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May 18, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-05-18

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G. H. Wild Comfpany
Have received a large line of
woolens for SPRING and SUM-
MER in (Meniom, Light, and Dark
Art Leather) Silver Drab, Grecian
Drab, Light Mole, Royal Gray, and
King's Tan.
We have the Blarney, Hudson,
Comberland, LChester, 0rtent, Pet-
ham, Australia, Cymric, Bullion,
FederalEnmpire, Raeborn, Irish
Boating 4Tweed, sod Landon Wors-
Please come early and have
your Suit reserved.
G. H. Wild Comipally
311 Soulb State Street
Order Yiour
ViS i ti ng

ITIIEi MICliIGiAN DAILY'.teatitutot ome o r'11 I' lse lh'I'Otlts-
BusiinessMatiagetr beett Unproved'tlhatdlthetwhlo ca1s101takets
Jortex F. Wuokz10. art. A 1few, t istrite, 1but1w1e0 Ilicol.
ieryllw llar physcally tila IetoIt 01
)rII ti '.tttor thpsI:t', co tesbi
ets's ...... .. .......Fred B. Gotoding « , ItI 00)0110
Nes's st.)....... .B. McI loglt tlrsP 111 111 11 'ttt l
Ahtletics .......Wilbur It). Illiott1it'ti t Ithe propertIi to t 011n11it
D)roa......... Jobsn'I. Ketnty 111111landItch lt the1 t' 'ottocl4)fOt lt'it
:Mutsic ..........IHollis S. Baker 1 10011 .10 tt hS It st 0 cra
tfchatttges..........Lottis Kraft -il ti s tN no1)t 11) , lassprt o


A I ItIt:. .1 I1STI C. I I

oI'cORIAt, oSeTFF.

Jtttttso t. Wlatkints
Cltarles Gootd
Lee A White
W~alter K. Towers
Daits B. Joies
Rtobert Dtini
SattttelI-1t. iMlorris
G., C. IWillsoti
1F. I,. Stttim Jr.

Mohrrisott Stair.
GS. S. lbast
Fred Lasso
It. A. Miket
S. V. Dal
P l rV. T. Conk
tarry lr[ly



l 11 free ichl;;:tll tipirll

Cutrl 11. (). Atdatt.
C. A1. llowtait Nortatt It. Hil)
Address: MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg..
Maynard Street.
faiiager's Boors: I-Z p. en., 7-8 p. et
daily, except Sunday. Both phone-
1.W1 ttcotso1101 osotG C AittI~o r.I

- - Iotto - 01 1 1 tit) 'tmit cotttis year' wer' ti'c 01
0 Iftt) int etery stay- a'iitho1)11101'artt
Script- - - $ 1.25 Irtettose.cttsomeded for thetc litr
Block -$ 2.0 0,$2.5 0 ma't It ioc~icbtheyfere)handoled an tltc
Old English - $3.00 '.itoVthrtoughot the otsts. Very'00
1 {00Cards trome Mate wttttaoctwttstanillcesini iita 0t1a11 V
7Sc tc t t t he it'btattlte'let list asin
at the IM t fr i o n. 'Iltey Ibrill bckt
Students' Bookstore hsnd lss days. IThcy lire atilt
celct eas fgettig thendt' as
Sh ha"& Co ma a 'utl iterectld) in teo' v
" city a )tcwhol;teyimesroty int tl
Porto Ricaannuies 11,11titteit, btilt is oaltimber otf tile ofttf
hit st It (t tttilt ak itck0ttf nasytiv ottr clios'esiin a gret'0t ttiv'rsitt'. 'ite
in Ih sitt e s;o' $1 , $1f .50 and $2., 10os t tit iititi o t tIdtpt)in tteir ptace tltt
1p 1)id e t 'o c .t t 11 1 Atdtress 11u11versity'. So they lire of tle gireatest
ROU & 51DE to"lll tte oall ttf itsottn) itisi'regrettaiblet'oI
Mayaguez, Porto Rico Box 424 u htw elfre ocmeto

If lm rlm i to 11aimai' its't I lt
\la lastial s t reain its Iop lit1
t~hit I tcc oct llt co e toth0
re tisation 1th tto c ra ta,(elo
S oE 11ltt' gud f ~elobt,;lt'. a111 1111
Wlitth ttoext i f a 1ida 1O01'
0rgrn tIit I the11 adm1ir le Work1 Of
Ilrt WIt I t ol ,vstrs wl a (
11)r 1111111 lit es
Sutreltoco"ith h co) ms np-
in s \it II s list s ci raly 1 tic'fe
itnl t I I lo(ret ti t lt 11itsic I() .1r1s0her
ban t ote M lo al 1 s fe tre.
0 11t .1t tte te0c tttio o ih ell tt "t'tt
it )0 ttttre ' totl ities il s hear IIt 1110 t
s o li t l oo m cit.o .11' 11 11;i c'
11hich1 \\its n i deceths ea-
'e11111 til ot I01111 Ocr ttsl
fitter 1111 Itt t o r t e.\O h ' (f il
,tcooooo't Ic p tlic t Icast1 ninty11 0
ltCntitc fetival su110 r1s111it d~i 11 de-
100111111lfat 11011t il 1amlirs.1il
00)11 it ' ycttt ei)' ft't ' t ls.des 'ec:md tt's
00111)1 ott'lsift heo) rtis'011111' S ic' tto
0'Ittheo.laJoocl & illsst loimn. Slate-
street. val t13\lyFcti-cod

and 111 it I w~~n a
,ca 'inits '''erait~
'Itt 1 01 ill on) t', )h
1:s ncotPrss t." Tholy0p
"io Ititc"1tilg i \ltos tiploo
tlly,; o alt ilcl 0 t e
its p0q111ar d rn h
t'al'l i olotits. i ss el' ie
tract,1 c lo O id tt, It l '0
11 , a e e ' - -l i s
of thc smloll va dev'oeh aft
+) mae Merc I ' N",
II 171c783

E111<;IS lc
'111c 11110aii
t to~i~is

'Vott twill teed them ssoon-
IDitit Pitt off otderintg them
ttttil the ltast mtomtent.
Order Now
andtci wossill tsirety get thtemt
ont ltme.
for oo cards with plate-All
work gttarateedl
University Bookstore

l{);I' 11 Ti'.'l 1
1111)11 I 1l( 11', I'
to 1)1.1 l (111 L 7
1011.1 ctc 0

111 "ott)s (\(;tv anid Secoitd
Hal & froI $1.00to $100.0.II

It , 11 1 ),'

'ptTc t 1 tl 1 I ' l t 'r t ~t171t 1 t i
i~t~ -. ob.lott ItitFRESH SUPPLIES
C dc;i ' I. I' _. c l-ct1c 1l:0e~ w 1 m k l, T I
in l., to' too I \i11* C, li l I'll" \'1' to) riclite as
It '' I'' cl LYNDON
tl: i l lclt1 ' 1' t 1i' '< 79NORITH tUNIVERSITY AVIE.
Strtt '.\~II it l to,:)______________
'pi> to). 1 ',, t\BATLEY & EDMUNDS
S 's110 111 II I Ii1 0 1 21lEASF LIBERTY .-TREEIT
t1( 1 rtc0t,10 I' t1 el1.' _ _l___;;tare,__ __ _
DURING YOUR VACATION , 01 ttt'c ico5' lioi,(lite 190911
If y'0oiu titan t '1011arn - sl tot lSt e) Ito etoot olttcl f to lterie
eithri' overedt''l. ''u 1 tt It 111c1 1" lit tloto oet' 1910 iirk
11 ' . N INI.liN, 111111 1070 t; 'in. Armold
11Wabsl tAe . ('C ' tgto tEWELERi220 S. Main St.


11111}( 'tir7'.
1 1t' f}1.
tt,< ~
ac r:cl i ;c
,>, h < t

1a 1c t.

Office Suop-lies,
Direct from the Manufacturer to Consumer
In order to introduce our line, for a short time only we quote
following prices on high grade goods:
100 Sheets A No. I Carbon Paper $1.19
500 Sheets A No. I Carbon Paper - - - $4.79Anwegt812x 1o81=x13inbuprlorlak
3 Nigh Grade Typewriter Ribbons $,0
2 IDo'z. High (trade Typewrifer Ribbons - $7.00
'io any machine, in prple, Siue or black, copy or record.
Above quotations for delivery throughout United States.
Factory Rebuilt Typewriters
OLIVER, No. 3 lodel, $25 to $35
SMITH PREMIER, No. 2, $25 to $34
REMINGTON, No. 6 and 7, $22 to $36
Underwood and L. C. Smith at reduced prices. All Tyre-
writers sold by us guaranteed for one year.


S G l.T HT



rSpriing sk.its are Iow on. display.
Aiway > c Cright . ir 'at the zright
time. .'s

121 Washington . The Randall Studio, Randall & Pack Props.

Pli ole5

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