pem 11t y toscr1111 (1 Ironl;olfo on '11
th ea sown her byo:o Pen 0111 0( '111
111 day i1t 01 is ,1 olo'n that ' th Ca tolc arc 1
Il t o f 11101 11111 s -N tr Da111' \ i m 11
games 1.1111110 pl1.11 on11 h11 Cahol ic
aconto 1 l~n s llll ol I'hcl
1. on\(hr( ha h fn ha tloo se11111 i
No 1e1D im sloid illo acio "as1 001' il1
on 011111; I for 11t1e 'ofallll 01(1 0,
the0111 \~i l lo0 l o'dio' mad 1 1110' l rm a or
Scallion 1111 11 I lole (1110 lo110 astpe
f o o'.cr arel0010 IIc 1<11 1.1, but10 rk
11111won b~ a11 o lo oted o rea
with1a lo n!'p i of l h oit. S uilouo has
o 'soo;;aooo. Illll ill th oI o
111W lerne.1lc licial wo thooo
11 lo'ie ish o'. 10111111 0 l ob!~c as sc ni
pitchers battl f lito1 'olo n led-ooo01oo.1
1111111 the' of e e hello dl 11 h01 r11 sdoay Ito
11111 11( .il. he o 110 l ol out (f th0e111 ss-
00w 110 ils o the stn 1111' ~ 1011 soo "pep..
Michigan 'o'010 toillman, c1''0 . f. l f 1 t00111 p,
110cr, Ilwti noll Ito' 1itoi'o'loo 101 oo'o
N11 ot're 110' 111n101: 1111ey '301.111 loll
cf; a1es 1b.; hoi l l e boo f.o;oioooI -
lolol lo; hll p . 1 ,oOoo00 0110111.0!1) S00 Melo
11101'N INi11,1,t.(

At1 lh ' logio lling of Iho'st Osemester10
11011 of t etio e110'dopartm01'.11 list 11. 111 01lo
les pobem ticl '5ye . Soldalo ti
c0en1o1'too 11r.esi dt .nge 1ll e o se,'oo0o
llxerci1es: Cootwse i rll ke pa
some time in(ll111 'Ocoer. 0o PII 0 11.
Although )o ttedas)et te 111 o
nilof 111e university f10he ll0in ]Y&7-
Future Legal Lights Advised by Tap.
pan Proessor of L aw
ltn iso'.lst locur " 11 'o11t
'n par01 as1foloooo'.
. 0 t-sp s' I lt thc oo'h - o: .asg~.
hief :neon',1111"11' is'ooo o lololll 00 ih
I pr~ t11(:' o 110 old l ol lol "o if (
1011out 0oflca o ri1110 1, _ tI
10101(01 :dl loil lo n~loot[lill . 11100Illl,
1111 10f rt ice oo'l1''111 is It. 1 1 1l
10 1o0'e0apl '110u1e0too.q.
" on t ome hm1 (I(i1, 110';
'11engrooe il hi woko o 11w1100110 h 0 t o 1
'111 0 loot 1000l l oo'ooogooio i, o I ll i
lorl 110re1toll trill lan olc oti
r 'h11 u sliooooof too ' 1wc n ll
I. Id 0cunt 0,1 I 0 111 op10001'' l t
1r1incs 1(;oino11 e l ac11e00\olereo Ooo
't0ill t 0in too(lie hsloo a l~g . T -1'
O[ 0100f il tool f1 il0 tool I s o
olo lv o mfor1tab1lobpratice00101001001
10001101than ltoo inhaoitloal hll 1~1 o 1 10il
' 'eK o rk 1 i toto
'Son0110 ember o fi o-o pofesio
o b i0'001('Llc lo oto ntol .0'.e i
P" s loo tatoo' 011Yost ili10100-0do blob lo 10
1. 00000d uph0' o oig te. vi'loll f te10.:
v, So on1001111 o 100011' hat 01l 01i
nee br.i ngi1 to1 dih1 nor0I 1101'i
e. 0as 0the i l tolpr' i tvi tge ola po fesloot
I 110of 0001 t o o 001 o o o o'l a dto vs
Captain Sullivan (ives Emblem to
Thirteen Baseball Men
er Itioaddition o too.an g r lrig .
1e \I" bytofo Soptl o 000. i\M. T I te r
'a Ltlooooiog, Lotlropto.Sotooo'. I lli
m1 baothoers'. lFotloll . lsoon. A'0\llo.an
et oDean. 011hle lor nuob'01100 (01000 0111
'i 10100 se1 vice ti pes011'1 l'0101teolft leve in
co poorot'iono t t loo moooootoo'ofytorsl1.\bo
111v00been'oot heooIlotamll.


alifornia Fducator Will Address 00
Graduates at Wind-Up of the
Week of Farewell.;
---ogloo 1 io Lotoo l 0
roeso oo 1nl b a 01he.lUniersi110
Ot I (' lldv'oOalllli e =01104
Prf oGxotwll knownoooas1'theoo
ntoiioowith11Prof110001 N'Sco1, of
IThoe' Vlol and0101 looobe ndto ohle'
ongs, s a grduat o lao f'71.
0010000011eprtme t oontil c llod too,'
It, 'n 1.st ofCliri at BeIlrkelo
Ito8),whre l o00has 11101e 01111aonooc
n tit e 24, 0 'f1896,i at too oelr onl 111 oft
li btoeeto lotlo 001110 0111110of lDr. kg
'H's:crice as pesient of t' ooi'er-
li oooio. oiooearo'lieohas beentott
I oooloooo. 01010'. oi-
I":cris 00(1, 11000111 tlooip lo ati1 ob
1 o(''.f0 oi oowlosta00ealb , 1011111 ht
1001 looolheogrduati g lasss it
oil I 1 1010111100s 01io 111e 0
,tIll, (tooro ,f11the0law botild i ,the111i11
0101 TappanIo io halthel englinerthe lool
{Ii 1000ldi1ng,10t 00 oaild at olthe v iltoor00
~i0lc Ifra i o ror' ooroo lt.
-00011 1 lon east1 'oool 0111 t l olgoooooo
ilh too toeoarch, t.atr igdw
th iaglonl wa0ll too the.o rne001 r of teo
0(h00 lOlllei 'gooioe1pro1essioltl. \ite
mlol marhoiln011theo'minllOwa lo too teo
I'. Iof theo main0100 lo t0100. 1hlreoth
gongtie 0il1so, toe. ranks10 0011
-10(00(1 ottontolfare0each1 0011eooooeomlo, a1
101e 01wil 10001100iedi tlo cloose'iloa d'otoo r ' '
I ~csii 1on o n at.ootoo t Il1010 t
;i n h e ts ioo teo'gllory haleoooo n
tegautoogclssosoleaingoo rooo'o' r
0,l~ in0adv1an00e oWill loe'admittedl'o.
aw ring ooof te 'sblooskins' ltl 111111in-o
1100d ab1Iout oion.b 10000 01
an ' 00010week offestiitios. Iholoors of
oooisoit ss m l a101 0p . I1,11. e
1010(001llObk. Sp10000etow00111borgien'o
01000 tonlib omeetigRooooooA,. Unier
ity bll. 4 :30odaobo. 1Implorantolhitsi-
nstotrantoo'. TIrasutrr'sror1001too
lub t 7 toonigt. Ittpelt'.

'.'01If'0 ' N tG'''I111S
1 :\Il:1\'liI1. 011 '0 1{;001It0110
'31tootooo 01g 10m 01ill b ' t1e00 000010
2 . T1h1s w boo' h o'heloot t I rotl - C. l
ng of the seni0orfo class1100000 .oool it i
lot' Itom 'ot oooc oofoit l'o to' 11 m
Inoribo 001011100ent00ofl bo 110 oo'ohw ho'l
he 000101 t 00 1his (0(10 bo Th0 00
Governing Body Is to Take Formal
Leave of Retiring President.
(lrtoll 00 il l t000ic1 100t0'ttt0 t0
to' Soooo 1. 0 P-c;IIc tj. Ii
Angeo~lliii ao rtt~i y nE m t I t
n1ght111. heio' I i o 0011 0(0( 01'.of tb o ice
lies 1 llooc fac ta0iw sDe n I (0ic
it s (011000010 " 0 0 'tlltofth 111

toAl~otho'ghtis o0,lloio't ooowhicholi5 1
t« 1thelre tiring 'pre ilet,011 1 1loooo (
:t-cc bbobo tfth° oso , boo mtol ire. itf
sI-tyoff01cia1(1t o oi110 0mm10 softh
Board in Control Election will be
Held Saturday Afternoon.
Soo raateooooo ooro lol romt' ?1(0 () to
2 o a.00 010(0 tool souoo ntooo boo of I oil IW
hed itol 1.'iofo-o tso 11;111 l oll lo seolectto
three stu toooo t b hoth b oof thel1( boo II
t~ a t at11lh
NI too iel av e l ontof(01(0 fo~i
t \ill hboo' lo tiot . The (11 o l It'.
f Russelb Jooo eos,. I loooo it I 11 ull001 l
r lbooi o'o'c , A'0 1). I O ctlo'. 1 . l.0 " aI s T
V ':1. Jootce, oandb. A.'0 '01(0
lot Pooer 0 blb ooboo. boo1to4oi11,o0110atls
o 'anoneto' toill booe oadmtittedi 00 bo all' ro-10
- ob'du toce it lob mb(7f o (fthblob y00ar's.
soon tiocketoho'! oooob .[ lisi i 10 boo r
thtthooo ose to wer0'nottol c l 0 .at110e
( firtoo myt ike1100' 10107 tooo lob oo1LVO f (blo
olooy's o~polh ntooo y01 1.

-lass of '09 Concludes Arrange-
ments for Elaborate Ceremony
at Commencement Time.
Judionftoi roomtotetprogambtOsohich are
rite ad oattbeob ltai110d11ailtblosec
0 obb' ot0110ooooommn eentexer-
i000 booi10.00a 0 wil I.thoc otost elooorate
n 0y001'. TeoyooocontnneStoonday seven-
,0 Joto'2o,'to R oct 111k wih the ac-
altore to oaddrss to the graduates of
A10011010 deatetO, i000Uni1010s0110Blal, by
LIN% Juea1 t . . whtentthe laow
tflro tetO o hlols ts 0exercssin Uti-
crsty [tblb1 IThere 00ill 1110aldressei
0000(11001 boodifforetomteoers of
11" cls.Th' u eveniog t 811(0
he 00(0(10g0011 trill1presnt Glberts
0(1010 '0 intilt 1. 0a00ecltAngell Ihall.
l 0 c se ib 110101 otl o w ill te hldon o
T)" ti (bolldepatmtotoh old itsclaso
0ccs: o cm Tues000ay, Jun100e 2, outder
0 ii a, tY ,n. Proofideto
0 0 r f ho 01.0101s0- o il elver ant ad-
!".', 0 oltOO 'o t o her nouombtetronlolth
o ,'litera0y graduattes.
\o to' ! tin too ve ting, te r t
110(1(100 i ol1be oelo intthe 1new1as-
tlkrof the'.toomoeoplati hosopi
11 ,1:o t of8:3 ooe .011(0rrecepftio y
ho' graduatso'.fotall oelartneo. to
0001engieershave their exercises
\\'0 lo 'ooii morninoto 91:)30 in te o
111-cout.'Te osme orinjg at
I bo'clo oobth o h 0010opthicodeportmtent
lea ill,; loontoth erinoo'oog in tete w00'a-
0ebl bobtomoonof theoo blsita. Etrther
oforr, '0 0'0o ooocob ' owill he auonoi ay
(bo Ot' bon'.tthe Isesd ting romt'0)9t 0 04
sitl 1 'u0 tobboleoothibor reuntitos ,to rn~
I 'lokto o'lobock ot Wedetsday
he 'oiootooowtol hoolOsway on the anm-
eoms. terrgm endino0101' 000bog at bloe1.gen1er1
100(00 101i oom C . laos lbulig,
%dwr bor o adrltss000wil boo' oieln11byeano
Jo)~t oft kctoott b '04coc hot tter'
1101 te 0 00(10100 100010andotglee lut
to1! a c . celton tth ca pu . 'Te Scot'
;it,,orccctoofoin 0'Watermanooogytnnfasiurnt
at 0 o 'clock tbo'eOIOs0m oeeningsill he
boot'11too iooidguetot, gradutes otttt
01000 ncolobtbla' roter is Thor-
0, toto2.0101 cohe tcecemntobdin"
11, at t :I p. ot. is lhelit oaermoan
,vn4sitoo . 0100ck1etsouil be fifty cntt
tool 010(0to secuoredl lobthe scretary's
Athletic Association to Pass on New
Constitution Saturday.
'0t blheotmoetig'oil te atlettc oard
: oilrocotbors ''Trsdaoy aoftrnoooo, the
00 ledreison to thbe atbletic conosti
ttibollas pastedsuton 11010n0001it was oe
cidoeoo too oob toooIto' obodocmetoto tooheo
'0ohlolo of a00ocatonot 'oers ot a geteral
eleto oeooeld Sotoroay at t p. n.
ton. ofoo'o'ilo I bll.
Th01s rooisiono hoobtenthtebooe of
ctetofo ome te binloheAtleic
blob Illo and the inaol odecison osos
r tosfitbloerotrs, woo tno tow nober
lout1ftc'oItootoreo. boo order t te
aotoolthbore'ioecon oostittiont otst re-
'otto.t a bomajoty oilthoc votes. Oly
meiesof the ahlhetic as.ociation are
elicdtoo v'ot.

.r..e0e r
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