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April 28, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-04-28

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rhe NMichigan Da
\\'5, XRPIIIS l 1 --------N---- IN I --- X--l--I----it -


NI .146.

Michigan Runs Up Score of 5to I
Against the Visitors in First
Home Game of Season.
Thoiis Xse lrt'ii's's tii' t at til ~ e'
could 1)aN soil, 1all i liil lct 1 111
'I'mlcd he au~by Woste is isia
team,.ilbut Io e of tilhits countig
st itt 56
Cli, S~cCwd inin st~rle 1'ta l fir 1
iii t;tie hid al it w, l l initI
11111< iI II(' (ii tl 11i1o s a d Ca -
t11act i th alli (I'ii 'iti'il ol thi
Mascrs li o-e st()1d. Ilri o nende
1t111 liiisuit ltbtil
illi'hi i t e tat "-'C io-O
Mien h"N g t a ;Iul~e at he b t it
bil), u'thrs r i lIs emitu1 to 1his lkn
lindsenlst th ft tt it 11 -r1 ililot to il
.,l is ihr' - itggc11111 i lso su
511111rrer cr Ise iond t lt hii co l
i 11115,;Indtt ilti Iat rit t l i . 1
l-hc is lt1 if )Iom i lt9 sco e als
tr ti te m i l i ldcri uiadettil greSt

spee Im hadtroh ici lowiuxili the
1:ate attie rilhts litte. IIliwa lktedl
(w]\theelmr, but eve'ry netitoiftiose
prvdsdfir "\ooteiir, lihe lici angit

at tlit rigt momeinit.t
Michian utae '" unglest ni 111
illostc lithe il b111 he1''i1 s ine r
111111111 in that tnier Il t ili it L 111
111151 sstheis- l ilush c, hie h
lite ho-%isieiseemetoi f itl gi ilts
"hl .c cute1 os1fo1h1ropo
neinits,Dunf . 2 I ed gr t app iu 1
itd w ic sole ialY c ace
th.\lclliit t 'sb f coig n t
imi 11Th cr
Lathersri ....Ii . 1
I() 4?71014
\acoisi rfii ii I I I itu I o 0
situua rs usli ta.. I 0t0his 1
-0 tttii i 1 ull '4i 11111
\ is S ttt...-..... 0 l1tIu t X i I t l 0 1 1111
agre-Meehtisg-T~hrsd oay lt
'ilasl. utSsltillitlisIat li'Slit acsti ,
I Ii' XttsDrench. tlen baits - t l ii lie
y S itti ; Iii s ltt l y - it i ll lt' tsti l lii
asitc I itsClmIII l ll tto i lrct imsletl-ls
C tlatGoul Chsen'IterlassMn
fraes-ifetin i Thursday.
ltirsli fit.ifs ill to itr ofi Mt.sstlit -
zIl JA N ilt, tsh s h ' I ite iltr
Ils Is baii se itSall 'i tl i l ii Ifo Ie c ~ liii
,cris. I siha tca led iia slet i t\otithe
:;triia s 11111st mll tis l ies ts 1h11d
it the t hti ' lti asocitl'ion Ificertl f 7lt
I ills ithli mpis tant sli t li t eattml
hurinI~ st tit i tshttis slee ti as it i
:io l s11 ltit l ll i me ne t is i

o i it's tilt ii'isrias' Str distribtioni,
fsecond f l oor, .XhackI's. fOtheri depatl-
mtat-ttl f Own1s till 1herrrtady atitu mite
i tirsilti. Sall at oites.

Tuesday, May 4, Is Timse Set for
Swingout-Campus Weather
Prophets Wag Their Heads.
mit crc praticlly c-v li tcil Tlilt-
o ltisit ii" iss sc1--ti t l l ay1 th pi pe
the speilluti11111 he P es lii il~cl
an I- . l)((w ciI liii le l ith(
ra e reiii tc <]ies As hs
l(,rv Hi L im c iiiSy ittl t sil (p t )
'Ili- i' s''lts' l't I ''l i >>i''' ;r r!

clrtl~ , ca 111t~t 111 11 ll 111;1
(rilsii aliii I t 1s aa tt
l h t.II a a s i (. I
jsie t l is alths' ik I~t' I<i
all arrt11, 11? 11t s Ilit a e

l Is i tl li ltsi
1 it. tt t rl

wl l:>
r r



WXitIIt sIt
ill s i r

ti >It f
, 111. w"'ar the
alld r111113";i

1"1< ttl F , I')artIv)Iia's
t i 21lailt, t11:it Illc c(
fk71111 Rosli1E ()t 11t
t)It tI "It ltIgIlt, and
to Nv- 11'll Itc r f t1
fc rcc 1 tc IIIa:c c>f
t I V. Iartll(
I <t.tiic tImt th . s11
at lrr, ci II l
the ,: rt ire. 11c I

is I "
the tes

Progress of Colectors for Angell
Loving Cup Fund Reported
and Movement Commended.
It'11," m n.g,11 fth1an ppae
'is cl , t e e i istS n fro111
i Is .ivishinsilto t ake ititiltltS
m on rt ma tr sth~l ita
i ,.c I ts ilo u 11 ,. 1 . psill dent,
^.,lcntand o il s 'riiwhSlt'
till .'ins 'ii ii gt'ivolvesititn
i he slt i 1111 ill hei t ak i
IS i,, ng c t stirle. '
'51 ist d , tlc c tttcil-S
I :; loud <, (( 1 t t t siitir
i :' tlsA tills. Issi ti'tI ott' 111
' i n . , ,fsits' tmic s,
it < rcineml~cr sitha na l
,it! ( t i i t u tu Iimaeth
,,t, = tilt s silp cl, is iis nti histiS
a~s (i sUse o tRoos ffinrni
i'," iall etoire vin. ct
i,[,d font iiwun fer i'
Is it i,<, i , if ti;my text isdek
, 'll, fr~Ii th ts re teti
titign lalairBot
'I'~ca~p,,iiimc t o ofiis X'~for,
s ti ll s s « lipS7c imaIllsooni. Sit
\I nt se sitnew an -
sil il die sir oil iooms ivUi-te
r iiia, i? ills intenott iti nigti
ILl islcn is sc elu f
ttttisI w lii s'iisisVe rein. s't
i ,:d f r (tsi Ststt's'nt's vccI

!!its, the days will he
Flliirsdav. The various t

nt>>l ittt c rtrc

ita f otil or hrell oithsr, its s fe
Prof.lEffinger to Deliver a Talk on
"Le Bfarbier de Seville.
ll irtm S til wiill dlivei ecuetn "~
Ii 'er de Seille." Slits titftenoonti
I o'clckin1he ' W 'Hll letr
it'l til iths leture ii siven for the
twit titof tt' ithos who wish to attenitthe.
Aar afor i'uthem ' th e opportun111 ityii of
narchais' famos comdy. Noadmis
ifewl hre o telcue
ill StiltgI in it wh ar in rstd n
h r Sc airim l fsri S aSlit deiSit
Al& iet iut-itis' i liii t the ti Newi
N hi s I lith ts' ttur. s ttlt l
Th lit lls ii iiisynopistui'ii ii 'Stllo
ct.iliCont" hn61111 iswa11n
1555 ithdos lii wu 1hop1ing 1111a
11(111s tlto f ui t herliiiI ht tlts III
i lt f it isguu i uhe is pus"'it

09c'1 en icll iatav Op e Am 'l si.
of he 1%.,I 1s.1 'sei, n 1 t ( 1
I.; t11111is si( lt ii t e 1(t1 I? ' lI'.
tuulu i~hl ~ oit iii 1? 11 I. ~ ss11
sil- s s it tu isut +)t e t 11
a1:.nli t iIs o t11111 i ii) I Iw ,)-k
111 tIi i rtrll i oii t t10 fer ;l
Fetil su tia"atTpanOk
511 l s,1 i nm 11diirm rs \ I
i l is f>t h fi rt "pc ai l
thtsi st't' this sully il tuiuto) hits it-ill
slei s iss tulttheis' ailCl ii l, i

surlitS 1 Iuitisut ii ulhttuI~at 5 iliii iih s iii IS ulutit II X I I t VNT :N
hol.uleuggeust s thatustetututturht-XlThe l or5t l iittutmuitiuttuh h
Xi i ihsu ilse jius t arh lo' ils i i Roo- Il, A ci t I1;1' at 'o. 1^
wse ofiia tiursoit r ith tutu-unit order''u Mosihierlii pf Sts' Is' lt~~l ~
11511 Sirt s iv a re ta lt er , itil itu 1 tur l ttuis ot he ctlub s ithSlut v,
menstesdlbyiisuspiis. hli'll his hutS nilsiiit commtt ee aSituhSistsiSe. ht's
Ishuissh le househould on te ssik lust. ii a tuost 111t1 plac111 1111Ittil- of u
Rinte, accuisedlby Bau rtholo osi 0111-suitS ttu 'li poIitSlohs III tilist reit pais
phity w'ith lt iiroilisves htuimin a ; he miii r


S.4.I 6 "t'(1' h IS I E iNIY
ist, a md vc-presidlet
1, .frttcntug situ'.
u-luW-u ~ k tugs, Iltuu-
1 . 1. 1u~ y itsul a hits
Ai it ut us i tilt i behsSt Iiiudescihde
us liii y tumthod adotpitedusi.
usf it} llct l hull nh ofi citttriol tieS
y m,,d appmniii Jut -hatter as
\. 'r~srr ~ea canidhrates
psii+ l ut: u rrspoititu secre-
rc Conuulhihsided tuhesard, hut
1 hul tth'it itwill lhe trtua tse util
ir3: Ofbi howcomittei'et-
t p lc tte Unin.lit-
thst (ver ntmbe 1te present.

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