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October 17, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-17

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The Mkichigan Daily

No. i1"7.

vot,. XIX.

SC U Z IN L N UP; Frank Ayres and Morrison Shafroth
will contend for the championship.
H~flQT DQ UAD PII res w on the right to play Shafroth by
UUOOSIERS ~ J~I vesrday. Thomipsont played a lpretty
- gamei, placing aecurately and returning
New Men Greatly Strengthen man seemnglyni imotsstile shots, but
Varsty'sDefese-Yst Cn-\ytes Serv ice an(d strokes held iin in
Varsty Defns Yostry Con ood steal. The sets were, 6-4, it-to,
fidet ofVictry 'ntl 6-4, aitd as the scote indihcatis seee
hottly contestedl Thomapsona deserves
ittoil 5r,'i C t I siteg"eat credit ifor tlaig Ayr es so closely,
ichigan Notire 1)me att s Ay res wa s eonnedeti ait excellent
oles...... l" t ....13rhik ehttiee tori tn ltts stat tto the fials
Cas......... F....sEdards hiandils, ad he ttt s ased t to wiin
l~nan..... 'tat ......Paitne the touritamtent. Shafroth, hosweser, lass
Schutlz......C...... N\itller ptlayetd a iagnifieent game dutritg the
Crmakr.. 1.G ..........K Ielley onanintt haiang dipsedl of hoth
17nboo......R.. ....imrtickteh idiul andt Aintesoiniistrithlt sets.
isttanc..... Ifh t Vi no.W0dThe f inal mai tch shldt prose to tie close,
\\asionil... Q.B.., I . 11insmilto t. anil iteresting" to wa tehi
Dogls ..... . I. .Dwtyer Iii lie secndn c lass tottamttent
Ateedice Is ..It ....Rite] Thiomipsn showeitd ni to bsetter e tat
1)aisn..... .F .....Vatiihani ilg an sNon hits wa inato the fital bs
Gaine 55rt, 3 .m Isis lee idefeating Badeli 6-T, 4-,6T 1 1i
Hogln. PitoI nli . are. Siar atc was te i ctiiltise titi tio, atid almost
bucek, Cotrnell. I aetd tile lKilptick, every g'ate in lie lat set wet iitat deuiie.

W\iseo in. headi liiiismant Eldter, Pennt
Stte. Timeoi avs,,mnts
Ntre Datiti is here, ad te firstbi
footatll gamae ifthle season, so tar as
tMichig'anaisilotleaiis a- h iand. Thli
Caoic arivd itu a tarbr vser-
Ia teroo til verit the ician Ce-
to atd itedilately do e ltathelas foot-
baltg ln eant to Ferrfielet fioa a
ittactie and1l at t conion id -Ithey
ierefttl o alitr gmallmt an l lhath
lws satife tor' lalot -te p it laer toa
iei herslt taty. itas'- i
th Vlltg a l lt i h,"btw
hae as tt elen mand toteittao sitd
1111' lcem1'amlI taieal
Ilte feelig otf glottlil that1 tas ovesr-
spea te ~iip5 for te pist fews
lays teS partiallymdispelledl yesterday
\\]eli as aitntunced 'thiat Captlaini
Schiat, I tatistt andaa Ci'iiaiit'ei wrould
proabslyle lit the ilsarisaty laint toay1
forthe ii rst ims thi'is saon Ietan yet
it ist certaIsin 11haaat Schultand tavtison111
weill het allowed11 tat play bti iiheat lie
anueda'15 hiis proabl lieu laa ast nto a
Coc list wa so ;anlillill ali t tea est
prset t i at ame tlas tails'nas'
itstt 11 these i~ t ai the tilt, Sthne
chttacils Ill a Wolvetit a itory ha ve t
inr as wondetflldwt Scthutll
fia-tgue lit th a isits ftw'iil ioa
sistenittyains5 toat'llow, the toa Isasole,
ulsthaytur th t111rlsaick oni t flse
tatlos of lttataj t i lie ski eaittl
houtat twill tof courlse se1rtiosly Ianiciap
thl as' srity in lie Itacfeldi lthoitagh
Davisotn, with ata atraiflls mra te e terc
tat e:s job, trill probblyll Io fally at
gatodl is-tik tas1 Vilainls, bti thte litter'
te's'c sits swtatedi tat lie, waIhichl
teill liavei to suffer alrdnly.
]iIit thofals c1hoitseln ftta todaly's gamte
w lay'ers '1d sitadentis stall Ihuse an op~por-
titt see fou11 mentuh irare thor-
tglly searsedal the Ils'amte, aiid froms
his paointh atf sveti if fto nto oilier, the
gam silll be aucss. Ralpht Hnoig-
ad fPrinc eton, wel1 knaowni throtugh-
mul lie coutrattts tant of the btest offi-
ciatls in this butsiness, trill hire echarge
of lie game, 'tetig' 'ts referee, whlile the
othear ptioanas swall lie hield by tn les
tiersotaages Ithat Stairiatk, of Corntell,
Kilpiatriek, taf Witsconisin, aintl Elder, of
Ptenni Stae hegm will btegin
tiromtly 'it '2:30 antid there trill lie no
retsert'ed seats, ev erything gaing at gen-
taul admnissiontatt thle treguart price, fifty
'lyNtrit 'ORneaNsl"N'r EN1DS inDAY.
'The alniatal fill letatit tournament
trill lie cotnelutded this morning at 9
mclocek ont the tvarsity courts, whet-

Slaymiaker ad''hompaatson weill prabt'lyl
prove to tie at excellent:in.a ly
maktler latewtnsai'is a tch111tra thets a
hiandtily, tad 11 ttapsat isplayingiI"
gooid fot.a stwis iltdieatealbylit'tameoIs
aiglaist Ayrs i the lseifials ofItlas
first clas
andi s51cint lalss 1t1o1rnailieits, adthela
stdents art' 1111 welcoetttet wtne11s1wlat
shiotildi lteabotasissfast tis as11 1'IMi
bteenatyda hereItais' yar
'iles-frish litlieldtirasin iitilfot-
hall wtorkota of the seaontyserali
asfternaaoon, ltentiy'ime'ni turnaintg ott
Regular pte eswtill stlart Slotill It fea
110011 oil SothlFerryfiteld, adititis
explectedl that fotiathlletes it-all lae 011
eleced fair aotrher steels.
Foiest fies lit ragilt I till in thei
'ppeattp enio lustliiir 'at hemin
ters- isto oliaroas~py, ai l~tat
Coiolep sesturayitaftrnoon.t "5'e were
ini tele'ph~one coriaa iaaatcitna tia thsole
of tatr mac th1111n1tlo11111-' ,btilIt
la' etthenst nsai."
''"A t oit the treii w alit tail lie aaai-
versity inroper ilty.mittrf.hutnslas
aight. "Whiere-iiit t isnwNe doat Ikhittwt
Presienit 'Agell'11111seittall mem-1
las'otf till faciupty ittti-el ingtll-
a1 visit ta thelaws cmpieu 111itre compe15lledi
tgive C itti ir ait oni aciut of tafhla
firs-s. hais expclaes thtittheytillta1-'a
later' tihenatnti iitll has contsttillred tfo
estishiing I atooittalistititnatiltise
grtatis if tile stili is stilttills
Presidetit Aingell headedite rcceirutag
lite lattell-litipraivetdttlie otie tfthe
msost suaccessfatl if tihe atataial ineetittgs
of theCliialiittssoitioni,twhichi sas
gil-enlalst iaht at Netwblerry H-ail.
Coffee 1111dIVafetrsowcrc serredi. Fiscser'S
orchsestrsfaritishaedititiaic duiring the
erening."' NewbietrryHfll twalpsicketd
Io its itmioit capaCiiltty,'iaidistomebttody
tSuth, a"'asgymatsiumofor text vear"
Accirdent iiutmbier too happened yet-
Sterdiay a the new i emorial hoilding.
'Aiugost Waittet, a worhunusiin the eat-
pioy of Koch briothers, fell twenty-five
'feel wite cairryttng a torifitll of tricks.
is head ltruicka steel gierder lyitig ott
rte ist floorcasitg severe. injuries.
Falintg p1les lstrcktile mnand it it
itiouttthlimt lie is injuredtinitertially.
Tietwas tsketn a1 once Intot(getieral

kuthority of Student Council InL
Student Affairs Unusd-Rush'
Night an Example. m
Setea qerieast he.eehenamcircuatiung
iond111 this acamus recentily, occasiotede
py tievtoned oiutcomes of lie aitnualy
iuh s to jutit what1 postioum the Si-
eit Coutncil 15istthodinnitt vtatersityC
ctvtc thser.Oe tf themem-
ets f tie C ounctil sias ittereedt
yestedaythe sbs 1cC of the coloqay
epretenttie stmdet lioay to tie fac-t
Lill n toaclt1as te tdirect otntectioa
etsen Iaclet ail stdents
Ih lieaItelthiatie an tatitis entits-t
aisseud frontateotlege fotstioatgaity r
meiaeal d ithtic azing, cii" dsthaut leitn
Hu tchintlswarntediitie stitdents tf te
site deplatenttoIIrfrin 11frosm sartk-
in, itt this'rush a't'alili-ias tetdedIo pall
hs Countacil itt 5acli atpoiton.Thla Iis
boahatl ote tisausiaintir eiitsiauspimces,
all. fi0111llithatt coumtl e gtthed,
hasat te smnct in atd hackingtlof the
hitstils Hliaiethesqueshtionputt itsone1
oft thi stut ipaominentcut utdtergauatles
inscl,"Halit-this Coutttlsanyitpreal
athortitsle a hke sit-itge of putteliissu-
tlet afftatrsIs at lives to thits purpose
ol is cre uatn-ioiait-s a intk etseels
Situ ad alictistnd epesenctiihits
fsirtier t thishlate?
l ta'ghutt ail cnifrontedaieethmthistues-
dtan amtttedth iiathe Coutnciit-s in
that ataneuhtuis postioun of buetng dee-
gtedl cranuncltuihotssuct as Lie
regu'atio o~uma f stutaentinttutihonuts, et
urhenia'I tiotis stutonarits155s int
lerieuttedl t atel ttits 0owth resposi-
blty.'s'has cassstas paesettedto haia
,f a fresha laiw si-maeatCinato te rhus,
ansmtim-ultu earmamttethup tie faculy,
hld oni till 11amiiiu1115ath aumiedly
anerCouniel suptervsistn.thlititiiala
was ait thi sasume tuselale to udittmissal
fromuthisi deimatmentif lie Itaraicimaed
in this Iusih. '15oudthe (Countciae
satu siles anathe mmaleu It-ll?
Thei Studsenti C ouclsenumorgnizied
three t'ears 'ugotswas ciet ed to fil i
wont iniv umerst life Sice timt time
itshensuetjiect tolote diseussiton
ta anytt-orgaiaisonm ounthis c ampus.
SI thus hsegininglof aufsother year a
ntulintieeltsateakeued illit atd
muanytiuires ate tade at to whteiiis
t hu etihel Itomuathe studet'uts Iepre-
settivs.e S-lre Ithan ontithtits fllthe
ituesioha eetatheatdi"s theusn 11-
cil alilt'?"
Thitsopp~ortutay offered o comine
stusvtn the Schooal of Music wills liter-
ry wsorkIhas tdraset n iy t AnneitAror.
Sintsc ceit lass beenu gileat ittthe lier-
ry deciartett for workc uone in tie
Schosol OfMs'iscletheumbler of sudenmts
iwto talesavatage of thimi offer at
contantlyip ncressed. At presett oe-
lhimito the lmiusucal studeumts are alo
regist eel1i1tieeaniversiy.
Reiotrs frmthtt ie School of Music
proumise a prosperots year. "'o (lae
the registrsaonm exceedi tat of a t year
up tell per centir aid Secreary Sink,
"ad pupis entertig tie second semeter
shomulidibrimstie total tip o 450" Each
yea has rouught a higher clas of mtsi-
calls11111 thus school now icludes nany
whou itass suiueduulithiler cotserva-

Rehtearsals of time Chuoral Unionm hare
cetommetnced. Anp' old menmhers whto
wish to retain their places are reqtuested
ho appear at the next regutlar reheartal
Tuesuday night. Excellent mthaerial hat
shoswnamp aniu a well-balaneed-.echorot
it expected.

Tomaorrows morasling 'The Dilyuh-sill
tegii tie pubhlicaiont sf a i-page Suit-
lay edition. Abmout a yer stomah
Daiy atenmped a fourpage' sppllemaet
tl owing to adiffcuties isaumutthilt-
rt tue tume wa fareeto hudisconuiuae
. 'lie present inunosaion sa im e a-
ure of a comprotmiseatd bin111g lii-
foreseents otaclesliestixpage Sundayhu
editionm till cotiueu thirouaghoutamth11am
IThe faut isseue of tie elumtnusmors
this ye-lar ilitsetut mashtIseel.Ser-n
ty 55WiftetdSitass f tie SAmaruassn-
iao mahethils anunacemnster
dat afternoon.Ati Smontg otiertlit atigs
hie isse wi l coitalisethesofRr
getnt Osbornerail'sdeSect camp Smihanda
sum rtice b imp s'1lus rIehnmce RkeI o
ThimstaNwsitAhiletc IFel"T1hllama
wil also be an accusout ofinlu hits'cas
ants catmpuat IBogardhus
1111 firtsi ses u fthe at wisRetiel
twl appeathetimelst weiCCn umNovmbeamritta
A. tnubet of intmerestiartils-shmust'
heesu puepateudforthis'amnmg themumome
by hisn its l~liamnPRogersuf tie Cii-
cunntuuual sc shool nna"Ihi tReovery
of '1otnep Pail UdetIu'Slsh t'of tsaw.'',
a151 onte by Chalu-res Suuumet Cancp,intl
Inditsnmapolis out"ThaTrhe at '1Msakig
Potter vs-s Stale Rights"Imurm articles
deaittg switcontinauanctn an ttsagemeti
of fraodulenth drecos of cotpotiostii,
situ oiler siecal ases triltapeatde
"Notes and Commntemts" aul tir--fise
recenttihmportantl aecsion s wll he note
autuder "Decisiouns" A. ists 1(epartmntI
has een addeed n tie furmfautft oisal
induex of curretirlegal htsiamiceecoerung
all recent twritig-.
Febiruary' i is theumsuasl rate farthe
aippearance of tie eninee igim n
annutalaithiseehnic smith S C Wig--
gise thisears edaibis esetunhg to
get it oipres-s out tist.mArtclshav
beena pr onmised ubhutPuam. C I.hie marsla
out ElecicuTr action," II C I utchims.
of Newt Sork ona"Subay CnsmutIrim-
tionu,"ahd hyF A.SaSgerf Chlisago,
on the St Cair tunneluash.1Pirt Huton.t
fle ueituhc aton till proallcontiin
-ll about astue or en uartcits
hutlhue witilthlie begnntuig of wortr:
ontthe oiler ipulicatutmnse thus'1Michga
esisaita ediatrs havestartedsin Ilgs mes
ing foe le senioranuualii lucdaahullp-
thiey are askitg eeryblony suwit lyamp-u
istic abiity', a eiuunilf hutmsorr01phto
graphic heat, thut muli ntpatilerrsuts'
at the .iciigatetsisuu utiue ii thur Press
bmuidig, imtumediuatey, uandinhuman shama
Chrnistumuas tde.o in auuats el f irei-
mtusshae eetsplan-ined ifir tie ammal
Insteadl of the seniorat icureum s lbeing
prittedlits half-outs hraterfisuegneted
emts will he usnd. Tie fronttsitece sil
probalyip te a stel photoagraiure,
andtnhe inig itill itobasblyhbef stft
sheep eather. A meetinga( oi1the editial
associates si-ll behueIedin htie n-irha-
Deatn Jordan's second nanuaul csss re-
ceptionm tatsei yesternday afternoon art
Barbour gymnnasium. Mr. Johnam (.
-Reed assisted Mrs. Jordan i receising.
'Ike hosiness affair of tie cass of 'it
were briefly tdiseussed ath a committile
o take charge of the anial feshmuma
spread tes appointenas flhlhows: Vera
Polaski Grace Bllu, Grace Jones, Mmr-
iota Walker Adele Burnuhamai, Ruduy Ee-
mistertBeulat VWhitey, Ada Diteh,

Hielent Jaynue, Feda 'Morse, iMiliccuat
Karr, Annie Wilson, Ina Pox, Glsadys
Pierson, Marion Prais, Pleetra tamh,
- Louise Htolland. Miss Dietezsias aip-
Spoinated to look after thte sophoumore
girls' subscription for the new athletic
field. Refreshnments and d~uhanig closedi
the affair.

-We'll Win," Said Murfin, "But
Win or Lose We Cheer Our
Esverybtaetheiit faiths inithe arsity
quth mlarhmiii teloohaed tat hilt veins,
felt hus imier hals tnlaugh enUniversity
Hul rsus ndmmaedulalst tauht to the mot
vgru Mitchia'y--sle-intlhere hum
hrt.dedl insttiuatonmas sgivenm o
te senttlthustlcauiencmueiby tie appear-
mneofte ammeteraggregationm from
Saire Daute.Theyp fullipappreciaed
haril' thi am pat1 dmimumaeiately 'In-
matsi sutith "!,o .'." Under
ham heamasashitptof 3 aoe.illy tieMici-
gan roterslesho e mttil hulotw."
1.mAss:Madonal introduitced Floyd
Oldthe otlwhomse sriksing blowssdrove
mamals"T h Footblall Situaion."
J. O.Si\Mrta, f Dtiteh ~e pncuipal
sham ofI the estithaag helietpe-
slt at ir. '1maci's ws-inis erch sar-
limiit - ham-havolattmge arge f aternat-
Steo manmm ps for persnmual gala. I's
aim famma tommloi tugs ererpy tanytill 'Turkey
rlalm bm has'hste'rudauI thasite ielfor
mmmii mt' 'hum'ri-iea'lardufIriasnl Mihi-
gamni paymer s is tmlhe oalisuppohrut of thb
s-mtre saumalt mat e.n No grNat nster re--
tani ttwe thisetiret ceng section
risetp in ti pproba1111ttin allthe pla'"
Si rG s'miia idatthhis'tahal teaum ian
nte mamayh "'1 sts sornutgimiahinte" but
'11 ihigsa'svamasupyIfiotbllahiteaam.Mr.
'11rmin cs edss his situarks by wishing
lime' teama hmickintam lime thIis after-
noon The)pmtforMat finhlat folow-
edaimad hwtwll has hadiicovereduhii
Sftur it a .mof \L"pll an a "loco-
ushkc am h ath motualthe.sa Notrem ue peo-
tl it -m p mandtakehhnmuticetutu'hie ad
strucmup Mil lte ichn IFmals-a-.''Right
eei u h m to e sill thatthehbad
wa eyalithu sthe it uautionanamulits
mu11sitcIfamed11tailsoiliss oethttusiasm
titbae th at jotutubtuumadne is
it ahpearance alI I a imassmeig ral
snchak tall situaco u tleofetores
atritgnermityel-l sit "We wsantuore.
tChit's'ccesis asuedama
Whlen Coachmlach-et-onflthis-visitosnswas
aprahim-ith asti tat hae-sias higlyp
h-mss-hdt-aim1 tu ithsmassthng'anatalthat
tlma sirt muas omet lids ti hatarcuhtus.
Ilimt none f thI lme vistoras tritalnsay that
thainr' Itas ttmreshairi pe iesonimtian
muts shtowmnuat thimb'ntenth ala ass metaing
whticha sms hesdhut'NoSmte Diame ias
'hgtt. '11111wereseilly iplese-dlat
th aetse '? IN.D. selas gien
hay theS-ichiagarooters. lie sid that
wras the Iikintl thinuhua ut pronoted
trinte aurcollegiaute spirit of tie right
Te sitatioin is just as Mr. Mrfin
statueatit. "We sswasttobaasholurtaecritics
thast, wuin o01ltes Sithian mspirit is
suit-sups if thukdt h albat chees Yost's
mesonEvemama.1s an wuans ts to he on
hamdmtoay with hla is yell nud tiedeter-
mhhinatu at attn it 'iWe're going to
wfill l CS NSh~i
Repiulians wctre tut us futl force at
the-rmrallyipllst uniht.J OiMufin, who
cheereduontutu othu- bauulliteamsahr Unier-
sip-yIHal wsu se aker of the even-
hig lie udevorteudhisatimematrly to a
brnief reviewr f Jushge Tft's position out
thitu ncion qtlustion.
'i'he eser present phtographe was
mut li-ttud 'authsht tie deotees of the
'grstan hl aty"so the enuibe col-

Isect-dtiha sseries of 'haft: claus pictures
IAt rtse mneat maccling it is expected
hthast Senator-arBevrnidlge will speak.

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