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May 21, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-21

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The Mlichigan Dai
\\\ f>(iR . I ICIIG.\\, I IDV\I, Mf \Y 21r, 1909(X.).

VjOI L iX.

No. I66.

Varsity Gets to Lien for Four-
teen Safe Hits and Wins Elas-
ily From Beloit.
Mlichipa aile o ae d8n11p8 (f
tillthe(1 8rl ((81psoffeed l (the1r
((((8wit lelItnd81consequently88884on1ly
score a 11casl sip uns o 1 r opp'-
(l8888 81 . Il1 ti 18(1 ti ing (cet ti
einhth. he last 1ill 1(rhe 8S0I (8(888e
were((it(1at, at1(lea(st two n1c((1 1ea11(8
lust( ease( andin narlyever(cas m(r
.91 lc( )It second and third11' ((' efore1
the side(was1retired
At (hat (il( P m n 1118 188(111d18
cd the hall iwith 1-cat 1(1 ((8(1111n
the ;n(t11 a ota o 'fo rten I ((8(1
((11 1h ilo1 pcncn1 c ild ( Illy 11..i 1
((98hree 1r(1 Par'sIwl.81n. ((l(l\'
,l'1(1-1h, 1"c,1111()
Ill ;ld it ion o pit ((n- 1a nlsl'

t 18(181(8811 so11(1 l(1DR.A L T D S~
(1his 1 1 1111(1818 l . a d1 hs11 11(1(5iir \ iAcrl tei as tli_ I te I --J-- _ _ b- _ J_ LIO-

his' ci c 118 l l C 1 8,88 (8L1811 III18(1
eighth (tie lic1I(1(.1 (11(818w ('118retie
and '11 h((iting(thefirst hal pitched
lca uc a1 th t 11 aioll }- hl(1 1(1181 ((1 11(
higher11circl 111.1'1i1e 8 81.81(1(1e 111188(1(1(
the8 hall(8(111 1is8arm1 and11( (1(818(8

Men of the Senior L iterary Class
Hear Notable Address at Their
Last Banquet.
seirlit ('las8s1han11ct1. P(11(11(1(1Ja((((('
(((8 to T'1(1((11(1811 9Arthur J.\Abot's
tost "Our(1(P(resident81(1((11the18De8(111Of

eel his pleasant1(1relations8 with(1 t1e8 class
of1(11' a(s1(81hol''Na'((w1(18in''(('(11(
an1(1stu11e(1ts.111811(811(1. K9 1(1(1 v




Ioh s i;..'
-;1m(1 1. 1....
r111 ss..
8 1l( t 11.
1 (8('I 1 (1(rt..1

I I.4 4 [ 18(o

c a1'

1 l'
I" .
1 t'

1A m"'1r.11
T o 1(1'cs 111(1sc rin, tr n
the tp ofthe ong. snllvan (pene
Ili it h 11a1 1ingle(1( to( right,1 11((8' (('(fo(1
(((11(1(8 91ne9through(hot,(Runta
l catwit buit, ad wih thee 1ich 1o
1 a nd (1(8e18(98-n(((athers((singled.
short, and '11881 11( retird 11the1(1We

)tt-1 >y I ar,1 7;11 y1 .,C) - S o
.'i1f1' 1 -- :_- I'((11 ( - I 1(11
(((11(11 I1l((8C1
Team IDefeats Both Syracuse and
Hamilton by 6f.0 Scores.
Syracu 9(1(8(188 :(.(L ((811.Ii11 ;U)'
)(1(1(1(1(18(1ense(11 (1(111(111.1(1(81a1-
I 8h ( scores werc (s(1(1Mows : 1Pric (91)
,.s (8 1 1 n ( S ). (1. 62 hart
S 1 19 ( v s .8 P oL te r ( 9 ) , - . )9 . y e
;hafrth (.\I )VS. homp on nd Por
ter S) (6-. 6- (9(1 88ndI 9n(81n)
vs. 1-o lt (8(1(Col4 (S ( 7((8(11(1(
(8-(1. b
-cores1: Price(1111(1 ttla
1, - h fr t I VS1o ki

4 t111

11 o (Inai great Ines(18 hc8(1 yon RIVALS DEBATE FOR CUP
irs endling with the i''renne hve
Ill an (Il' imp tt4artin my (if1111 90 Adelphi and Websters. Hold Twelftth
11 ocurre in 18941In 1 o lW8s (up Debate AMonda.
In 1(1(1 (((l m( '8 in1 no11)1(11 si(8' 4'1.'nig'', Nla - 141 9(11-1(11(1
'1 aspei dent of te' universty1 takes at d( Webser de(1 tig(111(1 ilSclash
.'e in the finals of the twelfth ann1ual (-till ('1(1
just ixty year wil( hav1 pased dl at. J.A(Plc(( l.'C8 8 (8'c
:t om srccth tme lftco - . It 1.14((eck( ((( l's(1 eak 4for884t(1
heir> 1(8(1 (1(11m 8(1(18 (ldlph. m 1 ((4 11(1 14(1(.1I(.((((11
si} I1il n o9 (((1eo(1-1 d C t Y laa wilrllecn h
- 8It) 1(1n(M(n(1(8 hen4 of4 what col- 48 nI S11(11(1 ((1(1 Mr.1 ( )' ar( aks1h
crc then(((from1'whi( it(is 1now.(1The 4(111 (1p1 o h li otst hc
I ((and (4(8 ((18(1 Seem111r((1.41 to 8(a(1(11o((((11(8 of4 th ''''41.'8 (1(1(1 l
t. 1 (1(4(At1(( 4-(1(48 IlJSc aso h d. M eg c Ial L asfal(, , o he (lcju tc
1((1(111(1 tm . 444(' 5(1Detr'(8 o1(4 t. (almni. It 414(is t (1(e con
18 played baseball Ian (8m4(4444 in88 ud41(14 i91 twenty1 ammal((81at41( Ih
(( 1,r old ((1 fo m .1The8 thee w re n soi4411.'ng te (reatst n('r8'

D)etroit Ceintral and Muskegon
Are Expected to Run Close for
First Honors.
.\lipg<n . (Inina, (((I is and W\iscoll-1
91 ich11n l 88(a1 148118 (((1181iemee.'T'ie 4181.1
.,vnt((f he(eetwill((4(e rtin111off Iat
2:3 11(1(1, and(1th1e 8ve1ts 4811111f(1(11
'18( ou11er8as8 rapi(dly as8is possible1.
We11(1111(141 even1ng,1'. aiNnerPFinzpat-
111 ac.i4 he81 e ann1d41 gave419814t hem (hor-
('8(4(4wwil b ti ll 8alineten 18n-ly
'ca m In 1889 181411.1 the field, 111
WC ut he"oficials ,'an1d((he 8(o1t(stan1t(
)II \((ill1(81(1(14 (1 1(si(11 (t1. 8ga18.,'(his
'Vill ll8ak1 it jwssi1le1to1eliminate1I(iu1h
>f 44(84 (1 4(4 14tat1has ben 18e8e11
1n (8814,a1 increase ofseentee1(n
7\ (((1tilt, membe entere1181s48118. 1t
Im -l ((1884 (( that 1 all1 I41881.' 8818
(n lpIl 88e1no 11h1(441swerth ce4l111
nllcIs' ('1 Inlet'1 particularl(y' 4nt4r14(t4(11-.
\htst )fthe ev nts wil c ntill 1(48 11111-
( )f crak h '4(8s4(ol 811hetesIa-
cm41(8(1(1 141(they(will1fur1ish(In-
(((((Ic ,111 fl nI(((4(11 14188' W is.1(1ve,

to 111)(1 ll 11oul. 11ter 4l1fe te .s 881188
4414 (((-111l114(41that (i(1futue 4(ear
1(1(1l11oo 81it 1(elig t 4(po11(1 (
1 ia t o l n dI I f r i 1 n d( h i ps1'' h( c h1 1 o u
\V(1~ 184 rther(14(ouching( ((a(8d14(1111o-
in future '1'8'8 as (one of the 8os1 (he
an(4wor (4(1.8144ectons of th
four 41)1(14 ntby he1itea1ysenor
of.1(o11(1the (8114 (((11of 11chi4(al1
((is1 (48(41(1r .41(11 (1 ((l 4(8(1 (11(4(1m 4188-
withIr((4( 44444(18888(1 d1ligh1fu8(411'
(((m 1(8 .41 y, ( (4(4(181(8thi s 118s ((1(49p 1(al
88-14(4 4(81.'s1(18(188'n(ell11R8lph11.1
1(I((d(alt1with t(('44st(r'11f4th(((las
(41444' 8cgim 41(1 gi41111(1.8(8 in
(a(((dot 1-411(18d1 98188s1days (with8the(r

Decoration D~ay will be Celebrated
Monday, May 31.
(I1.'(('l8( Angell-1 (( s ( ann4(14(8881(
8118 , la ;r ilheahlda na
depha ((48ents (4of (the 4(university.I)oa
tio day 81a18(1(1(4148 day this44( ar
1.81.1(1111 hol(d'y('18)' e('(8 1(11(8 1
1(8d 11a 118y(81..(41 1,( 8((
haippyl (((a1 it( 81.1 (((11(1(1814o .14mun1(1(1
'111 81111(48' ((11(1(41l?

r~tlsh{ id Ile Lble o 811(8 seo i. 1111
((((1(41 848(1 (14(1nd (1s8 ral8u((l(24
.1o(1s1t ()f ilb n d u ti 81th'
i>a 4(ac 11 1 111 1tm ((41. ((8 1(84
'1N, 1o, (1(41.Cntra 8nd1( )1. 91. S., 1(he
'(4(1( 4t(('14(1 (('4(1414 ( heK meet. '1h1(s
,yea (8he(Cent1(14l4team44wil(1 he strongly
Iscl NI' 4(1-99In'''whicon'eam 1dec111
1(1.4to(enter 4t4he. (1olver(ieg nict14188''
:r11- oda an toorrw-.The11ns-1
_ van11 1-1(8 i si obeal t oi
9141 ((11.8(111 1 9of icigan 0(nion1
at(i(84a.(11141Pro(1o1(d1 amendmentIsito

It will be mpossble to obtain anyannual after these acre sold.

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