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October 14, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-14

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The Michigan Daily


V\o. NX.

Veteran Tackle Begins Work
With Team and Will Debut
SThis Afternoon.
l\ith the addition yestrdasy of 1ki11
Cas-co, to te mnflit cofimneactively at
a Nk. 1,thevaicty reciedl what will
prbalyb its fiaal acqisitiot for the
seaonandfront no(wir ut le Qakes
funs ome cslight opositiniiioe
molt Hi from tdavsi, Coahst ndti As-
sist ttclh Redden uicn coteti themt-
s u ith noIding thin material at hand
(inochaimpionstip for. iti. "e fact that
iasey returnd tcoleg late anthato
hi ceueof work iite entgneerng
datmniscsxccptiontally heay, ad
give istotec rmrtat tic giamat
takyMul emc an ot f (le game
tsasin This rprtr was gnetrally
discrditi-d, and tiitli Coach Yost and
a cs hinsel f idenidl that hliendtsoied
acn Onof tie gme. IHovere, i
apptearauuuiiontte fell in uinform escs
ci as sienied tlt rmrslandnmks the
lettaci-kte jbt a cc-tity-- As a tmttr
offact,(a-c idililowt itnittihlegiii
nirk-ithitite sutai until (et M(oday,-
hopngtoheali-in t uuim- to take
Iunun t lini t ill atericollege ad r-
oeneillthis inetin iwa(s sated
b\ th feein tat le leatliiindigit
selfin : sadprcicanent fterthegamit
khi \ggii-' lturda, nee-deilll
lalunifortir- elicit ii
C~tsy*, rriv li e rarsity- escrda
its iwi toutireliserics-, of \Vtikiis
bung ed u it areu o t e ncuiuiuerc
it the Ittilt f itntrs lst Sattrday-
gam(te for te itn c f it,, truk
Edunsha nty5t eunI frotta
t ll '((((itt-s twn. butit itill ptobabtly
hehack: htlimeiuirto take(patiin tdkysi
ills m it il ay'- tistp. tlit
scrbsirelikely ttic-beiigite"si aste of
teal hglif, s orth isitime this
(itt- heva sit- si-ittliieup at kcl,--
ol'twit somthig lie is full stethg
cente-, wih ( ((it oant litlerti-illli
Is-il- r o imetutugard s; liii it
and IC(aseytckles; Daisoni Ims
cods:\'(is nIquaterl:c Doglasanat
-ihack. WI ilhth(is arrayof talent,tpro-
dls abutmothe sm uuie chtitwiititl whic
'liclsit stwill opotsi- Pienn, Nisente:
n tosre- for(le srbsswit hsve fur
nihehi stiffes indiuilof oppostiiitiit
CoaischiYost's (plan itchase he imet
truiightic'toui-" stiff scrimage as
tigi t-ee iatsirtetly soilesan
troutghino fauto f (le coac, either
Sit seterely- tiecre (le tint ilrilled cii
itnscatching- andil(irunn~ialitick pntti
sndtthe l'rttiiettsof thi-gameisgelte
wtttiorkitgupsonuicmindittlof team
wokin tt'nest-plys beiniug addedi
\\ sntstitt's reertire hist Iefote Ha-
etcihnas resiry for s rimmage it ita
so darok itisttfrther (pracice ws-o tn
pnossitble sdtithistitcnsieraible relt
on le isetach litasethe(liemiiItolh
gyt-stuasittith-liinsructiins in meet a
7 30fr aquiz nientplaysatitril ctes I
M(Iichigaitil(ies t any of the foutr rival
to hre(((ci letweentiow nistd Ntvemble
4, iitill notblactratse the((et avot-
notiwtrked-thail is evieta.

Thl altniiounmn sbi urriedl alonig to tike avantage of the
gotod set-rller. Both first anad secm-
class sitngles are within twon matches o
(lie fitials aiti btil should Ibe inithet
this week.
It first cltiss sitigles Shafrothi tworker

his tray ito (le finals y defestinitg Arm-
reirs in straight sets, 8-6, 6-3 Ayers
istillle semii-fnals sanid tiillhve t
defeat t(le ttier nf le Camtptbell-
Thiompsoii match to swilth(le right to
play Shafrothi for first hnmors.
li te secondilatss singles Sltyiake
got into thecfihiail by- iefesitig Au
dreiws. Thompsoni is in the semti-fisls
saitl le still play- (le i-inimr of th-
The torament at- proveto abe sne
of (lie most successful leldl st. Micigai
satd tasny rlose, fasstimsices liaielent
played. Itaerest in enis listsbi-ci
stiiutiilied to a cttsidersale degree, tiid
in saddliiti soite ideasiissbseti giiet
of (lie meniavailtible for le tariy
team fr this year Satfrothl, Aitiertt
snd Oliver look good for (le varsiy
sqiudsi-hile Slay-tiaker asiThompl'stuiounu
of the secndcitlasissmeitirepromisi-
Artur Lsme, of (leIButterieldl the-
ricsl enerprises. srrivedl ii(le city
yesterdasy tt loot:s sfter (le masgeuen
of (lie Muajetictetierisihici is a part
of thei vast cotmimicf vsiiudcvilletet-
ters-kitowtnias (le \Wstern \Vsudieville
associatioin 'l'TeiTmple tester in lDe-
(trciii is also si prtothle circit, tihici
s signifliamtof Ihe fsct iliihat many mf
thie lesdingitgis playing thee will lsa
I apearasith(le Ann Abortihtuse-. lThe
forimal1 opening itf tte regulsirvaudei-
ille seasotn will takdpciec-nxtc51Monaty
ight, (Octoter(%o, uiand litisger Latc
lisseiciredansumnuisally got ill 1 or
tie ititial weekc.'(It - Iaiieis asIlr
csiiidlmintl.iiwh ss btin-c chargielimiofi
the' geimerasl offics, as wiell as thelicjuu
itiesiter mm attle CreckI li itill lcaem
lermamnsitly in AuntArbor nd tdlIc-vt
I is entiretmime timfle ietini ofim thet
loesl isaudeviilli- hose.
''(he dlit mbeiclieethalsmtice ipurpoms
o audev i-ille is tic-iucite,"c-' sidil I
tlanei. ''lhe intemnti onis toammiiethim
plsyginig Ipubhlic. 1 iHere I mciie l ive t
sis sll (le((oret-rie, becasiuse tii su-
iemnts get eotgh edumcstionmmfrominthli-
niscol.twoittik. '(V5ar-gising tm ut on
f ightclsss of cmedcs that til
s mdrswmthle s-ry- est pastronasge All of
- u lyossaergre sfmlthses simil theucsciwt-cpimt ion full
t stisfiytsremottiexa isctingtugastses
In hiregairdltoahis tre-stment of lcesl
slitgaitionsii-hici dlisii-o msc'th
-house amo sisge thi-ic producinis, SMr
I lbanue sdmt hast civer ssistsuhnce ithai
- -sllho- giien y hi(le muanhagctmhn til
- he glsdly gus-cu. ilThe new manatge
h hsshail cotsitdersihle experienice in tl
mho usiunites sattmliheseebs mst nun
i0(15 toihae loicsl picductcinsu smccem
an piulhruumuises t lendulhinsi itt hs
1t wor. Whiu the house is reuiiredIo
college merfornances only- ti- suiuni
11 tnecessary-o idefrsythle expetse il
It Iechclargeid for rettisl- Ahspecisal ighi
d itill te decideid (((otithieansameur sl
-entititill le inited to(ailucar(sin ilth
o regulsar proigram~s. Besides this, '(It
sLanue sys the theteir itill lii- shslttel
'free to people it-it wish to give recital-
-sutch as School of Music coucers
o Shakespeareaun recials suchasinPrr
e.Trueblood's classes gie, sindl tther ((ci
's fortmatices likelte Juiotir Deitsche
- Vereimi ta. Tla ll tisi class oitelv
-' Iaimet lte aoitse nill le ree ata,
e aftermoon, (pravided otly that no amixit
tt siouttfee is charged

Woirk itill soon begin inth(le Cercl
gPrauncais. Nothing ideiniteliss yet hees
ICdone, but (lots for itesi-iter are heitj
d rapiidly foruatedut. A tumbaler ot play
>f aretuntder conisideratiot antmdteitorl
dwill stark in a shuort lime. Thelieam,
toe tryotuts otnd definie plaous itill b,
danountced in a heir lay-s.

"The Triumph of Youth" and "A
Blot on the 'Scutcheon" Will
Come in S. L. A. Series.
'Ts-toitauutu lusiotsu>-"'hue 'Triumpmh
ofi Youtlh mi 'cth" n Ablt om tic- Scotch-
cut"-till his-presenltedbyhi e Doa lduuiu
Robetsoe pniittitiyio layers, moii thin
StudenstishL-cltilt assoiatiuitigntsrogrm,
mul (nimicrsity Ihsul, thin sftenoonusmantdu
esuhmimuguof Ssaturdaiys,-I Deembier.
Arrantgemenrt ts mi-vre lstled sisdhy
aa ouc c-Hug itthis-StudetslecL-i-une
aussnmeisuliuumluuboard, tsuIthusec ts-itplays
i tulul his-itfftcri-lduftohlers if S. I.A.
tickests tutu this seasuo.'lisanntutu nutce-
mintou I s u- tomlassupsermnsed~es list
of. thi.rs-puntus , wmlihhstated Isthau ne
misty wuld beticgiusmi.
('(iti ths-si-lt-tw p layysuch-a tites1
copaystutius andtultymaysostime
assinsti-iionsi is mlutst ge otos ill its offer
toi sell uhfi ssear ltints asit(hisemusul

uuntsmacs willi he giv-enm mu mietheasuerm
If this-ChticaugoimArtntiute,tFullerlton
Hll,ftutu seassn o thiruty wsi--h
Air Rotsnuitu s anive ofmi din-li
urigh, iotfI igllmummlstitch - us-ve suranas
mum oft culit-e.andtih t-istndngtu-.tFor
cars, i I,ondoitn aulthinprovich
wssi-ociated itishmh thises mmniimoust
itmos Ftnglishm almors utu tis-tri
id mut satisfylhtirefor hun usas .iiartitlst
aithi ieas ihndritoenhmutton to i
dainug enpeiniiiet. Cmomi isg to mr--
its, liveumnceivenilthi n m of lcn
hmtself st thin hundiof itt simtltny tof
pmisy esswhichsho luuld, usithu Cliii gil a
aentern, devtitu self tlithemliprmulti-s
iliumf thmieist plays Ie std miaid
liss shownstat u-thin Ruolntrtsnuplayesin
simhoudstandiulfor theinciuuipl tat thes
playhouuse s iic i s mce5whre (tutunI lit
jitymttiisnthur btitomliion(til rti
Nin, Robrtso n d hut mi us cm ipun lusts
uen nctustiuisstily c ml c itt-ll the
large ciies iOifts- cunittry,mithflunmi-
ternity oy tush teplue of (tutu mlrtut
arc tasinioimi(cturdO tw rft umnsmes y
-it-utumpatty- of gresat drmati uaiiy.-
'('his Ssrtsminmmthin Iouse"riwill hbe
peetdint he(Mjesticteatermn. Thet
conutrasut iithithis-etunis-se~ees listsbeenci
closesd ammiiplants finnthe poucionii ars-
ticketssts besn arsuitsemi y theurtisuie
extene tutui-imhe playt by thur lcal fcult
stil Ipuilit. lie pinmtcia tl oraofthue
iuumangemeunit tiill tic-this prop(erm isi u-ilu
litsuiosftthec fitstieces.orthuhus
smity satsiniithe.netgilorhoodummmif twshue
Tlh, nmugligcmes f sme ofit h ecrc-
tuics of sucuietiesihitssr tilcl-ting t
hadinithislissifthe iri ellowmus rstuu
smillthamper(t-cthu sr iiuion a of ticesl
wshch I commmentern ml S ois-s-hits-i
morncng.lMemes sitther smmslullus tulu
-itc- entitletir ickuetis s annunced Ne,-u ii
tsmlayshosluuul ugs thusit- ss-emutsito
Teeis ai icsemvaionl formi facult
membmles iwhiichm siill Its-maitine ni
all remininigs-sts milhe udisposedshom
Sublscriptuionus usill btincvsei t-s ihi
mbx m(lee ittthShe i-stie frnmmtumy muhIt
wsiuouslph dicfussy-theus psesls of
rnt-lin utiniguandsummt ertltii tiu ci si
misse ith nsuthl merforumancuote.Tthus ofiso
of tthur teril i he mcopen-mufom 8 ai.mi
(o55 p.(1 ilshdaiy.
lFie communiuication i esera
mrigs Diliy uc-rlaing ts I (stin
Vstigiiti's speechm inithin Y, (l- C' A
lsut Smuay mmmiisignedsily-"A Rspectets
of Ahi Re-ligioni is," s isubjet ofmrmu
mum ires simmntiu theiictmeustts tntr-
"I masde tie sat~ement," sidi Dear
Vasughantiyesercdasy, "froummasiscientii-
standpit andmmiihtmlnotutuiuentionssit f
fendiiing anuyonhe. I san't sy tin oce
sit mustsjust righultutursuch asums-ir
limieethmesilechss i is (ue hunyonme wel
versedi in sciencecanttt be Iliese n iisit
calledl Christian tScience. I is sa Its
frm amcmscientists iew,,tutu Ihdth
in umnd stentI Spoke."c
'fun Jacksn mtCounty chi tsamiNi it(h
Millar, IHsltlatsvninitg tutu lcter-
theIsollowitgofficers:5 tPresisdent, T.' I
IHentry, 'to; vice-presidentinA.(J
Selmsaeiuun, or; secretary-and trecsi
mimr, . Cox, 'oftut
A -nmoker will probabuly he hmldi
Ithin MichiganUn huiona (extiwek, andutulto

laitingliar Ciustooufalhst yeamr severs
p harties twill hae given ast JacksonmBdin
1the stinter. The chubumbalers ihirty
five aembrs this fall.

Ngo. 4.
Secretary Reports Increase of 165
Over Last Year at This Time
-Laws Fall.
1 'sisuedI frustuhuemfflcerof the
s-ctretrymofIthe munivernsity show to hal
rte; mumrestudenutisit-crn registered sip
mu Sttrda y ight than on tutl rcorre-
sp nugdamilsty-tityin-sm.Thme principial
-suit s inmthus-literaury idepartmentua, t-hich
icotns funrmist oitthur additionoal stu-
'1lt.Tlawhus- hos asufalliing off tom
date Is-lime totilr egistrathionm to Saturday
evu ws 4,510. 'Thiese figutres trill
mm ilhomm u b imlt hbe in-raseid my sutase-
lime grattihuie schol, (hue enrollmnent
-if whlichs mssnt(livsubject of so muclu
dliscussionmulast uyear, showus (le umost
Thm-fngmures asomieithd y thme sire-

hits-c -tm ..i
II iI(eiii o

- -1,309
.. . . . 76
-- -


hrice sit $"illicitsuch a s(lt-t cas
-us this o lIrt'mum suofferdii Don, dsi
Roersontandiihus company ilsofiplayesrIill
"TheTi muumhitf'(umutsh mmaii ".yBlot
tut te 'Scitisli tutu asmitlspeslursi --
JusticerDid mlS. rI er o mte mnie
Suiteis smym tts sComiti I hnihellt
noied ula hir leadermandspeaker;c S.5S.
(is (liiireditor ofm er(mirc'is greateinst
anmitoltst infntlittml magine;li ther, limit
W. Ilak mitIs ulanmumhi s tmungs-nItutua-
to mumoi cunnres-'(WillismiLloyd Gayri-
stilt refriamer, ssealer da isuthor-; Iss
Tartitcht tilse ' Ii fe if AbramssmsmLini-
moun andmIi iliitrvof te Sutndardoil
olsmsn" lis t miilern ivuumersal
pmrase I ui-s -mli mum ihsuujumuuilde W((lunc
cm, omlieUnioner-ty ol Califournmssia;Johnm
ilasn mum minm oratmruauinummt(hue worald's
greatelt-sIiimuuu ngnee rt- ; sc5thme thou.
(hlu-min agune IPusseu- orator anmmmiplou-
niit; 1itiuiti s -omum fsTakhirauus, Jsaan's
mommst interctinmg tutu I uims m ba slsa-
It us mnoushtipproprit t htLtmhe Liii-
vervsitymofIuuliigs iihuhd be hun ilhce
mitf it-sn tttiuit if thissmesetiodmuls, f or
ti itmitutinlis takeniacm o(tst puomi-
rs-tnt pat i1ithis-atteumpti u1toi-c-tleae(hue
drmamtoitsiprop~ertspheste as <sntmeass
mfitn(strctioun amotherctimnt.i
t'siiirmus i"The TiumphttiofmitYo'uth"i
is -i mittseh-pi-cc(if srcmtilc sri.''hue
pla~y- istamii-tis Ifulbris i nstuiment,
pesniver tutifiui fm mustlith summitrepre-
sentahtiv-e-of tse.11recceduy-ointhun
secnd mhaislt mint hrenineteenthiiCer-mmy ml
is most itnunoucent period.l Theinimterprme-
tistl of tmlhtmisshy lussreceisvd umnsuslic-
tic-ti praifse- from drmt ic critics
thuummghoumut lime comuntrlyass alsoitsbemo
then cseofmit(hue Robecrsomu ncnrsnmhsisus
of Theblthon tihe(cSciutchn
Mtr. Robeirtsoin's coaunysmue cently tad
baestowsedulmponm it timebottom of bring
chuosn bliy mime (rtInistitue of Chicago
to bhuelecomanatm-tinhie first munuicipal
theater estalishediito Anaemia. Per-.

4,365 4,5 30
Regstaton it tegrsanduate schtonl fir
Smimeor sssini: \Jsterofmintis, 75;
msiteofsciec-te,7;5 ductorm intlilioso-
phy, 9;((doctmorinof sciesce, 2, totsul,53;
Fall semnstr (studients prevniiouisly
umncslhcmtt:'(lusts-cofmint crs,27:mater
of suitee. 3is tersofmIscence in for-
esV,5: doituimuof phlilmusophuiy,32; dlic-
tor of ci cites :spchialsh2; usual, 71;
il5 (1(17-8, 49 Netismuentis :Master
of such- :-musterofscit nce, 7 ; paster
mint'enetirii inorstry, r5 ;doctor of
philsuopuy.i6ftsticial, 2;mtsuI, 77; ini
Totl registrathionu a41 ;-deuhelmcfor
namiii-cummsul muwie,2m ettmienrsoll-
tint, 221.
'11w cmii sll bnittn thingrmuntate school
fist mutin-8, mmmchiinnmg time sutmmesr set-
-limit of ((9(7,incus fun theinctuire year, I88.
Ccs-cgis cm uln atmlthis presnt lime is
tcoiI 3iln ecesn of (h-euntire cmn-
itnen for lat yearu,mum 83 ahuead of
thei suhmi-olmit if Ilist yearuat the same
(mun activnescampaignl for umermbers is
ein pshuedbtiy(he Unuionumitoorder that
vs-ery studetkmusy haresimmoportunity
mt obnluhis iummbership ticket by
iPhursdasy. O0mmtiis sday time Unionis open
hosuse. will close anduthue sdoorkeeper will
reus ll iusinug thanclubhlouse to ishow
umeeshnipincfkets. Receipts are not
sufiient. 'fhese mumust he exchnged for
linemers'escrd sumttime cluhuouse.
Thune memhersip committees for the
l it snd engineerinagidepoartmbnats met
tSunday n d appo litr tiouundtime names of
all (meini t hese deparnmentus.The canm-
vass u inc heoher ilepartuments is already
suderc misy.hWithmu in e next lest-weeks
th lmUmitnnrpositiiion will hr placed he-
fotimery main t u heuesnisersity,
[1. fI,.thsckullihchairnsmanof the lit
- mnmnersipiicoammitee, said: "Our aim
-is tum gut mmembmiers of (hue committee to
se t evnue-y mitum in lime school from senior
mum freshman. Weh rhavresdivided the townt
inium districtsisnluorsder ho reach all the
tIreshmeununtmliwt-csecuire good first-
- cass representatives. We expect that
1a meir e remtinder will he sufficient with
time mmmcm of mie other classei who have
- been h ere befoce aad appreciate the ad-
vantaulsgesminitime Uikon"

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