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March 31, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-31

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THE MICHIGAN DAILY.!r1-1-c-ci rn cciner- 1.ridnl\
11 m runu :5, . \\itciiiittticc- mc it it Iii h-ti ii i
O pIL J Iii!for -iuch at- o which t i -i tc
RCHI TIL ORS ,.4_ r -. :2- - ml?&ith uch abiity h iii1. ti t
iot'oRSionu ter. ''liccoiiiniliec oult i diti :Tr,
..... . . .Lee A \Whier s-itieach mnilt eariicciti it.titt it
Atltc... .. ... C. . Eldridge tllc p at had it ciiiaty mean, f hi tt yI n
Have rceineda ag e neot tchance . . Robert Monsier inc wo ar tit cpabeiilcii- ;\Ilen 1it
wooln for SPRING and SUM- iii .......... . . Holi S. Baker tin Ido te- tig, ior tt it lit tic t it
-MiR in (itihniamLight and Dark Pitt .t. .. .. . . Zaniioiii \isscher ctiitrail cr cnt.tuItio icnsttirtic ,
Ar e i.te lent}Silver IDab, Grecian Womtt t Iciitr .. iniise Vani Voorhis itc ctice sin tt a r eiti ttues iti r e
i)rab, L i t cEnRyal Gray and ;pondtlacctring
We h aetie Baney, Hudson ihir t lc itcinc Lenitri iC.Reid XINETsx iOu ~lSI ,"\ i"("1' i
tiC h eraddCihester Geient, Pet- AA. I. lane -TOi hi It NilS011 -iii ii Vi
iii , Ant.a i Cymric, Bullion, i i i o
Fe: i Firit, Raeborn, Irish 1rl:c .\clg rd1 odn N v htteFetrn Big~ti
tiiii i tcltigt inand onuiLNinttduoin iitttt i
C it i ii\i\Lnai hn iiaiii .s iert L tis Krf tt tt t invrad rsmnittiit t i i
f te fctiiiti tties i i c -tetuw i rm n
Riiii'tiilcStat ;ictn-it . hiti iiApr i i i t i i r 1 ic
Plaecome early and have t c.. Willitts Pauil Leintijts. britieIrI a nn;Fih~ orSi eevd l..,lielr Fe atnn pattryt
nirSi eeve t . ie Lno n iritintt t urcciii i ± rr
V.'.C cli rl. 1). Elliott tfinctionm. Tiii arii ii ut gitl i l
- - FS. . Ila iii Ii Aii ieselthteic mt_ oat i prti es ,uii - i n irr }r
g§ j it I. i- -tut r- i iarrti / ole swItui n e e p n o 1 ii
--i-- C I C. in )ii hotriii c i iii ftisi r,
3t ai~t h ate Sret USINEISS STAFF tion o m nuuuuutil ast cm c I 1
A. 11,rlvian Normanit. lin iprogracum'il h iniccI vru ~<.
Adrss cninoA tDAIIN, Press Bldg.ion thi iii! i e proi tic -c-tctu i
a Al a~~naad Sret. trb i s t< &lc tl "
te' ours: r 2 p iii, 7 $ P. to
da, ex t Soncay. Both phones cii ii i
t VE ASIIR V EDii will isiiitutiiii tict
i tt h ais -it a t ti c 1 lg l
(il uiiV 5 rr~ r, A l.2EC.it iViD tilt tint ifheitta iic tifoilc%(tilTII oitilll
t~.~t itii. iii ittiitttti a t T hIILi t un innvtitn l hieLi I
rices. Spaldin 's Offi- I ;3ttfolc-ittett-couptesatciextcted ti c Cit _\I
tat Le ue I s $ .2 . ~itciiiiit t t to i th c ' tran o G i ie- P itct-lit. fh r
Se ch'slinie ica l ete - iii tPit11 c ititittilti i l hudcm iill Lo IiiTi. Cc tiii
al lv r n i g fr m 2 C I h l l a ' f Aitt- th e ttu d iii Li ic ii i cir r ;1 s Pa t c cil ititd itittit i
'- N c-til irei on (I t e i ts i t -ltti ii Iiitttt u u -1
___3.0 ,_itt _fom _5c__t__ " i in tti ltitit r tte i l C1]I()\i iii- t> ttI lit--c--ttS i
Srie l in Ofi - C o. rucs n ln c-iIomiiithcon. iii i-i-uutlhltccti-, tuiu
_________________________i____inall__probabilidpnt. t ltii tn l ft dwii i~ c c t i oi-i- i ii-
vi l L ag e B ll 12 . itcioo r tibc t i Itn t ab-ti. dai hvting tan it iit -iiii d a-I
ach'spAmeicalLeau i dc~nn niartBhrostn f intokpaeovrtegns1n
titttnu tIant ipoi heionitt I" - itc m1ic l iScholan td
1i i-. ts Ic d.il on i i n r t iiirtfot ilogol I l iii iti it \- l h ci ii n ihic 0 - lt ti
Chil, c is i c tiiii ~tuis line t i ii hi t lii i n ii li tin Eu c l cii t le isiiofi St-tcsitittic-t iii tl t
andt :-ttuit till suititabl tera, bohou1r - -~nadoft~ 1 cr
. S. e ts bos toDI G r OSi t1 ii c ti to tie itlt n io cii tcs crticcae pItolcu otistiuicnu cfiiiiic ts
it- -ii ti5 It tttt. t t n It. i t clitc imes . -sIt i nev lrs iii h e iir c t tg s.i I

ti-i'1 Mi I Ai i i.i1 I'i: tiW N
Vi~ I N ii ii I\GiN
, , ,t<, tic1ehlct SEASON IS HERE
i-t± it. hnt. I-iri Ic Pe- Anid MWe Ar--oPepared.
nutiti-ic~ti f ci __ _ __ _ __ _
tic u- ,ri - ile tt
,,it 111"ir " tttiiiitheirur Stock of
It. if.Cr, Goods
nnh i , L. . tIA r mlt: is eplete anti better than
13.I~vrrcc ini ~nn~t k 1) eerbefore. We ae any=
F~c~i ?tl::f LDi' It , t ing you need from a Pitchers
----- ---- ---- - --I' oe Plate w orth
I1 nl (pe iili t~c25C
"?u~cr << th c t~atit - il c'hr - t ~r to a catcher's iitt worth
!l ~t " t t r I-ttcti-i$8.00
'Ih- nIi ih oc~r - fci ii ASK 1(11-1CA lALOtiUjil.
___W ALIR' S
Sfte.ic ann Erama~ University Bookstore
-h 1h, ciii iu ll i lt c - Ialways did sell-11-< -,Iy ,-:iv P N A S
\Ii t ( - l d i k t is c -
t cial\ ch~<I ttnit -Apili cheaper than others.
11 11- 0 l c i: d i i u-i ii
i \i i~ ~ tirl rtt Now (iheaper
-Than [ver
rune 10 to 20 per cent reduc
- tion on big consignment of
wi 'sinsruses LYNDIO N
3 t ic i \\ CAC.n
. ~ t. .......... hIatHigh Class tOptial Work Se Us
11,ii c, rtii lilt tij;t~i t ill.
..........l M ' i 3 .i .i c, 28 RNLDS Jewelry Store

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lBase Ball Uniforms
and Supplies
'Ten nis Rackets
and Supplies
of Sticks and Balls
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R~ K Applies to ait
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c:i, aic lit.eaning the Reacmrhdei
hun tutu i nutd gainust efnectsis mt erials
anud mittkn-~i-ttip ,tutrits tunoduceers oflte N
highe teoradeIto-c ball goodss ini tin
esontd N o n noitl nte rskoth n /! B
huasving acminglet. iclepnoveun-mis-
The R6nkrL~aranlee M
tees perfecuoads..noShuld dfctseo .
appartletUietreplaceaenvarie r
absoltely litutncost (exceptBase Ma
Bails antifiatu retaiingntter C
Tito Reacuh.Oituiut faeliuni~uut f talefnr i51i-nmte i eheImm o etc,
etotiueten,mtable ftmnserrale~eordsinmoneroat ultttionsnr imnu
cctt-enmsthiiuiiienelotiganme,inldinug ptotnmlunnury ofeumiecs
1i-lutnnrne. 10Bit sit uirul -- r byisil.
--SReat-ihnnBaseual ttlnugn-FREFtgcsnr 200eoloedIillusrains. t
.i. J. !REACH CO., 727Tuilip Street, Phiadelphia, Pa. ' .

E22) aster
IN Post
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great variety. An in-
expsnsive way to re-
iBnalls ieeteeber your friends
stclers Miiisit Easter:
et~k> PtropEes. CALINS


,_;The Randall Studio, Randall & Pa(

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