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June 02, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-06-02

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The Michigan Daily



No. 176.

De Paul Baseball Aggregation
Not Feared by Sully's Cohorts
After Experience in East.
Captat ilt '-ti tits chamitpoship ag-
iir~gaionof a11tossss -ho so ably
rcsntotl\liltt assaginst the east
irnteasIalsisalektwll tke te hlde(
alal leI ) aimisitt ~steamsithis
aftrnoon.iTSits-.isothe isit atppt~erce
of ts tIae 1 ol blicon sthesloca itst el.
s) othSe vastystt ~as ogittt
haveslitltStrolein itsposttig of themt.
astl.smattllerstllctes f 'tltie stte have
henhningt tt cf lits isttttthaerm-
ing tttlaity. Thi i is do55 lt ~e anli
i;a ellis ittrif past experieces are
a yciein ito geis-s i e stt-cale
weaksissteastadiistersssefteaitts t
sit sttltne iii itse Chicaegt shol
1 iii ihd nt -Sitcu reesiest a late
hot ast n i'itht Jussst sttaitplayesswill
illseent tem sill notiblt nonIts i
Sinscestthestunsifthsits-sitoiy feom
le eaternots rig) lte es isso estsn itslet-
up ilt i If C aistsitsgtuCapltain Stili-
sits ill 5. oas_ Ms istellta e is-beet
co slitthe tatslisrd taniis i -s-s-, f se
iss i el iv allS 15. isssi o ftilsi wseek
lii srne orDnetsesm issllS rs
to etilittr ith res1o5fourga 5e, 551
of wichiehsve tselnstsidedlssi wit sit
his issississi IDeaitwill probabsly~
Iten ts oss ishisrece tseffot agit h
Syracue, wheuli eslst a hrd tluc
gam~esi os lists itsy ouhiss tliestoSgte
its-.ho lds~cl"Itsnlsafe lts .li.ea h s im-it
siisd l oijtiils troght 5the siteasnt
stdilills he ss-xpe-rieneta tslists re-
cevdti syear.- sill poes woth
Varsity Squad Adds Another Scalp
- to the Ath~etic Belt.
sotilts 5afternoon l ot ennis tea1
wetui hLan tsiatook he arm
Pric Oh eatTaf titlist-, 75:i
Isis 01 swonsromSslanl (Atilt-1.s
sia i ar tlt.,1) wtil from Pt att
c s l it s t ills C lllt,(A ,6-,st iiso ill
\sl _teamI hssdoneigoodI workthiis t
ioleithati \l sC~i sits S s t s t hes
- - -iltasoiatonha afred theit
lhmIPice,-I Lefiy, S-fii, an
is. is is is'7- ( sit sitdSpStseer):
Athletics, oo 5 i 1 s l and 'T' h~oas)t
Secodiitii-l ~ oa 170 (lisseels'
adSpsi esisesr)i- \lleiis,- s -o 55 1Pisti
snowss: \\isis I n,0.112 (Siitliant
Street). Seeomil stie-NessYrk, 0-4
tilt, 2-3-2 e(tro smsandiS teset.
Chicagoos-it t (BrowfnstasdlNeed
hal) inlc inasit 37-z ( fsRo at asts
itu Sn -sit 5 I(Bell sandl Berge) i
Ness Yorels5-7-4 -(An 'tes andsslSelile) -
Si (,sss+m O ut. s O' oRA .
Clilsls uttS is-isis Seel sits Nirma
lilllior- lrr~t y 5 ietiesieneit f th

lligsst -iim, -Sisal Satuirdasy, ,hat
*.i -itss ir tof Msr. IHiSl, iiaking
eislAs-qsy eletisiiunniecessary.

A StsstssredS mets fromsiOhiomtesits
Registrar Sall's office Tuesa ater
mooniseforte psrpoise o forming isstae
clisb. iUnttil lst a sr te Buceestaite
sas represenstedS intite uiversiy Sy as:
orgattioatiots ottlte amps, but iter
est agged andiss idsiesoti.
The organiziioniisnowseil te prociese
of iormtisss wh oichtil olS Iseikno si
itie Buseysv-essIsisle hkesS Sy prsmi-s
testS faieiitys-mesntfruits (31and is.
the isserest msitifesteti seast oi seems
-robalsstat isalsnttis- tilhsill bcm
onss-ofte sioosimp t~sissis sfwtisistites
clustsnows is inte ilersiso.
A tempoisrary- ehalirmanand suiSseretaies
sere s enssanditia seoimimittee appositel
toda pa costsitutionswhichsilisitSSi
placed-siinthte regitrrstfifles-fitsal
Ohio menoesiotrout f leomtigisi-it
es to sign.
Antother mseeting wil Se etSat
o'clock Saturdaylss-its Roosms A, Si5551i
Hallit, anitSall tlistkeycs-enisis-tie
to atisten.
Lits in Caps and Gowns and Robeless
Engineers Warble Tonight.
Melodytswillttreig sussemet onsti h i
cmputtionitiighti swhess hsh tesci
enginsts- an-stllsenioreits sill sitk
aroundss teir respetiiesno ece
TSitsenssisr its. thotiniisits slthisiee
at 7 o'clocek aditfor ass Shstr sil malti
illseshlsisringti5, tilh isthir ocleffosrtr
unerthisk oillfult lash~s i51of "StSb'
Ctrumpstac-ks-r. Te ishlietleusenu;stil
tg 5agreat successoftie irs-inisg sitW
Iracteigstansudienceeaslares the sits uc
'Ts-esnginiees wiill sitsel t i thesail -
tissre at thesir Sisenh eas- ilegieesi-
test, tatdexiles-ct sttesi-seits c s-ti
anit Shtrmontiy-as(tie its. '"Ilag Sfiag
fas itittldiret their s-ndeat'o-seandsissat
liesilt exhibiit a echorus a-s go
If ftir siesthessr favosi eseis'osis
silt- will lhaves-reastio otspi-its of sts a
death of musictonitight.
The Utiltersity Lyces-miclubsls -
Iits si-ork flitrts- yearth is-iis s ltsss ;si
the i-c\ihigasnt Uits last-itghlt..Af ts-s
dinner ta foltlswed isasisiie oflstfsses
sass bSoaosspietksers. Th'itae
s aee V. SR. Jose, Jr., S. C. -5iehell, E
S . tree, IR. 1'..Sissssssst, PI?. .lChaffee
.. SThom'atssss, R. 11. Peesitege, J. G
sllSa, sant C.. .ssoste, lutisgthe
t5last seasonslecturesic-oursessawlists tile s'
eits elevensltsoiwnsitSdoefort- stutie
e numher-ss-ees-gist-s. ReplistsisomStasseb
d aiss to'wis shoth Sat tha-essouse S
sItsere ssel apprecs'iated-i. Netosas ffi-
R-. Jose, secetry--tesutire.
Joseph ltS elf saisofte Patrke, Daie
esompanysieof SDtroiti, ill leture todays
Iats5i. Is. ilt he- ets roo fttiet 5515
Hlaloti-ore. 'SThe tIsess sitt lstvis ii
si-ithe a istg-sesst tilld itiislrtii 55wi
alaresbuitsiness vOI sps-~esiaslS smphasisi
sitntse employsX -i~ttissstfrmt-si
d speteofs ts'ettmanasgepwsntt..\Mr. its-f
tests iwsit iostlt-time s-litsstofa rm
n estS jsuresal f pharmacye lits fose ts-
ast twsently-lives-yesrhas lbei connset
esd swith te Parske, Dliscsompany, wh s Iis1
Iis te ar rgest drug sitaissf atrit"es
d tabtlishmssent ini ts-e u-sitl.
eiisssMISTr-'iST AiiiF, ti55 0 issiesR
MticsigasntDeSlt ctttgptsi Phi S osisiti
Upsilont, teitwts l ^ taslestS e Siss
honor sociey, at a recens t banquestsn
iatedi te folloingi"-smens:- Fa'tyt
aProf. ifigelow-. Dr. X Poise .) Sisd asit
e M~r. Sseatiossgrats',I'D.Smt

s J. I'. Reedt ;sundergradluastes, . I-1i. Nests
g St. A. Batxter. O.0. Si n ~sterSL. Johnts-
ton, R. F. Barkser.

James K. Watkins, President-
Elect, Plans to Interest More
University Men Next Year.
Ats a demortis c ale il-unsiversity organt-
iati iontseMiic-higant't iit ill enler
th iel elst yeareitisimsiserstrenuios
efforsl tsosenlarge its rasnkts. Jasmses K.
itVittiss. cci, 'st.recesstly electedl presi-
dlentsforte C tut omig -ear, expresses
greatl hope fuse stie growsth of the clubs
its viewofsl the splendiid record of this
IIth e campaisigns fus emsrseurs which
stilt Its atvsty Iteguntsimmiatsliely upon55
tile sssisttesiisg of ste tiews- ehosol
taem,"' lie sasid, 'speeiltefforts sellS te
direcedutSiowaest iserestisig freshmiess
siAts- isletsif tesiisor sdepartmensts.
ittliigtthesiteiiessi silS cosotinuse its
actvity- its tr gansizinugte blgugiversity
futionisus, s-esshe sictivitiesa-ittltie di-
receds tisue intSusoilier chianniels. There
is a fet-is lstaite Unionsiiiseossumeid
too iachelffs-i sue tituS use sif studsesnts
set tug s)itu ltutsits's-s. ts ket) tilt the
suiCrd)ts stets csisisstts is salmostits-
Imussitslesowingt"oitshelarsige seals-isis
sit iii asit ohSe produiedt.
STse oany produ sssiscinsgtire opera5
still tpsr isba lyts-e a trips otof loses
sltssui spring51"vacattioni. S'issmsay serve
ini listsofsithrefts.
Niosmllsititusnu is be ssade tsoste clb-
.i hlise tst year. ish-eIustisig butsissess
Oftesitfesits) e-ttiee somste isscrease
inthe Sit ailituiesto slitserss5however.
Hoit rHet ssseSisasS IiilSremtainas hoses
ntisteicr. 'Te esife sersice sell cost-
tinuu tsoitsctulaer tie ots-prsisissss of
S}emtis ssuson sit, iwhosihas piroveS so'
C. S. Boucher, '09, Will Appear as
Hlistory Instructor Next Year.
a ihtnlsts S. kliscss, if itsrison,
SItS.. psinuiuuuS tusmong te sensitsr. -fits
if this ysar, -tiit -i tr e t ifasllastait
itsss it usseissan shistousnsuter
1 lesf. Vsant 5s us. hutnasisnsestionsitshoil
t ths poitio he iusues s-ork inite
'555 iite 5 siht oo ith .iitmaster'ssdegtee
itCtnais is taklen as aitsoccsionut foto

A well esiablishedl bansk isi e of te
most active of te smaller Micheligans
townus is seekingug ivsiersiititatifIris
romuisingogpstening. Secetry Shirley-I
W. Smith f theis-isverity is ii reeipti
of a hi-tefros thie presitte sof the
atnk moakinig telfer to a colesstge rmt.
'rie oppoetm - - . te eter puts
St, srs-imitedily bts i-e S s us aility
us graspi tse,-i ie io vlge iof
tessriit susos 05 -tugs 5is nsues-
sairy ts start w' a eretryes
Smsiths has tests stsaile to in lut i
thbse toas. Se susishesan tisetinte-es--tdl
o call out hum t Shisofses i ttiiee-
'sity Ball or further paricus.s
Noted Japanese Scholar Will Close
S. L. A. Season June 12.
"C'ommuercial situ Vuhtieatiituil hFe-
tres sit Or GociuSNeigihbotrhood"ih'is
the subtjecltuofts-esasddressts heteis-
eredl Sy Rai srsus ogoest ''sthisim- it
lenil Japantese amatuissdrtos s' te
Unttited Sisses, Ssaturdasys-e ening.Jsue
htlrot 'raskahiits is swtis-knownus ithi
counitry auth its masny sothers smtierss
wshere Se has serveds the is'kado~sl, asa
dilomats andst sutsatesmansisof retmarkabshle-
gifts suitSwidele sxperience. Se is a iriu
adveocate of the necesiy f close friend-h
stil tswsseens te sutire uf japiniand
te Uitedl States, Seess-of Se suit
ttual goodi is to e erivedsbyisohuc sais'
its te uussissceso sf this-prsetit uaipct
reslatiss. Stis adsihesa tuu i"Commteiail
sath SitEductional PS eaites'sof (isisGoodu
Ne'ighborithoodui" ill atratitsts enstu-sionsitu t
suits fromithSluivieriy itoly luts ahso
frostm te pres-sasf tu'e ussts'.His
speaks asoa reeogssuo SIssntorsi ,sudIi
addhuresssseoussst s- o otnt is si-esst.
Sincesuumanys iuso ti os sek is
diffesent psarts ouS us-sssntryyarli tai
udarus toit Amtbasssador ss'rakhliraihiluts fss
sacipted,. Slit-offiierssof thess-Studets'
Lecture ss~ocittituti oissiter ulhemtteltco
titlst fortunuateisnits intg this famuus
tilomassstlfuserte last ssumberissof Ithes
vear'sS.51,. i. tprogramit. It s sa pos-s
fseSsscommandustof teis Eglishlanuae
tus h isessu t ites Susillshis sabiio as
publiic speakisusres-sa iremaSrkasleuat-
'hSit . 1. . boardsussethsntsls a cordit
invsitautito te tu-iesils ty ityyito al-
tesdts tlast addrsess, tutudisionufie
be-lng chasge(].Th'tho sles f S. .. i.
5saontticket-ssill he istsildtou-stheis-i
resgularsuesats, ut ustSuo'clock sltvacasti
seauits 'iisversity-hasll aill isa- thrownu
ipnts the geteris-i- it .Teaccrs
stilthisgist promtlyt tuhs i.
Site tielsst ttus' Iis )--year te jtnior
enineisses sitasclass gustougs-uer Toe
day -night, tse useOscca s isgacs s~
banuet st Su theUnon iotiu sityo
msembses of te cassoaousthrlee fctitt
miembises Profts. Wuiliamsts, Tle n
Bfutts, satteded. ititlliasuutnIt stit d
is toastmaster iandticlstd fis tosass
frsom seachftefai- tcutys sitsesitS use
rut anitSlst-sfroitsse-s-uS f theus-su
'ltirty-fives cools sere retreseteu
receentlyast a tuuiserscholasi mseet it
lisoitri university.
Thse hoor sysiemasits examsinatsionus is
to Se intreodluced its all classsss at Wtiliamus
and Mary college sehere itSha sbects
sccessfully used its somse classes foe
mnsy years.

Plaits for Minsnesota's nese Mets's
Unhiontbilding iseludse a thseatser,halt-
rootm, cafe sealing i,o4, stud billiard
coomsith twelve tables, Thoere wilt
also he prisvate suites anid bathss, as weell
as the regular club rooms.

T'he Charter (trove Plants New
Acorns From Junior Clas For
Next Year's Timber.
'wtyisschatiesembusues f te newly
organizeshonor scieysit Druids re-
ceive uandseltcomsiedtstreetsovtes last
eeig st sa t'banquet heldt in Mack's tea
eoom.Thi '~eesiompanttis 15compsosed et-
tieelsyof s enisrliteraryastuents and
-rsec~etive seniortes of the sane depart-
istrut 1ihcsaists of the brevity of ime
rdthe Consgrstionus of social affair to-
Isrurss th e cloe if te academic year,
is- formalsSsuitSdistinctise cerisuony of
usry wssdispensedl.swithiand the
ivtetes buessame Baruds and Druids ster
Sie dinnsssr tablet.
Thusiusovaiest aken ito hueSlrsu-
aiztioniar ee:S"FSritz" Goodng, "Mo-
-y Shafrthui, ".Normu" Sil, "Jay" Goult,
tKet iAthuuur. 'Scrubbty'lDonovan,
'CusS' ('ully, "Sswed" Good "Stew"
liis tiisk nsitS"Ben''.
Bo stn. Fsltusiu se sitona-
heredl ts inteipis- stsSterttiesse00
lso.te SDruidsspaseSthe policy
f selectinug simsiar proptortiosusf afrta-
ifter a coaruse dinnuser, mokisg was
issurer lewhiile-"Suit" i'rstsiackr p5re-
sideinIthIis smosst genialsImsanuer during
Siu oastor 555tsi f thie sessions. Jamues
KI. 5.5.sstluu sssas-ua-duponssuuadhre-
lutstles u lit w it hesomeiaic eeto both
liOrea iStes uDuisNext its order was
lii exte-meliy .apropo5 stlk by Prof.
iAthlusr itross. stsier uhonoray SDruid,
tit hiDrutiism." 'TirsiteelshswoutldSe
deseingofsriouscstidueratoni not
only of the esslitersary orgaizatiosn,
!)tit of every undssegaduate club. Fuse
ts S Ovauss Normanus u Sill gssciously 's-
hnwedtie reerntly acuiiredsh ooer
an ldgedthSie earnsest supporust of 9i
us Sthesureuastionssof swSat is bounsd to
us-om s ontsise 1of NIichigsan's mostussrepre-
wttcsoutsall bodies.
"Driuis" wasorgized 1s'Sii inte srig
'W a bodyti of meity-icalSy rereseta-
ito of tSliceloss f to. Its professedl
tsterios1 its' te evlopmens-st f riesnd-
;hi asoiaio sssmonsg its msesibers
situ Sthseusrosotiots of cass sndui vser-
sit sp5ir5itsn eery phasse 5f esollege
his Stc. Inte literasry sdearmuen
thi--tewusbSosns lubtha i~lledtevor ti-su-
1151y a5 position tsmlus tstir tatakenb Iy
iutus monsstug engiuers and fara
Thts namute is indsictie of thar whole
fab ric of sorga-siztont which through-
mts retaisi theSlur'sutEnglish atmosphere.
hissoffiers of Se cartrer "grove" fial-
suit:- itrch Drid.SJohin 'T. Kerruy;5
'fstsscit, Juthis F. iW~ur; HIoarsder, P. A
It-iv. Inhis stisonstohise inr diidual
tiice hosles, thusre rxiss assmosg Druiss
suatexecuiv e commitustier ksnown as the
Association Board Elects Members
and Discusses Constitution.
Fore thus' purposse 5f lectifg semsblers
us she boardeutits cV__ro f athletic or-
sanihueonlie SitheSurAthletic
aussciationsumsts edy aternoon.
Rlh T. Sases, ose, was elected its
ilsuer f Harsry E. Pstrick, 'ogn, asd
Iersy A.IfBunieschtu 'i,was re-elected
fuse 5oo-o
S'The prtiposesd constsituion sas dis-
cussesd andtpart f it gosne over its de-
till NutS alt of the maembers serr pres-
eni aloshno otther busiess of importance
wats trantsatced.
Anthesitrn meetisng will Se held in a
lew a-sys, swhesn definite adtien will e

s alts-u regarduinug she constitustion.
1 Sixtyothareetorts reported for spring
football practise at Williams college.,

Cit.sixenV S.BouctHgR.
isch scongrtuilationt Sy isis frendus out
te Caiiis , i e hs tutmbher sutlteme
us-hits w im
In usl ad ii to hbeing a notalesotis-
detso the extenut of we-asring saPhi
Ntta Kappatsikey, IfBsucher luss fur tour
sesarsbhis-s-tivin tsall fielsof campttus
ateivities.Ile is assemersohuof 'NI ichi-
S heu, Duidts, Spihinx, andh slays ini the
Suandi ulusts hutthuracivities softhw
NMichsigansU ionu, especsially its the1
itosunty Utile of last year, he has bhen
a prominetiSgure.


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